Rosenborg call for ex-Aruba boss, SFA “must” refer to CAS


Rosenborg went five years without winning the Norwegian title before Kare Ingebrigtsen turned things around.  Under him, they were champions the last three seasons – back on the pertch.  A mere two points off the pace, having scraped a win against Valur, he was sacked, just six days before his former team face Celtic.

It seems harsh.  This is a club burdened by their Champions League history.  Until 2004, when money replaced meritocracy, they held the record for the number of consecutive appearances in the group stage (8).  But they never turned the lights off.  They see clubs from other small nations reach the group stage of the Europa League and, to a lesser extent, the Champions League, and know they could do the same.

If they thought Ingebrigtsen’s team would have beaten Celtic he would still be in a job.  Instead, they have thrown the dice in the hope of giving players an edge.  The new interim boss’s only managerial gig in the last seven years was six weeks in charge of the Aruba national team.  Since then he’s kicked around as a youth coach and been an assistant in Dubai.  It’s a strange one.

Sacking a manager often leads to a short-term boost in results, which is all that is required for European qualification.  Expect this tie to be competitive.  That’s good, I prefer Celtic to play in games with a visible edge, than against unknowns with fire in their belly.  Cool heads will be needed.  On that subject, we’ll discuss Jozo later.

Newco, having successfully argued the SFA should refer the matter of Rangers’ eligibility for Uefa competition in 2011 to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), now request the SFA do not take the matter to CAS.  It’s a kind of Newco logic; any victory in a storm.

They argue this procedural guidance establishes the complaint has no merit, whereas the SFA Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal did not address the complaint, only their competency to examine it.

The Judicial Panel ruled “the Notice of Complaint must be determined by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”  The word “must” has been overlooked by Newco.  The SFA must act accordingly.  Taking the whole thing to Lausanne will make sure we don’t need to go through another round of “Who are these people” type witch-hunts.  I know what you are thinking, Dave King has been making friend with the SFA on a weekly basis for months now, surely they will do his bidding.

I’m not sure Dave’s that clever.

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  1. South Of Tunis on 20th July 2018 12:09 pm






    Yes -seek and you shall find




    As for Lansmann and Schneidder are we to expect that the Labour Party will now advise us all re the ethno /religious status of all its employees . Or is that simply something reserved for Jews ?







    I’m not aware of the Labour Party ever making reference to the ethno/religious status of any of its employees.



    Such status of Lansman and Schneidder is in the public domain.



    It is relevant in the circumstances.



    I’m of the view that, by and large, most Jewish people are unlikely to be anti Semitic.



    And they are unlikely to promote or seek to advance the political career of a politician they know or suspect to be anti Semitic.



    They have both know Corbyn for a long time. They will know whether or not he is an anti Semite.



    On that basis alone I think the suggestion that Corbyn is an anti Semite, or any kind of racist, is politically motivated, cynical bullshit.

  2. Almore,



    6.01 News reported that GAA issued a statement saying that it was acting within its rules an was under no compulsion to act even because of the 30 million grant.




  3. YogiHughes: That’s very disappointing so. The radio programme was more upbeat.



    I’m not a member of the GAA but I sure hope that some club proposes the necessary changes so that events like this can be accommodated in the future.

  4. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Paranoia spoiler.



    I see Rosenberg players are ‘in revolt’ over the sacking of the manager.



    Could the Rosenberg board be playing Jedi mind tricks and reappoint him over the weekend thereby giving the team a psychological boost ?

  5. i'vehadtochangemymind on

    Are the parking restrictions for the matches in place or still a proposal ?

  6. I couldn’t care less about Sevco. It is the deid club and the SFA who are the villains of the piece. A finding of guilt and stripping of trophies is the only acceptable outcome. Zero chance of any financial recompense. This is the only hope for the future of Scottish football. Otherwise, as they say, the game’s a bogey. HH

  7. Mahe the Madman on

    BP1,,the stalwarts are out the night it seems,,naebody home. Next week eh.


    Hail Hail

  8. DD, wish we had signed Denayer, still of the mind that he was the better one of the pair, and made Van Dijk look good . Hope you are good amigo. HH

  9. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    It will be interesting to see what happens to Hearts for fielding an unregistered player.



