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  1. The New Rangers are Highly motivated.



    Lenny, smash Every team by 5+ goals.



    You can Do this Incredible achievement.



    Truth be told – I won’t ever take any vaccine.



    We are being deceived.



    The Virus is Real but……



    The GovernMental controls Hell Sent.

  2. CELTIC MAC on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 9:43 AM




    I’m just keeping it real rather than indulging in fantasy. I appreciate this might not be how you approach things.




    Your question is irrelevant to the situation in hand.



    Shetland opting to remain within the UK should Scotland decide to leave, which is what has been suggested, is in no way analogous to Shetland seceeding from the UK, which no one has suggested.

  3. Ernie


    That is one of your most disingenuous replies of late. It is exactly the case that is being postulated that the Shetland Islands might choose to seek independence from Scotland, and not, as you are suggesting, seek to remain within rUK if Scotland gains independence.




  4. FRIESDORFER on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:20 AM



    No one has made any plans to do any of the things you’re suggesting.



    People (mostly pundits looking for copy) are flying kites. Having said that the idea of Shetland remaining within the UK was an idea that had some traction at the time of the referendum.



    And what do the Scot nats feel about the Shetland nats?



    I assume them would fully support their right to self determination.

  5. CELTIC MAC on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:37 AM



    One’s an actual place, one’s fictional.



    Try to keep it real.



    Am I to assume that you would deny the people of Shetland the right to self determination, even though they might regard themselves, with justification, as being historically, geographically and culturally different to mainland Scotland?

  6. friesdorfer



    You might be interested in the most recent research re the peoples that actually populate these Isles with particular reference, but not exclusive to Scotland’


    “The genetic landscape of Scotland and the Isles” published September 2019, can be downloaded as a PDF.


    Shetlanders in particular would do well to read it.

  7. CELTIC MAC on 14TH SEPTEMBER 2020 10:59 AM




    Nats and genetics.



    What could possibly go wrong?

  8. ernie lynch



    “flying kites”


    You had to get a bird reference in their somewhere ernie…


    you just couldn’t resist it.

  9. WaddyweWant?



    Independence For Clydebank










    ‘Mon The Bankies!!!!!!

  10. Slabhoy - on the road to 10 on

    Worth taking the time to sign up lhads and lhassies…



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