Rosenborg fail to lay glove on Celtic


Despite the slenderest margins between the teams over two legs, Rosenborg failed to lay a glove in earnest on Celtic in Trondheim last night. James Forrest, who likes a goal in the qualifiers, connected wonderfully with a shot from a right angle which was visible only on rebounding off the back of the net.

In a sign of things to come, Celtic were composed in possession, even deep inside their own box. This desire to take a touch and find a pass wasn’t entirely successful. Rosenborg pressed high regularly, forcing Craig Gordon into unmeasured passes to the wing.

Kieran Tierney was magnificent, especially in the first half, when he maintained a high position on the left. This gave Celtic their most reliable route to attack.

Rosenborg sprung forward at halftime, causing Celtic some consternation for a period, although Gordon was never stretched. Brendan Rodgers had the luxury of bringing Leigh Griffiths off the bench; Celtic didn’t look back.

Don’t think things are going to ease up. That 1-0 aggregate score saw us enter the final minutes able to concede once without the threat of elimination. That wasn’t the case in either the third or fourth qualifying rounds last season. I hope we’re back in the afternoons for penalty practice.

While we are one tie away from the Champions League group stage, we are also on the brink of making it out of Pot 4.  If Sevilla, Napoli, Liverpool or Olympiacos exit the competition and Celtic progress, we will be in Pot 3 for the group stage.  Olympiacos are in the champions section of the draw alongside Celtic, but they went out of the competition to Haopel Be’re Shiva last season, who lie in wait again this term.

Sevilla, Napoli and Liverpool are all in the non-champions group, where tasty opponents Nice and Hoffenheim await in the non-seeded section.  Sevilla make a Gaudi-esque art form of going out of the Champions League in the qualifiers, to let them concentrate on their main purpose in life – dominating the Europa League.  If we take care of our own business there’s a decent chance we’ll move up the rankings.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our Mary’s Meals appeal yesterday, and to Intelligent Car Leasing, who made the magnificent offer of 4 hospitality tickets for Saturday’s league opener against Hearts.  The winner was informed by email a few minutes ago – so check!


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  1. traditionalist88 on

    traditionalist88 on 3rd August 2017 12:17 pm



    Cultsbhoy says Hail Hail to Hector and Brendan on 3rd August 2017 12:07 pm



    Hes young, and showed marked improvement in his 18 months at the club. His goals at Firhill and Tynecastle towards the end of last season were inspired. He can dribble and pick the final pass.



    Essentially everything Hayes didnt do last night.



    Of course theres been games hes been anonymous and numerous times he came off the bench to great effect as opposed to starting games.



    He’s got it though. Genius, at times.



    ‘Collective delusion’ is a bit much.




  2. MARSPAPA on3RD AUGUST 2017 12:17 PM



    I’m with Bada Bing on keeping the Griff in cotton wool .






    Cameo roles unless we’re in need of his help , Griff that is …not Badas.






    Hopefully mikey Johnson too.









    Tommy Robinson …how ironic , his tv show is called










  3. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Getting more impressed by our game management which has not been too good in the past.


    Didn’t panic in the first leg – kept the clean sheet.


    Kept possession well in the second leg after the goal.


    Successful teams manage games well.

  4. As soon as Celtic scored last night that was it game over another victory for attacking football, a monkey with a pencil and a piece of paper could coach park the bus tactics, when we scored, they opened up, and we where all over them could have scored another two, I do think they are a better team than they’r coach thinks, I agree, he blew it, you just can’t switch on when you want to, doesent work that way.

  5. Cultsbhoy



    My view on Paddy is that there was a genuine sense of excitement whenever he got the ball and that is what I want from a footballer. What he is worth I have no idea…

  6. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Fantastic result!Nearly jumped oot my chair but back couldn’t manage it!



  7. The draw I definitely don’t want is Astana. The plastic pitch there is an absolute joke – crazy bounce on the ball. Plus the fact you have to travel into Central Asia to play a European match…

  8. glendalystonsils on

    TRADITIONALIST88 on 3RD AUGUST 2017 12:19 PM



    I’m with you on Paddy. Some of his attacking runs and goals last season were up there with Messi and Neymar.


    Paddy could become our new Jinky.

  9. I don’t post my views on team selection or formation.



    Last night, my private views were that Brendan had got it all wrong by not having Ayer at centre back and that the midfield payers he picked were not defensively strong enough.



    You will be pleased to know that I will continue my policy of not posting views about team selection or formation.

  10. Rosenborg’s brand of anti-football deserved to be punished last night. In fairness I was surprised how tight it was as Dundalk should’ve put them out. I know you should play to your strengths but delighted to be there for the draw.



    What I like most about Brendan’s teams is the capacity to improve and with injuries clearing up I expect us to be up a further notch for the play-off.



