Rosenborg fail to lay glove on Celtic


Despite the slenderest margins between the teams over two legs, Rosenborg failed to lay a glove in earnest on Celtic in Trondheim last night. James Forrest, who likes a goal in the qualifiers, connected wonderfully with a shot from a right angle which was visible only on rebounding off the back of the net.

In a sign of things to come, Celtic were composed in possession, even deep inside their own box. This desire to take a touch and find a pass wasn’t entirely successful. Rosenborg pressed high regularly, forcing Craig Gordon into unmeasured passes to the wing.

Kieran Tierney was magnificent, especially in the first half, when he maintained a high position on the left. This gave Celtic their most reliable route to attack.

Rosenborg sprung forward at halftime, causing Celtic some consternation for a period, although Gordon was never stretched. Brendan Rodgers had the luxury of bringing Leigh Griffiths off the bench; Celtic didn’t look back.

Don’t think things are going to ease up. That 1-0 aggregate score saw us enter the final minutes able to concede once without the threat of elimination. That wasn’t the case in either the third or fourth qualifying rounds last season. I hope we’re back in the afternoons for penalty practice.

While we are one tie away from the Champions League group stage, we are also on the brink of making it out of Pot 4.  If Sevilla, Napoli, Liverpool or Olympiacos exit the competition and Celtic progress, we will be in Pot 3 for the group stage.  Olympiacos are in the champions section of the draw alongside Celtic, but they went out of the competition to Haopel Be’re Shiva last season, who lie in wait again this term.

Sevilla, Napoli and Liverpool are all in the non-champions group, where tasty opponents Nice and Hoffenheim await in the non-seeded section.  Sevilla make a Gaudi-esque art form of going out of the Champions League in the qualifiers, to let them concentrate on their main purpose in life – dominating the Europa League.  If we take care of our own business there’s a decent chance we’ll move up the rankings.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our Mary’s Meals appeal yesterday, and to Intelligent Car Leasing, who made the magnificent offer of 4 hospitality tickets for Saturday’s league opener against Hearts.  The winner was informed by email a few minutes ago – so check!


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  1. Cultsbhoy says Hail Hail to Hector and Brendan on




    Fair play I may be being a bit harsh..but I’m wary of holding the club to Ransome for a player who is still in development.



    Out of curiosity…



    What fee would you pay?


    How much would you pay him a week?



    My own view is that Paddy should get on himself. He should ask for £25k/week with a 20% cut of any future profit made on him with a £15m release clause. By my reckoning..if he achieved that in 2 seasons he’d double his earnings and be developed to go on to the big league..while leaving a £5m profit for Celtic.



    The problem is he’s exposed to Jam today lunacy salary expectations at his current club.



    He needs a good agent and a sensible long term plan for his development, akin to Dembele.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    G67- the sinister thing about the hun hack who Brendan slapped down was, i-m sure he was credited with posting the video at Glasgow Airport.Obviously a fellow hun baited Leigh, and he was filming him for a reaction.What other reason would a hun video Celtic players at an airport

  3. GENE – I did not know that.



    I hope that we get Rijeka (Italian name Fiume which means river) in the next round.



    Rijeka is a port/shipbuilding town at the top of Kvarner Bay which is an inlet of the Adriatic. It is far from the most attractive town in Croatia, however, it must be upping its game as it will be European City of Culture in 2020.



    On its west is the beautiful seaside resort of Opatija which looks like Nice/Cannes from the French Riviera. This is the place to stay for any tourists.



    The mountain which towers over Opatija is part of the Ucka national park. A 5,062 meter tunnel is cut through the mountain to connect Kvarner with the peninsula of Istria and the through road to Italy. Views from the top are just beautiful at all times of year with snow covering in winter.



    On the east is the island of Krk which is reached by a road bridge. This is a holiday island – great to relax but short of historic attractions. The local airport is on Krk.



    2017 is the first time that Hrvatski Nogomet Klub Rijeka has won the Prva hrvatska nogometna liga.


    In Croatian, nogomet literally means “leg ball” rather than football. However, in Slovenian “nogomet” does literally translate as football.



    After 3 games they have 9 points, having beaten my team Istra 1961 (which plays in green and gold) 2-0 on Saturday.



    Their Euro home record is really good and Aberdeen’s 3-0 win there was an outstanding result.



    All teams at this level will be tough but i would be confident of a Celtic victory and a great trip for the supporters.

  4. embramike supporting Res 12 on



    Interesting point about the seedings, Paul.


    Am I right in thinking this will be the last year we get our 2012-13 points included?


    We need to have a good season to “replace” that one.


    We lose the 16.86 points for 12/13 season from our current 5 year 42.785 total, but next year they plan to revamp the coefficients and we should get credit for ’67 European Cup win. No details from UEFA as yet.



    A decent run in CL / EL won’t do any harm. 3 wins and a draw so far plus bonus points for group qualification hopefully should make up some of the difference. Qualification for last 16 would very much depend of group draw. Last season’s was as tough as it gets.

