Rosenborg call for ex-Aruba boss, SFA “must” refer to CAS


Rosenborg went five years without winning the Norwegian title before Kare Ingebrigtsen turned things around.  Under him, they were champions the last three seasons – back on the pertch.  A mere two points off the pace, having scraped a win against Valur, he was sacked, just six days before his former team face Celtic.

It seems harsh.  This is a club burdened by their Champions League history.  Until 2004, when money replaced meritocracy, they held the record for the number of consecutive appearances in the group stage (8).  But they never turned the lights off.  They see clubs from other small nations reach the group stage of the Europa League and, to a lesser extent, the Champions League, and know they could do the same.

If they thought Ingebrigtsen’s team would have beaten Celtic he would still be in a job.  Instead, they have thrown the dice in the hope of giving players an edge.  The new interim boss’s only managerial gig in the last seven years was six weeks in charge of the Aruba national team.  Since then he’s kicked around as a youth coach and been an assistant in Dubai.  It’s a strange one.

Sacking a manager often leads to a short-term boost in results, which is all that is required for European qualification.  Expect this tie to be competitive.  That’s good, I prefer Celtic to play in games with a visible edge, than against unknowns with fire in their belly.  Cool heads will be needed.  On that subject, we’ll discuss Jozo later.

Newco, having successfully argued the SFA should refer the matter of Rangers’ eligibility for Uefa competition in 2011 to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), now request the SFA do not take the matter to CAS.  It’s a kind of Newco logic; any victory in a storm.

They argue this procedural guidance establishes the complaint has no merit, whereas the SFA Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal did not address the complaint, only their competency to examine it.

The Judicial Panel ruled “the Notice of Complaint must be determined by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”  The word “must” has been overlooked by Newco.  The SFA must act accordingly.  Taking the whole thing to Lausanne will make sure we don’t need to go through another round of “Who are these people” type witch-hunts.  I know what you are thinking, Dave King has been making friend with the SFA on a weekly basis for months now, surely they will do his bidding.

I’m not sure Dave’s that clever.

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    (Or anyone else with the answer!)



    Where would you recommend in Girvan for a fish supper?



    My kid sis and some pals are taking a wee cycle down the coast later.



    Mad bassas,that’s a distance that requires sponsorship and a medical support team(!)

  2. BOURNESOUPRECIPE on 21ST JULY 2018 11:03 AM



    Staunch Presbyterian language from Douglas Fraser…………….. ‘the Rangers faithful’





    “The Rangers loyal” would have been more appropriate.



    We’re faithful – they’re loyal. ;-))))))


    Bada bing



    Thanks for the U19 info. That’s the late afternoon sorted :-)

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    BIG-CUP-WINNERS on 21ST JULY 2018 1:49 PM


    Bada bing







    Thanks for the U19 info. That’s the late afternoon sorted :-)



    Will be interesting to compare standards

  5. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    Dooooohhh ….

  6. Took the wee man on the celtic tour. He loved it. No mention of jimmy McGrory or no posters up of him around the stadium. A bit poor if u ask me. Can’t understand it. Genuinely baffled. Dutch French Mexicans and Japanese there. Italians 2.

  7. Good day CQNers



    Any news on possible opponents in draw for 3rd Qualifying Round on Monday.


    I suppose it is a bit premature as we haven’t despatched Rosenborg yet but I am very confident in the way we have started the campaign.


    Alashkert were certainly not world beaters but I thought we looked very fit and very professional from the start and coped well despite Simunovic having a ‘moment’



    Hail Hail

  8. PETEC on 21ST JULY 2018 1:57 AM



    SFTB, £100 bet to any Charity Marc or Joe want to put to?



    Trump does 2 terms?



    *Where, Colorado State Penitentiary.



    He’s no a republican, democrat or independent, he’s a narcissistic, mendacious, misogynist that only cares about himself, last weekend he invoiced the American taxpayers 50 grand so he and his family could golf at turnberry.



    Yesterday he took a helicopter and then air force one tae his resort in NJ, ffs its only 3 hours by road.



