Rummenige shaking things up


Karl-Heinz Rummenige broke cover on his proposal to change Champions League football in a fundamental way but guaranteeing places for the top (sic.) teams in Europe, without the need for qualification.

Rummenige is not worried about his own club, Bayern Munich’s ability to qualify for the tournament, that is very much a forgone conclusion, but the prospect of games against Basel, or Leicester City, instead of Manchester United next season is less appetising. A tournament with only games against bigger teams is worth millions more in TV and sponsorship revenues than a tournament with games against lesser opponents.

This is an age old football adage. One of the prime reasons I don’t want an 18-team Scottish Premiership as interest in games against another half dozen lesser teams, at the cost of games against top teams, will put fewer bums on seats and create less interest.

Rummenige’s move is predatory and by no means guaranteed to succeed, but he’ll know this and perhaps be angling for a more accommodating compromise.

Ultimately, football is a democracy. Clubs make up the national associations and national associations make up Uefa. There are many more small clubs who would be disenfranchised by this move than large clubs who would succeed. The problem is, the money that could be placed on the table by those larger clubs.

A new football order is on its way. The current structures will not survive. I’m strongly opposed to Rummenige’s proposal but we need someone to shake things up. Now the ball is in play let’s see where it takes us.

Double-header coming up against the Highlanders. Bring it on………

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  1. Philbhoy,



    Before someone makes off with your toys here’s the part of the quote that has been spun to suit.



    “He was up and down in the Under-20 game, but there were times he was at a fantastic level. He scored a very good goal and has touch and vision. We have to use this first half of the year to get him adapted, but I’m not saying he can’t be involved. Hopefully he can kick on as quickly as possible”




    The manager clearly states he is NOT saying he can’t be involved.



    And there’s still some who think we don’t do the medias work for them.





    PF AYR




    Bloody hell,cut through the crap in a few succinct sentences.



    You read my ‘We’re f….d’ e-mail,but that was brilliantly delivered.



    Worse than that,we are now so far down the road to oblivion on the worldwide stage,that searching for-deserving-scapegoats is a waste of time. It’s only blood-letting.



    Keep yer eye on the ball,yet make sure you’re aware of what’s happening around you. First rule of football.



    We did weel there,eh?

  3. Philbhoy - SACK THE LOT OF THEM! on




    I liked Henderson!



    He had a wee bit of football, could pass and was no shrinking violet for a youngster.



    I would have him before half of our current squad still based at Celtic Park.

  4. just cant believe that rd. said that roberts needs time to settle in.why bring him in on loan or any of the other players. allan and christie bought, cole and now roberts, but a so called head banger is getting a game.


    i despair.

  5. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Pf Ayr



    I think the policy is ‘hit n hope’ almost a percentage game in play.. Bring in lots of players hope 1 or 2 land it big. Early days when the hit rate was high that was good but who could we sell now for more than £3m?



    That’s why I like Griffiths he’s a £2m player so won’t attract interest but he’s high performing at SPFL. He’s the guy we need to build around. I used to feel similar about Stokes – always thought we pandered to Hooper when it was obvious he was always working his ticket.



    Lawwell’s son is in on this imo- I suspect he is engineering a lot of transfer activity and squeezing dough out of it- hence PL is happy to continue hitting and hoping..

  6. Philbhoy - SACK THE LOT OF THEM! on




    I would be happy if you were in charge.



    You couldn’t make as big a mess of it as the present incumbents are doing.



    Could you?



    If you were offering free Guinness at half time you’d get the crowds back!

  7. The disparity between the top-earning TV-funded leagues and the likes of our own, is now so great that it is inevitable that they will look down from their great height and wonder why we are in the same competitions as them.


    There are only so many sponsors and only so much cash available, and of course they want most of them/it for themselves.


    In situations like this money talks and money usually wins the day.


    With the fall-out that is happening in athletics, sponsors leaving etc, the latest being Nestle, it may well be that football could be the destination of that money – Rummenige may be laying down a marker.


    In sports like cricket and rugby, apart from their respective world cups, the same small group of countries play each other, year in and year out at international level – sponsors will queue-up fot England v Australia in test matches, or, New Zealand v France in rugby, however Romania v Canada is not such an attraction.


    So there is a precedent, albeit in the international forum, where the big-hitters only really want to engage eith other big-hitters.


    With FIFA and the world cup tainted by corruption, thete is no doubt that EUFA and the Champions League are the most prestigious brands in football, and maybe all sport worldwide.



    I cannot see any real ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ for our game in Scotland – we are now a backwater even in the UK, what does that make us in Europe?


