Rundown of possible opponents


Austria Wien have played three league games this season, won one, drew one, lost one.  Scored six conceded eight.  Stuffed 5-1 by Salzburg two weeks ago.  They have only had to play one round of Champions League qualifiers so far, which they won 1-0 on aggregate against the Icelandic champions-cum-day-job-professionals. Send them over, please, Uefa.

Ludogorets Razgrad, from Bulgaria, knocked Dinamo Zagreb out of the Champions League qualifiers last season before going down to Slovan Bratislava in the play-off round.  They’ve won two, lost one, of their three league games this season.  Beat Partizan Belgrade home and away in last round, beat Slovan Bratislava on aggregate in round before that. They also have to play their home game for the next round at an alternate venue to due to a date clash with a concert. Happy to take this lot.

Legia Warsaw, won all three league games this season, scoring 12, conceding one.  Eliminated Molde, after drawing both games, in last round, took care of The New Saints (Wales) home and away in earlier round. Would be a great European tie though not sure if Zbyszek can arrange the result for us.

Maribor, from Slovenia, have won all three league games this season, scored 11, conceded two.  Eliminated APOEL Nicosia after two draws in last round.  APOEL got to the last eight of the Champions League in 2012, so this team are no pushover. Maribor also have the distinction of being the last team to knock Rangers out of Europe. Ever!

Shakhtyor Karaganda, 12 points off the pace after 22 games in Kazakhstan.  Beat Albanians, Korce, in last round and Bate Borisov (who recorded Champions League wins against Bayern Munich and Lille in 2012) in the earlier round.  The travel would be an issue; Karaganda is farther east that eastern Afghanistan. If I can paraphrase an Ibrox legend, define Europe. The fact they are midseason and, like Celtic, they’ve won through two rounds already, makes this a less attractive tie, but they are surely not a Champions League team.

Preferences: Shakhtyor Karaganda are the easiest possible opponents but a trip to Austria or Bulgaria would be best.

Would rather avoid: Legia will be the most difficult draw. Maribor will be a similar challenge as Elfsborg.

Lots more to blog about: last night’s performance, Kelvin, Honest Dave King… maybe later.
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  1. Stringer Bell on

    I am surprised so many Celtic fans are up to speed with th merits of fimbogassson as a player. Where they get the time to watch him is a mystery to me



    From any in the know, is he on a level with Jordan Rhodes? Better player or not?



    At least fimbogassson didn’t have an uncle in Duran Duran.

  2. obbyRussell


    15:31 on


    8 August, 2013




    This is the kind of thing that can tarnish a clubs reputation for a long time ”




    Maybe someone should remind that poor guy that from now till January ain’t a very long time?

  3. Philbhoy - It's just the beginning! on

    If we do not make it to the CL Group Stages will we be seeded in the Europa Leagu draw?

  4. In fairness to Murray, things were no bad prior to Craig Whyte turning up at the huns.



    They had CL football every year, their control of the powers were at heights never reached before, the referees were doing their bit to assure CL football……etc. etc. etc……..



    And them the pie man got them papped oot of europe, all hail Fatty Mc Oist

  5. Philbhoy



    if we don’t make the Champions League group stage we will automatically go into the Europa League and will likely be a Pot 2 team for the draw based on our co-efficient

  6. Philbhoy – It’s just the beginning!


    15:40 on 8 August, 2013


    If we do not make it to the CL Group Stages will we be seeded in the Europa Leagu draw?



    Pot 4 if we’re in CL


    Pot 2 if we’re in EL.

  7. leftclicktic


    15:19 on


    8 August, 2013


    Peter A Smith‏@PeterAdamSmith1h


    SFA’s Campbell Ogilvie says Paul Murray could pass Fit & Proper Person test despite being director at Rangers within 5 years of insolvency.






    If we have learned nothing else during this saga, surely we have learned ….. just because it is against the law does not mean that either SFA nor Sevco is bound by it !

  8. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Silenced 15:06 on 8 August, 2013



    “Its not that simple on here tho as you have the regular naysayers on here that round up & attack like a pack of Hyena’s when somebody criticizes the team, the management or the board. To put it simply, its cringeworthy to say the least. Not to mention that it only ever is huns that voice their concerns on here!”



    I’ve also read comments from people about ‘happy clappers’, ‘board apologists’ and ‘sheep’ on here as well.



    It works both ways. Not worth losing sleep over.

  9. oldcastlebhoy on

    Howdy all



    I’m heading over for match end of the month and would appreciate a recommendation for city centre dining for either a Indian or Chinesse meal on Friday and Saturday nights.



