Ross County v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 19:45.


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  1. Just in case anyone wants to know…



    The programme also has some great adverts…. have a guess …




    “We shall all be moved ” ?…… Holiday Enterprises (consult Jim McGinley)







    Look for the “white Heather” sign of quality ?….Calder Millerfield ( pies and cooked meat specialists








    It’s a grand old firm to travel with ? …… Doug’s ( express coach service )







    “What will we do when the season ends “? ( Butlins )








    For superior and personal tailoring?… (Joe McGeachy. ..duke st )

  2. It’s a grand old firm to travel with ? …… Doug’s ( express coach service



    Doug’s should be Doig’s

  3. Direct TV / Fox Sports in US – TV schedule shows the game as being played at Victoria Park, Hartlepool, County Durham, Engurland!


    Hope someone has told the teams!!





    Didn’t expect as many changes but let’s get another 3pts in the bag before we play the sheep on Saturday HH !

  5. Surprised at the amount of changes tonight. Good to see some fringe players given a run out. Some regulars could do with a break..

  6. Chris Sutton saying as it is. Why all this talk about a new team, when it is Ross County and Celtic that are playing? But keep on letting them know, Chris.

  7. Big Sutty giving it tight to Craigan, Sevco, their players, manager and King…brilliant punditry..Craigan nearly exploded.




    “I’m here to put them in their place”




  8. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    CATMAN on 26TH OCTOBER 2016 6:54 PM


    St Stivs




    Ear to the ground as always




    Your name came up in an interview I was doing today










    C.I.D. or M.I.5 ?

  9. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on



    Catman & Saint Stivs




    Let me venture…




    “Tell me about the last time you had to handle a difficult Unrepentant Fenian Bassa? What were the circumstances … blah., blah ;-)







    aw shucks, thats the best compliment I have had in ages,



    keep it lit.

  10. From FF..be afraid, the Rengers are cummin





    Potential to be 1 point behind Tarriers at weekend


    Just seen their team on Twitter for tonight. Theirs every chance they’ll lose that one.



    Then they go to Pittodrie on Sunday and could easily lose up there or at least drop a point.



    We should be winning our 2 games.



    What a difference in perspective that could make.



    They can’t possibly keep getting the results they have been and we can only improve on our start.



    From being out of it and despondent the other say there’s a fair chance we’ll be right back in the hunt fairly quick.



    Just need a bit of consistency.

  11. Good afternoon from a chilly eastern seaboard.


    49F in the great Garden State.


    Apart from the cloudless sky I could be in Dingwall.

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