Rundown of possible opponents


Austria Wien have played three league games this season, won one, drew one, lost one.  Scored six conceded eight.  Stuffed 5-1 by Salzburg two weeks ago.  They have only had to play one round of Champions League qualifiers so far, which they won 1-0 on aggregate against the Icelandic champions-cum-day-job-professionals. Send them over, please, Uefa.

Ludogorets Razgrad, from Bulgaria, knocked Dinamo Zagreb out of the Champions League qualifiers last season before going down to Slovan Bratislava in the play-off round.  They’ve won two, lost one, of their three league games this season.  Beat Partizan Belgrade home and away in last round, beat Slovan Bratislava on aggregate in round before that. They also have to play their home game for the next round at an alternate venue to due to a date clash with a concert. Happy to take this lot.

Legia Warsaw, won all three league games this season, scoring 12, conceding one.  Eliminated Molde, after drawing both games, in last round, took care of The New Saints (Wales) home and away in earlier round. Would be a great European tie though not sure if Zbyszek can arrange the result for us.

Maribor, from Slovenia, have won all three league games this season, scored 11, conceded two.  Eliminated APOEL Nicosia after two draws in last round.  APOEL got to the last eight of the Champions League in 2012, so this team are no pushover. Maribor also have the distinction of being the last team to knock Rangers out of Europe. Ever!

Shakhtyor Karaganda, 12 points off the pace after 22 games in Kazakhstan.  Beat Albanians, Korce, in last round and Bate Borisov (who recorded Champions League wins against Bayern Munich and Lille in 2012) in the earlier round.  The travel would be an issue; Karaganda is farther east that eastern Afghanistan. If I can paraphrase an Ibrox legend, define Europe. The fact they are midseason and, like Celtic, they’ve won through two rounds already, makes this a less attractive tie, but they are surely not a Champions League team.

Preferences: Shakhtyor Karaganda are the easiest possible opponents but a trip to Austria or Bulgaria would be best.

Would rather avoid: Legia will be the most difficult draw. Maribor will be a similar challenge as Elfsborg.

Lots more to blog about: last night’s performance, Kelvin, Honest Dave King… maybe later.
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  1. tontine tim



    18:36 on 8 August, 2013





    17:20 on 8 August, 2013






    Our throw-ins have been hopeless even going as far back as to the Lions.



    *corners tae, I remember taking my oul da tae task when he mentioned that. Whit aboot Charles Patrick at Brockville or big Billy against Dunfermline and Vojvodina I said, his response was that was the only time we took good ones which is why we remember them.






    Obviously not a reader of my zonal marking / corner stats regular posts following every game from January (which I am NOT doing this season).



    So for the benefit of Mr Kite here are the facts…



    From the 2nd January to the 26th May


    – we played 24 games


    – conceded 90 corners


    – conceded 0 goal from corners (one against Aberdeen can be debated)


    – we gained 153 corners


    – we scored 12 goals from corners



    On average we score 1 goal every 2 games from corners.



    I doubt there is any team with an average that high. Nor a defence so good.



    It doesn’t happen by accident. Lots of time on the training ground coupled with employing the right people to match the system.

  2. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E


    21:09 on


    8 August, 2013


    So in effect there was no threat to close CP over safety issues…………..not surprised.



    Truth Celtic please regards the Green Brigade or is it too painful ??




    Or potentially commercially damaging ?

  3. Silenced



    I am more hopeful that James Forrest could be converted into a winger(:-)




  4. Sevco will only abide by he rules when they’re dead



    The fact that their blatant cheated continues without question depresses he hell out of me



    Coupled with the desire of the great Desmondo for their swift return



    Serves only to deepen my depression



    Add in the sale of the century re our best players and performances like last night



    Nae wonder I take a lot of drink at times

  5. starry plough



    20:44 on 8 August, 2013



    Agree mate I’ve already said to a few on twitter what’s the point anymore.

  6. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    Twitter highlighting the fact that players need to register within 14 days of signing a contract …..



    St Johnston down 0-1

  7. twists n turns on

    Stockbridge doesn’t know how much money is left????



    Isn’t he the financial director?



    I think that means the answer is 3 bob less than hee haw.

  8. Just heard the quote from Neil Lennon, ” we are threadbare , and the players are running on empty ”.


    ffs, excuse my language, the season has hardly even started.


    Who didn’t know Hooper and Wanyama would be offski.

  9. Big Georges Fan Club





    Minsk just levelled it wee mhan. It’s 0-1 on the night, 1-1 on aggregate and about thirteen minutes to go. Heading for extra time.

  10. fritzsong



    21:04 on 8 August, 2013



    If Charlotte has explosive evidence regarding the First Minister it will never see the light of day in this great wee country :))

  11. Operator



    The running on empty craic made me splutter last night …utter bollox …they were just Lillian Gish

  12. Clashcitybhoy on



    Of the corners we scored from , and indeed set pieces do you have a comparison of the Charlie’s vs Kris.


