Rundown of possible opponents


Austria Wien have played three league games this season, won one, drew one, lost one.  Scored six conceded eight.  Stuffed 5-1 by Salzburg two weeks ago.  They have only had to play one round of Champions League qualifiers so far, which they won 1-0 on aggregate against the Icelandic champions-cum-day-job-professionals. Send them over, please, Uefa.

Ludogorets Razgrad, from Bulgaria, knocked Dinamo Zagreb out of the Champions League qualifiers last season before going down to Slovan Bratislava in the play-off round.  They’ve won two, lost one, of their three league games this season.  Beat Partizan Belgrade home and away in last round, beat Slovan Bratislava on aggregate in round before that. They also have to play their home game for the next round at an alternate venue to due to a date clash with a concert. Happy to take this lot.

Legia Warsaw, won all three league games this season, scoring 12, conceding one.  Eliminated Molde, after drawing both games, in last round, took care of The New Saints (Wales) home and away in earlier round. Would be a great European tie though not sure if Zbyszek can arrange the result for us.

Maribor, from Slovenia, have won all three league games this season, scored 11, conceded two.  Eliminated APOEL Nicosia after two draws in last round.  APOEL got to the last eight of the Champions League in 2012, so this team are no pushover. Maribor also have the distinction of being the last team to knock Rangers out of Europe. Ever!

Shakhtyor Karaganda, 12 points off the pace after 22 games in Kazakhstan.  Beat Albanians, Korce, in last round and Bate Borisov (who recorded Champions League wins against Bayern Munich and Lille in 2012) in the earlier round.  The travel would be an issue; Karaganda is farther east that eastern Afghanistan. If I can paraphrase an Ibrox legend, define Europe. The fact they are midseason and, like Celtic, they’ve won through two rounds already, makes this a less attractive tie, but they are surely not a Champions League team.

Preferences: Shakhtyor Karaganda are the easiest possible opponents but a trip to Austria or Bulgaria would be best.

Would rather avoid: Legia will be the most difficult draw. Maribor will be a similar challenge as Elfsborg.

Lots more to blog about: last night’s performance, Kelvin, Honest Dave King… maybe later.
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  1. derbyshirebhoy on



    15:06 on


    8 August, 2013



    Many thanks for the info. I’ll give them a try.

  2. Are they currents because they are in shock?



    Surely not blackcurrents – that would make them a right bunch of fruits!

  3. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on




    Not even a piff paff pooff from the Great Soprendo could save them. <:o)

  4. 67Heaven … I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors


    16:02 on


    8 August, 2013





    15:56 on 8 August, 2013



    I’m sure you will agree that, when you have a full ‘establishment’ battering down on you for over 100 years, it is best to resist / ignore them …. certainly worked in our case, as witnessed by the demise of oldco, the favoured ones….


    Leaving aside that it can be construed as a Celtic Park version of James McMillan’s Catholic Cringe I doubt if had anything to do with demise of oldco. Given the Board’s anxiety to have oldco/ newco back as quickly as possible any influence the cringe had on imagined demise was accidental.

  5. OldCastleBoy



    ALL of the Chinese and Indian restaurants in Glasgow are ‘all you can eat’ -the only difference is some charge a fixed price for the privelage whereas the others charge per dish :-)



    The Ho Wong would be my shout, top scoff.

  6. squire danaher on

    scottishleaf 15:44



    Agreed but you are wasting your breath …..



    Give it within 10 posts on next page on blog and someone will ask who we can get in next round….etc etc etc

  7. Roy C



    I called them shadowy because I’m unaware of who they actually are


    We all know who the board members are


    We have even had club officials like JPT named but no-one seems to know who the main figures in the GB are!



    Now perhaps that’s for security reasons – they might be subject to interest/abuse/ threats from other clubs’ fans or it may be part of the Ultra ” mystic”


    I don’t know but whatever the reason -ordinary supporters like myself do not know who these guys are


    We do not know how “organised” they are -we can see the results of their hard work -in the banners and displays but they do put up a bit of a wall


    That does make them a bit shadowy to me -sorry!



    As I say I like the noise and passion but it has to be for the team and not the GB



    Look at Italy where the cult of the Ultras has gotten out of hand and see the damage that has done to the game there!



    Moderation doesn’t have to be a dirty word!




  8. Also last nights performance really wasn’t great but we are were we need to be, in the champions league play-off. All of the non-seeded teams we can draw are very beatable and our experiences in Europe over the last year or so should stand us in good stead even with the current squad, minus Kelvin Wilson.



    Another Champions League campaign is a must to make the season as interesting as possible, the Europa League is a poor substitute but could also represent real gains in our co-efficient and also gives us the potential to get close to a major European final again.



    I can live with qualifying for the Champions league and finishing 2nd or 3rd in the group stages as this gives us a lot of revenue, will help attract new players and keeps all of us excited. it also means we will have had a good season for out coefficient.



