Russia and Ukraine on track for 2015 Joint Championship


The organising committee of the proposed Joint Russian and Ukrainian championship have confirmed that the Russian Premier League have voted in favour of the proposal.  The matter will now go to the Russian Association and the corresponding authorities in Ukraine.

Valery Gazzaev, president of Russian club, Alania Vladikavkaz, told reporters, “Innovation is never easy, even the World Cup and European Championships had doubters in the game.  The English, who founded the game, were sceptical about such championships.

“We have had the same doubts about our project but in football, a policy of integration is now necessary.  Look at the European Championship in 2020, which will be held across 13 countries.

“Given the economic crisis in Europe few territories can afford to maintain a competitive team.  If we draw a combined championship with Russia and Ukraine we will improve entertainment, as well as football and financial stability.

“Half of Russian clubs are unprofitable (a considerably lower portion than UK clubs), 70% are subsidised by governmental budgets, this is wrong.  A Joint League will enable teams to earn money to pay their own way.

“We want to create a strong league which will compete with the best in Europe.

“The plan is to hold the first joint championship in 2015-16.  Teams will compete in European competitions under their national flags.  The national quotas for participation in the tournament will remain the same, so if ranking does not change, Russia and Ukraine will be represented in the Champions League by six teams.

“Our proposal is fully consistent with Uefa strategy.  Uefa understand that, under the current league structures, Financial Fair Plan will weaken our clubs.  A combined championship gives us a solution.

“Part of the budget for the new league will come from the sale of media rights.  The remaining amount will be generated from sponsors.  It’s not just about Gazprom, other major Russian, Ukrainian and international companies will be involved (no mention of Flamingo Land yet).”

Make no mistake, this project’s viability is underwritten by political and financial muscle.  Gazprom are a huge player in world energy markets, as well as European football sponsorship, while politicians in Moscow and Kiev see football as a ‘political football’.

They have the money and backers to ensure this slips through Uefa, creating an important blueprint in the process.  Note specifically that Champions League spots will be retained by each nation, a hugely important point for integration elsewhere.
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  1. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    ACGR Supporting Big Nan’s Reveal the Masonic Judge Petition


    are you going to the London Rd csc to watch the gametomorrow sir?

  2. Very interesting development, precedent has now been set for the big countries to carve the game up to their benefit.

  3. How will that work? Let’s say for the sake of argument all of the Russian teams finish above the Ukranian teams. Do each countries top 3 teams go through to the CL? So teams that had finished 11th, 12th, 13th would end up in the CL?



    That in no way makes a mockery of UEFA’s flagship competition and I’m sure they’ll be totally in favour of it.

  4. The Battered Bunnet on




    Encouraging, albeit the project is still more hopeful than purposeful.



    I think the European places aspect will be the central bone of contention – provided of course UEFA permit the cross border aspect. It is difficult to justify ECL qualification for say, the 3rd ranked Ukrainian team, were they to finish 14th in the new division as would be possible in such a set up.



    Sounds a little like having your cake and eating it.

  5. Getting any ‘extra’ CL allocation for the Scottish contingent could be a useful bargaining tool for joining a British league.

  6. saltires en sevilla supporting wee oscar on

    Hola fellow Celts from sunny Condado de Alhama – almost 30 degrees



    No sign if any huns only gowfers who don’t ‘ bother muchas’ about the fitba hehehe



    Some good oul’ chats – stage whispers with Manure, Arsenal, barca and Real fans



    Wee frowns from the drouthy neebors




    Pure magic btw




  7. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again on



    Sober up, it’s just another distraction, we’re going nowhere for the foreseeable future, pie in the sky politics keeps us distracted from the things we can do

  8. A word of warning for anyone going to Barcelona.


    My son was boarding a train last night,in the rush to board before the doors closed a guy next to him tried to “assist”him with his case,he then felt someone at his back pack.he shoved the guy who tried to divert his attention,then hooked the guy who had his hand in his back pack,then he noticed there was another one..My sons friend then pulled him on to the train and thankfully the doors closed.


    I know this type of acts go on in most citys etc.,but seememly this particular practice at train stations is prevalent in Barcelona.Be aware Bhoys.

  9. Hi Paul67,



    “Teams will compete in European competitions under their national flags.  The nationa quotas for participation in the tournament will remain the same, so if ranking does not change, Russia and Ukraine will be represented in the Champions League by six teams. ranking does not change, Russia and Ukraine will be represented in the Champions League by six teams.”



    That’s interesting, if the Russians and Ukrainians can participate in Europe under their own flags (unlike Swansea ) and keep their own quotas then surely an England Scotland JV would be allowed 5 places on the UCL.



