Rosenborg call for ex-Aruba boss, SFA “must” refer to CAS


Rosenborg went five years without winning the Norwegian title before Kare Ingebrigtsen turned things around.  Under him, they were champions the last three seasons – back on the pertch.  A mere two points off the pace, having scraped a win against Valur, he was sacked, just six days before his former team face Celtic.

It seems harsh.  This is a club burdened by their Champions League history.  Until 2004, when money replaced meritocracy, they held the record for the number of consecutive appearances in the group stage (8).  But they never turned the lights off.  They see clubs from other small nations reach the group stage of the Europa League and, to a lesser extent, the Champions League, and know they could do the same.

If they thought Ingebrigtsen’s team would have beaten Celtic he would still be in a job.  Instead, they have thrown the dice in the hope of giving players an edge.  The new interim boss’s only managerial gig in the last seven years was six weeks in charge of the Aruba national team.  Since then he’s kicked around as a youth coach and been an assistant in Dubai.  It’s a strange one.

Sacking a manager often leads to a short-term boost in results, which is all that is required for European qualification.  Expect this tie to be competitive.  That’s good, I prefer Celtic to play in games with a visible edge, than against unknowns with fire in their belly.  Cool heads will be needed.  On that subject, we’ll discuss Jozo later.

Newco, having successfully argued the SFA should refer the matter of Rangers’ eligibility for Uefa competition in 2011 to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), now request the SFA do not take the matter to CAS.  It’s a kind of Newco logic; any victory in a storm.

They argue this procedural guidance establishes the complaint has no merit, whereas the SFA Judicial Panel Disciplinary Tribunal did not address the complaint, only their competency to examine it.

The Judicial Panel ruled “the Notice of Complaint must be determined by the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”  The word “must” has been overlooked by Newco.  The SFA must act accordingly.  Taking the whole thing to Lausanne will make sure we don’t need to go through another round of “Who are these people” type witch-hunts.  I know what you are thinking, Dave King has been making friend with the SFA on a weekly basis for months now, surely they will do his bidding.

I’m not sure Dave’s that clever.

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  1. Rosenborg come to Celtic Park with a considerable match fitness advantage.


    They are 16 games into their league season, while we haven’t even started.


    They are 2nd in the Eliteserien trailing Brann (All Bran?) by 2 points.


    The decision to sack their manager is strange in light of their position and so close to such a vital game against us.


    It’s almost as if their directors have decided to throw in the towel before coming to Parkhead.


    Is the prospect of facing Broony, Moussa and Tierney so daunting that they have decided that they will start their rebuilding immediately?


    Are they worried our new bright lights will show up their deficiencies?


    Whatever the reason, I hope they capitulate easily and we take one more step on the way to the CL sections.


    From what I’ve seen to date, we are fitter, sharper and hungrier than we were at the same stage last season.


    Obviously someone told the Rosenborg directors.

  2. King of Ibrox Stringing Along the Courts




    Pretty condemning article on the GASL.


    Wee extract below. It seems the financial guys at the BBC have bigger cabinets than their sporting comrades.


    Dave King has previous on stringing along the authorities. In legal action taken by South Africa’s tax authorities, he kept them waiting for years before paying up what he owed. The stigma of a criminal record doesn’t seem to bother him much.


    LOL. And I don’t refer to the crimplene clad citrus strollers.





    Most damning words from Mr Fraser in that BBC article are in the last paragraph. He all but calls out the Scottish judiciary for malpractice.

  4. Gooooooooooooooooooooooooood morning













  5. Stairheedrammy on

    I see Shorbread have found a sudden urge for accuracy, their red button news has shifted from the Lying King being urged to cough up to him now being told to

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Hot smoked



    Agree, a refreshing honest piece, no doubt to be retracted and an apology offered to the most offended club in the world.

  7. Phil says that going to CAS will put any decision back by `several years`. Is that really the case?


    I will check any replies later. Working at Carnnoustie today.


    Cheerio for now,



  8. So Milan have been re-admitted to the Europa League, and straight into the group stage?



    What are the chances of the exact opposite happening to sevco?



    Aye, right!




  9. Isn’t it strange that, when there is major development in the res12 case that Paul wants to concentrate on Rosenborg.



    And of course Paul doesn’t go anywhere near the real question.



    Why is the case or must the case go to CAS? Can anyone tell me what the official reason is? It’s missing from all official communication on this?



    If it’s because of the 5 way agreement then this must now be published?



    And as ever Celtic remain silent, betraying the res12 guys and all of us.



