Rugby will give green light for peoples’ game too


Scotland went into the current level of restrictions with an infection rate marginally below that of England, this week, we are marginally higher.  Millions of individual actions go into these figures but evidence for the effectiveness of closing outdoor events does not exist.  They remained open in England but shut in Scotland.

Scottish Rugby have a home game against England at Murryfield scheduled for 6 February, a game they threatened to take to Newcastle, if current restrictions were not lifted.  Newcastle United host 50,000 spectators each home game without troubling their infection rates.  On socioeconomic terms, football and rugby are miles apart.

Our governments in Edinburgh and London only care about one when their flag of choice can be waved to a patriotic anthem.  Scotland moving a rugby game to England, or vice versa, would be anathema – the opposite of a patriotic opportunity.  Whatever steps necessary to keep the Scotland-England rugby game at Murrayfield will be taken.

Today, the First Minister has little choice but to relent and open what is scientifically believed to be the safest way to meet and interact with other people – outdoor events.  I fear some random limit below Celtic Park capacity, and of a temporary nature that expires before 6 February, but hopefully 60,000 of us will be able to gather on Monday to see our new Japanese recruits play for Celtic for the first time.

We are far from through with this scourge and need to follow scientific advice (if not government words and actions).  Limit indoor interactions, keep windows open and all spaces ventilated, meet outdoors whenever possible, follow clear scientific advice and roll up your sleeve.  And are you really too special to wear a mask?

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  1. park the bus 442 long ball on

    Boris is sticking two fingers up to the swamp creatures.


    The swamp creatures are now revealing stuff that they hid at the time.


    I wonder what else their hiding?


    Who cares!


    If you fall for media lies then you can’t be helped.





    Neil Clark (@NeilClark66) Tweeted:


    You’ve got to be very suspicious as to why all this #DowningStreetParties stuff is coming out now- and not 12 months ago when we were in lockdown. Is it coming out now because the leakers don’t like the fact Johnson didn’t impose any more restrictions at Christmas?




    Who could blame McGree if he were to choose Boro over us?



    I’m pretty sure the Boro fans don’t turn against players who sustain a long-term injury.

  3. park the bus 442 long ball on

    Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people. #WakeUp

  4. Tom McLaughlin



    could blame McGree if he were to choose Boro over us ?





  5. park the bus 442 long ball on

    Had anybody even heard of McGree before a couple of days ago?


    Maybe he doesn’t fancy running about like a headless chicken and do in his hamstring?


    Maybe he doesn’t fancy playing tippy tappy for 96 mins trying to get roon the Livi and St Mirren parked buses?

  6. If Riley opts for Wilder tutelage at Boro, it could be cos Ange can’t or won’t guarantee him a starting slot.


    Mibby he doesn’t fancy warming pine in Parkhead.


    Seriously, he’s talented but much like Shaw or Connell not yet ready to replace a Calum, Tommy R or Turnbull.


    Could all be just paper talk; his agents told us 5 yrs back we were in a tug o war with the huns for him.



    Love the industrious clips of Guchi – from the far east to the east end. Arigato!

  7. The alleged back story to the RMcG transfer is interesting.



    The Smoggies seem to have been working on it for quite some time.


    Then we got involved at the end of last week — and it all looked just so easy.



    Seemingly all up in the air now — either that or his agent is playing a blinder generating interest in the player to either get him game time or extra money.



    One thing about all the need for new players — does that point to a talent / attitude / fitness deficit at P/head?



    I’ll go with a fitness gap and then a little bit of attitude missing.


    AP does appear to be a bit of a perfectionist on these issues.



    Finally the SPFL is being obtuse backward if they stick with the 3 sub rule.

  8. !!BADA BING!! on 11TH JANUARY 2022 7:01 PM


    SFTB- I just read the Judge’s opinion of the head cop,and his interview techniques…..’Lord Tyre wrote in response: “As regards behaviour during interviews, there was evidence.. of unacceptable intimidatory and threatening behaviour by Mr Robertson during interviews.



