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  1. I agree Big Wavy, the defense yesterday seemed a bit disjointed.


    While there were good individual displays, particularly by Duffy, Ross County still created a lot of chances.


    However our Bhoys, had only 3 training sessions together working at this set up, so I see it as a work in progress rather than the finished article.


    I think we have a very talented squad, normally there are always 4 or 5 of the squad, that need offloading.


    The only lad there now that you could say is highly unlikely to make it at Celtic is Ralston and if he needed to be called upon, I’d be confident he wouldn’t let us down,


    What is needed now is to mould us into a team,


    I think Sunday was a big step in the right direction but we are not there yet.

  2. prestonpans bhoys on

    The Herald at its best, like reading from Ibrox Noise:



    ‘Now, Gerrard and his players are just three games away from matching the world record for the longest shut-out from the beginning of a campaign – and four away from creating global football history.’

  3. maybe julien could make a good sweeper playing behind SD and also covering both wing backs with his speed other than trying to be and out and out centre half that doesn’t suit him in this league.

  4. Pans Bhoy……………..



    The Harald?



    Reads more like the Rekkord…………..



    Geared towards a small fetid, hun gene-pool.




  5. With less than 40 minutes to go and with over 50 emails received not only are the top 2 tied but 3rd and 4th are also on the same votes. 36 minutes for you to make a difference ;-) cqnpoty@gmail.com

  6. lets all do the huddle on

    Cricket Quick News alert…



    brilliant from England to defend that total



    top captaincy from Morgan

  7. Jobo


    I would like `to make a difference`but, as I didn`t see the game, I would feel the impressions I have taken from CQN comments would not be apt.



    1. Duffy;








  8. Thanks CorkCelt,



    Three good players we have there. I guess it’s about complementing each other I’m thinking. Duffy is a more commanding, poorer passer than Julien. I’d have Ajer right and got a left sided CH to play the other side. The worry, and no amount of training will make up for this, is a ‘slow’ Duffy being protected by a slow DM in front of him.



    Does anybody really know yet what the 5 system between defence and strikers really is yet?



    Do we have one capable of both protecting and creating and carries no passengers?

  9. Oh and only 1 of our starting 11 has failed to earn a single vote…… results in less than 20 minutes….

  10. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Jobo – sorry, no time to email.



    1. Duffy


    2. Barkas


    3. McGregor




    The Herald at its best, like reading from Ibrox Noise:



    ‘Now, Gerrard and his players are just three games away from matching the world record for the longest shut-out from the beginning of a campaign – and four away from creating global football history.’



    Hi Prestonpansbhoy


    The Herald like all papers here is at the beck and call of the knuckle and the influence of the liquidated club.they are the soft loo roll to the record izil crackle paper from school.


    hopefully will have a beer some day and I will tell you bout Sir skankmurray and Hugh Adams 2 obituaries.


    stay safe




  12. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Is Shetland a – ahem – ‘not altogether Celtic-minded’ part of the world? Didn’t know that.








  13. the fact Ross County created chances yesterday had nothing to do with getting used to a new back three formation. The issue is with defending from front and midfield. We simply don’t have ball winners in there – Brown is the only player we have to trust in breaking up play. We forfeit this need by playing both forest and Frimpong. Jamesy cant tackle , at least Jeremy can get back and be a nuisance – he did that a few times against county.



    Mcgregor and Moi don’t add any dig. We need an additional/ versatile defensive minded player , preferably left sided and can play further up when needed.



    We’ve looked weak in that space for a while and with Brown gettin on we are more exposed. Tunrbull and Soro perhaps but I’d rather we bring in a physical athlete 1st team ready.

  14. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    AN TEARMANN – I remember the Hugh Adams one – not word for word but enough to recall that it was a disgrace for a newspaper to print such a shabby, bitter retrospect so soon after the death of anyone, and in public where his family could see it. Did the daughter not force a retraction of some sort, I seem to recall?



    Was some bitter hun responsible – re: Adams’ calling out of Murray, I think.