    I think there is precedent for teams being kicked out of competitions for doing such a thing.



    Then again, there is precedent for rules being bent to accomodate teams that fielded ineligible players for many years.



    That’s the thing when you start to bend rules to accomodate those you favour (a euphemism for corruption): no one really knows where they stand.



    I wonder if the fantastic, brilliant, awesome, best-thing-to-happen to Scottish football Anne Budge will have anything to say if they are booted out.

  10. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Private and Confidebtial



    Dear SFA



    Find a way to let this pass or we will kick up a stink.



    Best regards.




  11. kikinthenakas on



    A support like no other



    Re Boyata


    I like Dedryck and hope he stays but not sure he will



    Re escaped goats…wee James getting it tight from two of my pals on Wednesday I thought he was fantastic from start to finish and in our top 3 performers. They did say they’ve never liked him…jeezo…canny see what’s in front of them






  12. WEEFRATHETIM, believe you were on the blog recently sorry I missed you, please get back posting.hh.

  13. Monaghan1900 on

    FFin’ CAS:



    “These witch hunts against the club getting ever more pathetic and blatantly spurious.


    Is there something else getting covered up in the background here?”




    “Celtic are behind all these trumped up accusations. They are constantly bringing the game into disrepute and damaging Scottish football for the foreseeable future. King should be campaigning for this rancid Club to be kicked out of the game altogether.”




    “The sfa placemen don’t care about validity


    There are spending all of the clubs money on Celtic’s behalf meaning we bear costs and further hamper our recovery


    This is the real motivation


    This is abuse of power in favour of their clubs motivation to stay top dog


    They are utter bigots and fly as duck” [The duck, Sammy, has always been regarded as the flyest of birds.]




    “Their not to be trusted, they have continually tried to destroy us. Bunch of cheating b*****ds!”




    “Driven by hatred and bigotry ( not the type you’ll ever read about though )


    A sectarian witch – hunt against [Sevco] FC”




    “What we are on the way to becoming is a papish republic.


    They’ve still got just under 33 years to fulfill the bigot Winning’s vision for Scotland (that we become a Catholic country within 50 years of his death)”




    33 years?


    We’re there already mate.


    Politics, policing, education, the media, the judiciary and amongst many others Scottish Football have all been taken over at the highest level by Roman Catholics……and of course they’re all making a rip roarin’ a*se of it!


    We’ve sleep walked into this position and it will be extremely difficult to redress the balance.”




    “They really do hate us far more than they love themselves.


    The levels of maliciousness and self-harm that Scottish football is prepared to plumb in order to inflict even the merest scratch on the hated [Sevco] Football Club is becoming a matter of some psychological phenomena.


    It is way beyond normal.


    We should be wary…..these bstrds will be invading Poland next.


    It’s been in their genes since the Reformation.”




    “Sickening concern is the Compliance officer was not looking a this period, he was looking at the prior year, and when he found nothing when looking at the next year. Basically like saying I can find no evidence against you that you stole a car last year, but while I was investigating that I noticed your own vehicle tax is out of date. In law you can not find evidence of a crime unrelated to the one your investigating to bring charges. I.E if I have warrant to search your home for drugs, I can’t cease counterfeit DVD’s I then find and charge you for them.”




    “t will show how corrupt the SFA are if they continue this charade to appease the Papes


    I’m sure Dave King and the legal team will fight them all the way


    If they do go to CAS Rangers need to withdraw access to all players for Scotland national teams across the board”




    “It’s astonishing, although unsurprising,to see the level of hatred towards our Club and indeed towards us as a group in Scottish society.


    The [chaps] from the other side of the City have succeeded in having a whip hand in almost all controlling aspects of Scottish Football.


    Ultimately our Salvation lies in our hands and with a fan base focussed on the good of our beloved [Sevco]s we will defeat those who hate us.


    We should seek all means to punish those who would cause us harm and take every opportunity to expose them for the bigots they surely are.


    I trust the Club will continue in its strategy of calling out he Football authorities for allowing C@#t@c to have the influence they have in the Scottish game.


    This influence ,I believe, is paralleled by the influence the R.C. Church has in the everyday lives of our communities.