    “In other respects I found Mr Robertson’s evidence unsatisfactory.





    Hi Bada,would you have a link to above.? Thanks




  9. park the bus 442 long ball on

    MADMITCH on 11TH JANUARY 2022 11:40 PM




    Yup! 100% 👍

  10. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If he signs for us I’ll support him fully.



    If he chooses Middlesbrough, that will tell me he is the kind of guy who chooses Middlesbrough over Celtic.



    In which case he is not for us.

  11. park the bus 442 long ball on

    Maybe RPM has shone a light on certain issues that are about to unfold?


    Maybe something like….


    Ange knows he’s going to be screwed by the PLC during the window so he’ll be off into the sunset…


    Brown enveloped whilst citing “personal reasons blah blah….”


    “Celtic are a wonderful club blah blah….”


    “Wishing Celtic every success in the future blah blah….”


    Given what type of club Celtic have become since 2005, and given the amount of shyte and guff that Celtic fans just keep sucking up….lends itself to an environment were Celtic PLC can just turn the club into a stage and bung any amount of ££££’s to any amount of actors, Ange? Dominic McKay? Eddie Howe? NFL?….to play certain parts at the PLC’s CONvenience to theatrically rip the piss out of its faithful through and through customer base and gift a £40 million title to Celtic’s business partners at Ibrox to ensure the survival of the oldfirm no matter the level of suffering endured by Celtic customers?


    We used to have rebel supporters and now we have suck ups.



    Nurse! Nurse! CSC

  12. BURNLEY78 on 11TH JANUARY 2022 9:25 PM



    The Chelsea Rangers ‘love in’ was a later development.



    It was not that long after B78.mid to late 70s


    The decline in Chelsea started with the building of a 3 tiered stand that made the rest of the ground look like a hovel,it was.After osgood et al Chelsea dipped into 2nd division,


    At this time in England a lot of clubs had firms,Chelsea’s was a virulent racist strain,as I found out when working down there they were hated by the genuine Chelsea fan as their racist antics always got the headlines.i witnessed them myself racially abusing


    a guy on opp tube platform.brave in group only.




  13. Seems we were just gazumped by a better offer for McGree……Boro have offered 14k a week with a bigger transfer fee to America……doubt we were offering anywhere near that for a player not fully a guaranteed first team pick……win some lose some……..don’t think we’ve done anything particularly wrong in the deal…

  14. I get the higher wages offer but why would any club offer a higher transfer fee than one already agreed?

  15. If he doesn’t want to come move on, one thing about Ange is he only wants to work with players who want to be at Celtic,I’m sure there are many other fish in the sea.Focus on 3 points in the next game not a bidding war with an agent.

  16. I don`t know if Riley McGree will be coming to Celtic or nor not but in the article connecting him to `Boro, there is no evidence at all.

  17. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    As per last night’s comment I am indifferent to whether McGree signs or not.



    If he does, we can all begin the process of emotionally investing and connecting with the guy.



    If he doesn’t, he’ll be forgotten (by me) in a month.




    One aspect of junk media reporting never ceases to amaze me ….



    Being “trumped” on personal terms is perfectly plausible.



    The notion of being “trumped” on an agreed fee is, frankly, stupid.



    The MSM routinely run with it, so I can only assume it is routinely swallowed in sufficient volume?





    Bidding club: “How much?”



    Selling club: “£3m. Same for you & others”



    Bidding club: “That’s too cheap. We’ve got plenty of dough. We won’t miss it. Have some more”



    Selling club: “Great. He’s yours”



    Selling club (later): “Riley, we’re selling you to Benevolence FC”



    Riley: “Is that so? So I don’t decide who I work for? Hope you can forge my signature”

  18. The problem with the Mc Gree transfer is simple.He read Park The Bus,saying Ange would be off shortly,with a brown envelope.You think he would have kept this info under wraps until the player signed.


    Him and his big mouth.

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