Rosenborg fail to lay glove on Celtic


Despite the slenderest margins between the teams over two legs, Rosenborg failed to lay a glove in earnest on Celtic in Trondheim last night. James Forrest, who likes a goal in the qualifiers, connected wonderfully with a shot from a right angle which was visible only on rebounding off the back of the net.

In a sign of things to come, Celtic were composed in possession, even deep inside their own box. This desire to take a touch and find a pass wasn’t entirely successful. Rosenborg pressed high regularly, forcing Craig Gordon into unmeasured passes to the wing.

Kieran Tierney was magnificent, especially in the first half, when he maintained a high position on the left. This gave Celtic their most reliable route to attack.

Rosenborg sprung forward at halftime, causing Celtic some consternation for a period, although Gordon was never stretched. Brendan Rodgers had the luxury of bringing Leigh Griffiths off the bench; Celtic didn’t look back.

Don’t think things are going to ease up. That 1-0 aggregate score saw us enter the final minutes able to concede once without the threat of elimination. That wasn’t the case in either the third or fourth qualifying rounds last season. I hope we’re back in the afternoons for penalty practice.

While we are one tie away from the Champions League group stage, we are also on the brink of making it out of Pot 4.  If Sevilla, Napoli, Liverpool or Olympiacos exit the competition and Celtic progress, we will be in Pot 3 for the group stage.  Olympiacos are in the champions section of the draw alongside Celtic, but they went out of the competition to Haopel Be’re Shiva last season, who lie in wait again this term.

Sevilla, Napoli and Liverpool are all in the non-champions group, where tasty opponents Nice and Hoffenheim await in the non-seeded section.  Sevilla make a Gaudi-esque art form of going out of the Champions League in the qualifiers, to let them concentrate on their main purpose in life – dominating the Europa League.  If we take care of our own business there’s a decent chance we’ll move up the rankings.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to our Mary’s Meals appeal yesterday, and to Intelligent Car Leasing, who made the magnificent offer of 4 hospitality tickets for Saturday’s league opener against Hearts.  The winner was informed by email a few minutes ago – so check!


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  1. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    Dropped into the Co-op in Kilwinning on way to doctor..saw they had lots of Chateau Neuf du Pape at £15.97 per bottle. Suggested they increase it to £16.90 and the would sell the lot!


    Don’t think he was impressed :).

  2. Yer teams deid mate beat it – 6 words by Celtic striker Leigh Griffiths summed up rather succinctly & quite beautifully the strange case of Sevco fc which the SFA, SPFL, Supreme Court, Bill Dimmo Smiths enquiry 3 tax tribunals £ Millions of pounds spent. Umteen Court cases & still 5 years later have hey cant make a decision I would make leigh a Judge.In just 6 words Theres yer dinner :)



    If we signed Walker he would be greeted with non stop tv footage of his dive against Celtic.


    And numerous articles about his Greg Louganis tendencies.


    If he signed for his beloved huns the media would bombard us with his goalscoring exploits and campaign for him to be next Scotland captain.


    He is a decent player but a hun cheat.


    Not better than some of our own youngsters.


    Let him go to them and fulfill his potential as the new Barry McKay/Chris Burke.

  4. The Green Man says SACK THE Board on

    Have we no signed anybody yet:)


    And…Leave wee Johnny Hayes alone, he will be a good player for Celtic.





  5. I know you’ll be dissapointed , the wife has decided to change the channel from the womens semi final to watch Bradley Walsh’s Cashed Strapped , i think its about Dave King !

  6. Bitton’s performance at CH last night, reminded me of the, calm, composed, cool performances from, Gordan Petric, when he played for, Partizan Belgrade. GP was a quality player, I think he played for, Dundee Utd as well and, Tommy Burns had his heart set on signing him for us, indeed, I think we were on the verge of signing him, but, the sleekit huns pulled a move and, GP signed for them. Was GP on an ebt ? Hmmmm…?