    Árd Macha

  11. “……and some say the tears of Paddy Roberts can mend a broken heart…”





  12. A glance at the Norwegian league tell us that Rosenborg, although not the team they were, are no mugs – Played 17, won 10, leading by 5 points, goal difference +20. Good professional performance by Celtic last night, and the margin should have been greater. A bit of a worry how stretched the squad is though so early in the season. Hopefully the club will be emboldened by at least Europa League till Christmas to make some signings.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on 3rd August 2017 12:39 pm



    Big Jozo in the £20mil plus bracket now, not that i want to sell him…







    Peter Lawwell and the Board will be well aware of the idiotic rise in transfer fees down South. The Europeans see them coming and are asking for crazy big bucks for players.



    Celtic and Every Scottish club should add as high a % to the next transfer as possible.

  14. embramike supporting Res 12 on

    PHILBHOY on 3RD AUGUST 2017 12:14 PM





    Sorry Philbhoy – purely coincidental – but as I was operating an illegal tax avoidance system at the time, I retrospectively award you podium !!!

  15. glendalystonsils on

    !!BADA BING!! on 3RD AUGUST 2017 12:39 PM


    Big Jozo in the £20mil plus bracket now, not that i want to sell him…



    That tackle on Miller alone, added £10 million to his value-))



    Re the final qualifying round, I think we can take care of anybody. My only two wishes are that we avoid a plastic pitch, and that we get the away leg first.

  16. in the Norweigan league Rosenborg attack and dominate possession in games, a bit like us in Scotland, so the way they played over the two legs was alien to them.


    They obviously thought they had to play like that because we have better players than them and if they opened up and attacked would get picked off. Because of the way they played we just played our normal game, it was like two home SPFL league games.

  17. Gene on 3rd August 2017 12:40 pm




    I believe Ajer was injured



    He wasn’t. BR in post match press conference said he didn’t want to expose such a young player to a pressure game like last night.


    Shortly afterwards he told the ‘journalist’ (Ronnie Esplin) to stop asking stupid questions when he asked if he would be comfortable playing Bitton on Saturday at centre half.

  18. We go through to next round so happy. Griff made hell of a difference as would be expected. Celtic managed game as well as I can remember away from home. Hopefully injuries start to clear up.



    still top heavy in the middle of the pitch



    Would like a quality centreback and winger brought in



    Not convinced we could get quality 3rd striker



    Would be happy with twork addition



    Still plenty of players that could be moved on to free up wages and possible increase budget. We are in decent position team wise at this stage



    Ps brendan does not miss the media ffs, makes me laugh




  19. Message to the board.


    Victories like last nights are the type of statements I want to hear from the club. Champions League football at Celtic Park season after season will give them the boak more than anything else that certain supporters would suggest you do

  20. Preferences for next round in order



    Slavia Prague








    Beer Sheva



    We can, and should, beat any of them but its a lottery this early in the season.

  21. Gary67


    Thanks for that didn’t hear the press conference – good news for Saturday and well done to Brendan for giving a slap to the hun media

  22. South Of Tunis on

    ” If Sevilla , Napoli,Liverpool or Olympiakos exit the competition .”.



    Napoli are a strange team . At their best ,they are the best team in italy but when they are not at their best they have a real tendency to blow it . That’s why they came 3rd in last Season’s Serie A… I wouldn’t bet on them making it through the qualifying round.



    Work done for the day — 40 degrees at 2pm -beach time .

  23. We need to get Ntcham and Eboue more game time ahead of the next round. The only worrying aspect of last night, and the second half at CP, was when we were put under pressure the passing in midfield fell apart. Its been our achilles heel in Europe for years and I assume BT has brought in those two to address it.

  24. Gary67 on 3rd August 2017 12:56 pm



    Gene on 3rd August 2017 12:40 pm






    I believe Ajer was injured



    He wasn’t. BR in post match press conference said he didn’t want to expose such a young player to a pressure game like last night.



    Shortly afterwards he told the ‘journalist’ (Ronnie Esplin) to stop asking stupid questions when he asked if he would be comfortable playing Bitton on Saturday at centre half.







    Music to ma ears.



    Really looking forward to this Season.



    Nir had a solid game last night. Highest Pressure as well.



    Cannae wait to see the Young Ones being introduced.

  25. GARY67


    I think Eboue and Ntcham will be mainstays for us this season.


    Until the arrival of Griff only Brown was showing in the midfield.


    Sinclair and McGregor both improved markedly at that point.


    We need an Eboue type for Europe who can win the ball in central areas and distribute.


    Once Ntcham is up to speed his class will show.

  26. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Interesting point about the seedings, Paul.


    Am I right in thinking this will be the last year we get our 2012-13 points included?


    We need to have a good season to “replace” that one.


    Maybe a good CL group performance, solid third place then a nice wee run in the Europa?

  27. traditionalist88 on

    glendalystonsils on 3rd August 2017 12:33 pm



    Nae pressure on the wee man of course ;)



    Agree though, rare to get a player who is so direct yet equally unpredictable. Get it done Celtic.




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