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  1. I have just made what will be my last visit to the BBC site. It is totally and sneakily biased against us and in favour of the Huns.


    I would strongly recommend that all other Celtic supporters follow the same course of action.


    Even if it makes no difference to that organisation`s approach, it will help your blood pressure and general well-being if you treat them as being non-existent.

  2. Just back in from Dingwall and I have to say our third goal today was a thing of absolute beauty.



    Two games, six points, happy with that.

  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    Bada and BSR



    Was that BT/Premier Sports impartial Rory (sp) doing the commentary ? Oh how I enjoyed Frankfurt winning, his mask slipped majorly.

  4. prestonpans bhoys on




    You got me interested there, so had a look, remember they had 23%possession and two shots on target, generates this:



    The goal seemed to intensify County’s endeavour, as they enjoyed decent attacking possession before Iacovitti bulleted home an Edwards corner just short of the hour.



    Celtic toiled in search of a second goal until centre-back Jenz glanced a header home from a terrific Jota cross to send the travelling support wild.

  5. HS…….agreed.



    Sleekitly conniving. Shortie hunned-up yahoos.



    A national disgrace.

  6. bournesouprecipe on

    Leil Abada’s goal reminded me of Joe Craig’s goal at IBrokes , all these years later CSC

  7. Celtic Quick News…………..Book Club



    “Hillbilly Elegy” by JD Vance.







  8. Watched the huns lowlights…Killie set up their first goal and then it was ‘ after you Claude’ for the second.


    just the usual .

  9. bournesouprecipe on

    The BBC helped kill Rainjurz and have made peace with Sevco.



    They are the poople CSC

  10. Jackiemac 9.16pm



    Yip.. Jota more assists in one game than Ryan Cant last season …



    for some who thought we might haven’t improved, I think CCV & Jota now signed permanently is so important for both the players and the club

  11. Has anyone ever seen Moritz and Jullien in the same picture/room/training .


    H,mmmm,says I,stroking my beard,and looking stupid.

  12. TB 9.52pm



    Watching Sportscene my daughter said “who is he, he looks like Juliennes wee brother”

  13. Staggered at how the bbc has actually got worse with their disgraceful pro rangers agenda. Todays match reports are simply staggering in their bias.



    Rangers actually do struggle to secure a home win v a side jist promoted. They manage to talk of imaginary champions league deciders in the same report.



    We are champions and score some great goals in a win at a top 6 venue from last year and yet we are painted as the ones who struggled.

  14. Delighted to see that over 30 folk have already voted on today’s game, despite the challenges in accessing a reliable stream! Still 24 hours to email me your opinion on today’s 3 top performers – sencelpoty@gmail.com


    Maybe Sportscene highlights will cover any parts you may have missed ;-)

  15. Two weeks in a row goals from headers what’s not to like.



    Two weeks in a row two goals from peaches of shots what’s not to like.

  16. Burnley78,



    We totally controlled that game, the referee was a disgrace and offered no protection to our players. Long talking to players intent in hurting other players disnae cut it.



    Deelighted with the result and the performance.



    Liels goal really is a thing of beauty.

  17. Bournesouprecipe



    Spot on Re Joe Craig goal. I remember that night well. Did wee Bobby not break his leg that night ?



    That was only our second league win at Ibrox in about 60 years !



    We won 3-2 there in the season Kenny D broke through.

  18. GG



    That result is not good news.



    Normally they are really strong away. Never seeing results like that one.



    The stats suggest they had more of the game and the chances but didn’t convert.



    Hopefully they had rested a few players maybe pre Tuesday.

  19. If you want to get rid of the BBC, and the entire MSM, The Monarchy, House of Lords, outlaw millionaires, billionaires, tax havens, corporate colonisation of state assets, and so much more, then agitate for, and vote for the socialist revolutionaries who were mentioned on these very pages a few days ago.


    None of this will happen unless you get over yourselves and do what you know is right.


    Serious football clubs with serious fans, like Liverpool, and Manchester United, who do a wonderful job of helping out foodbanks, as you do, then they’ll put the icing on the cake by voting for full fat working class politicians, this time round, enough of the neoliberal guff, that means voting for – nobody – who is at present inside any parliaments on this island, apart from Sinn Fein Ireland.


    Whatever your political leanings are, your votes are being used to widen the gap between rich and poor, which is now oceans wide.


    Surely no Celtic supporter needs to be told that the way you vote changes nothing.


    The parties that are in these parliaments – serve themselves.


    At the next GE, the socialist revolutionaries, mentioned on here the other day, will be up for election.


    Do what you think will bring much needed change.



    My hero. 👇I love him so much. 🍀🏆💚



  20. bournesouprecipe on

    Burnley 78



    When did you know your leg was broken?



    “ When I saw John Grieg coming “



    Bobby Lennox

  21. Petec 10.13pm



    It was only hyper critical fans that slagged GT, Stevie Clarke, Neil Lennon and Ange seem to think he is ok



    KT was a hard act to follow … I think GT is getting better and better … young Bernabaui might replace him in time, but only if our young Argentinean is good enough … cracking wee interview on Celtic TV with Greg Taylor … he is up for the fight for his jersey

  22. Our old pal Boli Bolingoli played his first full game for Mechelen as they beat Union St G 3-0.

  23. GG.


    From set pieces 👍



    That’s why I don’t do the big spiel about the games……. I miss out the important bits. 😂🙈