Rugby refereeing leaving football in wake


Honestly, see these rugby types complaining about a referee, don’t they know these things even themselves out over the season? What’s that? You mean the maths suggest that random events don’t even themselves out with small sample sizes, such as cup ties (sample of 1) and games against rivals (same of 4)?

The ‘even themselves out’ brigade could do with some remedial maths, it’s statistical hokum.

Within 24 hours of a mistake World Rugby called it so. No ‘referees’ union’ stonewalling, no defending the indefensible, no conspiracy to hide a lie, no tolerance of unacceptable standards, no fans left wondering why their game was misaligned with the rules. Without delay, World Rugby set the record straight, there is literally nothing more to see here.

Compare and contrast with our own sport in Scotland. The ‘referees’ union’ is alive and well, indefensible decisions are excused by a myriad of excuses, unacceptable standards have been tolerated for decades, instead of an explanation, fans are left with a vacuum into which they attempt to construct reason (which is very unhelpful). And although a referee quickly declared his own lie, the culture of the SFA was such that it was not declared beyond the Association until after a whistle-blower made sure it was known. Fifa is not the only football organisation bedevilled by a culture of cronyism.

Scottish football is under no pressure from above to improve. Fifa and Uefa thrive in the culture which has recently been revealed – largely by US prosecutors and journalists, some of whom have been whistling in the wind for 30 years. This percolates down to national associations, who are filled with office holders, appointed by the same patronage culture which allowed Michel Platini pocket 2m Swiss francs from Sep Blatter’s Fifa.

Nor is there sufficient pressure on the SFA from member clubs, apart from Celtic and one or two others, who are viewed as pariahs by some at Hampden, for the persistent flow of DVD-enclosed performance complaints.

It’s not easy being a referee; good ones are invaluable. They will continue to make mistakes at all levels, in all sports, but it should be easy to have an open culture which recognises the interests of the paying spectators. Just as World Rugby does. Protecting referees with a wall of silence is, in fact, not protecting them at all.

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  1. The changes I think those who run the club should make are the following.


    Pay the living wage.


    Push for a reform of the refereeing system, and go the whole hog, no half measures that will still give the mib’s any room for cheating.


    That would do it for me, anything else can be brought about over time, take their referees away, they are fecked, well and truly.

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut





    In my opinion, for anyone to even think that Celtic had a hand in keeping thems alive is preposterous, not a chance, but people will say that, and I get that, but in my opinion it’s mischief making and playing silly burgers , seeking attention on there agenda.





    Celtic do the right thing with stupid questions like this, just ignore them, toanswer them only gives the idiots oxygen for there agenda, it’s to obvious.





    This isn’t a bunch of clowns we have at Celtic park on the board yi know, some very successful business men up there you know, not some Johnny come lately who took a three year crash course at university on left wing politics and sits in the north east section at Celtic Park grooming teenagers to get the nic to suit there agenda.





    Lurking Huns GIRFUYs



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/alan-muir-what-a-performance-fac-nadir/comment-page-10/#comment-2699722

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    TD67.Our board may be full of clever businessmen as you say but there communication skills are pretty poor and there must be a reason for that ? A lot of the suspicion could be cleared up if the board was more open.H.H.

  4. Paul



    Why do SFA have the monopoly of supplying referees?



    Is it written somewhere that the SPFL must use SFA referees or could any referee from any national association trained to that associations standards be used?



    Time to challenge the SFA monopoly on all the services it provides football, but refs would be a good start.

  5. Paul,


    “Nor is there sufficient pressure on the SFA from member clubs, apart from Celtic and one or two others”



    With respect it would appear our club has decided to return to the back of the bus….as this reply to the email sent on Saturday suggests…..



    “I think given the furore caused the last time we asked for clarification on a referee’s decision it’s unlikely that the Club will make its feelings public, however some of the decisions were quite unbelievable and I think this will be reflected in the post match reports.”



    Oh for a Fergus or Bob Kelly……

  6. So the living wage is on hand again, I’v yet to see someone who works at Celtic Park to take the lead on this! Who is the spokesperson up front sitting down with Celtic negotiating this LW request?


    Anyone know, would I be going out on a limb saying it isn’t a worker? I don’t know I’m just asking?

  7. Boycotting Alan Muir’s next game refereeing a Celtic match is an excellent idea, provided it`s away from home. The opposition would miss their big pay day, which would surely lead to some action. It might even work at a home game, providing it was pay as you go customers that boycotted, as the club already has the season ticket money.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Interesting to see how it’s being played out so differently in the media. Two days on they are still banging on about the outrage of the decision.


    After the cup semi it was all “oh we’ll, yes it was a mistake, but we need to move on now.”

  9. 20th April 2015


    With the Club being inundated today, Celtic can confirm that it has written to the SFA regarding yesterday’s match and in particular the incident involving Leigh Griffiths and Josh Meekings.


    “First and foremost we absolutely congratulate Inverness Caledonian Thistle on reaching the Scottish Cup final. They are a fantastic club and reaching the final is a great achievement.


    “However, given the level of reaction from our supporters and across football, we are duty bound to seek an understanding of what actually happened.


    “We have not been given any other specific explanation so far and this is simply to understand the circumstances of what went on and why such an obvious error was made.”



    Was there an answer given by the SFA to Celtic’s question? If yes, was this made public?


    Can’t remember any explanation being given.

  10. I am all for boycotting the next game Muir is appointed to ref. I also think it should be an away game and one that is televised. SKY/BT might then begin to ask the questions that should have been asked years ago.

  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Here’s a thought – maybe Muir has a background as a rugby ref. Would explain why he lets all these handballs go……

  12. Gary67


    To this day I don’t remember Celtic getting an answer, absolutely shocking behaviour from a company I’m paying into , the SFA that is. Everyone forgets that.

