Rules, standards, attitude, what Scott Brown actually did for Celtic


I was at the Celtic FC Foundation Dinner last week and guest Charlie Mulgrew was asked about the best he had played with at Celtic.  He mentioned Virgil van Djik and Victor Wanyama as greats but told us the best was Scott Brown.  “Even when we were playing fives or sevens, his team almost always won.”  When you hear comments like this, you pay attention.

Scott retired yesterday after winning 23 major trophies, a joint record in British football held with Billy McNeill, 22 of Scott’s won at Celtic, his first at Hibernian.  He was adored by his managers as much for his attitude as his ability.  Leading by example, there would be no hiding in a Celtic shirt with Scott on the field, no unnecessary lingering on the treatment table.  As captain since 2010, he was the first line of enforcement of rules and standards.

This season was spent as player and assistant to Stephen Glass at Aberdeen, a venture that did not work out, although a goal at Ibrox, a venue he previously endured abuse and assault at, could yet prove to be a vital contribution in the title race.  He left a day after his former mentor, Neil Lennon, accepted a managerial job in Cyprus.  Hmmm.

In person, he could not have been more different than the bulldog he resembled on the pitch; he is intelligent and relaxed.  You know the stats, there is no correlation between playing and managing ability, so let’s not burden Scott with any expectations.  Hope to see him back soon at Celtic Park.


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  1. A great servant to Celtic. Best of luck to him.



    If he ever returns to Celtic, let it be on merit alone. Go prove yourself, Scott.

  2. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    To be honest, with his abstinent life style I’d expected his playing career to last longer, then again he did take a lot of punishment.


    Good luck Scotty

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  4. Would the CMcG mentioned in the article be the same CMcG who was part of the Wild Bunch that caused RD so many problems and issues when he was trying to modernise both the club and the attitudes of the squad?



    If it is then I think we should be told.



    SB is a big part of the rebuilding job that has needed to be carried out over the past 9 months — he was never the captain we needed and he hung around for far too long.



    If he was needed to keep squad standards up then where was he last season?



    We need to move beyond SB and his t-shirt in a snowstorm look at me I’m mental so I am persona / a kebab in a gutter is where I want to be that has held us back for almost a decade.



    In less than a week JG has done more for football / squad modernisation / less ego tripping than the CFC board has done in a decade — which shows you how useless that mob were and still are.



    SB had a wee purple patch / Indian summer because BR gave him a boot up the erse in 2016 — just a shame that the drop in standards engendered by the NL2 regime brought back the old habits until last week.

  5. CM not CMcG — initial fail on a big scale.



    CM = Charlie Mulgrew.


    CMcG = big fail on the comms front.




    Hey fellow Celt.



    My comment was not aimed at you yesterday. I rely on this place to hear the heart of my team, my comrades (see what I did there?) in Celtic tales, quips, ideas and comments. You cannot fault me for reacting when on occasion this special wee place is being taken advantage of, often daily, by a small, few vocal clowns masquerading as world and truth defenders.



    I have the big boss in town and other colleagues and was busy, was not ignoring or running scared from your reply. Phone and laptop were on do not disturb or closed.



    Was my podium shout yesterday unnecessary? Perhaps.



    I am not into engaging in politics on here. I joined CQN to keep Celtic as close to my life as I could when I moved here. I get annoyed when it gets overrun by the “I’m going to change your political views” and telling people who didn’t even ask “you are wrong! I bet you think this…….”



    Is that what CQN is here for?


    To chat of cults?


    To chat of why our political views are wrong?


    To post repetitive bile?


    Multi-moniker cut and paste walls of nonsense?


    Defending Putin? He is not ridding the world of Nazis.



    OK, so Ukraine has some suspect people. Thank the lord no other country in the world does.



    Also, the “but the west did worse to Iraq, Afghanistan et al” gets a bit old. How far back do we go? “They did this in 1620 so they can’t talk”? “But, but, but Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.” Many of the old conquerors deserting parts of the world when they were skint and on their knees after WWII and Russia, and laterally Putin, moving in when he sees weakness of multiple failing empires, that makes it all OK? He’s just vacuuming up the sins of our fathers? A chance to move in, take over, commit crimes and advance his footprint.



    Really? Am I that wrong in my understanding of what this place dear green place represents?



    I thought supporting Celtic was about a release, a common cause, the love of the game. To think some mocked when CQN it was so hyper focussed on Castle Greyskull finances. “We are a blog about Celtic” they shouted. “Stop this other stuff.”



    “You are all wrong” they shouted in reply to statements that where never made.


