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  1. mike in toronto on

    Long wait



    Don’t agree pal. Think their bigotry and blindness is dragging them inexorably to the abyss. It is inevitable. they just don’t know it yet.



    Off to walk Derry (my golden retriever).



    Hail hail

  2. Someone posted last night our record against RC was last 9 games…won 4 drawn 4 lost 1…if thats correct then 3 good points today…good week for us…

  3. —– Stokes Griffiths—–





    —Johansen Bitton Broony—



    Izzy. Vandijk. Denayer Lustig







    Our strongest 11, currently. Would be my team next week for cup semi

  4. Dire game.Dire passing.Dire referee.Dire conditions.result,3 points.




    Ronnie has no option now at the end.The Bhoys waiting on it now.I love it.

  5. South Of Tunis



    14:46 on 24 January, 2015



    An away win / a dreadful performance/ a dreadful game / a dreadful pitch / a worse than dreadful Referee.



    Much of the passing was of the better to laugh cos if you don’t you’ll cry standard.



    That was it in a nutshell.

  6. cliftonville celt from belfast


    Enjoy and hopefully another victory to celebrate this evening.



    Ps If we get the same performance and result against Sevco and Dundee I will be one Happy Bhoy


    Just winning is the name of the game for me in Ronnys 1st season.


    Till later all



  7. 3 points, rubbish game but top of the league.



    Training game next week before we go to Dundee in a fortnight.

  8. Captain Beefheart on

    If elements of our away support insist on singing dodgy out of date 80s dirges, may I suggest that we instead resurrect the Wham songbook? At least we won’t get fined for it.


    Gloom and doom post warning






    Ronny is still worrying me. He just (appears) to get so much wrong.



    The substitution of Ambrose was always going to invite them onto us. So it proved and allowed them further forward. Happily nothing came of the two headers they had late on.



    The early season mistake of letting established players know that things would be changing was another. The fall out ie Kris Commons situ is still rattling on.



    This will sound almost daft, but watching Ronny’s after match grandiose celebrations and the cagey formations, it’s almost like he doesn’t realise we should be destroying the opposition given the relative disparities.



    We are watching a turgid style just now and still little sign of improvement.



    Thankfully results have been favourable.

  10. I like ole R.D’s wind up after a victory..The pressure he’s under week after week,


    game after game,dealing wae the negative meeja etc etc.


    He’s never experienced anything like it. So go on Ronster enjoy it while yer young.







  11. Afternoon all.



    Good result considering we have slipped up there in the past but we played poorly – Izzy, Jason D, Virgil and CG excepted- and if ‘Rangers’ adopt the same tactics as the Staggies then they have a chance unless we score early. The trio of Guidetti, Griffiths and Commons was really poor and big Scepovic was even worse when he came on. Still a good result and at this stage of the season and on bumpy pitches on cold afternoons the results are what matters.



    I seldom listen to that Tanner- quite often at the games themselves and just fast forward him if watch it again- but he is terrible. Going on about that penalty claim but of course completely ignoring that in the incident where Virgil Van D was booked no fewer than three Celtic players were being fouled. I suppose it is gits like him that made somebody invet the mute button.





  12. Good result in the circumstances. RC are turgid, and deserving of relegation. The windy conditions and tight pitch negated Celtic’s passing game. How do you make forward passes into the danger area when there are 10 rugged defenders simply hoofing the ball clear? Teams like RC will drive fans away from the game.


    Der hun next week will try the same approach to keep the score down; not so easy at Hampden. We are far too good for them and they know it. You can smell their fear.


    I’m backing Celtic -3or4.



  13. robinbhoy,



    Yep, not a pitch to play a passing game, plus a packed midfield and defence…we won, that is what champions do.



    Overcome the hurdles put in front of us, the ref…what’s new in that department?



    We play a new club for the first time next week, here’s hoping the ground staff aren’t out with pitchforks and over water the pitch to even things up…as for the officials controlling the game! HH

  14. South Of Tunis on

    Someone called Mou Mou Milito on an Inter Blog –



    ” Watched Celtic , an away game .A 1-0 victory…Opponents called Rossco..Celtic make our they should be ashamed squad look like Real Madrid..Rossco were Lega Pro standard.”

  15. Today’s team IMHO :



    Gordon – dealt well with the few chances they had especially at the end – tough when you have been a spectator most of the game. Will have to be strong in the air next week as they will be pumping any balls they get high into the box – it’s the only plan they have.