    All you can eat would be even better if there is such beast.



    I’m staying near hope street for the 2 nights.



    I’m flying over the friday on aer lingus flight at 5.45 flight from Dublin if anyone fancies a pint in Terminal 2 before hand?



    Cheers in advance.

  10. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    roy croppie



    15:31 on 8 August, 2013



    I wondered about that also, when I read Croppybhoys post ……. the ONLY negative impression I have gleaned from the GB scenario is the impression that their leadership MAY be too interested in bringing Middle-East etc politics into CP which, IMO, would be inappropriate…….



    I am also disappointed at the strategic ‘timing’ of our Board’s announcement ….. when oldco were being ‘assisted’ before they were liquidated, the Scottish media were very good at trying to upset Celtic’s preparations for certain games, by means of various negative ‘stories’ etc …. why did this announcement ‘come out’ when it did …?? ….at a time when our minds were elsewhere..??



    Having said that, the GB need to put their support of Celtic before any politics etc and comply with any reasonable ‘conditions’ from Celtic ….. They will be a great loss if they persist in their apparent obstinacy….. and our Board need to give us the detailed facts behind all this.

  11. Neg Anon



    I have probably been called a Hun and cyber abused as much as anyone on this site, over the years .



    I share some of your frustrations and disagree with some of your views.



    I was reading back over the site yesterday , and was about to post that your personal insults to BenjyBhoy Mul were out of character for you , and to be frank uncalled for and very poor form.


    Then I came across Paul’s post and decided to not post , as I dislike posters being ganged up on.



    The most disappointing behaviour on here is when personal insults are traded.



    There simply is no need.



    Calling someone a Hun when they have a different opinion of you is Hunnish behaviour in the extreme.



    The irony is lost on those that do it.



    Hopefully you will stick to making your point, without verbally abusing others.






  12. Its always pot 4 is it not? Its always 9 qualifiers starting the day after the final.


    They just canny make it any easier for us, eh?


    Do you ever get the feeling UEFA wigs would be beelin’ if a club like Celtic won it?


    Sponsors nightmare.

  13. !!Bada Bing!! on

    As a show of good faith ,why don’t the GB appoint their own stewards/safety guys to work alongside CFC stewards? If they can try to move forward together,it could help the current situation.

  14. Given that today is an 8th of August and not an 8th of May, it is to be hoped that NL was rattling PL and DD’s cages when he said in today’s Herald that the players were running on empty.

  15. Neganon2



    Just to clarify .


    I know that others have called you a Hun and been victimised in the past.


    Also you have not called anyone a Hun.




  16. Irrespective of whether Paul Murray passes the fit and proper persons test he’s not the man for the job,


    it’s Paul Daniels they need.

  17. …..of course its never a good idea to sell your 2 best players during the close season

  18. !!Bada Bing!!



    Celtic need to employ their own stewards.



    The current ones are just that, currents who have no love for Celtic and especially the GB.



    Your suggestion is good btw.




  19. oldcastlebhoy


    15:47 on


    8 August, 2013


    Howdy all



    I’m heading over for match end of the month and would appreciate a recommendation for city centre dining for either a Indian or Chinesse meal on Friday and Saturday nights.




    There are others ……..


    Kings lodge 91 Union St ( bottom of stairs Central Station )







  20. We thought on the GB and politics.


    The Board with its acquiescence on disturbing matters within Scottish Football, is playing its own brand of politics.

  21. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    !!bada bing!!



    15:52 on 8 August, 2013



    Fantastic idea …. for a start, the GB stewards would be able to point out interlopers

  22. weebobbycollins on

    If lateral movement is the problem couldn’t the GB do the twist, the shake or even the funky chicken instead?…



    15:55 on


    8 August, 2013


    !!Bada Bing!!



    Even worse, they are probably being paid wan and wanpence an hour.





    15:41 on 8 August, 2013






    Ps Dave King also stated that there would be no impediment to him passing the fit and proper test ,



    Laugh i nearly choked and yet our board and otherclubs sit silently as rules are bent out of all recognition to accomodate sevco.

  25. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on




    15:56 on 8 August, 2013



    I’m sure you will agree that, when you have a full ‘establishment’ battering down on you for over 100 years, it is best to resist / ignore them …. certainly worked in our case, as witnessed by the demise of oldco, the favoured ones….

  26. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors



    15:48 on 8 August, 2013



    I agree that the Green Brigade have to comply with stadium rules and I’m hoping that their love of the club brings them to the table with something to give. I’ve explained the situation in that section many times about wannabees etc and a lot needs fixed on both sides.



