Running past Orange Walk outperforms carb loading


I sat in a Foundation meeting with a group of Celtic fans on Saturday, it is beyond credible what is done in our name – and there’s much more to come.

Last week the Foundation appointed a Disability Sports Ambassador, while earlier this month, we saw the opening of Celtic Park Haiti, a magnificent assistance project in one of the world’s poorest countries. In the first week of this month the Foundation made news across the globe for leading the way in their response to the refugee crisis (well, the Washington Post covered it, even if some in our own backyard didn’t).

September started with the news that CLIC Sargent’s new Home from Home in Glasgow opened with the assistance of a £60k donation of your money. CLIC offer support for families coping with child cancer.

All this, just in September!

Ambition for the Foundation is limited to the practicalities of what’s possible to deliver. To this end, several dozen of us have signed up to compete (cough) for the Foundation in the Great Scottish Run on Sunday. For most of us, it takes many months’ hard work to get to the point that you’re lining up in George Square with 10k or a half marathon ahead of you.

I’m running the half marathon, my first time at an event over 10k (only done 3 of those). It’s been a summer on the roads, the highlight of which was the fastest recorded run up Airbles Road. Running in a Celtic T-shirt through a crowd watching an Orange Walk puts more energy in the legs than any amount of carb loading.

There are lots of ways you can participate in the work:

Here, for my linked donation page.

Here for Steve Gunn’s.

Here for Thomas Eman’s.

Here for Robert Doherty’s.

Here for Stephen Hewitt’s.

Here for Kenny O’Neill’s.

If you are doing the GSR for the Foundation and would like a shout out for donations, email me, celticquicknews@gmail.com

Many thanks for your help, it’s appreciated.

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  1. lubo of the lamp on

    Margaret McGill – 10:55 pm



    “Did any of you half wits actually pay attention at school?”




    So that’s where I took the left hand path!




    The Road Not Taken – By Robert Frost



    “Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,



    And sorry I could not travel both



    And be one traveller, long I stood



    And looked down one as far as I could



    To where it bent in the undergrowth;




    Then took the other, as just as fair,



    And having perhaps the better claim,



    Because it was grassy and wanted wear;



    Though as for that the passing there



    Had worn them really about the same,




    And both that morning equally lay



    In leaves no step had trodden black.



    Oh, I kept the first for another day!



    Yet knowing how way leads on to way,



    I doubted if I should ever come back.




    I shall be telling this with a sigh



    Somewhere ages and ages hence:



    Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—



    I took the one less travelled by,



    And that has made all the difference.”

  2. Do not worry about the weekend -should have , could have. We will score more than 2 beyond Tuesday

  3. A Ceiler Gonof Rust on

    Maggie doll, I’m not sure about Egypt but the UAE dont behead people. I’m not sure of what point you were trying to make in response to Barrak Obampot’s appeal.



    You certainly seem intent on making a complete cock of yourself.



    Mission accomplished.



    Hope you’re well and we can get a beer together one day.






    P.S. Barrak Obampot, petition signed and sent onto my young ones who are morally sounder… Eh mair morally sound.. eh eh than their dad.

  4. Watching Regan…


    Watching Obama..


    Watching Putin….



    Seems the old MSM are all alike…



    Watching Charlie Rose on 60 minutes being exposed by Putin as Charlie stuck with the official narrative…



    Just like the Scottish MSM does for The Mint and The Banking Fraternity.



    So much in common…. Stay with the official narrative….



    I suspect 2008 is about to revisit as chickens come home to roost…


    I would love Scottish media to have a commentator like Putin who cuts through the BS…. But not likely…



    A wee song for the world, the SFA, and the so called journalists who dominate all these agendas both international and local….






    Roll on the Future…..

  5. Green (you can cheer) Bay are taking the Chiefs to the cleaners tonight.


    At least there’s one successful Rodgers in football.


    This is the last week of the rounders season.


    Wild card playoffs will begin next week.


    Infrequent updates will be posted for the followers.




    NatKnow on 28th September 2015 9:35 pm



    Asked this this other night so apologies if someone replied and I missed it, but…..



    How long has Sportscene had the “Rewind” segment? I’ve never seen it before – although to be fair I rarely watch the programme these days as I think it is awful. The fact that they chose such a pointless clip to show backs up my opinion. In my opinion


    – ———-


    It’s been going all season as part of the Sportscene at 40 thingy. They showed (predictably!) our defeat to ICT in 2000. Also the Motherwell – Dundee United cup final, but only the Motherwell goals! Also seem to recall an Aberdeen -Partick game from the mid 90s.



    All seems a bit random really and could be either done better or not at all.




    Cheers for the reply my friend. To be fair to the BBC, they’ve probably “lost” any great Celtic performance from previous eras. The programme is dreadful. Coverage is about 1.5 minutes per game and mostly limited to goals. With the exception of Michael Stewart, analysis is usually dire. The BBC Scotland’s sports department’s errr…….”editorial values”……are what shine through most. Very very poor. IMHO.

  7. Good morning friends from a yet again gorgeous looking, dry, clear skied, Bright East Kilbride.



    2 more sleeps.

  8. Jobo Baldie – Hail Hail


    Thanks for the weather-report….hope the game goes your way on Thursday fella.

  9. FoggyDewCSC would feel right at home in Dunblane this morning!



    I lack your clarity Jobo. But hey ho we knew that anyway!



    HH jamesgang

  10. sipsini on 28th September 2015 8:21 pm



    Ron Bacardi…


    Anyone on here that thinks their new format will not be chapping at our door want to open their eyes.