    There is no doubt that Celtic with its home support and worldwide appeal has the ability to stand toe to toe with the likes of Man Utd/Man City/Arsenal, Liverpool and others in Italy, Germany…etc, however being in Scotland and part of the Scottish FA, means no matter how hard we try and how professional we are, we are being left further and further behind.

  8. Philbhoy - SACK THE LOT OF THEM! on

    My fear is that Ronny is NOT responsible for signing ALL the players who have joined us.



    My fear is that he will persevere with the duds he has signed who are just not good enough.

  9. Just had a guy join our local club on the technical side here in Canada, Kevin McGreskin.


    Seems he worked a bit at thistle and Dundee United in the last few years.


    Anyone know him?

  10. Pogmathonyahun aka Laird of the Smiles on

    So the greedy and corrupt are unhappy with their lot and want a guarantee that they can be greedy and corrupt in perpetuity, sounds fair to me.


    This suggestion from a man who was a close colleague of the Bayern München ex-president Uli Hoeness who defrauded the German exchequer out of €28.5 million (admitted). His crime? – Getting caught.


    I used to wonder why I was falling out of love with the “beautiful” game but I no longer wonder.


    If the UEFA Champions League was a proper business it would have been ‘done’ years ago under the Trades Descriptions Act.


    I only hope that the FIFA investigations go further and start to involve UEFA – unlikely as the USA will have nothing to gain from it – only interested when our corruption interferes with their corruption.

  11. Son to father:



    “Dad what does ambition mean?”



    Father to son:



    “Sorry son, I don’t understand the question”.



    Son to father:



    “Dad what does courage mean?”



    Father to son:



    “Sorry son, I don’t understand the question”.



    Son to father:



    “Dad what does Celtic ethos mean?”



    Father to son:



    “Sorry son, I don’t understand the question”.



    Son to father:



    “Dad what does Celtic mean?”



    Father to son:



    “Easy one that son, parochial, poor mans dividends at the expense of those who struggle to feed their own. It’s all about dividends son. Always. You put food on the tables of the Celtic board… when was the last time they reciprocated”.



    God help my club.



    God help my team.



    God help Celtic Supporters.



    God help the poor.



    Please God, please help the poor.





    Hooper did very well for us,no doubt.



    Found his level at Norwich,didn’t even reach that as it turned out.



    He was very lucky to get another chance at Sheffield Wednesday,based on his time at Norwich.



    I wish him well,but I reckon he knows where his best days were.

  13. Philbhoy - SACK THE LOT OF THEM! on

    Geordie Munro



    You think I’m pissed off ONLY because I thought Roberts would not get a game?



    Open your eyes and your ears mate.



    There is no coffee to smell!





    Free Guinness? Aye,there would be crowds,for sure.



    And all behind me too.



    Waiting there bliddy turn while I drank enough to refloat The Titanic!

  15. Geordie Munro’s post clarifies things a bit. He didn’t say he wouldn’t be involved. I’m still not thrilled about the phrase “using the first half of the year getting him adapted” but in fairness to Ronny, English is not his first language so we need to cut him a bit of slack. I’m a lot less pissed off since reading Geordie’s post.

  16. PhilBhoy & The Exiled Tim-



    Ronny did not say anything at all to the effect that we will not see Paddy Roberts till next season.



    As I read his quotes, he indicated that Paddy’s game time is being managed after being out with injury. Ronny also said that the training methods are different and he is being allowed time to adapt.



    Origonal lazy contribution from a punter who usually shows up to shout “angry abuse” at the team and manager on the match threads. Draw your own conclusions.





    Sadly,the poor will always be with us.



    Especially when people don’t realise how poor they are

  18. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Oscar Knox, MacKenzie Furniss and anyone else who fights Neuroblastoma on

    By the way, listen to Radio Shortbread in the morning for the next fortnight or so and see how many sports bulletins tell you about the position at the top or bottom of the EPL.



    Remember that all broadcast content down to the very words used does not come from the reporters but is determined by an editorial team who follow “policy” – part of that policy is to increase EPL coverage in Scotland so justify the raiding of the Scottish regional sports budget to support their EPL budget.



    Also if Motherwell win their next three games and Kilmarnock and Dundee Utd Lose theirs there is a very good chance they will go into Admin and do a prepack.

  19. Part of the problem?



    Or part of the solution?



    Who me?



    Who us?



    Is it corrupt?



    Are we subscribers to corruption?



    Are we Ostriches?



    Elephant says to camel: ” You look ridiculous with two tits on your back”.



    Camel retorts: ” Sweet Dick Head”.

  20. Summation of today’s article: “Greedy and conflicted fat cat demands more of the pie”.



    Strike a chord with another organization in blazers ma levering to ensure their ugly step-child gets theirs tae?




