Rugby will give green light for peoples’ game too


Scotland went into the current level of restrictions with an infection rate marginally below that of England, this week, we are marginally higher.  Millions of individual actions go into these figures but evidence for the effectiveness of closing outdoor events does not exist.  They remained open in England but shut in Scotland.

Scottish Rugby have a home game against England at Murryfield scheduled for 6 February, a game they threatened to take to Newcastle, if current restrictions were not lifted.  Newcastle United host 50,000 spectators each home game without troubling their infection rates.  On socioeconomic terms, football and rugby are miles apart.

Our governments in Edinburgh and London only care about one when their flag of choice can be waved to a patriotic anthem.  Scotland moving a rugby game to England, or vice versa, would be anathema – the opposite of a patriotic opportunity.  Whatever steps necessary to keep the Scotland-England rugby game at Murrayfield will be taken.

Today, the First Minister has little choice but to relent and open what is scientifically believed to be the safest way to meet and interact with other people – outdoor events.  I fear some random limit below Celtic Park capacity, and of a temporary nature that expires before 6 February, but hopefully 60,000 of us will be able to gather on Monday to see our new Japanese recruits play for Celtic for the first time.

We are far from through with this scourge and need to follow scientific advice (if not government words and actions).  Limit indoor interactions, keep windows open and all spaces ventilated, meet outdoors whenever possible, follow clear scientific advice and roll up your sleeve.  And are you really too special to wear a mask?

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  1. TMcL @ 4.39



    Facilities block / car park / bus park — behind the JS stand with a pitch on top?



    One of the many potential solutions that was discussed yesterday regarding the siting of a B Team stadium.



    You would be correct.



    Regarding the professional slaughtering of PL — I would start at the general level and then work my way up.

  2. GREENPINATA on 11TH JANUARY 2022 5:02 PM



    Maritime 1980.




    How can anything be above you are top of page three.





    Good point.

  3. I was in the garage there, and while waiting had a swatch at the daily record.



    Que suprise that Keith Jackson has the tagline



    “Scotlands most influential sports-writer”



    it genuinely had me laughing out loud.

  4. The forge shopping centre brings more footfall and spending to the east end than celtic does.



    I stood on the celtic park stairs and waited with hundreds of others to buy my shareholding at the time, Fergus gave a clear business strategy and model, and a chance to own a piece of it.


    So thats kaiboshed.



    Our growth agenda today has been declared, Hotel, museum , shop, all on the plot of land below the js stand,


    There is no room for a pitch, and I asked yesterday, how many people actually go watch any of our other teams ?


    Has the Lowland league enjoyed attendnace booms because some senior teams reserves are in it ?


    Genuine question where is the demand ?


    Games before or after the bit-team fixtures, might work somewhere in the east end,


    I dont know anyone that would take an afternoon off work to go see the under 18s play Queens Park in a fixture.


    In fact, does anyone go see the B team ?


    anyone go watch the Ladies ?



    Rule number 1 in a growth agenda – make sure there is a demand for the service or product you are going to provide.

  5. While walking the dog in Newton Mearns today I couldnt help overhearing this conversation..


    Male dog walker 60 odds to female dog walker 50 odds..


    ‘when it comes to football I have no time for either club. I’ve never met a fan of Rangers or Celtic whose not a bigot, it’s all about bigotry.


    Woman…’well I was brought up Rangers and my husband is a season ticket holder at Celtic, a nicer human being you could not meet ‘..


    Him….(wanting the ground to open up)..’Wolfgang,Wolfgang here boy!’



    Cheered me up.










    I’ve attended six B team games this season and intend being at Gretna this weekend,






    good info,


    can i ask some more then ?


    are you retired ? do you see hundreds, thousands of celtic supporters at these games ?


    any connection to the team, or are you following for the novelty of different grounds ?


    did you watch them before they joined this league ?



    genuinly interested.

  7. SS,



    Very briefly,



    You’re not comparing like with like. The forge is open 7 days a week with over 70 different owners.


    Nobody flies in or travels the length 9f the country to go to the forge.


    No hotel bookings are taken for forge attendance.


    No income is taken in the city center for attending the forge.


    Celtic Park is the 7th most popular visitor destination in Scotland. Do visitors specifically go to the Forge.?