    It’s all lies down dressed up complications to make you not see the simple truth.



    The sfa are still run by the Hun and Scotland is run by racists.



    You accept your seat at the back of the bus by doing anything to prop up the Celtic boar, which after all has proven itself to be just as corrupt as the Huns and the sfa.



    Now shut up and give them your money.



    I wonder what squirrel we shall get from Paul next.

  10. Neganon. Ur right. But it’s more than a board issue now. We all know they would sell out the fans. It’s up to the fans as individuals to hold money back. They won’t do it. The sfa know this. 168 million they got away with.

  11. What is the Stars on

    When will the witch hunt against King stop.


    The man single handedly, at great personal cost,saved a Scottish institution from oblivion.


    Of course its no coincidence that these coordinated attacks come as the Stevie Gee express train comes looming down the tracks.good for Scottish football but bad news for Celtic who are using their influence in the Scottish media and indeed in the Scottish Courts system to push this anti rangers agenda.


    Well King is made of sterner stuff. Be Afraid Timothy Patrick Declan…WATP.



    The above is posted in the interest of balance. Always important to get the full picture.


    Next week I will explain how the Clintons robbed millions of charity money from the poor in Haiti to pay for Celtics new floodlights.

  12. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    ACGR: Are you ‘working’ at thr Open or are you one of those who can buy their own tickets and golf clobber? The course looks to have withstood the weather quite well but there could be a really low winning score with the ball run.


    That Kevin punter must have Irish blood somewhere??


    While I’m on……Jobo!! Any chance of a comeback? It would be much appreciated by me and many others.


    Bring back the Glasgo overspill meteorologist?

  13. Am I the only one who read the bit in Paul67’s lead about CAS and the Panels decion to refer the matter to it. Or is it a case of “never let the facts get in the way of a good story”. Scottish journalism rule#1.



    For the record I want Celtic to be seen publicly to push for all the evidence to be presented to CAS and if any limitations are imposed I want Celtic to tell us publicly why they agree, or disagree, with any such decision.

  14. Everton are about to sign a striker who hasn’t scored since November, for £50m. Richarlison scored 5 goals having played in all 38 EPL matches last season.

  15. Marrakesh Express on

    Just got back from.Spain last week where one day I got involved with two guys, one a Jambo the other Chelsea. Decent enough guys, few drinks etc but I knew it was coming. I’ve learned over the years not to shove my team or beliefs down their throats so I let them ask the questions.


    The jambo admitted to preferring Sevco but hates both halves, or so he said. He asked for my take on all things Sevco King blah blah.


    I replied that rather than sit and spoil my drinks and music session by going into more detail than he’d read in any paper, I’d leave it at one statement…’.if CFC did what they did we would be shut down, gates padlocked, banished, and Hearts would be the second biggest club’. He nodded his head in agreement then said that this was the very reason he wanted the ‘establishment club’ shut down, to put his team up the pecking order.


    Next, the Chelsea geezer chipped in with the old bigotry thing and ‘One as bad as the other up there’. I replied….try these on for size….Rfc 1872….A 90 year policy of Appartheid (some facts)..Very possibly the worst record of fan violence in Europe (proceeded to rhyme off the back catalogue from Spurs 63 through to the big one in Manchester 08)….guilty of the biggest sporting scandal in British history (some facts and numbers) which lead to liquidation.


    His response ‘well now you put it that way mate, what you av’n?


    I always enjoy spreading the word abroad.

  16. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    MARRAKESH EXPRESS on 21ST JULY 2018 10:23 AM




    I’ll buy you a pint next time I see you in Brazen for puting them right??

  17. Don’t ya just luv’ big Chris (Hun Skelper) Sutton.



    Nail on head Chris. Totally agree, seems to be the same every year. It’s not that we haven’t known we need to strengthen our defense.



    “I can’t quite believe they have allowed it to happen again mind you. They knew Dedryck Boyata and Mikael Lustig were going to be unavailable. It’s not like the World Cup sneaked up on them,”



    “Yet here they are, going in to a crucial qualifier with a patchwork back four. AGAIN.



    And last but not least some questions ETims that ask about the legality of the Five Way agreement, which whitewashed the death of the first Ibrox entity.



    Is every professional club in Scotland subject to EXACTLY the same disciplinary procedures ?



    Do you have a disciplinary process that applies to only one club and if so Why ?



    How can you possibly justify that ?



