Ronny’s Aberdeen-Salzburg dilemma


Before the second leg against Maribor I went into detail about how important it was for Ronny Deila to rest his players.  He did, we lost to Inverness and players spent the bulk the Maribor game looking like strangers.

Since then players’ propensity to look strangers has increased, with the arrival of Stefan Scepovic, John Guidetti and Wakaso Mubarak, not to mention the anticipated return of Aleks Tonev.  Ronny has some serious decisions to make.

Does he flood the team with all this new blood, or allow them time to build match fitness and familiarity?  New blood is badly needed but so is team cohesion.

Any decision for Aberdeen will be made with the visit to Salzburg one week today in mind.  On paper, away to the top seed is our most difficult Europa League game, so we have to be ready.

My expectation is that three, if not all four, of the above will feature heavily on Saturday, which will inform Ronny ahead of his choices for Europe.

Fancy some comfy seats at the Aberdeen game and helping Mary’s Meals as well?  The Club’s main sponsor Magners have again offered us two premium seat tickets for the Jock Stein Stand, which you can win by answering the following question:

Who do Celtic play in the lunchtime kick off on Saturday, 13 September 2014?

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You can donate more than £1, if you like, but £1 from as many people as possible will be gratefully received, as, like many organisations working in Africa right now, they are encountering a wave of additional ebola-related challenges.

Thanks for helping.

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  1. I was just thinking which can be a pest until I release the thought and with a less than sincere (but honest for admitting it) apology for bringing up ppolitics my question is…



    If there is a No vote which would an indication folk are for union ( not The Union) but unity as a moral concept, but then the UK withdraws from union with Europe (although having pro union Scots voting might prevent that event) would the case for Scotland approaching the EU to be asked to be admitted on unity grounds prepare the way for independence from the £ and the UK by going straight to the euro?



    Giving currency uncertainty is the major disincentive would it not make sense for those who want independence from the UK Govt to start preparing a direct path into Europe first?



    I appreciate this is no more real independence in the sense of replacing WM with Brussels just a change of interdependence, but before there is any referendum on withdrawing from the EU, given that Scotland if it is still in the UK has shown it is pro union, is there a case for the wishes of the Scottish people in a EU referendum to be recognised separately and not absorbed?



    In short my thought is could any EU referendum if the terms were right, be a way to Scottish independence from the UK assuming there is a no vote?

  2. Robert88


    12:23 on


    12 September, 2014





    He wants out and wants to create the Uk bill of rights rather than have Human rights act that we currently come under causes all sorts of problems for them currently!



    If he wants out why is he talking about holding referendum after negotiations.



    If he genuinely wanted out he could have held a referendum any time in the last four years.

  3. ….PFayr supports WeeOscar


    11:36 on


    12 September, 2014





    Harvie is a bigot …



    As they say. Takes one to know one.

  4. The possibility of a coalition government led by Boris Johnson & Nigel Farage is a scarey thought.



    Till later all

  5. leftclicktic


    12:28 on


    12 September, 2014


    The possibility of a coalition government led by Boris Johnson & Nigel Farage is a scarey thought.



    Till later all



    And all you have to do to get it is vote NO.

  6. Philvisreturns



    I am not aware of any reason why anyone would call GG a rape apologist. Can you enlighten me as to the detail.



    On the Catholic education and teaching about his life style to children I can only assume he is against Catholic education as it is only taught in a exclusive (not so much exclusive now-a-days mind) system while his belief being that as you put it ‘his lifestyle’ (as if it is a choice) should be taught to all no matter their individual belief structures as part of current sexual education.



    I am neither here nor there on either issue and don’t hold strong beliefs on either. But I can only relate to my personal choices for my son and considerations for him.



    I have chosen not to educate my son in the Catholic schooling system as I was. I hope he will mature and find his own way in life one day and believe in whatever religion of his choice and hope it makes him a better person. In Scotland I would not consider asking others not to choose a Catholic education for their children nor would I look for the removal of Catholic education as a choice mainly based on the historical reasons for it’s existence.



    As for including as you term ‘his lifestyle’ as part of our children’s secular education – that is a difficult one for me personally. I agree with it on some levels and on others disagree. However taking it into consideration from my sons perspective and any future possibility that he may or may not fit the accepted sexual leaning of the majority of our society I think it is definately worth discussion and debate. And being the type of person I am and knowing that there is a tendency for suicide amongst young adults dealing with their sexuality in our society, if it saved one life I would likely plump for inclusion.



    All my personal views on these matters.



    Let’s face it. You do not know your own child’s sexual preference at this time. If they turned out to have a different sexuality to you I believe your considered view would drastically change.



    It is a very difficult area though.



    MWD says AYE

  7. Ghuys,



    serious big question for next thursday’s referendum day,



    is the Salzburg game on telly and if so, which station?




  8. leftclicktic



    12:28 on 12 September, 2014



    The possibility of a coalition government led by Boris Johnson & Nigel Farage is a scarey thought.



    Till later all





    I agree, but, there is always a but, what is the real alternative?



    Yeshua is always there picking up Every piece.



    All ye got to do is,



    Delve deep into Music and you will know what is really going on.

  9. quonno



    It is something Labour and the Tories have been trying to get together, I’m a member of Liberty and have had over the past few years lots of information coming through the post and online about campaigning against the ‘UK bill of rights’.



    This would be something separate to the Human rights Act and replace it.


    If you are of a paranoid persuasion like many in Government who want to control and brainwash you, Government currently see the Human rights Act as something to protects terrorists and criminals, hence the Uk bill of rights. Just another way to dimish our rights.



    Its well worth a read up on.



    In terms of a referendum on it, hes currently busy trying to create spin on better together, one thing at a time. There will be plenty of time to suggest the HRA is not for us and makes us less safe from terrorism etc etc.

  10. FFin’ discussion on the share issue:



    “Share issue might be oversubscribed….”




    “Here is hoping…… although its a gilt edged sword.”




    “We all want regime change.


    How does oversubscription lead to regime change?”




    “I said it was a gilt edged sword.”




    “Yes but on one side. . how can it possibly lead to regime change.”

  11. If this isn’t about characters or political parties why are there so many YES people now defending that horrible, anti Catholic, bigot Harvey?!

  12. G’day Celts



    BT et al


    Sitting by the pool and it’s 28c that’s the feel good message done lol


    Just been talking to a nice wee Dublin man who played against Celtic in 68, he said Lennox and Jinky played and also Lou macari, possibly the original holy goalie, it’s a quiz


    Name both teams players erm..,,,,


    Dublin team was home farm


    Cyber pint to the celtic legend who gets it right, googling is allowed lol




  13. Frank Ryan's Whiskey on

    The Rev Ian Paisley joining Maggie in the warm place. Well at least that means one less ‘Ulster Scot’ at Saturday’s ‘wee’ march.

  14. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    So Last Man Standing Round 4 lined up as follows…



    Ard Ri Dundee Utd


    Bobby evans Superstar Liverpool


    Mrs CRC Liverpool


    The ExiledTim Manchester Utd


    Cowie Bhoy Chelsea


    Dim Sam Dundee Utd


    GreenLion2 Kilmarnock



    Mrs CRC crashes and burns, whilst Greenlion2 and Cowiebhoy go through to next round



    The Exiled Tim could join them tomorrow.








    ps Last Man Standing 2 coming soon