    “You aren’t reading the right articles on subject ‘A'” when we are here to talk ‘tic and not be bombarded on subject ‘A.’



    I would think the majority on here would rather be reading the formation for next week. The benefits of a 4-4-2 against some opponents, two up front at these grounds and those. Who can we play on the wings away from home in Europe against a counter attacking team and the likes.



    Anyone that comes on here to chat about the other stuff is surely on the wrong blog? There are plenty of places to discuss such things one would think. Why infiltrate perhaps the most unique sporting outfit on gods green earth with repetitive fantasy? Take that to the blogs that cater for it. I for one think this is not the place.



    I also stand by the dictlonary definition of fascist.



    The meaning of FASCISM is a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.



    Ps Russia needs the leader it deserves. They have a little bit of history of rising up against his type.



    Pps We are going to win the league!




  7. MadMitch on 9th March 2022 12:24 pm



    Are there any Celtic players that you like?

  8. AIPPLE on 9TH MARCH 2022 12:27 PM



    Good post.


    You will be aware that diversity has been a fundamental and strength of CQN since its conception.


    Civility, tolerance and respect should be employed in tandem.



    Cheers and HH

  9. Drambowiecelt on

    Aipple….Nice thought provoking post…..One thing though..


    Snake Mountain …for All the baddies..No????








  10. AIPPLE on 9TH MARCH 2022 12:27 PM



    ‘Russia needs the leader it deserves. They have a little bit of history of rising up against his type.’






    !905 (failed) and 1917 (short lived). Other than that, not a lot. For most of its history Russia has been ruled by autocrats, mostly despotic autocrats.

  11. T7 @ 12.29



    Players I like — quite a few.


    Big fan of TR / JJ / KF / LA even NB when he is in the zone.



    Hoping that JF finds his feet and praying at regular intervals so that MJ will settle down and grow up and deliver on the exceptional talent that he does have..



    Loved KA / KT / OE / MD when they played for us.


    All the way back to VW — who we have never properly replaced.



    Consequently loads to like just a case I don’t like ungrounded hype.

  12. Another diverse topic in a long running debate



    Castle Grayskull v Snake Mountain.



    I believe previously consensus suggested that either was pertinent.






    Then again:- Is it Grey or Gray ?

  13. I’m already withdrawing due to the lack of Celtic games this week. Seems like an eternity since they played last on Sunday. Mind you, sitting in Lanzarote enjoying the sun does help, a LOT!! por cierto

  14. Castle GRAYskull – HeMan good guy, handsome tim, with a mighty fine SHE-RA as side-kick



    Snake Mountain – Skeletor and the snake men.



    Its an old-firm thing, well before they died.

  15. Scott Brown was a revelation in the time of Brendan Rodgers. Though, I do wonder, where was that form under previous or later managers? Took him a while to settle at Celtic and show why we paid 4Mill. Under BR he showed he was well worth that sum and a helluva lot more. por cierto

  16. Canamalar,



    Again coming out with comments about the Donbas conflict.Something you read on the internet?.Again,you know fek all about it.Revert to calling people names ,I don’t give a toss,you still don’t know fek all about it.


    Like the anti vaxxers,you read some shit on the internet,and its Gospel.Do some real research.

  17. EL @ 12.47



    I think you are being a bit hard on Russia.



    JS resorted to Russian nationalism in 41/42 when he had nowhere else to go plus his insecurity regarding his lack of ability in comparison to LT leading to all his purges mean to me that he is an outlier in the history of the SU.



    The post 1917 Civil War with huge foreign involvement — Bolshevik discipline / autocracy was always going to be more effective than the big umbrella Menshevik approach that they displaced.



    Plus you have the post WW2 social progress that the west even now has not lived up to or even fully understands — there is a reason why gender fluidity nonsense was not on the agenda in the SU.



    They had enough big thinkers to separate the wheat from the chaff.



    I take the view that it was oil that brought down the SU. The oil shocks of the 70’s gave them resources they couldn’t handle — fat and happy signing off ego trip projects that were only there to wind up the west.



    Too much geo politics / gaming the globe and not enough personal discretionary spending.



    1985 and the manufactured oil glut / price falls was the thing that killed them — addicted to easy money and the shock put them over the edge.



    Russia is still addicted to hard power and geo politics — that is why they are in the mess they are in.


    Ukraine looks west because that is where the jobs and the lifestyle — aka soft power is.


    They want a future based on personal development not how many nukes a country has.


    Russia could join in — it has in certain areas — but as you note old autocratic ideas die slowly.