    Can all member clubs of the @ScottishFA refuse to have their rule breaking adjudicated by the National Association



    Are @UEFAcom comfortable with a legal agreement between the SFA and Rangers which takes authority out of the hands of the SFA



    Finally, and crucially,



    Are there any current agreements still in place?

  18. The report(s) on DCK all fail to mention that he had spent months prior to his takeover, continually releasing negative stories etc… with the dual intention of undermining the board but also to drive the share price down.


    This activity should have him facing further charges but the press seem to have “forgotten” all about that.

  19. It’s almost as if the Companies Act 2006 was not crystal clear on him being in the wrong, or that the Takeover Panel was unable to make up its own mind without pressure from the terracing at Parkhead.



    Not for the first time, a Rangers chairman in difficulties has appealed to the faithful to back him against the perceived injustices of the outside world. And not for the first time, many of the Rangers faithful have failed to distinguish between the interests of their club and those of its chairman.



    What terracing?



    I blame Jobo Baldie and the North Curve CSC

  20. Vacancy exists at Celtic FC for central defender. The successful candidate should be physically fit with a number of years experience. The club can offer excellent working conditions and top salary to the successful candidate. No snowflakes. Need apply. Applications in confidence to Mr.Chris. Sutton.

  21. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Amazingly honest article from a business journalist, can’t be on Jabba’s blackmail list, the sports hacks in this country will be lying under their beds wi a packet of biscuits.

  22. From the Fraser article:



    If he is held in contempt, will there then be a case for the Scottish Football Association to challenge his status as a “fit and proper” person to be a director of a Scottish premiership club?



    This continually raises its head. Is it not the case that he isn’t fit and proper and plays no role in TRFC ( the fitba team) but is a director in RIFC ( the holding company?

  23. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Rangers have told supporters they are unable to offer a dedicated trip to next week’s Europa League qualifying clash against Osijek with their official travel partner.



    The club’s supporters liaison officer informed fans of the decision this afternoon – six days before the tie in Croatia – and said it was made after “lengthy discussions” with Thomas Cook Sport.



    Embdae think it’s because Thomas Crook want money up front to charter a plane?

  24. Is it just me or is anybody else just a wee tad concerned that to date we have spent more on grass and lights than actually strengthening the 1st team squad during this transfer window. I don’t know but would hazard a guess and say that big Virgil’s bonus payment and Armstrong’s transfer fee have more than paid for OE’s permanent transfer from PSG with a £mill or 2 left to add to our burgeoning bank balance. Obviously discounting Tom R’s improved contract from the equation.


    I am not advocating spending for the sake of it and bringing in more bench warmers (Hayes, Gamboa, Compper etc) but were we not promised / told we would do business early and look to strengthen!








    I think it continually arises because the test of fit and proper was never applied in the first place, we were even told by the SFA it didn’t exist.



    It wasn’t even raised by Celtic, some say because we wanted GLIB to succeed in the ‘battle for power’



    Besides, its the SFA/SPL that don’t pass ‘fit and proper’

  26. Douglas Fraser has always been consistent in his assessment of things Sevco.



    He is untainted by the football sports media cliques & has no remitt that obliges him to worry about readership demographincs.



    He concentrates on “business” and he makes i t clear that King is a bad businessman who is also bad for business at that club. Their fans still cannot distinguish between what’s in the best interest of the club and the best interest of the chairman – is a great line from Fraser.



    But this speaks to how things work in Scotland & why involving another legal system & forum beyond the reach of the Scottish legal system might be a better option. You know things stink when we start to rely on courts in Europe to sort out a singularly Scottish mess.



    “He’ll have to make up his mind before 16 August, when the case is reconvened? Yes, yet again, the Scottish courts are taking a long time to handle this. I’m told it could have been taken to an English court, and would probably have been concluded a long time ago.”




  27. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    How does Dave manage to “invest” in Sevco?


    Do Sevco have a South African bank account?

  28. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on




    I think you are quite right….in fact, I think we should buy10 more centre halfs , just to be on the safe side

  29. OGLACH,you forgot to mention,the Hotel Superstore,New Ticket office, Musuem, which the fans as usual,will pay for it all,As for Brendan Rodgers,he wasn’t slow in telling Lawell and co to lay a new pitch,but is slow in saying to them to add new players in his Squad,I’m beginning to think he, Rodgers ,like O Neil, Lennon,Delia,they tell the media about potential signings,and then nobody comes in ,then the usual spin,we tried to sign players right up to last minute of Transfer cut off,all spin,I’ve heard the same song for yes,but they will only get away for so long,then the fans will turn against them,and chase the lot of them down London Road,

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