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  1. RC on 21ST FEBRUARY 2021 8:32 PM


    can someone point me in direction of what position SB is actually playing




    Goalkeeper? ;-)




  2. I have been flitting between the football and the snooker. I think I will stay witht he snooker now.


    I have never really felt it true that `We don`t care if we win ,lose or draw` but I find it hard to believe that this season has felt as flat as it does just because we are not going to win the League.


    Is it because of the lack of crowds?


    Is it because our belief that every obstacle imaginable was going to be put in our way is now proving to be accurate?


    Is it because so many players are underperforming?


    Is it because we are particularly sick that `The Rangers` plan is now bearing fruit?


    Is it a growing belief that there is a massive disconnect between The Board and the Support?


    Is there a similar disconnect between the manager and the Support?


    Can Jordan Brown beat O`Sullivan?

  3. Should be could be .


    This is torture to watch


    In less than 2full seasons we are back to the 90s


    This is awful to witness


    Our old firm loving majority shareholder has spoken 🕺

  4. That awkward moment when you realise RC are thinking,”Dont worry they will tire the last 15 minutes”

  5. Watching via Ross Co TV.


    Avoiding Sky commentary.


    Commentator is fair. Unfortunately Craigan is beside him, and kicking every ball for RC.



    Pitch is shocking, but need to adjust our play to suit.


    Easier to spot our faults when we’re struggling…ie


    Rogic never a wide right player.


    Christie never a forward.


    But either are at their best at no 10 against tight defending like this. Unfortunately neither are playing at no 10



    Lennon guilty of playing his favoured XI even if it’s playing them out of position.


    Edouard also best when playing off a striker, so he’s another who we’re not getting the best out of from this formation.






    God might still use us for miracle practice.”






    SFTB :It’ll be cricket and knitting next.



    Which Channel?

  7. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Thanks all on suggestions for internet box to replace sky sports.



    Will look into the Android box.