Ronny’s Aberdeen-Salzburg dilemma


Before the second leg against Maribor I went into detail about how important it was for Ronny Deila to rest his players.  He did, we lost to Inverness and players spent the bulk the Maribor game looking like strangers.

Since then players’ propensity to look strangers has increased, with the arrival of Stefan Scepovic, John Guidetti and Wakaso Mubarak, not to mention the anticipated return of Aleks Tonev.  Ronny has some serious decisions to make.

Does he flood the team with all this new blood, or allow them time to build match fitness and familiarity?  New blood is badly needed but so is team cohesion.

Any decision for Aberdeen will be made with the visit to Salzburg one week today in mind.  On paper, away to the top seed is our most difficult Europa League game, so we have to be ready.

My expectation is that three, if not all four, of the above will feature heavily on Saturday, which will inform Ronny ahead of his choices for Europe.

Fancy some comfy seats at the Aberdeen game and helping Mary’s Meals as well?  The Club’s main sponsor Magners have again offered us two premium seat tickets for the Jock Stein Stand, which you can win by answering the following question:

Who do Celtic play in the lunchtime kick off on Saturday, 13 September 2014?

Optionally….. if you have £1 available, please donate £1 to Mary’s Meals at this MyDonate page, which sends your £1 straight to Mary’s Meals, then send me your confirmation email, with your contact details to  Competition closes noon on Friday, so get your entries in now and watch your inbox on Friday afternoon.

You can donate more than £1, if you like, but £1 from as many people as possible will be gratefully received, as, like many organisations working in Africa right now, they are encountering a wave of additional ebola-related challenges.

Thanks for helping.

Terms and Conditions of the competition apply and are available here.

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  1. Afternoon Timland


    I’m looking for a bit of advice about the pubs on the Gallowgate.


    I’m taking my 13 year old to the game on Saturday and was thinking of dropping into the the Wee Man’s Bar or Bairds for a beer after the game.


    Are kids allowed in or do you need to be eating food?



    Hail Hail

  2. unionbearbhind – In the 1979 devolution referendum in Scotland Mrs Thatcher promised the people of Scotland new powers in the event of a ‘no’ vote.



    I’m pretty sure that’s not – what’s the word? – true. (thumbsup)

  3. traditionalist88 on




    Bairds is closed for good.



    The Wee Mans is a great spot not sure about policy on kids.




  4. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    ….PFayr supports WeeOscar


    13:17 on


    11 September, 2014



    Saltzburg …even



    Try Salzburg :~)

  5. topkat



    12:44 on 11 September, 2014



    I’m going to a wedding, is that fine or is it just a excuse ? ( season ticket will be used by a unemployed mate ) HH

  6. philvisreturns



    13:10 on 11 September, 2014





    ‘Don’t worry. Nobody is trying to harm the NHS. This stuff about “privatisation” is just noise.’






    A wee anecdote from Ian Smart’s blog, just on the off chance that you missed it




    ‘Some of my readers may recall that during the final period of the 1997 General Election, already on our way to a landslide, Labour went with the slogan, “Seven days to save the NHS”. It played out very well on the doorstep even if the doorstep belonged to the already faithful.



    One of its main salespersons was the much mourned Labour MP Mo Mowlam. In common with many other Labour politicians taken before their time, Mo is now an almost legendary figure, even though at her actual time she was as “New Labour” as the rest of them, Some of that legend is therefor a bit overdone but, nonetheless, she retains a certain reputation for integrity and plain speaking not without some justification.



    In the final few days of the 1997 campaign Mo knocked a door while canvassing in her Teeside constituency. It was the sort of place unlikely ever to endorse the Tories but, as I’m sure the Tories equally recognise in Tunbridge Wells, you can’t be seen to take your own voters for granted.



    So, on this doorstep she was encountered by an elderly woman who assured Mrs Mowlam of her life long Labour support. “But” she went on “I am awful worried about the this Tory plan to abolish the NHS that it talks about in your leaflet



    “For my husband doesn’t keep good health. It’s his lungs. The doctors say its all these years in the blast furnaces. But, whatever it is, we are never away from the hospital.



    “We’re just working people, Mrs Mowlam. We’ve only got the basic pension. We couldn’t possibly afford to pay for a doctor, If the Tories get back in and abolish the NHS we might as well close the door and let the Lord take us. I’m not sleeping worrying about it.”



    And Mowlam thanked the woman for her support, assured her of her confidence in a Labour victory, and returned to our canvas team.



    But two or three doors knocked later she announced she wanted to go back to a door knocked earlier and that the others should carry on without her.



    And she went back to that door.



