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  1. Team (3-4-1-2)





    Ambrose Wilson Gershon


    McGeouch Kayal Ledley Mulgrew




    Stokes Miku



    Subs Zaluska Commons Rogic Rogne Watt Lassad McCourt

  2. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    Just read a short story which had zombies in it – apparently you kill them by cutting off their head – so for zombie fc that means the sfa

  3. CELTIC (3-4-1-2) Forster; Ambrose, Wilson, Gershon; McGeouch, Kayal, Ledley, Mulgrew; Hooper; Miku, Stokes


    Subs: Zaluska, Lassad, Commons, Rogic, McCourt, Rogne, Watt

  4. emusanorphan on

    Wigan are outclassing Everton. 0-3 with 20 mins to go. Wigan look a very good footballing team. Everton playing like Huns.



    Their fans sound like Huns too. Booing their own players. Players scared to make a mistake and try a pass.Jelavich is not the only Hun at Goodison.

  5. big nan



    14:04 on


    9 March, 2013



    Excellent post on last article .


    We need to fight this all the way , very disappointed with CSA and CST they should be more vocal and try to fight this as one.



  6. gene’s a bhoys name



    14:23 on 9 March, 2013




    Haven’t we scored yet?









    It was offside!!!!

  7. Anyone with any IT skills know how to dub out commentary by Jim Beglin?


    Surely there is someone out there with the technical skills to eradicate his voice from the airwaves.




  8. The Moon Bhoys on




    Cats love smooth ground to do their business, so make the area the cat is coming to as choppy as you can, if not possible lay down lots of thorny twigs on the area the cat is targeting, this will work, as will a strawberry net over the same area, thats guaranteed to work.

  9. the long wait is over on

    Just turned on the box to see the Everton score – three goals in three minutes. Incredible.



    Language not suitable for children or your maiden aunt but interesting to see the depth of dislike of Moyes on this website even allowing for the result. Always thought he was Godlike with the Everton fans.




  10. Great win for Wigan. Wee Shaun playing some lovely stuff, because the refs down souf give due protection to footballers unlike the MIBs up here, if they play for Celtic.

  11. The Moon Bhoys on

    Maybe wee Shaun could come back and do a Lubo for us in the twighlight of his career, he always did say that was his preferred position, plus by then he will be an experienced pro.

  12. thetimrieper on

    the long wait is over



    The knives are out, talksh*t saying he should be considering his future.

  13. Snake Plissken on

    Aye awright SSB



    Keevins – Alex Smith says unless “rangers” are put back in the top league right now Scottish football has two years”.



    And Alex Smith has had which top jobs? Done what?



    Alex Smith is a halfwit.

  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Alex Smith says ……..hahahahahahah……..did he say that oldco nearly destroyed Scottish Football…….do we just say…..ah, let them aff…..

  15. I think davie moyes has effectively done a pretty decent job for the toffees only outshone by what Martinez has done at Wigan unlike ‘arry at QPR

  16. emusanorphan on

    After match interview with Gomez and MacManaman of Wigan. The Spaniard speaks better English than the Scouser :-)

  17. the long wait is over on




    Two years to what..?



    Whatever it is has to be preferable to lying down to the sense of entitlement that pours out of Ibrox, probably as much now as it ever has.

  18. Good to see Gershon get a run-out. Come on you Bhoys in Green! Round off a roller-coaster week with a win!

  19. pedrocaravanachio67 on

    cqn quick response to huns in doubt :



    administration = 10 pts


    liquidation = deid


    £250,000 fine = guilty.



    works for me :-)

  20. ScotPatsFan



    Not techy skills required…use the mute button :))



    Hail Hail

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