    As for pro-life, grow up it only suits his agenda and the evangelical vote.

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Cyrenean 2.20pm



    Not saw your moniker for a while (although not always scrolling back) think somebody put a link up yesterday about possible 3rd opponents (if we put Rosenborg away) the usual suspects Malmo, Beer El Sheva, Astana, think Red Star Belgrade and a few others await if they negotiate their own qualifiers

  10. Dancin\party/on•the•oul•Jungle^^roof √ on

    As a great man once said, more than once actually….


    “Celtic supporter’s have a choice…..


    1. Empty the park and get a board who’ll strip the stolen trophies.




    2. Turn up, hand the board your money, then sit at the back of the bus, suck up all the cheating that comes your way, allowing yourself to be placated by the skelping of a Rangers team that doesen’t have an erse to its troosers, whilst the board looks the other way as they divvy up your money. ”


    Before any of the enraged entitled brigade start hammering emails out of their keyboard’s to annoy the always busy, not to mention sacred, Mr Paul 67, I’m not the poster who used to type these type’s of posts every day, I’m just a lurking admirer of that particular poster. Hail Hail.



  11. Mahe the Madman on

    Howdy Bhoys,,


    Big Joe pics are fine,,throw some pics of the boat up man.



    my President sure is taking a kicking on here these days. Theres the blog scapegoat right there.


    In local news last night seen the return of the mountain lion to the area confirmed by a neighbors outdoor camera,,heres the link and he looks a decent size,,




    And after 4 days of heavily smokey air due to forest fires we can finally open the windows to get some air only to be advised get ready for a downpour bringing possible flash floods and then next week brings a high temp alert .


    Hail Hail

  12. Dancin`


    It is my experience that , when people have very simple solutions to possibly complex situations,those people are invariably wrong.










    Aye. Through and through…





    Exactly mate.



    It’s not often you’re wrong – but this time, you’re right…




  14. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    Quiz @15.20:


    Subject of a quiz question some years ago……1977 to be precise.


    Which Celtic player scored for Scotland before he had even kicked the ball?


    It was his only international appearance.

  15. Gerryfaethebrig on

    G64 3.18pm



    Just read your post, cheers, am on Spieth at 20/1, although would be more confident if he didn’t have to play the 15th today & the morra :-)

  16. BHOYJOEBELFAST on 21ST JULY 2018 3:18 PM



    Quiz @15.20: Subject of a quiz question some years ago……1977 to be precise.



    Which Celtic player scored for Scotland before he had even kicked the ball? It was his only international appearance.



    *Joe Craig

  17. Tuesday 14 July 2015




    Officials at Celtic Football Club have decorated the facade of their iconic home ground with a design that wraps both ends of the venue and stands 21 metres tall and 202 metres long.



    It features 58 of the club’s most famous players including current captain Scott Brown, Billy McNeill, Henrik Larsson and Jimmy Johnstone along with words; ‘Paradise – Where Legends Are Made’.



    “We are delighted with the sensitivity and thoughtfulness of the design while being awestruck at the sheer scale of it,” said Celtic’s head of marketing and multimedia, Kevin McQuillan.



    “Celtic is one of the major brands in world football and our stadium development shows the esteem in which our players are held and their value to the club’s heritage.



    “The fans’ response to the new look of Celtic Park has been magnificent.



    “It was vital that we could produce something that they could be proud of and applying ‘Paradise’ – how our supporters commonly refer to Celtic Park – quickly became central to the project.”



    The design was created by Frame, a Glasgow-based creative marketing agency, and will be admired by the thousands of supporters who arrive at the stadium for Wednesday night’s Champions League qualifying match against Stjarnan of Iceland.



    “We’re immensely proud of our local community,” said McQuillan. “We’ve seen an incredible regeneration project transform the look of Glasgow’s east end in recent years and Frame has helped us ensure that Celtic Park is one of the most striking landmarks in the area and something the city can be proud of.”



    Frame is in its second year working with the Parkhead club.