    Celtic and supporters contribute circa £180 to the Scottish economy. Does any individual Forge company come close. ?



    Play fair.




  8. Celtic Park is the 7th most popular visitor destination in Scotland.



    got a source for that ?

  9. Yeti @ 6.16



    There is a demand to see more CFC branded football.


    The B team has been a great success and is starting to have the visibility of the QSG inspired reserves of yore.



    You seem to forget that there has been recent talk about a stand in Barrowfield as well as the indoor pitch.



    Sometimes you just have to take that big “Wee FMcC” step into the “unknown”.



    P/head needs more fan facilities — it is the way of the world as income levels rise.


    We need to join that wave and not stand on the sidelines tutting at the thought of spending some disposable income on luxuries like food / drink / parking.



    It is all part of the plan — AP fires up the team and brings in overseas players.


    They play good football and guess what — the world might want to visit.


    Happens all across the globe in various guises so why not Glesga?


    We do a roaring trade with 10 of the 32 counties already.


    Consequently deliver it and they will come.

  10. SS- if i was free during the week, and a B Team game was on at a revamped Barrowfield, i would go…….but i wouldn’t give Airdrie any money….

  11. there is no current planning application to build a stand ay barrowfield, to do it would require a reduction in the 2 grass pitch sizes, or maybe one taken away,



    i posted the pdfs yesterday.

  12. Saint Stivs,



    From BBC sport.


    I guess it may even be greater than 7th nowadays.







    Celtic contribute around £165m to Scotland’s economy annually – more than the 2014 Commonwealth Games – according to a report commissioned by the club.



    The Fraser of Allander Institute economists examined spending by the Scottish champions and their spectators during the 2016-17 season.



    Celtic chief executive Peter Lawwell hoped policy makers would take note.



    “The economic contribution from football, and Celtic in particular, is consistently undervalued,” he said.



    The reports states:



    Celtic and their supporters contributed £165m in 2016-17 to the Scottish economy


    The spending helped support the equivalent of 2,820 full-time equivalent jobs


    Celtic Park is the seventh most popular visitor destination in Scotland


    Celtic FC is the 25th strongest brand in world football


    Celtic’s club website ranks 23rd in world football for “hits”, with more than one third coming from outside Scotland


    Almost two million fans attended matches involving Celtic during the 2016-17 season


    More than 40% of Celtic’s day-to-day spending was with Scottish firms


    The institute states that other studies have

  13. Executive summary


    The economic contribution of Celtic FC


    ■ This report examines the economic contribution of Celtic FC to the Scottish economy. It was


    commissioned by Celtic FC and prepared independently by the Fraser of Allander Institute, at the


    University of Strathclyde.


    ■ Celtic FC is a leading professional football club in Scotland, playing matches in Glasgow and


    participating in domestic and European competitions.


    ■ In 2016/17, the most recent year available when this study was prepared, Celtic FC’s turnover was


    £90.6 million. The club directly employed 507 people (on a full-time equivalent basis) across a range


    of activities, from professional services through to football-related staff.


    ■ With Holyrood’s budget soon to be determined by tax revenues raised in Scotland, such activities are


    also important for funding public services. For example, the wages that Celtic FC’s activities supports


    help to raise income tax revenues for the Scottish Government while spending will also generate VAT




    ■ As a major sporting club, however, the economic impact of Celtic FC extends beyond the footprint


    of the club itself. Over the course of season 2016/2017, almost 2 million people attended matches


    involving Celtic FC. These spectators, in turn, represent a boost to the local economy through their


    spending power in hotels, on transport and on food and drink.


    ■ To capture the economic impact of such activities, we undertook our largest ever survey of


    supporters. This enabled us to obtain detailed information on the amount spent around Celtic FC


    matches in Glasgow, Scotland and Europe.


    ■ In addition to direct economic and sporting activities, Celtic FC’s activities include a variety of socioeconomic activities, primarily through the work of Celtic FC Foundation.


    ■ In our analysis of economic impact, we take one season’s worth of activity (2016/17) as an


    illustration. We assess not only the direct impact of Celtic FC activities, but also the wider spill-over


    effects into the Scottish economy.


    ■ Our analysis finds that –


    ■ For the 2016/17 season, Celtic FC’s activities plus all spending by spectators at Celtic matches


    contributed £165 million to Scottish GDP, helping to support 2,820 jobs.


