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  1. Dingwall must be just outside the Space – Time continuum coz for the love of me I could not stay in touch with the place for ninety minutes. Thankfully, radio, our greatest ever invention came to the rescue. Kind of. Thanks too to BSP for posting the links to all the goals, since I only saw one in real time. All three goals were terrific in their own right. Jenz adding an additional threat in the air, to O’Reilly, Gmak, Welsh, not to mention Jota and Kyogo who are both capable of getting on the end of a cross. Good performance all round in tough conditions.

  2. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Seems the latest Govan Galactico Yilmaz,was flung about like a wet trackie all day,nothing to him

  3. Moderator1888 on

    Great header from the big man



    Not just the header, getting mobile and attacking the space to get the ball



    We have missed that

  4. Like many games, we dominated the first half but had nothing to show for it. Kyogo’s goal brought relief and then






    Because our stream was blocked.



    Really frustrating last 35 mins but we won because we never stop.



    Well done the Bhoys.

  5. Great result today. So many areas we can improve but 6 points from 2 games. Onward to Kilmarnock and a different challenge there.

  6. prestonpans bhoys on

    Must say all of the illegal streams were awful today, were their servers being hammered by us tims😱😂

  7. I think the sheep and Ross County will take points off sevco this season .


    Goodnight all

  8. According to the bitter bassas at the state broadcaster we only won by ‘rallying’ against an impressive RC…



    Der hun, on the other hand, were just ‘warming up’ for a Champions league decider…



    What a riddy




  9. Prestonpans….I suspect that when CTV linke are posted here….Celtic go after them….







  10. I put up a link to a stream at the start of the game, but like everyone else it wasn’t they may west, as soon as I disabled the addblocker on the site it was not a bother, but eff me, now I remember why I have the add blocker, the pop ups were a right pain, but I did manage to see about 80% of the game, VIPBOX is still a decent stream.


    I am tempted to give CTV another chance, but since they haven’t bothered to reply to my last few emails, about four or five, I am wary, last season it was money down the drain and that was their last chance, but…..it’s Celtic.

  11. On Day one of Week 2 (2 matches still to go) we have 3 interim leaders:


    Wee McCaff-8.5


    Paddy’s Maw- 8





    2 guys did not get their predictions in on time (Angel Gabriel and Craig 76) but can still do tomorrow’s matches, leaving the bottom two participants so far as Park Road 67 and Wardybhoy.



    Overall, the top 3 currently stands as Ayrshire Tim, Greenpinata and Big Archie and holding up the rest are Craig76 and wee BGFC



    I will do the final update tomorrow

  12. prestonpans bhoys on




    I wouldn’t credit CTV with that type of cyber proactive intelligence, more likely illegal streams went Pete Tong because (a) CTV did crash on a number of occasions and (b) these illegal streams are not primed for an overload.



    Anyway watched updates on here and SC👍

  13. You can check up on your performance on Superbru- clicking on Leaderboard gives you the overall position, cumulative of Week 1 and two-thirds of Week 2. Clicking on Rounds will show you your overall performance this week (so far) and clicking on Matches will show you who predicted what for each match. Clicking on banter is just for exchanging any craic with fellow participants.

  14. I will say it again Malky McKay is a disgrace as is all other scottish managers who employ the same tactic and do not tell me they are a provincial club, blah, blah, blah. He and his club are a disgrace.



    Now that said, we done well coping with their industrial tactics and the willingness of Mr Mason in the black to not send persistent foulers off. Not to mention time wasting and the referee pulling us back from an advantage to give us a foul and not book a RC player. The cabal continues.



    Ffs I sound like Kev and his 15 monikers.



    Anyway Hail Hail.



    Oh and any lurking Huns GIRFUY






    D :)

  15. Superannuated Fenian on

    They don’t stop, do they? I missed the RC goal (lost the stream). Heard that Jenz might have done better. If true, with one other exception (clumsy foul just outside penalty box) I thought he did well and looked good. Some physical and stylistic resemblance to big CJ when he first joined us. That’s not at all a bad thing. Still top of the league…..

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