  13. Tony – you describe anyone who says anything you dont like as having an agenda whilst of course you and anyone you agree with has an opinion.



    Silly boy.



    Turkeybhoy I actually agreed with your earlier post on past boards – they have, as a whole been largely silent on the racism and cheating simply because they thought it was good for business. Onthe few occassions Celtic have chosen to fight there has been some notable success (retaining the tricolour and Farry sacking).



    Two main things have changed Turkeybhoy. Society has at least tried to move on and racism is now reviled (it really wasnt so in the recent past). Now Scotland cant move on from its very particular favourite form of racism simply because it doesnt want to. These tensions are now showing everywhere with the orwellian OBFAC claiming to stamp out the very thing it is encouraging. The racist genie as a general theme cannot be put back in the bottle. Now the SNP administration is doing all sorts of mental gymnastics to say sectarianism is different from racism and that sectarianism is a very vague term but they are having to do this against a backdrop which is threatening to expose scotlands racism.



    So the world has moved on.



    Secondly, and most importantly, the huns went bust. We are the most powerful voice in scottish football. And yet the cheating goes on. And even worse, the one superpower left in scottish football (copyriight Paul67) says and does nothing. That superpower actually goes out of its way to support the huns ressurection by cooperating in the 5 way agreement.



    Now all this collussion may have been going on all those years, but the veil is lifted for us all to see. We then need to make our personal choices around whether you are happy to go along with the charade that sees you, your friends, your family etc subjected to racism and corruption. I am not calling for a bhoycot, Perhaps I did in the past but I realise its such a personal decision. But equally I dont think we should be kidding ourselves on either.



    All this guff Paul spouts about DVDs being sent etc is just guff. Its a wee nod to you to convince you the club has it covered. No it doesnt.



    And Auldheid, your post earlier indicates that celtic can do nothing about the cronyism and corruption. The one superpower club in scotland are powerless? That PL holds key SFA positions makes him powerless does it?



    Celtic need only take the courage to act in their hands. All hell would break loose I am sure, but better to face your demons than hide from them, fearful to act. The truth is Celtic arent fearful. They are complicit.

  14. Gary67 I am sure Celtic had a response – but couldnt be bothered telling the support (whom it blamed for having to ask in the first place)!

  15. It’s no wonder the number of folk getting involved on here is falling rapidly.



    When the ‘Fart under a Duvet’ never seems to dissipate!



    MWD said AYE

  16. Tony,


    name names , who ar ethese people, have you met them and are they a danger to the PLC ?



    should we be scared,






    not some Johnny come lately who took a three year crash course at university on left wing politics and sits in the north east section at Celtic Park grooming teenagers to get the nic to suit there agenda. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/rugby-refereeing-leaving-football-in-wake/#sthash.Tljyq1Dm.dpuf

  17. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    NEGANON2. That is the conclusion we are left with due to silence from the board at Parkhead that they are complicit.Now TD67 defends the board for all he is worth but that will not clarify anything only Tonys opinion which is worth no more than yours or mine the board remain silent for a reason and I think there are many Celtic supporters who would like to know why the the board sit like the three monkeys and Hear no evil,See no evi land,Speak no evil. H.H.

  18. Regarding the perceived poor communication by the board…



    Celtic football club does not exist within a vacuum. The club has to operate within a region and country that detests them. The press are naturally hostile.



    If the club has to communicate something, it has to be expected that the hostile press will put their own spin on it. As we saw with “smellygate” the club cannot discretely discuss something with fans without it being leaked into the press who will try and damage the club.



    The club have to go about their business discretely in the background because of our environment. It’s unfortunate but it’s the world we live in.

  19. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    BSR 1253: Tut,tut! ‘ Nor hell a fury like a ….. ‘ Old WS will be birling like a Petrie! As will your old English teacher. :) :)

  20. Cosy Corner Bhoy on

    My old English teacher on the other hand would say ‘Watch that spell-checker it does not recognise anything other than proper grammar! Petrie was meant to be peerie!!

  21. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    TIMALOY29. So because we have many enemies in the Media Celtic should sit on there hands and say nothing which increases the suspicion of the support or they could inform the support and work with them to ensure the truth outs. It is not right to say this is the World we live in as though it cannot be changed as that is allowing our detractors the upper hand the answer is for Celtic to engage with the support on a consistant basis or we will for ever be suspicious. H.H.

  22. The media in scotland have always had it in for us, they make up lies about us.


    Who cares what they say or think, they are only preaching to their own kind.


    Feck them.

  23. timaloy29 on 20th October 2015 1:12 pm



    So why don’t Celtic employ a professional PR company and use them to drive their agenda.


    It cant be that expensive, a liquidated club and a soon to be in administration (allegedly) club have been doing it for several years.


    The media are lazy and in desperate need of income. Feed them the stories and let them do the work us.

  24. TET,



    We don’t operate in a vacuum. Celtic and the support are affected by how our team is perceived by the majority in the country, including those who are not interested in football. We are seen as part of a despised minority, which is why the media can make up any sort of nonsense and have it accepted. It is why the likes of Salmond can call a summit which includes us to deal with a problem, of which we are the victims, while he portrays us as one of the perpetrators. It is why the likes of Mrs Budge can give us a bad name for some relatively mild bad behaviour, while she stays quiet when her own supporters are beaten up in full public view at Ibrox. Until Scotland itself acknowledges that the country has a racist problem, we will not move on. Only then will the Establishment allow the deid team to die. Only then can we expect a level playing field. Imo, that is not going to happen any time soon and we simply should find another league, as it looks like there is little point in seeking help or support from UEFA or FIFA, who both seem to be as corrupt as the SFA.

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