    Russia has already lost the Ukraine and bombing it back to the stone age won’t bring it back.

  18. PS.


    About Scott:



    When he left Leigh Griffiths went downhill in his application, maybe, just maybe, Scott Brown managed to get the best out of him, on and off the field, por cierto

  19. that awkward moment when you have to explain who your Initialized abbreviations are because you type them so much that you mix them up in your own head



    but the intended “audience” CGAF because they didnt read it anyways.



    oh, and a true sign of madness, an attack on the capabilities of Scott Brown who played more games than JMCC

  20. Aipple,



    Great post.


    No more from me on the subject.Once in their heads,nothing will change it.

  21. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    excellent post but just one point of interest, when I refer to all the previous conflicts it is not whataboutery, of the last 33 invasions perpetrated by the west, only 2 were approved under international law, every other was illegal but and here is the point, they lied to justify the invasions of soverign nations. So when I compare sides I believe literally nothing that eminates from the west, unfortunately experience has made me a cynic.


    So when Putin says he moved in to protect the Donbass from military invasion, I will give him the benefit of the doubt. Especially when international monitors reported ceasefire incursions quadrupled in the days before Russia officially recognised the regions as autonomous and that the Minsk Accord would never be implemented unless drastic action was taken.


    I have no intention in trying to change your mind only to counter arguments and show a different perspective from different sources.


    Hail Hail

  22. Scott was rubbish before Brendan made him a better player (or maybe he was playing with better players) and rubbish after Brendan left (well apart from 5 more trophies).



    heard it all now.



    Inside The SPFL@AgentScotland·20hCongratulations to Scott Brown on a career dreams are made of.



    League Titles: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆


    Scottish Cups: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆


    League Cups: 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆



    Games: 787


    Goals: 68


    Assists: 46



    Only second man ever to win 9 titles in a row as a Captain



    The undisputed King of Ibrox

  23. To many present Celtic Fans,Scott is the greatest Captain they ever saw.


    Thank God I saw both.

  24. Yeti @ 1.12



    I think we will need to involve arbitration regarding our bet.



    SB is now not active in the SPL while JMcC will take up his usual place in the bus shelter on Monday night — consequently a case could be made for me winning our bet.



    Very harsh on you but that’s the way the cookie might crumble.



    JG and his links to the Holy City might have came in useful in the end.


    As you know the Holy City and Kiltoon share a common border.



    Kiltoon is / was in Free Pictland.


    While the Holy City is / was in occupied territory / Roman Empire territory.



    Or as the Teds are always trying to explain it to outsiders — it allowed them follow the Church of Rome that bit earlier than everyone else.

  25. Inside The SPFL






    6 Mar


    Playing fast & loose with words ‘cheated out’, Bill.



    Since 2018-19 Rangers had 5x the more goals wrongly awarded (21) than Celtic (5), Aberdeen (4), Hibs (4), they went 26 months without a Premiership red card & would be 8 points worse off if VAR was in place this season alone.

  26. Sorry,I can’t help myself


    Canlamar”,when Putin moved into the Donbas to save it from military invasion”So ,Ukraine was going to invade,a part of Ukraine.Not going any further,I knew you knew fek all about it.

  27. If Putin was only interested in Donbass then why didn’t he limit his incursion to the areas of Donetsk & Luhansk.


    Reality is he wants to control Ukraine & install a puppet Government there,


    If he gets away with it, then Moldovia is next & then we could have the big face off with Nato as he eyes up the Baltic Republics,



    He needs stopping.

  28. I believe the thing that makes CQN different from other Celtic sites is that the debate can range over many issues – not just football, not just Celtic, but issues of conscience, politics, human rights and legal matters.



    When game time looms, or, when an important Celtic story breaks, then that is where the concentration centres, and rightly so.



    The Celtic family is not a homogenous entity(“a club open to all”) – there will be always be a range of views that’s healthy. Vitriol and personal abuse is as unnecessary as it is unhealthy..



    There should be no subject ‘out of bounds’. Celtic and football will always massively dominate CQN and that is the way it should be.



    I have learned more than a few things on CQN – things that have prompted me to delve deeper into certain subjects, and things that have changed my mind.



    ” In diversity there is beauty and there is strength.” Maya Angelou.

  29. Tom McLaughlin on

    Russia has invaded a sovereign European nation causing many casualties and millions of refugees, many of whom may end up on our doorstep, yet we have Celtic supporters complaining about the war being discussed on a prominent Celtic forum.



    Dear oh dear.

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