    Anyway, the huns also signed, Alan McLaren from Hearts as we were in for him, was AM on an ebt as well ? Hmmmm….?




    The huns signed GP, fed him raw meat and, tried to turn him into a Ranjurs player, just like they did with, Jorge Albertz, who was a handy big player, till the huns fed him the raw meat as well.


    Last night, a lot of Celtic supporters, hopefully, opened they’re eyes as to, the magic that is, James Forrest. He isny magic in every game but, neither was Jinky, the greatest winger ever to play the game.


    Bitton was the star of the night and, he might well have just stumbled upon a, magical career for himself, hope so.





  7. Kev


    Someone`s hijacked your Nom de Blog and forgot to mention empty seats.




  8. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Sheep game on Premier for anyone who has the subscription

  9. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    Obviously not a no smoking ban in the stadium for Dons game. Someone seems to have lit a massive doobie, or maybe it’s one of them smoky flare type devices.

  10. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    Ooh. My bad.


    Apparently it’s Apollon Limassol, not Apoel.



  11. Looking at teams that we are likely to be up against in the next round for certain Celtic will be playing in high degrees of heat and I have a hunch the second leg will be at Celtic Park. At least there will be no underestimating the opponents this time. Hopefully Griff is back to full fitness if it means wrapping him in cotton wool for the time being.



    Once got back in control of the game in the second half I was impressed by the passing triangles of the players straight out of the Barcelona playbook to hold onto possession. Nir was excellent and I have to say Jozo looks a better player than Vigil. James forest has that touch of class that can turn a game in an instant.

  12. 50 shades of green on

    Hertz v sevco at murrayfield, nae need to cut the grass shorter for that one me thinks.

  13. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    Surely any judgement call on Nir Biton as a centre half is way too premature given we were playing a team unwilling to come out of their own half? Lets wait until we see him play under pressure as a centre half before we elevate him to superstar status. Having said that I like the guy and hope he is a success whichever position he plays for us.

  14. the glorious balance sheet on

    Kev Jungle



    On Gordan Petric:



    Yes tommy burns wanted him. The rumour is that minty’s pal at the bank of Scotland (initials gm) started to play hardball with Dundee Utd threatening to call in their overdraft if the player was not sold to Rangers for 1.3 million gbp.



    How many Scottish players were sold to Rangers for less than market value in that way? No idea but virtually all other clubs banked with the BoS.



    I’d say their cheating went way beyond EBTs.

  15. mild mannered Pedro delgado on

    Murdoch auldand hay



    Re the griff



    COULD be the new Henry Kissinger



    Israelis and Palestinians



    wars over beat it



    Griff could pull it off



    Apollon Limassol 1-0 Aberdeen


    Posted at




    Jayden Stockley is booked for an elbow into the face of Chamos Kyriakou.

  17. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Can we add Ciftci to Euro Squad? I know i know, but if we not going to get anyone else in…?

  18. prestonpans bhoys on

    Women’s semi on STV, listening to the commentators you just get the same feeling as listening to men’s football… just want them to get hammered!

  19. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    Holy Smoke Batman………


    Massive smoke thing obscuring a fair bit of the ground now.

  20. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    To be fair, should suit The Dons – like a foggy autumn night at Pittodrie :-)

  21. Another flare thrown on. Ref has come over to the side with instructions that if anther comes on the players go to the dressing room, one more after that and it’ll be abandoned.

  22. Aberdeen struggling ti string 2 passes together now. But still just need the one goal.

  23. Bateen Bhoy ***STRIP THE TITLES*** on

    Very poor tonight Jobo, Mclean another one who’s playing like his head has been turned by the attentions of the not so special one.


    Still hope as long as Christie is on the pitch.





    Good man! Not sure you should be allowed out on your own,mind. Sort of comment you used to tell me off for making!!



    Still,saves the DNA test,eh?



    Hope dox went well. Call you tomorrow.






    PS-Neil just sent a photie of an alluring 18yo,planning to share with me in a few weeks



    It’s Chivas Regal-what were you thinking I meant?

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