    Matthews – deary me ! better forget that performance ! No penetration, poor distribution and crossing. Must surely be pushed by Lustig for next week’s game.



    VvD – steady on the ground and majestic in the air as usual. Broke forward only occasionally on dodgy surface. Forming a solid defensive partnership with Denayer. Again will be tested in the air next week but haven’t seen anyone in Scotland beat him in the air consistently.



    Denayer – if only he could pass to our players with his through balls ! Was confident in defence and probed going forward. Solid at the back alongside his partner. Will revel in next week’s contest.



    Izzy – didn’t hit the goal line often and then his crosses seemed to be long. His form on the ball is good – just need the right left side partner and a bit of width to the play.



    Broony – a bit casual at times today but never really in any trouble. Strolled through the game obviously a key man to dominate midfield battle next week.



    Bitton – Solid player with some skilful wee touches today, but likes a square / backward / 2 yard pass. Drops back to form a back 3 while the full back bomb forward. Forming the preferred holding duo with Broony.



    Commons – glad he scored albeit with a big deflection, but generally off the pace. Too many slack passes and needs an extra yard or two if he doesn’t want to be targetted for being a slow releasing the ball. Also not finding the space he did last season. Happy if he stays but needs that extra yard or two.



    Henderson – think he is better at a slower paced game. Seems to slow down the play too much. A fringe player at best just now – may develop with time. Needs to get head up quicker and find the telling pass in one movement. Next week would be too much for him.



    Griffiths – still think he is our most likely striker given the service, a problem across the board for our forward players. Needs the ball played past him into space not fired at him. Agree he has a great left foot. Hope he gets a run in the team including next week – we need pace and he is one of the few who have it.



    Guidetti – think his contract situation is weighing on him. Seems to be getting frustrated with that and his form is suffering. Needs goals so needs playing time, but not starting next week I fear.



    Subs :


    Scepovic – could be good – we just don’t see enough of him to decide. Takes up some good positions but gets frustrated when he doesn’t get the ball – and when he does, he rushes things. Needs confidence as all strikers do. A £2m sub at the moment.



    McGregor – comes from the same strange running school as Forrest ! Too peripheral and not direct enough. Early season scoring has dried up.



    Efe – not on long enough to do any damage today. His speed is his big asset but set off against his composure. Head like a sheriff’s badge !



    Poor surface with players tense and a bit careless today – 3 pts, another clean sheet and a clear week to prepare for next week’s semi.

  16. Tricoloured Ribbon on

    If ever a player deserved a bit of luck today it was Kris Commons.


    Especially considering his luck was right out at Kilmarnock.

  17. 67thheaven etc…



    Going forward try making an argument. You know the type of thing, the marshalling of facts …. Failing that perhaps a bigger login name might compensate.

  18. Next week’s team thoughts :



    We will go for experience where possible and enough height to cope with their long ball game, so think Lustig will play instead on Matthews to give us extra extra height. Apart from that, defensive 4 and 2 holding will be the same.



    Think Johansen will come back in for his energy, along with Stokes (has the experience of such games) with Henderson and Guidetti missing out. Forrest may add width and pace, and occupy Wallace who is a semblance of a player for them. Commons may start (if still here) and play in midfield behind Griffiths but the pace may be too much for him to start with. They, like us, will be guessing our starting line up until an hour before ko but I don’t think they have many options anyway.



    We must limit the number of free kicks and corners we concede, and must, must keep a high tempo from the start as they have an aging (crap) team and will tire in time as was shown against Hibs and Hertz. That’s when the agricultural tackles will come in if not sooner.



    Level heads and good ball possession essential to control the play and run the legs and lungs out of them.



    ——————— Gordon ———————


    Lustig —— VvD ——- Denayer —— Izzy


    ————Broony ———– Bitton ———–


    Forrrest ——— Johansen ———- Stokes


    ——————— Griffiths ———————–



    Subs Zaluska, Ambrose, Matthews, Henderson, Commons, Guidetti, Scepovic

  19. coolmore mafia on

    id say rangers are slightly better than ross county. with 25000 fans behind them, and roughly the same tactics as rc, only with more threat up front, there is no doubt we will tool to beat them if we play at the same standard as today.



    predictions of a cricket score are so wide of the mark. this is football. we will do well to win

  20. I love being a Celtic supporter, I really do.



    Good innit?



    C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Look, am in a good mood the night an am no gonny gie emdy a hard time.






    (My precious Celtic)