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  1. Was in the car there and Radio Snyde interviews St Midden manager, who says we were surprised the game with Hibs went ahead without our 3 goalkeepers and how it wasnt really fair.



    Watch out for a media purge to get our game on Wednesday against St Midden cancelled on fairness and sporting integrity pish.



    D :)

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    Left and WBS



    Spent the last 40 years hoping that was the case!!!



    The knock on effect of that final was banning drink from the game. Now a whole generation wouldn’t know how to fully open an empty can of beer with a yale key and piss in it. Turning the can quickly upside down and placed on the terracing as it drains off😱

  3. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    What struck me about the riot final picture St Stivs posted was how smoothly the Celtic support was evolving from late 70s punk to early 80s new romantics. No concert tour t-shirts on show, obviously they only arrived twenty years after the tours.



    Not so much Chic le Freak, more yer actual Chic Murray le Freak.





    Well played Celts. Enjoyed the Sportscene clips.



    Our wall had me watching that free-kick through my fingers. Two at 5′ 6″ on one side, two at 6′ 6″ on the other. No more games of human Tetris please, Vasilis.

  4. A sunday Treat…


    I am getting ready to watch the Horse Racing from The Curragh…however I am currently enjoying an old Black and White Film from 1947…..its called ” CAPTAIN BOYCOTT”.


    It has many fine actors in it such as Stewart Granger and Alastair Sim, Eddie Byrne etc.



    Its set in 1880 in County Mayo…with early Irish Rebellion talk and deeds…and horse racing !


    Stewart and Alastair doing their best with the Irish accents LOL.



    Well done to the Celts yesterday…although I had the correct score bet…which proved INcorrect of 4-0 to the Celtic LOL.




  5. Celtic Wiki






    Sep 6


    Paul Wilson scored in four Hampden finals in 1974-75 season – Drybrough Cup, League Cup, Scottish Cup and Glasgow Cup



    The picture shows Paul heading Celtic into the lead against Airdrie in the Scottish Cup final. He scored twice in the 3-1 victory.










    Paperback writer on shortbread now.



    That always reminds me of midweek games back on the shammy bus after the game, if it is 10 o clock already and you havnt left Aberdeen it is a long trip down the road.

  6. Bada


    Get Bakker signed now to replace Bolingoli.


    The thought of two young athletic Dutch wing backs excites me. Frimpong and Bakker would be amazing in our team. 👍🍀💚




    Thought I read on the blog last week that he didn’t want to come to us.



    But I do believe he could be the final piece in the jigsaw!

  8. Anyone know the price for 5-0 yesterday.Think my mate has absconded to the Bahamas with my winnings.


    Can’t get him on the phone today.Maybe lying blootered.


    Great win yesterday,but Jamesy needs a boot up the arse,and dropped.Too many guys busting to get a game.Move Frimpong further up in his place,creating room for El hamed,Christie,Turnbull,either of which would do better at the moment.Empty jersey.Hate slagging individuals,and I like the “Good Jamesy”,but getting ridiculous now.



    What about trying Frimpong on the left?





    That was my first reaction when I saw the team yesterday.




  10. Turkeybhoy on 13th September 2020 1:37 pm




    Forrest was playing left wing back, put El hamed,Christie,Turnbull in that position and i doubt any would excel.



    Taylor should’ve been given the chance, if anyone was replacing Forrest.

  11. 1980 Scottish Cup Final…


    My umpteen cup final watching The Celts…showing my age now LOL.





    Aye…yer right mate , as I was warned my a certain Chump on here some weeks ago…..I didnt listen to…or allow Two ex wives to tell me what to do…so I am hardly gonna heid any advice from a Chump on here LOL ?


    He gave that advice…on the same day that I had a very good day against the Bookies.


    I am hoping that the Top Trainer ” Aiden O’Brien” has a very good day today at The Curragh….although like many races he has MORE than One Horse in some races…I usually end up backing the wrong one !




    Cheers mate.



  12. I don’t think we work hard enough out of possession, to press, pick up second balls, win duels and match runners. Teams always get chances against us, that is why we were eliminated by Ferencvaros. Yesterday the weather conditions made it difficult but yet again were ragged at the back. a 3-5-2 with Frimpong and Forrest as wing backs will be troubled against a team savvy enough to play down the sides of the centre halves and who can switch the play quickly. 3-5-2 gives a better attacking impetus but there are more than a few questions about how we manage defensively against superior opponents.

  13. TURKEYBHOY on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2020 1:37 PM




    My guess is that it would have been around 12/1…14/1 ?