    This could be of interest to the FA i’d have thunk…



    Hail Hail

  10. Paul 67


    The obstacle to integration in my eyes has always been local associations wanting to maintain their voting rights within UEFA/FIFA, if this proposal becomes reality then it seems to still recognise these rights by having teams from each association in the CL and EL, it then becomes a problem of reaching agreement with an association that will accept Celtic and other Scottish clubs and in this case whose rulebook governs the league structure, it may be the only way to free us from the bias of the SFA

  11. Morning guys, does anyone know the procedure for returning a ticket? I’ve somehow ended up with 2 tickets for the Barca game, a friend bought one for me with out me knowing and I managed to get one last week. Either that or if anyone here is looking for an extra its restricted view Lisbon Lions Lower, face value obviously. Drop me an email at asithought99@yahoo.com



    Sorry for the repost.




  12. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    We need to sort our own house(SFA) out 1st then worry about europe.


    Till later all

  13. Our only outlet from the spl or spfl as now known… Was deadco not to be allowed a Burke and Hare job.


    Thems were and in their new form is a hump on our back.



    Canamalars proposal will hopefully highlight the corruption within our football society.



    I doff my cap to his determination.



    Hoping to meet up for the drinkfest later in the town tomorrow as I’m a lightweight in comparison to bmcuwp, acgr and most. HH

  14. I think the possibility of a joint RU/UA league is on the cards here.


    Other countries in similar situations should also be in with a shout (Alpine nations for example)


    For them, there is a good chance of an ‘aye’.


    For us it will always (100%) be a ‘naw’.

  15. prestonpans bhoys on





    11:43 on 27 September, 2013



    If its for the same seat then both tickets will bear the same bar code, as a result last man through the doors will not get in since its already been recorded………………….

  16. midfield maestro on

    Spare ticket for Barca game & Ajax game available. ACGR has taken Milan ticket.


    Flight to Italy delayed an hour, sh*te, an extra hour in bar, yes!

  17. glendalystonsils on

    Not sure what is meant by “champions league spots retained by each nation”, or how that would work?

  18. I could see UEFA reaching some kind of compromise though based on a reduction on the number of places available to the joint league.



    Say the top 3 teams get into CL regardless of nationality. The remaining 3 best teams whether that’s all one nationality, or a mix have a mini tournament to decide on the last place. Or something. Money talks as somebody said and there’s lots of it in Eastern Europe.

  19. canamalar prays Oscar can do it again on

    Just heard we’re no welcome at Celtic Park






    They have not called or e-mailed me yet. I doubt they will. Yesterday I went to Celtic park at 3:30pm and was stopped at the door by security. They would not let me enter the building. I said I would tell the share-holders I had came to represent that Celtic wouldn’t even let me in the building. He let me in, telling me he had been told not to let me in and he was just doing his job.



    Reception said the lawyer could not speak to me as he was in a meeting. I asked to speak to any of the board or any of their PA’s. She said they were all in meetings. I said I would wait until one of them was free. She then spoke with security at the door. I could hear them talking about me. A few minutes later security came in and asked me to leave. He told me I had to call to pre-arrange an appointment. They would not give me any numbers. I said I would tell the Celtic support that Celtic threw me out of Celtic park. He said he was not throwing me out. He was asking me to leave. I said, in that case, I’ll wait until someone is free. He told me that I wont and I will have to leave. I gave reception my number and e-mail address again, so there could be no excuse of anyone at Celtic claiming to have lost it or to have taken it done wrong. I then left. Gutted. ”



    It appears they’ve read the resolution

  20. Wee reminder to Those Heading out tomorrow to Remember their ole CQN badges. Much Better than a Funny Handshake :-)

  21. tommytwiststommyturns supporting Wee Oscar on

    If this is allowed to go ahead by UEFA, then the precedent will be set for the Scandinavian clubs and possibly clubs in Spain/Portugal & Holland/Belgium.


    Apart from the big two, Spanish clubs are struggling financially and could welcome the addition of the top Portugese sides.


    German soccer is on a high at the moment and would probably decline any offer to link up with the Dutch & Belgians, who could integrate quite easily.



    We border with a country with an excessively bloated top league, but it continues to bring in huge revenue from Sky and from increasing overseas tv rights.


    They neither want or need us and will continue to resist calls for our inclusion in their set up.



    So potentially we could come up against even more clubs in Europe with greater resources than ours, which might impact on our chances of CL qualification or progress in the EL.


    We can’t ignore what’s happening in Europe. Anyone still laughing at the Atlantic League idea?!




  22. leftclicktic oscar in our thoughts on

    canamalar prays Oscar can do it again



    I have that horrible sick feeling that the love of my life is doing the dirty on me.



    I so hope im am just plain wrong but time to open my eyes and look at the facts.

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