    However over the past few days I’ve noticed the GB being described in derogatory terms that would imply they are plotting a revolution planned in the lecture/beer halls of Scotland’s esteemed unis. Utter claptrap.



    One poster suggested the ‘leadership’ weren’t even at the ‘kettling’ event in Gallowgate…again another lie.



    Another fabrication is the ‘F uefa’ banner that was nothing to do with the GB and the guy responsible is known amongst the away support…another wannabee!



    I’d prefer that they didn’t bring politics into the stadium and I love what they bring to the party and I truly hope this gets sorted for the sake of our club as a whole. We are in no position to be driving away a new generation of fans and existing die hards such as Vmhan, there must be a way to fix this.

  27. Paul Murray and Dave King were in situ when oldco was run into the ground, so if they want to have a go at running newco, let them!

  28. traditionalist88 on

    !!Bada Bing!!


    15:52 on


    8 August, 2013


    As a show of good faith ,why don’t the GB appoint their own stewards/safety guys to work alongside CFC stewards? If they can try to move forward together,it could help the current situation.







    If they’re not allowed to move from side to side together it is doubtful whether they will be allowed to move forward but worth a shot;)






    15:55 on


    8 August, 2013


    !!Bada Bing!!



    Celtic need to employ their own stewards.



    The current ones are just that, currents who have no love for Celtic and especially the GB.



    Your suggestion is good btw.






    Are they currents because they are in shock?

  30. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Not even a piff paff pooff from the Great Soprendo could save them.

  31. Afternoon all. Just about to head off to the physios so thought |I’d post the latsest updates of Len’s List.


    Not too many newbies but I’m sure given last nights result it’s jsut about to hot up.. :)



    Anyway here you go!









    Players in:




    Name Age Position Club Price


    —-— ——– —-—–


    Van Dijk – 22 – Defender – Groningen – £2M


    Balde – 22 – Striker – Vitoria S.C. – £1.7M


    Mouyokolo – 26 – Midfielder – No club – Free


    Boerrigter- 26 – Midfielder – Ajax – £2M






    Players out:




    Name Club Price


    —-—- —–


    Rogne – Wigan – Free


    Gershon – Waasland – Beveren – Loan deal ended


    Murphy – Ipswich – Free


    McCourt – No new club – Free


    Lassad – No new club – Released


    Miku – Getafe – Loan deal ended


    Noring – Trelleborgs FF – Loan deal ended


    Keating – Brisbane Roar – Free


    Wanyama – Southampton – £12.5M


    Hooper – Norwich – £5.2M






    Rumoured transfer in:








    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Westwood – 28 – Sunderland – Various – No fee mentioned


    Twardzik – 26 – Released by Aberdeen – Daily Mail – Free











    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Hutchinson – 22 – Motherwell – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (29/05)


    Dja Djedje – 22 – PSG – Daily Sevco – No fee emntioned (02/06)


    Dummett – 21 – Newcastle – TheJournal – No fee mentioned (05/06)


    Mongongu – 23 – Evian – BBCSport – No fee mentioned(17/06)


    Nagatomo – 26 – Inter Milan – Evening Times – £1.5-2M (20/06)


    Lowry – 24 – Millwall – Sportsmole – £500K (28/07)


    Capuano – 21 – Pescara – Italian press No fee mentioned (08/08)











    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    McClean – 26 – Sunderland – Daily Star – £2M (26/05)


    Patosi – 20 – Lokeren – Daily Mail – £2M (03/06)


    Ljajic – 21 – Fiorentina – BBCSport – No fee mentioned(05/06)


    Newton – 21 – Newcastle – The Journal – No fee mentioned(05/06)


    Claasen – 23 – Lierse – STVSport – Free (17/06)


    Mackay-Steven – 22–Dundee Utd – Various – £1M (05/07)


    Bruns – 21 – Heracles Almelo – STVSport – No fee mentioned (11/07)


    Tié Bi – 22 – Evian – STVSport – No fee mentioned (11/07)


    Lukasik – 22 – Legia Warsaw – STVSport – No fee mentioned (11/07)


    Yadin – 26 – Maccabi Haifa – Celticrumours– £700K (11/07)


    Malanda – Adje – 18 – Zulte Waregem – Various – No fee mentioned (11/07)


    Barbosa – 26 – Braga – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (12/07)


    Kiko – 22 – Barcalona – Celticrumours – Loan deal (18/07)


    Ibrahim – 22– Man City – Daily Mail – Loan deal (19/07)


    Estigarribia – 25 – Deportivo Maldonado – No fee mentioned (25/07)