    Their influence is totally disproportionate to their percentage as a group in society.



  14. Bus Glaschu on bbc Alba at 8.30. Donegal/Glasgow history, geography, politics and a bit of Celtic. Worth a watch. Hh

  15. ChapelhallCelt on

    Heads up for parking at game, parked near Celtic club on London road on Wed night. Passenger window smashed by some scumbag and and my 7yr old sons mobile phone stolen. Not worth anything but locals must be scanning cars for valuables.

  16. off topic,



    at my dinner reading some history of renfrew.




    never knew this.




    During the night of 13 March 1941, three Polish airmen saved Renfrew’s Roman Catholic church of Saint James. Lance Corporal Pawel Radke, Aircraftman Antoni Ptaszkowski, and Aircraftman Zygmunt Sokolowski were at the church and at great risk were extinguishing incendiaries. These had caused a number of fires in the church. Two of the airmen were killed by a bomb and the third died in Alexandria Hospital the following day. They were in their twenties. When 309 Squadron transferred to Dunino in Fife in May 1941, it presented to the church a portrait of Our Lady as a token of their appreciation to the people of Renfrew. Parishioners never forgot the sacrifice and in October 1982 at a special Mass, a silver plaque in memory of the airmen and the portrait of the Black Madonna was blessed and dedicated by Bishop McGill. The plaque was crafted by a local Polish jeweler, Eugeniusz Waclawski.[5]

  17. fergusslayedtheblues on

    My take on taking the case to the CAS is that the SFA know the dead club are bang to rights in cheating AGAIN


    and they most likely knew this within the first month of looking into it ,the other 7 months were taken up with finding a way to whitewash the whole debacle .



    Looks like they have opted for the old LNS option of limiting the scope of the enquiry as to minimize the offense



    Is it just me or has the original offense of the granting of the lisense now seemed to have been airbrushed from the whole charade



  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Turn the other cheek , I love that they can’t hide their hate for us and it fills me with pride that on the 100 years anniversary of Catholic education they have been left so far behind ..


    We progress whilst they regress back to the 17th century



    Theiir children will be Tim’s and turn away from hatred

  19. Monaghan1900 on






    I love that they can’t hide their hate for us




    And the only thing we’ve ever done to them, Blantyretim, is to exist.

  20. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    We need to stand firm with pride and like our forefathers keep the faith????

  21. Monaghan Whilst it is important to highlight bigotry on the Sevco forums the posts might not necessarily be representative of all their supporters just as certain posts on our sites are not representative of all Celtic supporters. Only saying like. Hh

  22. bhoywithseethrougheyes on

    Hopefully one of the guys “In the know” can enlighten me as to why any club would allow a “Secret agreement” which centres around one club to have such a foothold in our game.


    I know it’s been around for ages but I can’t get my head around this 5 way agreement that we’re not supposed to know about. What’s in it and who’s affected?


    Do the other clubs know what’s in it?


    It’s spoken about as though it’s perfectly normal. I wonder do any other leagues have such a “Secret” arrangement.


    Hopefully someone can help me understand.

  23. Delaneys Dunky on



    I am very well thanks. Hope you are too. Enjoying this sclaffbaw event fae a few miles down the road fae you.


    Like you, I believe Jason Denayer and Dedryck Bhoyata would be a dynamite central defence pairing for Celtic.


    See you soon bro



  24. Paul McLaughlin


    5 Competitive app for Celtic


    250890 League


    Motherwell 2-0 Celtic


    Martin Hayes- PAUL McLAUGHLIN HT


    290890 League Cup


    Hamilton A 0-1 Celtic




    010990 League


    Celtic 0-3 Aberdeen




    050990 League Cup


    Celtic 2-1 Queen of the South




    080990 League


    Celtic 2-0 Hibernian




    4 Starts


    1 Sub App.


    0 Goals

  25. GORDON64 on 20TH JULY 2018 9:01 PM


    Monaghan Whilst it is important to highlight bigotry on the Sevco forums the posts might not necessarily be representative of all their supporters just as certain posts on our sites are not representative of all Celtic supporters. Only saying like. Hh




    I agree with big G….The rest of ‘thems’ are too sleekit to be oot in the open with it.

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