    As said before, there is an arrogance from the huns on the up, the reason being…we are going down to meet their level.


    We are compliant in their restructure.


    Time to get our finger out, for by God the support will not forgive the boards negligence.





    I’m afraid that it looks like the huns-Sevco will be treating us all to a great big dose of what we’ve been missing next season.


    Unless….administration ambushes them.


    I saw a post on here last week which included a link from KDS/The Huddle…I think?….and, on the link was a piece of info from a bookies to a Hibbee’s fan who wanted to place a bet that Hibs would win the league but….the bookie told the fan that…only, restricted bets were being accepted as it was thought that, there would be a big chance of admin-2 for the huns?


    Surprised that the sevco-obsessive’s on here didn’t sieze upon the post that I’m referring to?


    Also…Celtic fans have had several open-goals to put the board in the picture but, the Celtic fans of today were too consumed by Jelly & ice cream gluttony…I’m afraid.


    Always make sure that, the stake is throught he beasts heart….before removing the garlic from yer front door…imho.Hail Hail

  11. Jobo Baldie – Yeah….but, you’ll be there….I’ll just be doing my usual…crossing fingers and etc….


    Hail Hail

  12. Sumdy mentioned last nigt that, there were posters on here who thought that….If, we’d signed a £5 million striker…all would be well in the Celtic garden…the posters don’t think that and….no, everything wouldn’t be rosy.


    Would RD be able to properly utilise a £5 million striker?


    He can’t properly utilise a pair of strikers, LG and NC.


    LG was caned for missing a couple of headers on Saturday?….a couple of headers?….he hit the woodwork….he’s a shark who dizny get fed because the team isny making enough chances for him…but…the dependancy or, the main dependancy shouldn’t rest on LG’s shoulders.


    How many sides do we play who, play with more than 1 striker against us?


    I’d say not too many.


    If, in the main…we play v’s 1 striker….why do we need 4 defenders and, 2 defensive midfielders?


    I’m not saying that we should play with…2 strikers and, 2 wingers…Johnstone-Lennox-Chalmers-Wallace…arent about these days…we all know that.


    Not got the time just now but…my suggestion for RD to ‘template’ his formation-tactics-etc….Slaven Bilic’s ‘parked-bus-without-the handbrake-on’…is the way to go….imho.


    Take care Tims….off oot. YNWA.

  13. Morning all.



    Looks like being another lovely day down here.



    I never watch Sportscene “live”. Always record it and seldom listen to their pundits, apart from Michael Stewart. It is a very poor programme, partly because of funding but also because it is run by people who can’t stand Celtic.

  14. ibleedgreenandwhite1 on

    Have to say watching sport scene the other night I was perplexed when the rewind segment featuring the club that died in 2012 came on the TV screen.



    I don’t recall seeing this rewind nonsense before,so is this just another example of the media keeping the myth alive that the Ranjurz are on the way back,,,,Michael Stewart apart the show is appalling.





    Any couponeers about?



    Betfred have Chesterfield at 11/4 on their (shop) coupon tonight.



    Away to Blackpool.

  16. Interesting read……we have some similar issues here…………..SFA



    The Guardian ‏@guardian


    Will Belfast ever have a Berlin Wall moment and tear down its ‘peace walls’? http://trib.al/A8SwJuU

  17. Kev J



    “How many sides do we play who, play with more than 1 striker against us?


    I’d say not too many.”



    One of the teams that does so is Hearts, the game you referenced, who had Sow and Juanma up front but, despite this so-called attacking format- did no attacking. Sevco, the other team you reference while calling others Sevco obsessive, also play Miller and Waghorn, if you can count Kenny as a striker.



    In the rest of the SPFL, Aberdeen play one up front with Rooney but their fans don’t seem to mind that their goals come from McGinn in the way that ours come from Commons. They also add Goodwillie, a striker, at times



    The teams with “tactical genius” managers, like Ross County, Dundee and United, also play one up front on many occasions, though the first two both played with two strikers at the weekend, employing one wide.



    Perhaps the pro managers who use their favoured system know a wee bit about the game, after all?

  18. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on 29th September 2015 8:04 am



    Sorry for spam email folks




    BT, so the email regarding you being in France is a hoax?




  19. Ha ha! You had me worried there for a bit:) It landed in my junk folder, so I wasn’t sure.







  20. BT


    Same request, if you go up and see Terry he’ll sort you out, bet you’re Dad put you up to that after you’re Mum Spending all his money (big Smiley)

  21. Kev Jungle 7.33: “I saw a post on here last week which included a link from KDS/The Huddle…I think?….and, on the link was a piece of info from a bookies to a Hibbee’s fan who wanted to place a bet that Hibs would win the league but….the bookie told the fan that…only, restricted bets were being accepted as it was thought that, there would be a big chance of admin-2 for the huns?





    Surprised that the sevco-obsessive’s on here didn’t sieze upon the post that I’m referring to?


    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/running-past-orange-walk-outperforms-carb-loading/comment-page-8/#comments




    Hibs are currently 18/1 with Paddy Power. Fill your boots.

  22. Any ideas or preference to who plays left back v Fenerbace? Nani is likely to have a field day, no matter who plays. Blackett or Tierney are the most natural options but neither look sound enough, leaning towards Efe but if Simunovic is fit then he’s a natural left sided defender.



    Who would you play?

  23. Ellboy on 29th September 2015 9:29 am



    I’d say that a proper LB is a must so it’s got to be Blackett or Tierney. Either that or change to a back 3. But an untested formation is probably an even bigger risk.