    “The inside of Celtic Park is recognised and revered throughout world football and we wanted to help make it unmistakable from the outside as well as visible from far and wide,” said Keli Mitchell, client services director at Frame.



    “The new branding really captures the spirit of the club and the people who’ve made it special over the years, we’re delighted to have played a part in bringing this to life.”



    Frame’s final design was supported by international sports artist, Jim Scullion. Scullion has been involved in producing artwork and design for Celtic for 30 years.



    “It was an honour to be asked to play a part in a project that I knew would be loved by the fans of a club I’ve supported my whole life,” said Scullion.



    “Younger fans may not be so familiar with the achievements of the likes of Sandy McMahon, Jimmy Quinn and Jimmy McGrory, but it is magnificent that the club has chosen to recognise their achievements alongside the other greats who have proudly played for Celtic.”

  18. !!Bada Bing!! on

    G64- sensational golf, coverage on Sky is brilliant, but should never have been taken off cooncil telly

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Bada 4.02pm



    Totally agree about the golf, git sky go on the iPad but only gets used for Celtic … although I actually like the golf on the radio for some strange reason … so last day coverage for me will be radio Scotland and watch the highlights at night :-) for somebody not that interested in the actual game I am a bit obsessed with the majors (by the way I totally understand how others love and appreciate the good walk wasted :-)

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on




    I know he doesn’t need the money but I would love to see Tiger win another major, cracking round of golf so far

  21. Gerryfaethebrig



    Thanks also to you for the reply.



    I haven’t been in the best of health for last couple of years but I keep struggling on.


    Nice to know that somebody notices.



    Hail Hail

  22. Gerryfaethebrig on




    With my brothers name being Sean for some reason your moniker caught my attention a while back and I think you were chasing a podium back then :-) not so good to hear about the health issues but if your posting and interested in our (hopefully) future opponents then hope that means things are a bit better

  23. mullet and co 2 on

    It does not surprise me that the result of resolution 12 is a message in a bottle that will forever drift.


    Rangers will be back at some point. It may only be a win against Celtic or some promise that they could win a title but the threat will become real. I hope those at Celtic who enabled and sponsored their cheating are happy at that moment.


    Celtic will announce the bursting of a £100m turnover in a few weeks. I suppose the proof of the strategy in keeping a Rangers may be in that huge turnover. The feeling of being royaly cheated will recede over the coming years?


    On more pressing and upcoming matters I see that we will enter a game that defines the size of our next turnover with Ajer and Henry at the centre of defence. I am sure others pointed out weeks ago that we needed at least 1 centre back as the ones we had were not good enough. Last season saw Rogic fill in at centre forward as we had not signed Edouard at this point. Every season we contrive ways to handicap our advantage as seeds. I would love to know what the monetary differences have been in players we could have signed and chose not to? There is £50m on the line and relatively speaking we should be good enough to see of Rosenborg but there can always be bad days at the office. Those bad days can be managed with guys who are less likely to have a lapse in concentration or make a mad lunge.


    Boyata was highly unlikely to play in this round however far Belgium got and may even need to be sold due to his contract position. Simunovic is surrounded by injury and constant transfer speculation, Compper hasn’t played and Hendry is raw as the meat on the back of your hand. Ajer has just broken into the side but clearly needs 1 or 2 partners to play alongside. We have 5 centre backs and only 1 would be considered fit, available and able to play. This is compounded by the shift to 3 at the back in whole or in part in each game. The lack of a clear choice at right back compounds this issue.


    If we sign McGinn, can he play in the qualifiers or is he cup tied? If not Brown may need to drop in beside Ayer and an other.


    If McGinn is the sum total of our completely new signings it is just not good enough. Yes Morgan is effectively new but is now injured and may or may not have been an automatic first team player.


    If you want the team to be better then we still surely need a right back centre back, box to box midfielder and possibly a quick number 10.

  24. Celtic take on Man U. in the Super Cup NI (under 19) right now. It’s live on a channel called BBC RB1. Not sure if that’s available on any of the platforms in UK or Ireland.

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