    My gut feel is that we score more from Charlie’s corners, but the set pieces are about even.


    Can you clarify ?

  13. Starry Plough that would bring little improvement because he couldn’t beat a max (:-)



  14. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    21:15 on 8 August, 2013



    You need a hearing aid….

  15. Fat Sally says the club needs cleansed but I’ll tell you what needs cleansed the corrupt corridors at the Hampden head quarters

  16. Operator


    Lenny is making a big mistake if he said that.tiredness in most cases is a mental thing,if you say the players are tired,sure as hell they will be.

  17. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on




    Dreading the thought of a cover up……………….hope they are prepared for the consequences.




  18. BBC Radio Scotland is so poor. Billy Dodds, Roddy Grant and Rob MacLean.



    Fair play, I was operating a three-strike policy on negative comments about Celtic before switching off and we are only on strike one, with ten minutes left.



    However, even listening on the blinking radio you could tell Minsk were aiming to hold at 0-0 to half-time and then go for it in the second half.



    Half-time comments were ridiculous.



    Doddsy: “We haven’t seen any threat from this team and I don’t think we will in the second half.”



    Roddsy: “They are 1-0 down in a European tie and they are playing with one up front.”



    Robbsy: “FC Minsk. Mair like FC Mince.”



    All right, I made the last one up. Poetic licence.

  19. squire danaher on




    If SNP government can lose incriminating stats on hate crime, I don’t think there is much chance of them allowing material to surface which would incriminate them re: the dead club

  20. Big Georges Fan Club on

    This is WEE BGFC. Tiny Tim I think you will find that he all ready can be a winger. Right enough he is not to good at it, he usually gets 3/4 of the way there and stops! Anyway can’t wait for the draw tomorrow. Of course I will miss it because I will be at the beach but I will find out on the internet. The good thing is the worst we could do would be a place in the europa league group stage and we would have a good chance of getting to the finals.

  21. St.John.Doyle on



    21:17 on


    8 August, 2013



    You would never never never believe the scandal on the FM, if it is the same stuff i am aware of it needs a lot more to stand it up for it to be reported it was close to that a year ago but one of the chaps lawyer gave clear advice not to go public.



    Or someone may be saving it for next year.

  22. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Evening Folks.



    This is all over Twitter and is being posted by Nikki O’Sullivan who is based in London. She just happens to be the National Co-Ordinator for the NCCA the kids Cancer Charity.



    I am not going to ask for anyone to do anything other than look at the picture and realise that each tweet says that her time is running out.



    The picture is being sent out by a national charity co-ordinator and it has gone to various newspapers including the Sun, The Herald, Radio Clyde, BBC Scotland and many others up and down the country — all from London and all showing the same wee girl in the same pose in the same colours.



    The very first big and internationally recognised 1254125 initiative was Rod Stewart’s 1st charity single with the money going to children’s cancer charities.



    I know this isn’t right, I know it shouldn’t happen, I know that people do what they can….









    MacKenzie’s appeal started at the end of May and over a period of 11 weeks raised something in the region of £16,000.



    In the last WEEK is has shot up by approximately £10,000 yet it has had only 1002 donations.



    There are many more people out there who need to know about this so please PLEASE send this photo out to as many Celtic fans and others as you can and explain that this wee girl has three weeks to raise £350,000.



    That task is not impossible– but highly unlikely.



    However, the odds of raising the money are better than her odds of survival if she does not start treatment in September.



    There is only one MacKenzie.



    There is only one Football Club like Celtic — in times of need there is no other like it and everyone is beginning to realise that.

  23. TT



    You’ll not be a fan of any if our strikers if you want them to score



    We have a plethora of non scoring forwards

  24. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E


    21:19 on


    8 August, 2013





    Dreading the thought of a cover up……………….hope they are prepared for the consequences.



    CQN only expose conspiracies involving our friends in Govan



    It will all be a misunderstanding or a failure in communications

  25. We do need to see the correspondence from the safety advisory group because the fact that the license was issued does not mean it can’t be revoked, otherwise anything could happen with no punitive result.



    Given that lateral movement has been raised in previous season, the license may have been issued with conditions.



    That’s why we need clarity.



    For me it always comes back to money. If the club willingly break up the GB they’re going to lose money. We all know how much they like that.



    I think its also worth pointing out that both statements were very clear to distinguish between family behaviour and the work of the GB. There is no mention of the GB being a negative influence.

  26. Sevco not allowed to register players until September 1st. So how come all the new players have signed contracts which SFA rules state must be registered within 14 days?



    SFA at it again in the registration department…

  27. twists n turns on



    This is truly heart breaking stuff. Please God she gets the money to give her a chance.

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