    ■ On a net basis – i.e. adjusting for the impact of spending which is not additional to the Scottish


    economy – we find a contribution to Scottish GDP of £95 million, helping to support around


    1,780 jobs.


    ■ It is important to note that whilst we focus upon the 2016/17 season, similar levels of economic


    activity will be supported each and every year.


    ■ We find that much of this economic boost is located within the local region. An increasing number of


    national and local governments are seeking to use regular sporting events – including football – as a


    lever to help support economic development.



  14. SFTB- I just read the Judge’s opinion of the head cop,and his interview techniques…..’Lord Tyre wrote in response: “As regards behaviour during interviews, there was evidence.. of unacceptable intimidatory and threatening behaviour by Mr Robertson during interviews.



    “In other respects I found Mr Robertson’s evidence unsatisfactory.

  15. Talking about visitor tours.:-



    My daughter was dragged by her Chelsea supporting man to a stadium tour of Stamford Bridge.


    I was told it was a brilliant experience and that Celtic should emulate the format and advertising.



    I warned them both that my daughter should not appear in a Chelsea top. To no avail as the photographs are damning.



    PS : Her man is from Donagal and is a passionate Chelsea and Celtic supporter.




    Retired and returning to pre-employment/marriage habits when I regularly watched the Reserves and Youth Team at CP or whilst in Lanarkshire. Airdrie is fairly handy for me. The crowds vary but normally 200-300. Yes I’m interested in the B team but I’ve been watching Celtic teams, bar the pandemic, for 54 years. No interest in women’s football though I like to see Celtic and Arsenal ladies win. Hope this suffices.

  17. WINNINGEMMELL on 11TH JANUARY 2022 7:13 PM





    Retired and returning to pre-employment/marriage habits when I regularly watched the Reserves and Youth Team at CP or whilst in Lanarkshire. Airdrie is fairly handy for me. The crowds vary but normally 200-300. Yes I’m interested in the B team but I’ve been watching Celtic teams, bar the pandemic, for 54 years. No interest in women’s football though I like to see Celtic and Arsenal ladies win. Hope this suffices.






    aye ta,


    I thibk the same for me, qhwn i retire i mean, i will go back to watching any football anywhere i can, when out and about i will take in games just as i am passing.



    I just dont know that getting it centred on the east end, in our own mini estada, would have the support turn up (other than a match day)



    i went to a few games at cappielow, and was suprised in this celtic daft areait was only a few hundred in attendnace, many of them parents.



    hopefully in the near future, the celtic park footprint has the hotel. almores cafe, and more hospitality available, better usage than a fitba pitch that i bet would become the equivalent for the modern day weans waiting outside the pub.



    If I returned to pre-marriage habits, I would swiftly become unmarried! Por cierto.😊

  19. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    The Djokovic (sp) saga has me pondering on the number of sports people who have refused to be vaccinated.


    I would have thought that they would be one cohort sensitive to the effects of the virus would have both on health and career.


    Is it all down to My Body, My Choice?





    The cynical me had a thought that perhaps there is a fear that the vaccine would possibly react with whatever “supplements” the athlete was taking, in an adverse way.



    However, the non cynical me says that is all nonsense, and they are merely preserving the sanctity of their body, which is a temple.

  20. I played one time on the pitch outside Ibrox in the early afternoon before a huns game.


    This was for the College of Building and Prinitng, and the team we were up against played in hoops,



    Quite a crowd gathered , the abuse was incredible and my team was getting all the supprt, get intae them fenian bassas, such and such like, the other team scored and the striker did the sign of the cross, this would have been 1983.



    we got beat, and I wisnae trying that much, equally i didnt go near the pitch ends as i had on my crucifix.



    after the game i walked through them to go get the train at cardonald, convinced they new i was a tim as walking in opposite direction and shitting myself.



    the things you do for a game of fitba then.

  21. Big Ajer versus Big Forster right now. First blood to Southampton. Stewart Armstrong on the bench.

  22. So,by my reckoning,that’s only Ross County the residents of Pandemonium don’t detest at the moment,while wishing all sorts of terrible ends for the rest.


    A number in one Hun blog,even hoping a few get liquidated !!!!!!!!!!


    Irony so delicious,and jaw dropping at the same time.

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