    Dorrans – 26 – WBA – Birmingham Mail – No fee mentioned (25/07)


    Moritz – 26 – Released by Crystal Palace – Daily Star – Free, trial offered (25/07)


    Atsu – 21 – Porto – Various – £5M (27/07)


    Toivonen – 27 – PSV – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (27/07)


    Fischer – 19 – Ajax – Various – £3M (28/07)


    Berg Gudmundsson – 22 – AZ – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (28/07)


    Huddlestone – 26 – Spurs – Radio5Live – Year long loan (06/08)











    Name Age Club Source Price


    —-— —- —— —–


    Deeney – 25–Watford – Sunday Post – No fee mentioned (30/05)


    Sagbo – 25 – Evian – Daily Sevco – No fee mentioned (02/06)


    Cole – 29– West Ham – Various – Free (13/06)


    Goncalves – 22 – Rio Ave – The Scottish Sun – £400K (13/06)


    Le Fondre – 26 – Reading – Various – No fee mentioned (14/06)


    Doyle – 29 – Wolves – Variou s– £1.5M (16/06)


    McFadden – 30 – No club – Various – Free (04/07)


    Tomlin – 24 – Peterbourough – TeamTalk.com – No fee mentioned (06/07)


    Janko – 30 – Trabzonspor – Celticrumours – £2M (07/07)


    Ardemagni – 26 – Atlanta – Italian press – No fee mentioned (12/07)


    Sharp – 27 – Southampton – Various – No feementioned (14/07)


    Toure – 27 – Monaco – Inside Futball – £3M (16/07)


    Emnes– 25– Middlesbrough – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (19/07)


    Hosiner – 24 – Austria Wien – Celticrumours – £4M (19/07)


    Pohjanpalo – 18 – Helsinki – Celticrumours – £4M (19/07)


    Long – 26 – WBA – Daily Mail – £4.4M (23/07)


    Rudnevs – 25 – Hamburg – Various – £4.5M (24/07)


    Khelifa – 25 – Evian – Various – No fee mentioned (24/07)


    Rhodes – 23 – Blackburn – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (25/07)


    Piazon – 19 – Chelsea – Celticrumours – Year long loan (25/07)


    Mackie – 27 – QPR – The Sun – No fee mentioned (25/07)


    Finnbogason – 24 – Heerenveen – Various – £4-£5M (25/07)


    Allagui – 27 – Hertha – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (25/07)


    Bebe – 23 – Released by Man Utd – Celticrumours – Free (25/07)


    Machede – 21 – Released by Man Utd – Celticrumours – Free (25/07)


    McKay – 24 – ICT – Daily Express – No fee mentioned (27/07)


    Griffiths – 22 – Wolves – Daily Mail – No fee mentioned (27/07)


    Laurito – 21 – Universidad Catolica – Celtic Journal – £1.8M (27/07)


    Guidetti – 21 – Man City – Celtic Journal – £5.3M (27/07)


    Camilo – 25 – Vancouver Whitecaps – Celtic Journal – £650K (27/07)


    Mboyo – 26 – Gent – Celtic Journal – £4.5M (27/07)


    Ibou – 26 – Oud-Heverlee Leuven – Celtic Journal – £1.5M (27/07)


    Borges – 25 – AIK Stockholm – Celtic Journal – £1.3M (27/07)


    Majeed Waris – 22 – Spartak Moscow – Celtic Journal – £2.2M (27/07)


    Wood – 21 – Leicester – Celtic Journal – £1.8M (27/07)


    Benkarit – 18 – Borussia Dortmund – Celtic Journal – No fee mentioned (27/07)


    Lasogga – 21 – Hertha Berlin – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (30/07)


    Parker – 20 – Mainz – Celticrumours – No fee mentioned (05/08)








    Rumoured transfer out:




    Name Source Price


    —-—— —–


    Foster – Various– £6M to Southampton/Sunderland/Everton


    Forrest – Talksport –£5M to Spurs


    Wilson – Various – £1.5-£2M to Notts Forest


    Ledley – Various – £3M to Cardiff


    Ambrose – Various – No fee but off to Palace





    Anyways aff now to get a wee onjection which will hopefully help ease the pain.



    let the madness begin!!!!






    /Bishop B

  32. Leftclicktic @ 15;59,



    It serms to me that if the Blue Knights get in then the only one with the sort of money and the willingness to spend it is Dave King.



    So we would have Paul Murray and Dave King on the Board of a pheonix, can’t see the Finacial authorities, stock exchange etc letting that ride, even if the SFA are willing to ignore the rules again.



    Hail Hail

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