Rugby will give green light for peoples’ game too


Scotland went into the current level of restrictions with an infection rate marginally below that of England, this week, we are marginally higher.  Millions of individual actions go into these figures but evidence for the effectiveness of closing outdoor events does not exist.  They remained open in England but shut in Scotland.

Scottish Rugby have a home game against England at Murryfield scheduled for 6 February, a game they threatened to take to Newcastle, if current restrictions were not lifted.  Newcastle United host 50,000 spectators each home game without troubling their infection rates.  On socioeconomic terms, football and rugby are miles apart.

Our governments in Edinburgh and London only care about one when their flag of choice can be waved to a patriotic anthem.  Scotland moving a rugby game to England, or vice versa, would be anathema – the opposite of a patriotic opportunity.  Whatever steps necessary to keep the Scotland-England rugby game at Murrayfield will be taken.

Today, the First Minister has little choice but to relent and open what is scientifically believed to be the safest way to meet and interact with other people – outdoor events.  I fear some random limit below Celtic Park capacity, and of a temporary nature that expires before 6 February, but hopefully 60,000 of us will be able to gather on Monday to see our new Japanese recruits play for Celtic for the first time.

We are far from through with this scourge and need to follow scientific advice (if not government words and actions).  Limit indoor interactions, keep windows open and all spaces ventilated, meet outdoors whenever possible, follow clear scientific advice and roll up your sleeve.  And are you really too special to wear a mask?

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  1. Yeti aka Stx2 @ 7.19



    Intrigued by what kind of career in business would generate that level of negativity?



    Was it Laker Airways followed by Betamax followed by Squarials followed by Rover followed by Nokia followed by Carillion?



    P/head desperately needs more fan facilities.


    The Kerrydale Suite shows the demand that is out there.


    The area behind the JS stand is big enough to support a full sized pitch.


    Surface area of 115M x 90m plus would be enough for the pitch / run-off areas / seats.


    Rubb advertise that their rigid tent style indoor arenas can clear span up to 100m.



    So the space is there — the issue is what else do you build?


    The trick would be to have the ground level set up for bus parking.


    Then would come 2 / 3 / 4 + levels of run of the mill multi storey car parking.



    With “open” fan facilities facing onto the JS stand and the old Janefield Street.


    You could bridge across from the upper levels of the JS Stand onto the upper levels for direct access to new facilities after you had gone through the turnstiles.



    The trick would be a bit of style to hide the potential bulk of such a structure.


    The next step would be the economics — build investment vs income / profits.



    £10 to park a car for the game?


    Do you need to pay to park a bus now?


    Plug number — 400 to 500 cars per level / lower floors include fan facilities.



    Matchday spend — £100K vs £200K? @ 30 home games a season?


    Other events / naming rights / sponsorship / weekday usage / roof advert?


    Bus parking = Event space on non matchdays.



    Wee FMcC has done the hard part.


    If he could build a brand new stadium on the ashes of the old board 1n 1994 after a Tory economic meltdown then building some large scale extra facilities just as the Glesga baby boomers hit retirement with paid off mortgages and disposable income coming out of their ears — then that should be a doddle.



    And then would come the new main stand …



    Haven’t read back, Bit puzzled how you gained the alternative ‘Abominable’ moniker?

  3. IQV @ 8.12



    Stx2 — now known as Yeti aka the Abominable No-man.


    Well known in business process / change management circles as the man that says no whatever the question.



    The issue is our future growth agenda — B team stadium first up.

  4. “GREENPINATA on 11TH JANUARY 2022 7:05 PM


    PS : Her man is from Donagal and is a passionate Chelsea and Celtic supporter.”



    Before the Huns adopted Chelsea as their English team, I knew quite a few Tims ( myself included) who had a soft spot for Chelsea and their fans. A minority of the support were of the right wing variety politically and,as is often the case,many others were tarnished with the same brush.


    Before Abramovich, Chelsea fans never really expected much from their team but thoroughly enjoyed any success and enjoyed the flamboyant style of the likes of Osgood, Cooke and Hudson almost regardless of the score.


    I don`t know how the Hun connection arose but the Media`s portrayal of Celtic supporters as being behind what was presented as IRA terrorism turned many any who were interested against Celtic and towards a favouring of Rangers.

  5. MM going back to the Fergus days there have been numerous ideas/plans for facilities outside the stadium all have been given no encouragement by the council

  6. CAMUSBHOY on 11TH JANUARY 2022 8:21 PM


    MM going back to the Fergus days there have been numerous ideas/plans for facilities outside the stadium all have been given no encouragement by the council






    an excellent point, and one of the reasons behind the FAI economic report.

  7. INIQUITOUSIV on 11TH JANUARY 2022 8:12 PM







    Haven’t read back, Bit puzzled how you gained the alternative ‘Abominable’ moniker?






    should I do the big reveal and tell him what I do for a living ? in the real world.



    without soundign boastful.

  8. For the BBC it was ` Gerrard`s Rangers (sic)` and now it is ` Gerrard`s Villa`, Do other managers get that?


    Maybe Jose Mourinho did but he had done enough to warrant. Also, he was a bit of a character but Gerrard? Tremendous player but very much has he still to prove himself as a Manager.

