Rosenborg call for ex-Aruba boss, SFA “must” refer to CAS


Rosenborg went five years without winning the Norwegian title before Kare Ingebrigtsen turned things around.  Under him, they were champions the last three seasons – back on the pertch.  A mere two points off the pace, having scraped a win against Valur, he was sacked, just six days before his former team face Celtic.

It seems harsh.  This is a club burdened by their Champions League history.  Until 2004, when money replaced meritocracy, they held the record for the number of consecutive appearances in the group stage (8).  But they never turned the lights off.  They see clubs from other small nations reach the group stage of the Europa League and, to a lesser extent, the Champions League, and know they could do the same.

If they thought Ingebrigtsen’s team would have beaten Celtic he would still be in a job.  Instead, they have thrown the dice in the hope of giving players an edge.  The new interim boss’s only managerial gig in the last seven years was six weeks in charge of the Aruba national team.  Since then he’s kicked around as a youth coach and been an assistant in Dubai.  It’s a strange one.

Sacking a manager often leads to a short-term boost in results, which is all that is required for European qualification.  Expect this tie to be competitive.  That’s good, I prefer Celtic to play in games with a visible edge, than against unknowns with fire in their belly.  Cool heads will be needed.  On that subject, we’ll discuss Jozo later.

Newco, having successfully argued the SFA should refer the matter of Rangers’ eligibility for Uefa competition in 2011 to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), now request the SFA do not take the matter to CAS.  It’s a kind of Newco logic; any victory in a storm.

They argue this procedural guidance establishes the complaint has no merit, whereas the SFA Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal did not address the complaint, only their competency to examine it.

The Judicial Panel ruled “the Notice of Complaint must be determined by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”  The word “must” has been overlooked by Newco.  The SFA must act accordingly.  Taking the whole thing to Lausanne will make sure we don’t need to go through another round of “Who are these people” type witch-hunts.  I know what you are thinking, Dave King has been making friend with the SFA on a weekly basis for months now, surely they will do his bidding.

I’m not sure Dave’s that clever.

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  1. traditionalist88 on

    CalcioMercato (En)





    Official: CAS accepts AC Milan appeal, Europa League ban overturned

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  3. So DK told to make offer for shares again…. nothing will ever happen to him.. All masons together SFA can’t judge their own game> Why didn’t they send illegal registrations to CAS instead of Masonm NimmoSmith

  4. South Of Tunis on

    AC MILAN appeal accepted .



    AC MILAN will be in next season’s Europa League competition .



    UEFA have been instructed to come up with a fairer /more appropriate sanction for AC MIlan .



    In a not unrelated development – the previous owner of AC Milan -Yonghong Li is being investigated by the relevant authorities in Milan and looks likely to to be prosecuted for the Italian equivalent of ” uttering ” and some rather interesting accounting practices.

  5. South Of Tunis on




    Vincenzo Nibali out — fractured vertebra following a crash caused by a spectator’s camera strap getting entangled in one of his wheels . . The Tour has a big security /safety problem -time the organizers sorted it out .

  6. mike in toronto on

    Charliemac (from last post)



    my take on what has happened. it is only a theory, but it does make some sense of strange events.



    It certainly looks like our Board wanted to run with the hares and hunt with the hounds. But ended up in no mans land.



    I suspect that Our Board wanted to keep the zombies going, but did not want to say so publicly, as they were afraid it would alienate a large segment of our support. So, the went along with the 5WA, but (wink, wink) pretended that they had nothing to do with, so when it came out, they could say, in true Captain Renault style, ‘ I am shocked to find out there is gambling go on..’



    The Board counted on two things happening:



    Firstly, the fact that, if Sevco were demoted, we would win, and, as long as we were winning, most Celtic fans wouldn’t really care. And in fact, it seems most fans want to play them. Based on season tickets sales, and 49 pound old firm tickets, he Board was right about that.



    Secondly, having been caught with their hand in the cookie jar, the zombies and the league would be embarrassed into cleaning up their act. This, I suspect, is where our Board got it wrong. And spectacularly so.



    Our Board did not count on the complete lack of common sense or ethics of those they were dealing with.





    Instead of thinking, ‘we were caught, so we better clean up our act’, the zombies and the league thought, ‘we have pushed them around, so let’s see how far we can push. And now that Celtic have mislead their own fans about the 5WA, they cannot say anything, or we will tell their fans that Celtic knew all about this, and went along with it.’



    So, Celtic have stayed quiet, and said nothing because they were concerned that, if they say anything, the zombies/SPFL will spill the dirt on what Celtic knew and when.



    And every time the zombies have tried it on, our Board have hidden because the zombies have something on them that our Board don’t want exposed. But, at the same time, paid lip service to such things as Res. 12, so as to be seen to be doing something.



    The sad thing is, in hindsight, it seems most Celtic fans just want to win at any cost. So, there was no reason for the ruse in the first place.



    As I say, just a theory, but it would account for things that otherwise make no sense.




    You think if the Zombies had dirt on Celtic they would keep it secret:)))



    I seriously doubt it my learned friend, that would have spilled at the very first opportunity to paint themselves white by painting us black.