    I didnt check the price of 5-0 when placing my 4-0 Incorrect score bet with Bet365.



    I hope your mate at least does the decent thing and sends you a Postcard from The Bahamas at the very least LOL ?


    HH Mate.

  14. If you cast your mind back to the end of January, we played Ross County at Celtic Park and we could have lost 3 or 4 first half goals if RC had anyone who could put the ball in the net. We ended up winning 3-0. It was a very similar performance to yesterday’s. Maybe some players start some games too sluggishly if they think it’s a game we’re going to win comfortably.

  15. Grand result yesterday . ,3 points and a good handful of goals , which could be needed . Good as the score was ,I feel there are still a few questions needing answered in defence SD a huge improvement there just what we’ve been crying out for , but and I’m sorry to mention it but question marks for me still hang around our other two big guys at the back , at one point I wasn’t to concerned if we were going to lose ajer , but now I’m wondering if maybe he is the better of the other two . We were caught out on a few occasions yesterday but for some good goalkeeping we could have lost a goal or two . Our squad is getting stronger ,and good to see them getting a run out from the bench . Guys it was just a few things I noticed we could improve on , no doubt many will Disagree . HH

  16. This popped up on the Shamrock , I recall Mr Stein back in the stand.



    Desmond’s abacus 25,000, aye right , look at the corwd,






    The Shamrock MagazineShamrock Retweeted


    Li’l Ze






    Sep 6


    45 years ago today, Celtic 4:0 Dundee.



    Bobby Lennox hattrick and Jackie McNamara Snr with the other.





    It emerged that Roddy MacDonald had played most of the Rangers game the previous week with a painful ankle injury but had refused to come off.


    Celtic’s first Premier league game at Celtic Park.The team change saw Glavin recalled and MacDonald out with Connelly and Ritchie on the bench again. Harry Hood was to see a specialist about his foot injury.


    Celtic took on Jim ‘Chang’ Smith as a trialist, a left sided midfielder and a free agent. The 23 y.o. had played against Celtic in each of the games in Ireland and done enough for Sean Fallon to look to how he fitted in. He would be at the club for at least two months.


    Bobby Lennox has the honour of scoring the first Celtic hat trick in the new league set up.


    Highlights shown next day on Scotsport.


    On the previous night in the Reserve League Celtic lost 7 – 2 to Dundee at Dens. The Celtic team was Hunter, Gourlay, Baillie, Casey, Aitken, Innes, Ritchie, Smith, McCluskey, Little, McLean Subs McLaughlin and McGrane. The Celtic scorers were McLaughlin and McLean.


    McGrain and Dalglish were named in the in the Scotland side to face Denmark in Copenhagen on the 3rd. They both played in a 1-0 win for Scotland. Pat McCluskey also played for the U23s who also won 1-0. He was booked and injured during the game.


    Frank Welsh was released on a free in early September and had a trial with Coventry City, the club Jim Brogan had joined. He would return to Scotland to trial for Hamilton Accies in October before finally finding a home with Kilmarnock in February 1976.


    Jock Stein, clearly still recovering, is given a standing ovation as he attends a game for the first time after his accident.







  17. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    Shame that Bolingoli never got the chance to have a proper goodbye in front of the fans……



    “Shame that Bolingoli never got the chance to have a proper goodbye in front of the fans……”



    ;))))))))))))))))))))) por cierto.

  19. Interesting the link to our 4:0 win against Dundee 45 years ago that St Stivs posted.



    If you watch Bobby Lennox’s first goal in that game you see the exact same mistake that Patryk made against Ross yesyerday. Both of them fired their shot at the feet of a travelling defender trying to block on the line, but Bobby’s shot went through the defenders legs and Patryk’s hit a solid boot.



    Them’s the margins!



    Would anyone ever want to call out Bobby Lennox as an inept finisher?

  20. Frimpong had a good game, tracked back all the time and helped the defence out but can’t say the same for James i thought he had a poor second half.



    One of our defence problems is our midfield they don’t press and more often than not are caught upfield.



    The big one IS they can’t tackle.

  21. We should be asking at least 35 million with add ons for Eddie.



    Settle for 30 million plus add ons. Anything else should be rejected and bidding club told its insulting. Let’s be realistic.



    Next year of course.



    D :)

  22. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Signed on loan for Basaksehir then?



    Was this after talks with FC Elba and FC St Helena broke down?

  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    I think it was Phil Mac Giolla Bháin. Who pointed out that PSG have a 40% cut in any future deal for Eddie, so £22m is a none starter