  15. THELURKINTIM on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2020 12:29 AM


    As much as SOT is missed…where’s HT…






    up the mountains lurki 😉😊



  16. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    The 47% oil reserves left with mainland Scotchland might not cover the orange walks, when the glorious Shetland republic demand self determination from those imperialist rulers in Edinburgh, is that how the road to freedom and self determination starts?

  17. *** CQN PLAYER OF THE YEAR 2020-21 ***





    A very good performance, particularly in the second half saw us win by a comfortable scoreline, but one that could arguably have ended up 5-4 but for a man of the match performance (by the skin of his teeth) by one of our recent signings.


    My own confidence was sky high as soon as I heard we were playing 3-5-2 and surely, surely that’s the way to now go in just about every game. I think this was also the first time that Neil has made 5 substitutions but when you looked at the strength of our bench that was understandable. But whilst that then gave all of you a pool of 16 players to choose from, not one person decided to vote for any of our subs, the first time that has happened in a long time.


    Great to see that so many folk managed to see the whole game and allay my own fears that the votes for this one might be down a bit. In fact, this has been the 3rd best supported game out of the 7 so far. Delighted that 60 sent me their email and thanks again for that great support. The numbers cast for each player are as follows (with my own choices asterisked) –



    Barkas*: 50


    Duffy: 49


    Jullien: 0


    Ajer: 5


    Frimpong*: 18


    Brown: 6


    McGregor: 9


    Ntcham: 18


    Forrest: 3


    Edouard*: 14


    Ajeti: 8


    Klimala: 0


    Christie: 0


    Elyounoussi: 0


    Turnbull: 0


    Soro: 0



    So, the players receiving points for the Ross County game are –



    Barkas – 5 points


    Duffy – 4 points


    Frimpong – 3 points


    Ntcham – 3 points


    Edouard – 1 point



    And the overall points table is now as follows –


    1st – Christie – 15 points


    2nd – McGregor – 13 points


    3rd – Ntcham – 12 points


    4th – Elyounoussi – 10 points


    5th – Frimpong – 10 points


    6th – Barkas – 9 points


    7th – Taylor – 7 points


    8th – Edouard – 6 points


    9th – Ajer – 5 points


    11th – Ajeti, Duffy, Elhamed and Forrest – 4 points


    15th – Bitton – 3 points


    16th – Jullien – 2 points


    17th – Bain, Bolingoli, Brown, Dembele, Klimala, Soro and Turnbull – 0 points



    Our next game is on Wednesday 16th September, our rearranged trip to St Mirren. Win that one and we are 3 points off the top with 1 game in hand.



    Hail Hail!

  18. And with that I’m off to watch my recording, from yesterday afternoon, of Casablanca! And breathe..,..

  19. Was wondering where Barkas got his previous points from, then I remembered the shame game.


    When Christie led the line & everybody played shite.

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Had any player got more than one goal then they’d likely have got motm, Barkas made quite a few excellent stops that saved a few blushes, I’d like to think he gets it because of a mature appreciation of consistency before flash, surprised Broony didn’t get more, broke them up a lot but Barkas had a lot of saves to make and kept a clean sheet, deserves it.

  21. STEBHOY on 13TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:53 PM



    You are on the right lines. We are just not working hard enough out of possession and against better opposition we will be punished. Its been like that for a while and i don’t see any evidence of improvements. We beat Ross County by 5 because we have better players, we are flat track bullies. The acid tests lie ahead.




    Hello there.your along the right lines.Sir Hunner of Pennies annointed deidclub historian to write his obituary.mentioned Sir Hunner Pennies more times than it did Hugh when talking of contribution to rebuilding the lavvy.hugh thro his pools financed it’s rebuild.



    A 2nd one was written and printed.will get that beer in and listen to your tunes and fill you in.


    But it was an example of the shiteswiping that goes on in Scotland’s masonic and business(failure) community and the untouchable(so he thought)esteem that Sir Hunner of pennies is held in by the meeja.big wurdz and wee ones.I know history is going to total him.


    hope you and wee guy are doin good.