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  1. Timothy Castagne, coveted by BR when he was Celtic manager, gets on the score sheet at Leicester today. Very good player, great first name.

  2. Is slippy g questioning the refs integrity again – I’m sure the SFA will have him in front of the committee – not



    Apologies for the non-cricket post



    The quote, “Celtic are seeking to fill the hole in their finances due to the absence of Champions League football” rips ma knitting, especially as it is self inflicted, and it happens every damn year!

  4. “Celtic are seeking to fill the hole in their finances due to the absence of Champions League football”



    how is there a h;e in the finances for an income stream you did not have ?

  5. Having played striker i would put Klimala miss in the sitter category. Last week’s one on one was also gilt edged.


    You can see he’s just missing that top level experience but i see a much improved player to the one that arrived and his development is progressing.


    Love his attitude and application, he has different attributes to our other strikers which is also good.



    Neil was right to get another striker in that I was shouting for and we now have great options because they’re all good players and different.



    Ajeti has different qualities, has an excellent first touch, sttong and crucially a great football brain, he’s alive, he’s seeing things early, looks a great signing when fully fit.

  6. don’t talk to me about julien and ayer , I have a reputation/agenda from some on here re my thoughts about their defending or lack of it from the word go.

  7. Ron,


    As you seem to be on your own, I’ll endeavour to respond.


    I believe both Jullien & AJer are very decent players.


    Jullien is prone to the occasional brain fart as indeed was Van Dyck when he was with us, but overall I am more than happy to have Jullien on the team, the fact he chips in with a few goals helps.


    Ajer is a converted midfielder, and imo it’s a pity he was never given a run in the midfield, a very decent player as his reported 15 million price tag indicates.


    Yes they both can be faulted at times as can every one of our squad, you seem to major on central defense and that’s OK, whatever turns you on.


    I’m glad Boli is gone, what he did was disgraceful, would we have been more forgiving if he were a better player?.


    Possibly but I would hope not.

  8. What is the world coming too?





    I saw Andrew Dallas award a penalty to Celtic.


    I saw Celtic score from a corner.


    I saw Van Dijk make a mistake that cost his team a goal.


    I saw Liverpool (the team with the professional throw-in coach – now departed) lose a goal from their own throw in.


    I saw Morelos get karma’d pulling out of a tackle (wasn’t even a foul never mind a yellow.



    2020 is a weird year indeed.

  9. The ghuy that made me sit up yesterday, was Soro.


    I know it was the last 12 minutes and at that stage Ross County were a beaten ticket, so it would e foolish to get carried away,


    However I sincerely hope the ghuy is given a lot more game time, I think there could be a belter of a player there.

  10. I haven’t caught the highlights yet but it seems like Duffy has impressed pretty much everyone.



    If he continues doing so, would everyone be happy giving Corkcelt the Head of Recruitment role full time?

  11. I see elsewhere that both the Boston Celtics and the LA Lakers won their respective Eastern and Western Conferences giving the possibility of a Celtics-Lakers NBA finals for the first time, well it’s got to be a while.


    Not there yet though.

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    ,,I was not advocating any of the players I mentioned playing wing back.Just a straight 3-4-3.Better than having Jamesy doing nothing.Honestly,I am a fan,but for a few games,he just does not deserve his place.

  14. BIG JIMMY,



    Thanks for that.He phoned me today,for a tenner stake,I got roughly,129 quid back.Cant work out these coupons here.They are a nightmare.He is a darts mate of mine,lives next to one,they are quite rare here,so he puts the bets on for me.I can see a good few goals on Wednesday,5 or 6 again,I think.

  15. First time in quite a while that I have had trouble logging on.



    Just wanted to agree with Corkcelt. I too thought Soro looked the part. He seemed to be moving every time the camera showed him. I would like to see more too of Connel and wee Dembele.

  16. Love a Celtic goalfest but let’s keep our feet on the ground. We smashed Accies at home and still had the Hungarian horror show after it.



    Loved the return of 3-5-2, the Duffy goal threat and presence and Barkas in goal but (and maybe that’s natural until the transfer window ends) our team system is still developing and against better teams weaknesses still seem evident to me:



    -The current 3 at the back, whilst big and burly, feel slow as a unit. Duffy and Julien also both operate as the same position and Ajer looks lost. We need a Left sided CH.


    -Midfield 3 (as per first half) still feels dystunctional – can’t press and don’t play as a unit. Brown is still being used despite the impact of age. (He was ok yesterday but….)


    -Left and right side feel weak when you consider better teams up against us.


    -Why are we fannying around at LB or LW still? get them in asap.



    Our collection of talent will win through most games in scotland and we’ll hump a few but we are factoring in a Hun crash (maybe it won’t come) and a very open set of tactics in Europe with the need for a game-turning keeper (Fraser last year) to push us further on than our tactics merit in games of small margins.



    Buckle in. I’m not sure we’ll fix the team problems and the hope is the collection of individual talent trumps the weaker team with a settled system at Ibrox.



    Onto St Mirren and hopefully another 3-5-2 system, Brown on bench, LW / LB secured and more humpings…..






    Don’t believe our manager will bench our captain this season.



    I know (I say with a heavy heart as a Celtic fan).



    Buckle in. It’s gonna be a rollercoaster ride…



    p.s It really shouldn’t be though and the worst scenario is a growing number of fans turning on the skipper when the club (just invest properly in a replacement instead of punts like Soro and Kouassi) and the manager (who recognises his value as a visible manifestation of his philosophy on the pitch but turns a blind eye to the diminishing returns age brings on us all.)




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    Broony and ??? ;O)