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  1. in after a long day


    not seen anything.any clips of goals? emdi?


    5 goals spread bout can’t be bad





    Canamalar,good to see yi on




  2. Good day for a lot of reasons but great bedding in for the newbies, Barkas & Duffy outstanding, Ajeti & Klimala a goal each & Turnbull & Soro both get a run out.


    Thought Soro had a bit about him, would like to see him get a bit more game time.


    One thing that pleased me a lot was that Lenny looked a lot better & went over & hugged players like Klimala & Soro as they were coming on.


    He was smiling & relaxed picked a great team & used the bench perfectly.


    Well done the Bhoys & well done Lenny.

  3. I have just caught up with the highlights.


    After watching, I scrolled through the comments.


    Apologies if this has been covered by other posters…



    1 I’m delighted we signed Shane Duffy.


    2 Great goal…. by Shane Duffy


    3 I’m surprised how many posters have repeated the phrase ” big Shane flattened Julienne ” when describing the goal.



    Not the case.



    As the corner comes over….the Ross County defender (No 27) shoves Julienne in the back , his push between the shoulderblades is delivered just as Julienne leaps.


    He is shoved into the back of the Ross Co No 18, and falls.


    He immediately claims for a penalty.



    If Shane Duffy had not been coming in from behind this stramash to bullet the header, we would also be shouting for the penalty.



    Shane made a very intelligent run to get on the end of the delivery. The Ross County defence were too busy countering the threat presented by Julienne , Eddie and Ajer to take account of Shane.



    I think the set piece threat we now present with Julienne, Ajer, Eddie and now Shane will cause havoc. … if we give them to CalMac.


    So long as we stop Ryan Christie from wasting most of our corners….we will score a barrel load.



    I will go back to catch up …. I’m on Page 13 and hope that someone else has been watching the same game as me.






    The Onlooker



    Thanks for the song earlier 👍 will be in touch when i get your new number , say hi to the ghirls 💚

  5. told this story often on here,


    my first cup final versus the huns.


    i was told i was not allowed to go, uncle duncan told my maw its ok margaret , what happened next.


    i cried a wee bit at 13, shitebag.



    what happened outside the ground was wosre than inside , huns in the prefabs pulling up the fencing.



    pity for them,



    dunky cambell met them at the bottom of the stairs. ·





    Sep 10


    The Celtic young team ready to ‘go right ahead’ after the 1980 SCF against Rangers. A bottle can already be seen flying through the air. Not so much the Celtic Da’s but the Celtic Granda’s. Majority of these guys will be of pension age now. Time definitely has flown by




  6. Saint Stivs



    No Idea who was the better player




    Yes, Billy Bremmer, did attend St Modans (at that time in St Ninians) Stirling

  7. Looked as team enjoyed themselves



    A couple of points


    1. Big Shane, awesome , If he stays , future Celtic captain


    2. Frimpong. Surely the position as right wing back or right midfield is his now , as Commentator said “ doing work of two players”


    3. Which brings us to a player who does the work of no players on the other side , Forrest neither did work of defender or attacker confused confused confused. Was he that bad that Neil never saw him to take him off ?

  8. Dee-lay-tid, as Neil Francis oft says. Different class 2nd half and great to see squad ‘peripherals’ getting a run. Agree CORKCELT on Soro; looks energetic and tidy in that Broony space. Shane is a MOTM force of nature.


    And while Jeremy does the work of two players (as BBJ said) also wish he’d do the work of a third; a winger with consistently good crosses; GT seems better at that aspect on the other side.


    Jus’ deelaytid for Neil and all of us. HH

  9. wild this morning Celts.


    stay safe Celts


    off out to work








    .sage of bath?lol if same chap he is as confused as the son of manse trying to add up.😊




  10. If Leigh ever gets back in the team, and starts to take the set-pieces again, he will put the ball right on top of Shaun’s Big Napper every time! por cierto.

  11. AN TEARMANN on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2020 7:09 AM











    .sage of bath?lol if same chap he is as confused as the son of manse trying to add up.😊








    The guy is a undoubtedly a very unpleasant weirdo, who has managed to con enough nats to fund him to make it a worthwhile enterprise for him, but his analysis of the seats won when Labour has been in government quite clearly shows that they would have won if the Scottish seats were excluded.



    So the idea that Labour needs Scottish seats to win an election is wrong.

  12. I’m looking for help with my memory .


    As a teenager in Fife , there was very little news about Celtic .



    The Celtic view was my CQN of the day.


    I read it from cover to back page , over and over .



    There was a section that advertised at what time supporters buses were leaving and the pick up points.



    It was through these notes that I came across The Pollok CSC.



    I travelled to Madrid , Highbury and Rotterdam during the period from 1980 to 1982.



    At least I think it was The Pollok CSC .



    This is what I need help with recalling.



    I think that The bus was run by two bhoy’s .



    Jim Garrity and Eddie Devine.



    I’m wondering if it was Pollok and if any one remembers Jim & Eddie?




  13. Good to see Celtic score direct from a corner.



    Textbook stuff, lovely delivery by Calmac (does he remind anyone else of Alan Thompson?) and thumping header by Duffy.



    Hopefully there will be more of the same.

  14. Goooooooooood morning all corners of the globe (CQN) from a windy and wet Garngad.



    That could have been 6 or 7 again yesterday, but 5 will do just lovely, although I had 5-1 at a fiver 😥😥😥



    Big Duff will do for me no nonsense centre back who can defend and pose a threat up the other end.



    I would still get in a winger and left back as it’s a long old season.


    Bring home Paddy R give him a target of Christmas to get himself fit and some game time with a view of pushing on in second half of season, forward planning if you like.



    We move onto St Midden another 5- 0 with that lovely 1985 esque away strip will be an omen.






    D :)

  15. Ernie – the delivery from Cal Mac was just what Big Duff needs a high floater to attack like a steam train. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM.






    D :)

  16. SAINT STIVS on 12TH SEPTEMBER 2020 11:17 PM



    My first cup final too… remember it well, not quite 18 yet,, Toebo also ex IBM er saying lets go on the park,


    One of my few sensible decisions of those days (there were not many) lets way 5 mins see what happens…


    Back to Largs and ended up in altercation with Largs huns…. happy days.. was it really 40 years ago…wow

  17. Good morning, friends from a dry but very windy East Kilbride.


    Delighted to see that loads of emails have already flowed in. Loads of time to join in, of course; the names of your 3 best performers from yesterday in an email to CQNPOTY@GMAIL.COM before 10pm tonight. Results should be posted shortly after that.