  8. The question no one can answer.



    What happens if they don’t goto CAS ? What next ?

  9. mike in toronto on




    As some know, I deal with a lot worse people than the zombies. I have a pretty good sense of how those sorts of enterprises work



    You can only disclose once, and once you do, it loses all value.



    You don’t kill the goose while it is laying golden eggs. You squeeze it and squueze it, and once there is nothing left to squeeze, then you disclose. But the zombies arent quite finished squeezing yet …

  10. Henrik


    Time for the City of London Police to be called, this is another stitch up in the making, putting aside Res 12, the dead mob used EBT’s to pay players they could not otherwise afford and won trophies and gained entry to the Champions League denying the Celtic shareholders and supporters that experience and the financial benefits of it, the stitch up will continue with their clauses legal argument and bent decisions, the reason the decisions are bent is the evidence and timescales exclude periods of no doubt when there was cheating, we need to find out who cheated who knew and sue the arse of them.

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on



    Thanks for your response the the Liam Miller post. Seems that only yoiurself and Bada Bing thought it worthy of comment.



    Anyway, the story seems to have moved on, with the Government having a look to see if the GAA have contravened the EU Commission’s rules for the €30m grant received for redevelopment of the stadium.


    To avoid our old friend, State Aid rules, the Pairc has to be available to other field sports.



    Here is a link to the Examiner article.




  12. Shareholders of the World unite


    You have nothing to lose but your debentures


    Or in some cases, your dentures




    I bow to your obvious professional experience but the idea that the Zombies hare blackmailing Celtic and no one knows about it in Fishwife Central seems a little far fetched to me anyway.



    We’ll see of course as matters unfold.



    What could have Rangers legal team said that excludes the SFA from doing their job, this seems like a complete roll over from the SFA, is it merely an abdication of their duties as the governing body??



    In the hope that someone else will do their dirty work for them??




  14. !!Bada Bing!! on

    T3- well worth a re-post, trying to help out a young widow with 3 kids, not sure if any other bigger stadiums could be used? But the GAA need to be asked questions here.HH

  15. The news from the Court of Session that King has been told to get on wth the share offer was expected.



    However, the quotes attributed to Lord Bannatyne could have come from a Monty Python sketch.



    “The Takeover Panel has no interest in how he goes about it – it’s just so long as he does it,” said Lord Bannatyne.



    “The only question is compliance, not how or where he gets the money from.”



    “Which trust provides the money or how that money is brought to the UK is of complete disinterest to both the court and the panel.”



    The source of the money & how it is brought into the UK might be of NO interest to him or his court, but I’m certain that other agencies & courts will pay particular attention to any King financial transaction.


    It might even be of interest to the SFA & Uefa, particularly as they both may soon be very interested observers as the Court of Arbitration in Sport deliberate on previous financial misdeeds by a now dead club of which King was an active director.



    Is there a group of people with a bigger god complex than judges?



    Oh I forgot about Orange Lodge walkers…




  16. Matt Stewart on

    There seemed to be no use in waiting by the little door, so she went back to the table, half hoping she might find another key on it, or at any rate a book of rules for shutting people up like telescopes: this time she found a little bottle on it, (`which certainly was not here before,’ said Alice,) and round the neck of the bottle was a paper label, with the words `DRINK ME’ beautifully printed on it in large letters.



    …..In a hole in a place called Wonderland? Perhaps not, but I was comfortably slumped on my black leather recliner chaise-longue with the TV tuned in to BT Sport 3.



    As the plagiarised strains of Zadoc filled the room, for but a brief moment I narrowed my eyes and there seemingly transported down through the intervening 163 years,on the arm of my slouch-couch, materialised that same bottle that had got Alice into so many shenanigans with a white rabbit, mad hatter, dormouse and not to mention a loud mouthed queen in the form of a pontoon busting playing card, over a century and a half previously.



    As the scene a few yards from my eyes dissolved from a big silver cup to an aerial view of a terrestrial paradise, I picked up the wee bottle and un-screwed its “UNSCREW ME” screw-tap, sniffing it to confirm that it wisnae novichok – I took a quick sip from the “DRINK ME” labeled beautiful tanned contents… then another….. until all was gone.



    Aye, what was tanned was now indeed verily tanned.



    I don’t know what it was in that bottle, but I’m damn sure it wisnae 150 years old.



    I ran my tongue around my lips and lo there I was again a few months short of my sixth birthday standing in front of the class wae Mrs Judge about to gie me six of the tawse for chewing black cherry bubble gum in school – (“Stewart, you and your black burning shame will end up in eternal fires of hell”….none of that “I’ll tell yer mammy shite” at ma alma mater). Think of that, just under six years old and six of the belt from a wumin who had missed her vocation to become a tree-feller.



    And then I realised….the drink…the tanned tanned drink….of course it was the same age as I had been then!



    This was surely karma at its best because with that wee magic liquid came the vanquishing of those same stubbornly stifled tears and stinging cries that had for so long wandered the dark corridors of my psyche.



