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  1. Mike



    I believe he signed an extension in 2013


    ML only played the 2nd half on Wed



    Now our Midfiled needs to improve here, need to get Guidettit and Griffiths into the game by finding space

  2. Seen a million games like this…



    * Dreadful pitch


    * Opponents making no attempt to play football


    * Ref giving them everything and us nothing.



    Usually it was Killie or Murderwell…

  3. Mike



    Yeah, need somebody to make runs from deeper to create some space around the box, get the defenders going where they don’t want to.



    They seem quite comfortable so far for a team who have lost their last 6 home games.

  4. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar / Neil Lennon.. Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Is Guidetti actually playing ?

  5. PF Ayr



    Is KC immune from any criticism,?he gets it because he is our best player and he is the one we look to do something in the game, I agree others are performing poorly but that doesn’t exclude individual comment against players.

  6. sixtaeseven - je suis charlie on

    Fitba V Anti Fitba




    FK for Celts just outsde the box



    Griffs or Commons?

  7. v,



    i could also say i cant hear the racing song without thinking of your good self and dunky



    between the glasgow celtic


    the champions of europe


    and racing from argentine



    ita a one two and then kick


    it was the craziest game ever seen

  8. coolmore mafia on

    Im trying to remember if I have ever seen a worse team than Ross County. My school team in the 70s would have horsed them. Primary school that is.