  9. MADMITCH on 11TH JANUARY 2022 8:08 PM


    Yeti aka Stx2 @ 7.19







    Intrigued by what kind of career in business would generate that level of negativity?






    you missed the hover pitch and a casino.

  10. Hot Smoked



    The ten year old me decided to support Chelsea in the 1970 FA Cup final as it seemed everybody in Scotland was supporting Leeds – due to Bremner, Lorimar and Gray.



    I’ve stuck with them ever since, through thick and thin as my favorite English team, although I must admit I haven’t enjoyed the Abramovich era. I’m not impressed with the way clubs have become millionaires playthings.



    In the eighties when they were yoyo-ing between the top two divisions, like Norwich and Watford do now, you couldn’t imagine a time that they would win the CL!

  11. Mad Mitch



    Really sensible strait forward and deliverable initiatives. It will never catch on !

  12. Billybhoy67



    Agree re Chelsea in 1970 cup final



    Bonetti McReadie Webb Hollins Harris Dempsey Cooke Hudson Osgood Hutchinson and Houseman



    From memory so it may not be exactly right.



    2 Scots in the Chelsea team. Always one for cheering the underdog I was supporting them in both games.

  13. Tom McLaughlin on




    I think I’m right in saying Frank Lampard Snr played in that game and scored the winner.

  14. park the bus 442 long ball on

    No politician or journalist will be brave enough to face George Galloway.


    100% of Celtic fc’s enemies are terrified to face George Galloway.


    However, GB news journo, Colin Brazier is well aware of the cowardice to face George Galloway from those who weave webs of deceit, so he treats GG with respect, and understanding of GG’s suppressed media opportunities. A journo who never tires of expressing his status as a devout Roman Catholic, something that wouldn’t be allowed on any other tv channel on this small island. Colin Brazier knows that the only way his viewers will learn the truth about Scottish issues is through the non restricted, non kult kloned, George Galloway. 👍 🙏





    GB News (@GBNEWS) Tweeted:


    ‘It’s political posturing, she [Nicola Sturgeon] called it wrong’



    George Galloway reacts to restrictions on large outdoor events in Scotland being lifted.



    Watch GB News: Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 626

  15. Great reading over the Xmas break – not here, but with Cascarino and McGrath’s biographies; interesting stuff even if Paul’s boozing story was a bit repetitive – a nice – troubled – lad enslaved by his bevvy addiction.



    Couldn’t finish ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ as was much inferior to anything by Joe Bageant; Quickly donated to Opp Shop.


    Currently ripping thru Carl Hiaasen’s ‘Squeeze Me’ – typically great comic romp from the Floridian.



    As a regular A-league watcher, I’m a bit surprised by McGree at 2mill; currently the Australian Lewis Ferguson.


    My Boro pal says if Wilder and Postecoglou are chasing Riley, then he must be the biz – I sure hope so.


    Just don’t see who he replaces in our rich midfield area – he may be a young McCarthy with an eye for goal IMO.



    I think Hearts did V smart business with Nat Atkinson; comparable player to RMcG albeit in different positions.



    Well done to the Board for backing AP’s wishes; here’s to a strong Australasian push to overturn that pesky 6-point gap.




  16. So when will this tyranny stop?



    If you decide the Vaccine isnae working for you – @ dose 3, 4 or 5 – You are chucked on the unvaccinated scrapheap.



    BANNED frae so much.



    I expect this Medical/Private issue to be incorporated into so much now and It is shameful.



    Cannae wait to See the new Bhoys on Monday.



    Pride is the maist deadly Sin efter all.

  17. Burnley78



    If that final had been a couple of years later I might not have supported Chelsea. We had a colour telly by then!



    Years later, around 78 I was on holiday in Majorca and got chatting to a group of Chelsea fans. They expressed surprise that a Celtic fan liked Chelsea. One guy was quite sceptical. I then said that I’d been supporting them since the Chelsea H-Bombs. He looked at me quizzically and then I rhymed off Hollins, Hudson, Hutchison Houseman and Harris.



    He was pretty impressed!

  18. Tom McLaughlin on 11th January 2022 10:07 pm



    Boris Johnston won’t survive the week.






    There is no way he should.

  19. CB @ 8.21



    Did Wee FMcC need encouragement from the council?


    The stadium masterplan of 10 years ago was panned for its lego block level of detailing.


    The hotel design is honking.



    A bit more effort might get the council onside.



    For the record this is the first time I have ever heard it raised that the council have been holding back the club — in mad mentalist TFOD2.1 circles we seemingly get every help going due to our Opus Dei links to them and the secret Vatican slush fund that we can access every Holy day of Obligation.

  20. Yeti @ Tease Central



    With your attitude to a growth agenda — one thing for sure you are not the Fridge magnet.



    Everything points to you being second string exec level for a property or facilities management company — worked you way up to having your own crew and a small empire in a big company.



    Probably a national account manager responsible for a bank.



    For the record their is quite a bit of space behind the JS stand — enough for a full sized pitch.

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