    Only the poor know what it is to be poor, only those who spotlight their plight on TV camera gala nights know nothing at all about the living wage and being poor and hungry and cold and destitute and desperate and suicidal.



    But don’t worry… Celtic FC are wearing their pants on top of their trousers.



    Or so I am so often told.



    Time for my daily puke.

  22. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Bobby Murdoch



    Hooper was a better player than Stokes but being strategic about it.. Only one of them was ever likely to go on to bigger things. My point is we pandered to the guy set on leaving at the expense of the player who could have been the more sustainable option.



    Hooper is a classic in the ‘unmanaged risk’ category. What if we had offered him £40k/ week?



    Gone for less quantity of replacement dud strikers and put more of our eggs in retention of quality player basic?



    £40k plus CL may be as appealing as £50k and championship mediocrity?

  23. Corkcelt,



    I read him as saying he’ll feature but he needs to adapt to the hammer throwers up here and when ready, will aid us in our qualification for champions league. :)



    Positivefridayfeeling csc

  24. Corky


    Pedros son works for City, I was under the impression that he was our contact there, all RD has done is go to them a few years ago to see their coaching set up, like he did with Dortmund, et all.






    Florida Bhoy


    I never said he did.


    I copy and pasted from another poster and replied to it :-)



  25. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Thanks for the actual quote, I agree with your interpretation, it’s no as pessimistic as many have jumped on.

  26. My reading of Ronny’s appraisil of the Patrick Roberts situation was that the boy is a talent – we have him for eighteen months and he will get time to bed-in – let’s not pile too much on his young shoulders at this early stage.



    To me that seems fair – I am sure that if he is as good as has been reported, he will force himself into the team.



    On a wider point – Manchester City has been described as the biggest football project in the world – it does us no harm to have forged such a seemingly good working relationship with them.



    Guardiola has experience against us at Celtic Park,and so many of the Barca players say great things about our stadium and atmosphere – who knows what benefits we can reap in the future, when Pep takes over.


    – maybe our manager and coaches will be invited to his masterclasses.



    Finally, Ronny had a relationship with Man City before he joined us – so to say he really didn’t want Roberts is just opportunistic mischief-making….in my opinion.

  27. Celtic Park…



    A truly charitable park where you are invited to park all your rejects and casualties on a foam filled – heated – bench, just so we can milk it a wee bit more.



    Tug! Tug!



    Chug! Chug!



    Pull! Pull!



    Send us those Frankensteins’ we’ll kill the futures of our own. With glee.



    Headlines and dividends and season ticket money and a corrupt sport and a corrupt sporting authority and a nation that does not care beyond getting tanked out off our nuts and blaming everybody for our woes other than ourselves.



    Ourselves… is there a clue there Derek?

  28. PF Ayr-been saying for a while,we collect players,usually clones of players we already have. We are incapable of buying a player for a specific position,i.e Sviachenko is a CB ‘but could play RB or as a holding midfielder ‘ ,too many players,not enough good ones.

  29. Sick of professional football, politicians in Europe really need to step up and sort this mess out, its a shambles of corruption



    The adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee chaired by Mr Hans Joachim Eckert has banned Mr Jérôme Valcke, former Secretary General of FIFA, for 12 years from all football-related activities (administrative, sports or any other) on a national and international level. The ban comes into force immediately.




  30. sportingintelligence ‏@sportingintel 1m1 minute ago


    Jerome Valcke, ex FIFA sec gen, banned for 12 yrs for ticket racket, fiddling exes, dodgy TV deals & obstructing investigation. Full house!

  31. Mr Pastry


    You are very selective when getting your sly digs in.


    I asked you for your solutions earlier but you obviously don’t have any, even after a few praising your post to high heaven, strange but true.



  32. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on



    ” So Ronny has no intention of playing Patrick Roberts until next season as he needs “time to adapt” . Ridiculous. ”




    “We have to use this first half of the year to get him adapted, but I’m not saying he can’t be involved.



    Hopefully he can kick on as quickly as possible,” Deila added.



    Spot the difference?


    The difference is relatively unimportant. What is important is this desire some Celtic supporters have to put the boot into Ronny Deila. Sad.




  33. Money Money Money .



    ” The CEO has told me that Manchester United are willing to pay € 40 million euros for me .I want to say that I am very happy at Inter and really like living in Milan.I have been in Manchester , I would have to be paid absurd money to live there “.



    Mauro Icardi 12 2 16

  34. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Paddy will be a sub very soon and get Scott allans 15 mins. Hopefully his pace and skill tear some tired defences apart leading to a start when we will see whether he is ready to take industrial challenges and prosper

  35. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Read Manchester Evening News for direct quotes from RD…



    I tried to cut n paste but not working

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