    “Look” she said “If I tell you something you have to promise me you’ll keep it a secret”. The woman nodded. “The Tories are not actually proposing to abolish the NHS. We’re just saying that because…’s an election. Even if we lose you and your husband will be fine”



  7. dr ramesh and the love potion on

    1 game at a time. Ronny to play with all his new toys against the dons.




    Lustig, Denayer, Van Dijk, Izaguirre


    ——Kayal, Johansen (but I’d prefer Bitton or Henderson)









    Guidetti and Stokes to come on as subs



    Celtic 6 Aberdeen 2

  8. Interesting to hear Brendan Rodgers criticism of Daniel Sturridge being injued on England duty, he called it ‘avoidable’. He went on to say his philosophy was to rest players with notable pace, for 2 days after a game.

  9. Neil Lennon & McCartney on

    dr ramesh and the love potion



    I’m not sure that Lustig is fit and may be rested ahead of the Salzburg game. Agree with the rest.

  10. unionbearBhind



    13:16 on 11 September, 2014



    Theresa May but Leanne Wood ?



    Where do these people get their names?



    Mind you my favourite is still the ILP MP for Broxtowe, Seymour Cocks.

  11. CC Elect:



    Cheers mate, a classic illustration of the latent aggressive discrimination so often adopted by tartan xenophobes like you when confronted with any point which runs contrary to their neo-nationalist ideals.



    Your repulsive neo-nationalist rhetoric, evidenced by your arbitrary elevation to a level whereby you determine who can, and who cannot, claim a common national identity, only being allowed so by your decree, after conforming to your pristine prejudices, reflects well on your all inclusive Celtic credentials and the flag of freedom that you wrap yourself so profanely in.



    Put in plain English mate – by your own mouth – by your intolerance of others circumstances and rights – you have damned yourself a racist. Are you, and your bigotry, a true example of the new flower of Scotland in whom a nation may one day place its future hopes and dreams?



    There was once, in recent history, an uber-demographic in Germany whose drumbeats and prejudices sounded so much like yours do today. Their nationalism was triumphed in fervours of hate and violence.



    God help Scotland.

  12. tonydonnelly67



    13:31 on 11 September, 2014


    This Pistorius case, I’ve never seen a judge milking a case as bad as this broad.


    Oh she like the spotlight that’s for sure.

  13. Philvisreturns



    Strictly speaking you are correct re. Margaret Thatcher. However Margaret thatcher’s party, The conservative party, did promise a new ‘better’ bill (sounds something like what david, nick and Ed are offerring) via a formal Conservative party leader going by the name of Alec Douglas-Home.



    to my mind and to all intents and purposes Margaret Thatcher being the tyrant that she surned out to be, obviously my opinion based on her government actions, would not have allowed such a lie (sorry proposal) to be perpetuated without her say so.



    MWd says AYE

  14. LiviBhoy



    Some people trivialize it saying it’s only a daft wee cross in a daft wee box. But when you walk to the polling station you will be carrying a heavy load all the way to the polling station.


    It is the burden of hope as opposed to those who carry the burden of fear. Who is to say who is right and who is wrong?



    I am with you mate, I chose hope every time.



    Mon the hoops.

  15. Bada,



    No rest for any of our lads then?;)








    I’m not sure it is very wise to admit that after your mount hairy confession:)

  16. Ginger



    Thanks for asking. The wee man is fine although he took a tumble yesterday at the park on my watch and his face is a bit scraped. He is still the best looking Bhoy in the street tho.






    Unfortunately they don’t pay us for overtime. I would graft 7 days a week if they did. My colleagues have stood their ground not to work it tho. Our contracts should be redrawn. We are better testing systems outwith normal hours. The big bosses will not listen though. We may be taken over or closed up here. Not sure either way but my time at this employer is limited. Time for change!




  17. ‘But when you walk to the polling station you will be carrying a heavy load all the way to the polling station.’







    That’s why I’m taking my camel.

  18. ernie lynch



    13:36 on 11 September, 2014



    ‘But when you walk to the polling station you will be carrying a heavy load all the way to the polling station.’






    That’s why I’m taking my camel.





    You can’t smoke in polling stations…

  19. ernie lynch – thanks for posting that. It’s an interesting story, and it speaks well of Mo Mowlam’s character. A lot of politicians strike me as sociopaths who would have carried on without a shadow of a doubt troubling their conscience.



    Yes, whenever a politician says “we have XX days to save the NHS”, they’re engaged in sophistry. There is no campaign to do away with the NHS, any more than there is to abolish babies or helpless, fluffy kittens.



    There are legitimate debates over how the NHS is structured and funded, but unless there’s a sea change in public opinion it will continue to be taxpayer funded and free at the point of need for our lifetimes. (thumbsup)

  20. Davidopoulos



    13:38 on 11 September, 2014





    ‘You can’t smoke in polling stations…’






    That’s OK, I don’t smoke. Nor does my camel.

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