  5. traditionalist88 on

    Cultsbhoy says Hail Hail to Hector and Brendan on 3rd August 2017 1:21 pm



    I think its all down to Man City at the moment. The fee may be doable because the widely quoted 12m City paid for him was staggered and dependant on first team appearances etc.



    I’m sure City would rather deal with us who would give them first option on buy back and sell on %



    It’d be up to Lawwell and Rodgers to agree how he’d fit into the wage structure, as it is with every player who is signed. Though if the boat is being pushed out, its going to be for a young(ish) player who excites and gives us something we haven’t had for a while, and wants to play for Celtic. He ticks nearly all the boxes…




  6. I think it has always been down to Paddy where he wants to go, I’m sure if he wants to come to us Man City will be open to deal with us..



    I hope the wee fella comes back, he’s an exciting player who fits our philosophy of football..



    Great result last night, still buzzing today and to see what Brendan can do with players on a man management level makes me excited about the future.



    Who would have believe we would win away from home with Nir Bitton at centre half:))




  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    I think Brendan will be summoning Hawthorne and Head PR guy to his office today.Security issues, and hun hacks annoying him, distractions he shouldn’t have to deal with.

  8. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Hello this is WEE BGFC. Has Miller came down yet?






  9. Brilliant performance last night, brilliant. So professional and the game management was superb. How they have learned from a few seasons ago is fantastic.


    All I need now to complete my happiness is for Paddy to sign for us, that would make my day..




  10. Bada


    I really hope so, get people in who are motivated to do their job properly, not these chancers in these jobs at present.

  11. GARY67 on 3RD AUGUST 2017 1:01 PM


    We need to get Ntcham and Eboue more game time ahead of the next round. The only worrying aspect of last night, and the second half at CP, was when we were put under pressure the passing in midfield fell apart. Its been our achilles heel in Europe for years and I assume BT has brought in those two to address it.




    Eboue looks to me ready to be a 2nd pick for midfield.He and Broony a very formidable pairing.Its the 1st touch and passing ability that makes them a bit special.Eboue has shown that in spades.Broony just passes everyone else off the park.

  12. !!Bada Bing!! on

    DESSYBHOY on 3RD AUGUST 2017 1:50 PM





    I really hope so, get people in who are motivated to do their job properly, not these chancers in these jobs at present.



    The negative stuff looks like it’s getting to him, it is distracting nonsense that we can control.HH

  13. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    Cheers for that. Sounds like the changes could be good for us. Would be a pity if we got into Pot 3 this year and went back to 4 next year.


    If we do go through and get into 3 that should give us a better chance of getting a more favourable draw than last year.

  14. Gene on 3rd August 2017 12:42 pm



    Good luck to aberdeen tonight





    I’m with you on that.

  15. STARRY PLOUGH on 3RD AUGUST 2017 1:33 PM,wrote,




    Who would have believe we would win away from home with Nir Bitton at centre half:)),




    Not many.Then again not many seem to give the guy any credit whatsoever.IMO,he is a very good footballer with a great football brain.Rarely gives the ball away.If you watch him,when he makes a pass,he straight away positions himself to help out the receiver.Many on here have him down as 1st to go from the midfield.I dont think BR thinks this.Against Sunderland,and last night,he moved to CH,and played with his coat and hat on.Strolled it.A class act,to me,not appreciated enough by the ,”Get it up the park”brigade.

  16. Starry & Turkeybhoy



    Bitton is a horses for courses type player, just like McGregor. I place a high value on both being in our squad.



    Plus Bittonbauer might have just added another string to his bow.



    Could he be our Javi Martinez??



    Your a gent TonyBhoy, thanks for posting the majority of the game from last night, as I had to rely on the radio.



    I like Celtics all green stip, and due to my age I remember in the 1960’s our famous all green strip which ( if I am right ? ), was later revealed by some of the players at the time to be our “lucky strip”, as we went some time unbeaten in that I strip. As a young Bhoy I had that strip and the Hoops of course.



    If my memory serves me correctly, Celtic wore the all Green strip at Celtic Park in our first leg match in 1967 ( as Champions of Europe) against Dynamo Kiev, and we lost 1-2 ? I may be wrong but I don’t think Celtic ever wore that “lucky strip” ever again ?


    We drew 1-1 in Russia in the 2nd leg and went out.



    I don’t know why Celtic were wearing the all green strip at home, instead of the Hoops ?




  18. Bada


    He will be not long with them if need be, I’m a football manager anything else ask the club, that security issue at Glasgow Airport is hopefully the last, has Hawthorne even asked if the club could be booked in at a private check in area, I’m sure when the Pope used the airport he was not required to check in in the main hall, this stuff should be a basic requirement for someone holding a position like safety and security and is the couldn’t care less attitude he displays that annoys me, final warning Hawthorne no more shit like this or you are out.Preferably go now the PR guy is another same issues time and time again

  19. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    Seeing that Stokes has signed on for Hibs on a 2 year deal. Would he have been an option for 3rd striker role, or is ha another Aidan McGeady whose time has now passed ?