    Here was laughter and cheers. Here was an auld git sitting on his erse laughing out loud and knowing that what had taken place at Celtic Park on that November night in 2012, if bottled, could bring peace, harmony and positivity to the worl, its peoples and its works.



    “IF BOTTLED…??”…I wondered glancing at the empty wee container.



    And then I knew as there on that wee screen as Celtic and Barcelona took the field. I recalled my instinctive reaction to what had lain ahead…I once again posed the questions that had spun my head like a jungle ride. that night. How could anyone hope to prevail against such a team of legends, heroes and superstars? Surely all that lay ahead was 90 minutes of endeavour, determination, struggle but probably ultimate failure.



    And so it proved!!



    And to be honest what else was to expected.



    Remember we are talking about names, reputations and heroics that will live long in the pantheon of sporting achievement.



    Names such as Matthews, Ambrose, Lustig, Wilson and Forster; and a secret weapon in the shape of 18year old Tony Watt; all supported by the unstoppable force of sixty thousand telekinetic fans willing the ball from hooped clad magician into the Barcelona net.



    Barcelona never had a hope!



    Aye that what was in that bottle!



    And as the final strains of the closing theme drifted away, I picked up a wee label from the floor, a wee label that had fallen from the bottle and held it up to the window light to read its fading message…..



    “Buckfast Abbey 2012”



    I licked the neck as far as my tongue would go and the bliddy thing got stuck.



    Which proved extremely embarrassing as I opened the door in response to an urgent chap chap chap.



    I must have looked a right eejit, but the White Rabbit, Queen of Hearts, Dormouse and Mad Hatter didnae say a word as they all came in and opened another couple of ‘DRINK ME’ tanned stuff for tanning.



    And all was right in the world.



    Hail Hail








    I read your post the other night. I was appalled. I’m sure a lot of us were,and still are.



    We can’t change the rules till February. My f…..g arse. Anyone on that committee using the rulebook as an excuse needs a good kick up the arse.



    Anyone who hid behind that rulebook is in my opinion very likely to get a good kick up the arse if they head out for a beer between now and,say,overturning that decision.

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Basking in the holiday sun I was bored and ventured into some sites I would seldom visit. That johnjames site is still fixated with Phil mac g b, even invents a commenter to Babel on about plagiarism. Still begs for cash at very opportunity, why folk would pay for his mince is beyond me.

  19. Disappointed to see young Lewis Morgan out for 4/5 weeks after going through knee surgery , hopefully he doesn’t have any problems with his rehab.

  20. My colleagues at work asked me how it is, despite all the financial woes, endless stream of court cases, bodgey commercial deals etc…, how come Sevco are still afloat?



    Answer is simple: Whoever pulls the trigger on this mob is guaranteed to get the full wrath of the very worst of the Sevconian terrorist brigade on their case. Their life will be a living hell.


    No-one is prepared to be the one who nails the coffin lid down.



    If anyone is hoping for any sort of official, judge, police, SFA, journos etc… to take decisive action against them, it won’t happen.


    And so today, despite the fact that King has had years to comply with the legal requirement of the Takeover Tribunal, the courts continue to allow him to string them along. He has had YEARS already.


    He has no intention of complying.



    But, will ANYONE take decisive action against anyone at Sevco?

  21. Celtic have to realise that if this issue becomes a whitewash that thousands of season ticket holders including my family and friends, will simply walk away as we won’t support a rigged game.



    If Peter Lawwell and co, don’t appreciate this, they haven’t been paying attention to anything that has been said in private meetings to them directly.

  22. If this does come to pass I think we will arrange such a meeting again to ensure that they know exactly why this will happen.

  23. South of Tunis. As someone with a great interest in the Tour de France, like you I have been very concerned about the lack of security for the riders. The other day, someone tried to push Frome of his bike. While I admire those who make there way up mountains, I see no reason for running side by side with the riders, or the selfie crowd who appear oblivious to the dangers they can cause. There have been very serious incidents this time and the Tour Directorate need to take action soon before someone else, spectator or rider, is seriously injured or worse.

  24. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Bada, BM,



    The link I posted @ 1.22, takes the story a stage further and puts the spotlight on the GAA.



    In particular, it suggests that they did not comply with the rules regarding the €30m received from the Government.


    Failure to comply could mean a “claw back” of those funds. Squeaky bottom time at Headquarters.



    The hypocrisy that Croke Park is exempt from that pesky rule, allowing them to scrape every €, £, $, that is lying around, is beneath contempt.



    Cork GAA say that they are amenable to opening their park for the match, but their rules don’t allow for it. However, if you wait till March, when Congress meets, we will see what we can do.


    They have never heard of telephones, e-mails or conference calls!



    If I was a betting man, I think they will cave in, out of the goodness of their hearts…..or perhaps due to the EU Commission claiming back the €30m on behalf of the Irish taxpayer.



    Grab All Association right enough.



    PS. I have the utmost admiration for the local GAA members who give up their time for the local clubs, unpaid and often unheralded.


    Headquarters, a bunch of charlatans.

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