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  1. Well done Celtic, a well earned win.So pleased for Abada, gets slated but comes up with the goods.💚


    Great start for big Jenz. 💚



    Amazed no RC player got sent off.


    The ref, a complete Dick.



    Onwards and upwards.



  2. OFF! Aston Villa Manager Steven Gerrard shown red card at the Vitality Stadium for getting in the face of ball boy after ball was not released quickly enough. Gerrard pushed the 9 year old and walks off disgruntled. Bournemouth 2-0 Aston Villa.



    feckin bully

  3. The squad considerably strengthened, good pre-season put in by the squad



    2 good wins top of the league as opposed to 12 months ago



    can we build enough momentum for C/L group stage games ?



    No club in Scotland can match the quality and depth of attacking options Celtic have



    That’s what they call entertainment the Celtic way

  4. Bada 5.38pm



    That’s good to hear … am a big GT fan, think he is far better than many give him credit for .. and obviously Ange and other managers think there is a player there



    Gutted I canny vote in Jobo’s Sencel POTY, I did notice Jota got 3 assists … Taylor & Jota will have a few votes come Monday night :-)



    Great start to our league campaign …

  5. The Ball Boy should have kicked the CHUMP in the BALLS.


    Maybe the Ball Boys Father and/or Uncles/Brothers etc will want a word with Slippy Stevie ?

  6. The returnof weeron on

    TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 6TH AUGUST 2022 2:40 PM…



    Tom, in the 70’s, I was listening to the bbc world service while on an ice floe in the Arctic. Celtic needed the win at Easter Rd to clinch the title. When we scored, my happy dance caused me to fall backwards. Back of my head was in the water…what a headache THAT caused. Saved from my daftness by my Inuit friends.



    So, yeah. Kids today….

  7. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Totally unnecessary injury, ref’s watch should sound when ball crosses the goal line

  8. VOGUEPUNTER on 6TH AUGUST 2022 5:49 PM






    B , good to see you last week .hh



    Had a great day last week, some pre-match beers, catching up with your good self is always a pleasure, and a fine flag day at paradise, if Carlsberg…………………..take care amigo

  9. I remember Gregory Vignal of the Huns ASSAULTING a Celtic Ball Boy in front of the Main Stand at Celtic Park.


    Ref and no one else did anything.

  10. I see Abada received a yellow for his celebration. Ridiculous rule only implemented when we score.




    Slightly improved our lead on the Hun, both plus 2 in goal difference but we increased our goals scored.






    You were wrong there mate but no harm done.

  12. Tom McLaughlin on




    To be fair, the ref could have shown Jenz a second yellow for going into the crowd in his goal celebration, but perhaps thought, it’s his debut, I’ll give him a break. That is good refereeing.

  13. ‘GG



    He should have kept his shirt on.



    Every Celt know’s that’s a card for them.



    Why do they do it?

  14. BBC as deniable as ever:


    Van Bronckhorst ‘very pleased’ with Rangers win


    FT: Rangers 3-1 Kilmarnock

  15. Thanks for the updates and videos. Good result from a hard to beat team. Was ref playing “best of 3 falls”





  16. We don’t talk enough about Liel Abada.



    20 years old.



    An absolute star in the making.



    HH wee man

  17. Big Wavy…..



    Hush mhan….he’s not developing at all….;-))







  18. So I read on the bbc that the rangers continue their winning start to the league campaign as they prepare for their champions league ‘decider’ !



    And there was uefa and me thinking it was a qualifying round to reach a play off for non league winners which they were playing in.



    Meanwhile of course Celtic struggled to beat an unlucky Ross county who by this account deserved to take more out of the game.

  19. Ahhh yeah Thelurkintim…



    Good point.



    He’s absolutely pish….







  20. My second half viewing was totally fecked up so I can’t really argue the toss with anyone.


    I thought we were good in 1st half, Ross County were pulling, dragging & kicking us but we didn’t back off them and were unlucky not to be ahead,


    People not familiar with Scottish game and knowing that ourselves and the Huns are a step above the rest think these games are easy and we are almost entitled to win them.


    Nothing could be further from the truth, head to away grounds in Scotland for the most part Agricultural Teams who have a license from the MIB to get stuck in without fear of a red, every single point is hard won.


    We remember the stress playing catch up last year, cherish the 3 points won today & let Mad Mitch & his ilk GTF.

  21. Go tell the Spartim on



    Bigoted broadcasting c….



    Well you know the rest, Jack Herral ? No me neither just another laptop loyalist off the conveyor belt.



    You can imagine the interview from the BBC, “on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest) so how much do you hate Celtic” I suppose that’s a slight upgrade on “what school did you go to? “



    Let them sup from their toilet bowls

  22. Big Wavy 6.21pm



    I thought after Callum … Liel was our 2nd best consistent player of the season … his only blight was in the February 3-0 thrashing of the Huns I had him to score a hattrick at 50/1 and after his first goal he didn’t add to it in the 2nd half … but I forgave him within seconds …



    A young kid in a different country and different “type” of fitba & refereeing … he is a star, terrific first season with hopefully lots more to enjoy



    We’ve got Abada he’s on the wing 🎵

  23. Was following the game on CQN but had to go off line when score was 1-1 – logged back on after Mass to see 1-3 – really happy.



    Meanwhile Vale down to earth with a 4-0 drubbing from Exeter – didn’t expect anything from the game but score was a tough one.

  24. Ex-Hun Patterson finds that literally pushing over a player is deemed a foul in any country outside Scotland.



    And he’s absolutely ragin’ with the referee, who appears to give no effs for his staunchness…




  25. Bhoyjoebelfast on

    AN TEARMANN @12.21


    Watched the last 20 minutes of the game with my three grand kids,all suitably attired.By the time I had taken two of them home to their parents it was approaching 6.15,and I read back some posts and noticed your piece about Ardoyne burnings which was the result of protestant RUC,B Special rioters along with mobs that had a free run in the burning of Catholic homes and licensed premises.I lived in Falls at that time and we were told that the same make up of arsonists would be paying us a visit,the rest is history.


    ○The piece about Geordie Hazlett (Belfast Celtic) for wee fra was no trouble,and I was only too glad to bring it to his attention.○


    Keep safe.

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