    Last year we accrued 16 points by our own efforts and .0860 from ours and the other Scottish teams “efforts”, already this year will see the country element being a little bit higher thanks to the efforts of St Johnstone. Under the current qualification Scotland has to be ranked 13th for the Champions to go straight into the group stages, currently Scotland is sitting 21st. No matter how well we do, we need other Scottish teams to do well which is the why the SFA have to look at giving a place to Scottish Cup Runner ups if the winners have already qualified.



    It isn’t fair that England (as the current Ranked No.1) nation have 3 teams automatically entering the Group stages of the Champions league but there is little we can do about this.



    Over the next seasons Celtic are due to lose the following points from our 5 year co-efficiency



    07/08 12.0500 – was replaced with 16.860 from season 12/13


    08/09 7.3750 – will be replaced with score from season 13/14


    09/10 5.5332 – will be replaced with score from season 14/15


    10/11 2.2200 – will be replaced with score from season 15/16


    11/12 5.5000 – will be replaced with score from season 16/17



    If we continue to perform (and other Scottish teams) in a similar fashion over the next few seasons we could be looking at having a co-efficient of 80 by the start of season 17/18 which would put us in the top 20 twenty in terms of ranking and would more than likely mean we would be a Pot 2 team. It’s vital to our interests that we continue to perform well in Europe and at the very least qualify for the Europa league over the next few season but clearly the ideal is to make the Champions League from a revenue perspective.



    It’s likely that we will win the League over the next few seasons even when/if the deadco ever reach the lofty heights of the top division for the first time and it’s also likely that we will have to continue to play a minimum of 2 qualifiers. But crucially as a seeded team the Champions qualifying route should not be an insurmountable challenge as long as we prepare well enough.



    I understand the club were made offers they couldn’t refuse but given both Hoops and Vic went to clubs that are not in Europe I think it was short sighted not to delay the sale until Champions league football had been assured. That being said I also understand that delaying the sales may not have been practical and there are always risks of injury etc. Likewise the current squad should be good enough to qualify but the first team needs to be strengthened, if as likely Wilson goes we need a strong replacement, we also have to try and strengthen midfield and it’s clear we need a penalty box striker.



    Anyway apologies for the long post, as bad as last nights game was I am delighted we are in Europe until Christmas either way but I really think we be hearing the Champions league music again through September – December and hopefully beyond!



    Keep the Faith!

  9. Just read the 50 questions rangers fans have had made up on their behalf by McColl’s consortium (IMO).



    McColl, King and co should compile a few questions to ask the FFers….



    1. Are you prepared to let us cut costs as we have to without going tonto on us?


    2. Are you prepared for years of legal battles about who owns ibrox and possibly having to move away from it in order to start afresh?


    3. Are you ‘ready’ to accept that this is a new club because the price of pretending otherwise is proving very very costly to sustain?


    4. Are you prepared to be also rans to Celtic for many many years to come?



    IF you can answer yes to all of the above McColl and co might be able to help them…..



    I think I know the answers though……..

  10. Chairbhoy




    D King was in on this from the start with moonbeams but all sorts of “shafting” went on and the spivs went into a feeding frenzy.


    Again IMHO i think Minty thought he could trust Craig Whyte to clean the “crime scene” ditch the debt and the SFA & Ogilvie would have acted as though nothing happened,


    BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUT they never bargained for the fans and the internet bampots Paul,Phil RTC Saynotosevco and many others shining a big *&*^%$* spotlight on them and stopping them in their tracks thus leading to their death.


    Nor did they bargain on the levels that spivs will stoop to when they see an opportunity.



    I still think they will have to settle for renting the hate factory off a spiv for decades at a cost of millions.


    Or they will have to kill sevco (newco) and admit they are starting from start as third rankers under King and another share issue to get rid of the spivs once and for all.



    No matter what path they go down it is going to be a joy to witness it and there is much more pain for them to come. :))

  11. cliftonville celt from belfast on




    If Celtic had hosted the Red Army 5 or 6 years ago yuo would have heard a hell of a lot more than the ROH !!!!!!!!!



    Over the past 10 years Cliftonville brought in their own stewards all of whom are fans because the club didn’t want the police in the ground as they only antagonised the fans and they couldn’t afford to pay them anymore.



    Since then the old songs have fizzled out and the Reds fans then collectively decised that they wouldn’t sing them anymore because we wanted to show we are better than every other team in the league – who hate us with a passion (minus DC & Newry) Never was this shown more than during the recent cup final when the Glentoran fans give it the full song book and the reds fans only responded with football songs or the fields. We wanted to show we are better and we can move on (although we did sing about them not being british anymore but they already know that)



    What I’m trying to say I suppose if you take the antagonists out of the equation and replace them with your own then you sort the problem. Its harder to give one of your own grief when you know your probably going to have to face them for the next few years every second weekend !!!!!!!



    It is a difficult place for both parties to be in but the only way they will solve it is through dialogue – Jesus I sound like Gerry Kelly !!!!!!!