  20. At the risk of upsetting a few uber Tims on here, let me state that the result last night was very good and that several players put in a real shift for the team. Gordon, Jozo, Broonie and Bitton were excellent. The rest worked hard but were hardly outstanding.


    If we were to play Rosenborg again when we are half way through our season, I would expect us to best them far more comfortably, even without Griff and Moussa.


    However we are kidding ourselves if we think that we are ready for the CL group stage.


    The first 15-20 minutes of the second, when Rosenborg decided to come out from their defensive shell, highlighted a number of issues in our current make up.


    McGregor and Armstrong are decent players and better than anything they will play against in Scotland, however at the higher European level they are both far too easily brushed off the ball.


    This is compounded by their weakness without the ball. In that brief spell, Rosenborg were able to play through our midfield far too easily. Only our captain has the mental and physical strength to mix it at that level. These problems cost us last season in the CL and will cost us again if we qualify this time. As others have pointed out in time perhaps ON and EK will be the answer. Better teams than Rosenborg await and will cause us more problems.


    What we do have going for us is obviously a first class manager who knows the modern game inside out and is able to come up with solutions to the problems we face on the park.


    Last night guaranteed us European football but we need to qualify for the CL to attract real class players that is the unfortunate reality of our situation.


    A fit LG and a decent draw gives us a good chance but it will be harder than last night.


    In Brendan we trust!




  21. Ajer sustained an injury in the 5-0 win over Sunderland in a pre-season friendly on Wearside on Saturday and was unavailable for the tie against his countrymen in his native Norway.?

  22. Tony


    I’m sure I heard BR say he was not injured but didn’t want to risk him due to inexperience, I may be wrong though

  23. An influential supporters’ group says there is a “worrying disconnect between clubs and fans”, and most feel ignored on issues such as ticket prices.



    The Football Supporters’ Federation (FSF) has made the claim based on its National Fans’ Survey, an online questionnaire which attracted almost 8,500 responses.



    “Supporters want their clubs to listen,” said FSF chair Malcolm Clarke.



    Over 30 million fans attended Premier League and EFL games last season.



    The EFL recorded its highest cumulative attendances for almost 60 years, with more than 18 million fans watching matches.



    The Premier League has questioned how representative the survey is, saying the findings are at odds with its own fan surveys. The EFL pointed out its own regulations call for clubs to meet fan representatives “at least” twice a season, while adding its own fan survey this summer had attracted more than 22,000 responses so far.



    Of those responding to the FSF survey, 68% said they felt their club does not care about their views, and the same number believed that Premier League clubs are too focused on growing a global brand.



    Of those responding to the survey:



    32% of fans feel their club cares about them and their views


    90% said they wanted greater representation at board level


    75% said grounds were more welcoming for ethnic minorities than 10 years ago


    That figure rose to 80% among those who identified as being from a minority group


    Almost 80% said they would be happy taking a young family to a match and 55% would like to see more family zones


    80% of fans said the FSF should continue to campaign for safe standing areas in grounds


    78% said it was important their club had local players representing it



    “Fans understand that many clubs are now global brands. However, these results show that the majority of supporters think this can be to the detriment of local support,” Clarke added.



    “Supporters want their clubs to listen on other issues too, be that ticket prices, financial matters and safe standing.



    “Clubs must commit to genuine engagement both online and in the real world.”






    Sack the boards

  24. TONYDONNELLY67 on 3RD AUGUST 2017 2:18 PM



    BR said in post match press conference that Ajer wasn’t injured he left him out as he thinks he’s still too inexperienced to play in a high pressure game like last night.

  25. I like Lois Moult of Motherwell.Makes great runs,good pace,good in the air,scores goals for fun.Its been a happy hunting ground for us before for strikers.Looks a good bet to me for 3rd striker.


    Boo,say many.Not the standard we need.


    Who are we going to get with his attributes,willing to be 3rd choice.


    If his name was Luigi Moultioni we would be screaming to sign him.

  26. If we sign Roberts (don’t think we will) he’ll be 3rd striker, if required, same as last season. If not, we’ll sign someone similar, someone who can play in all 4 of the forward positions and will be a first pick either wide or behind the striker. Someone like Bojan, or that type of player.

  27. CROPPYBHOY on 3RD AUGUST 2017 2:16 PM,




    I agree with you on the midfield.I think,only think,that BR hopefully sees,Broony,Eboue,Ncham,as his CL midfield.Or he is hoping it will be.Away from home,play with two up front,and fit in A.N other to back them up.


    Lets see.

  28. DAVIDOPOULOS on 3RD AUGUST 2017 2:30 PM






    hmmm, I like the sound of this Luigi Moultioni….




    LOL.I will be watching this little heard of Italian,playing against Der Hun at the weekend,where he has been very successful in the past.

  29. Turkey


    I suggested that earlier and asked not to be shouted at, I, like you, think he would do well and develop under BR.

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