  12. Ps


    nor did they take into consideration just how useless and incompetent a manager McCoist is.



  13. oldcastlebhoy 15:47



    With a moniker like that you should be a member of St Margarets CSC, based in Duleek but also known as 32 county club

  14. Squire yup very true



    I was also astonished at the rants against the BBC for not showing the home leg of the Elfsborgs tie.



    No way Celtic would sell this game for TV – unless we got a ridiculous offer like the £1 million channel 5 were reputed to have paid for the Liverpool 1st leg in the Seville season – as it would have a detrimental effect on attendance. (and given BBC Scotland are as skint as newco they couldn’t pay anything like that!!)



    Both legs of the next round will be on TV as UEFA mandate they have to as the play off are considered Champions League games and get the full treatment with Stadium advertising, music etc. Participation in the 2012-2013 playoff games was rewarded with a 2.1 million euros payment and group stage participation in Champs league and Europa League participation for the losers.

  15. Will it still be possible to settle the GB dispute AFTER they have already been moved?


    Also, quite a few posters, no doubt feeling they are being reasonable, say: Don`t bring politics to matches. Why not? Politics determines every aspect of our lives so why should expression of views be limited to……well, where? Parliament and nowhere else?


    Some will say that football stadia should be for football and nothing else. Pretty silly when you think of it. ie if you want to speak to your mate beside you about a political issue, must you whisper or wait `till you are outside?


    Should George Square be for sightseers only? No politics in the Pub? On the Hills? On the Golf Course? The Bookies? I think you get my point.


    The Establishment might rather most people took no interest in Politics and continued to follow blindly but some don`t allow this without a fight. The Green Brigade are but a small example of the latter but even there, I have to say, at the Home games , the GB hardly indulge in Politics at all other than in response to an overtly political act by another party.


    The Club may well have a just point about safety but they have not handled this affair openly enough to allay suspicion.There should be room for rebellion at Celtic Park.




  16. croppybhoy



    never said anything about moderation and that would be the way to go for me.



    I wouldn’t expect to know all their names etc but the club do as well as their addresses and the Focus unit have wasted plenty hours gathering ‘intelligence’ on a threat that doesn’t exist.



    Go and speak to them as I did you may be pleasantly surprised. However I do take your point on stadium rules.



    They aren’t hiding from anyone and up until now they are at every game home and away…hardly shadowy.

  17. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    roy croppie



    16:02 on 8 August, 2013



    Absolutely agree with your every word …. Hail Hail….

  18. derbyshirebhoy on

    A message for Gary Hooper in today’s selection by England perhaps. Short of strikers Roy Hodgson picks a 31 year old in the squad ahead of him.

  19. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    jungle jim



    16:31 on 8 August, 2013



    We are all there to support the Celtic, and to celebrate our Irish roots ….. leave politics to the politicians…..they make a bad enough job of it…. there are a number of ‘platforms’ available to influence politics, one of them is not a football match ….. we are there to cheer our team on to victory …..

  20. Jungle Jim,



    Going by your post, I think I have the right to rebel against the politics espoused by the GB. They certainly don’t “sing” for me.



    Celtic Park, imo, is an inclusive and Not in any shape or form an exclusive place, especially for those who seem to consider themselves some sort of superior supporter to everyone else.



    By the bye, I do enjoy much of what they do, including their movement.

  21. “We are all there to support the Celtic, and to celebrate our Irish roots ….. leave politics to the politicians”



    I agree with the first clause; the second doesn`t apply to me;re.the third. Politicians are meant to represent us. we have to let them know what we think. Where should we do that? Only in their surgeries? Think about it.




  22. oldcastlebhoy on

    Navanbhoy – unfortunately I don’t get to go to too many matches as the family keep me too busy and I don’t get leave too often!!:)



    Are you a member or is there one in Navan?



    Thanks for all the food suggestions – think I had the China Buffet king one years ago (6years maybe) – seem to remember it was pretty good alright and quite close to central station.

  23. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Questions for the Sevco board:



    Can we have marching Orange parades as the half-time entertainment?


    When will the new Orange away strip come out?


    Will the Remembrance Day carnival be bigger and better this year?

  24. Parkheadcumsalford


    16:41 on 8 August, 2013


    Jungle Jim,


    Going by your post, I think I have the right to rebel against the politics espoused by the GB.


    You certainly do. As a matter of interest,what politics do the GB espouse at Parkhead? In 106, I am quite near and I can think of very, very few cases of their espousing of politics.




  25. oldcastlebhoy



    yes I have been a member of st margarets for 10 years or more now, there used to be a good group of bhoys from navan as members but it has dwindled down a bit last few years.


    I still travel with them 6 or 7 times a season and share a season book even though I now live in Roscommon!!!


    St Margarets do day trips to every home game & a few overnights a season, they are legendary!! an experience everyone should have!!!!

  26. Anyone know what happened to the king of the podium Philvisreturns,cant remember him posting since auld Thatcher died,did he take offence at peoples joy at her death