Russia and Ukraine set to merge leagues


In the most significant development towards the regionalisation of European leagues yet, Russian Premier League chief executive, Sergei Pryadkin, has announced plans to merge the Russian and Ukrainian leagues.  The plan has been driven by CSKA Moscow, Zenit St. Petersburg and Anzhi Makhachkala, who have formed a foundation committee.

Russian clubs already deal with the rigours of playing across a vast geographical area, so adding a huge nation like Ukraine would present further challenges, but top sides from Russian and Ukraine know that if they are to become genuine top tier clubs they will need to play in as strong a league as possible.  The plan is likely to involve feeder national leagues working below the confederated league.

Uefa president Michel Platini has already given the green light to the regionalisation of leagues.  The most important question for Scottish football fans, is whether SPL clubs would like to feed into a confederated British league.

The hoary old claim that SPL clubs need Celtic and Rangers has been shown to be a complete falsehood this year.  SPL clubs didn’t need Rangers and they don’t need Celtic either – if only those running our game had the balls to ask fans their views on this matter they might reinvigorate our game, instead of managing inevitable decline.

We are not wanted or needed by fans of Motherwell, Hibs, Kilmarnock, Inverness, Aberdeen or Dundee United.  These clubs are competing in the best SPL ever with only one problem, a bloated club from Parkhead.

If Scottish football wants a way forward which will see a well-attended and competitive top league, ask the fans, do they need or want Celtic?  Do they want an opportunity to feed into a regional league?  Any reorganisation which fails to take the views of the paying customer into account will be a disgraceful failure.

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  1. Aye and the Slovak and Czech leagues will be next along with the former Yugoslav leagues as well.

  2. so,



    whats the story to break tomorrow that will shock scuddish fitba ?



    will it be



    traynor confirms everyone is against rangers


    green tells the world he is joining the russian ukrainian league


    mccoist believes rangers can still win the league






    something to do with referees

  3. Paul



    Do you think celtic would write the truth about sevcos lack of history in our matchday program … Or chicken.out and talk about previous games between the clubs

  4. Snake Plissken


    14:25 on


    16 December, 2012


    Aye and the Slovak and Czech leagues will be next along with the former Yugoslav leagues as well.






    as much as it makes commercial sense , i hope a Yugo league never happens.


    it never brings the factions together out there, only gives them a platform for the worst elements.

  5. Paul67,


    You missed out Hearts ?


    Is that because our fans and manager always get a warm welcome there, or, because they might not be around in the future :-)

  6. Paul67



    A British league would be my choice. Celtic with access to


    the english tv money would rival any big club in europe.



    The spl would probably thrive without us.

  7. Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium.



    All pretty close, all more or less speak English.



    That would be a great league to in.

  8. Posted at the end of last thread but seems to have hot lost…



    Does anyone find it a little odd that the tickets for the semi-final against St. Mirren are yet to go on sale?

  9. We will be in the SPL forever. Other clubs don’t want us in their league, and an Atlantic league would be second rate compared to the champions league. UEFA and the sponsors of the competition want Real Madrid to play AC Milan every year in the final, it’s good for business. If the unglamorous Sparta Prague, PSV or Celtic for that matter won the champions league they would grin and bear it. Off the record it would be deemed as a disaster.

  10. Sorry if it’s already been discussed but the Hootsman reporting that SAF has ruled out any incoming transfers in the January transfer window. The paper goes on to extrapolate that this means that Big Vic ain’t leaving for Man U anytime soon.

  11. Rascar Capac @14:37 “Scotland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Belgium.”



    You could incur the wrath of the Finns for that wee ommission.


    They’ll always tell you they’re a completely different and seperate people from the Scandinavians. But it doesn’t mean they want to be left out.

  12. The Boy Jinky



    …so you did sorry.



    Game is on 27 Jan (Sunday) but would have thought that tickets would have been on sale by now.

  13. Glendalystonsils likes a mr whippy with his lime green jelly on




    Do you think Real Madrid or AC Milan would take more fans to a CL final than we would?

  14. The boy jinky



    I’m not a regular attender at CP but I wholeheartedly agree with your point. If, in a forthcoming tie against the FOD2012, the programme failed to make the genesis of our opponents 100% clear I would be disgusted and i would imagine our support would be similarlly fuming!




  15. Tictaewin



    In 2004 when the portuguese champs beat the french champs in the final .. Its widely recognised that uefa decided that will not happen again.


    As you say … They want the semi final to consist of german … Italian.. Spanish and English teams

  16. We are currently having to play in the most bent football set-up on the planet.


    I say this, not because of any comparison to ,say, the financial shenanigans in Italian football or the match-fixing in Chinese football, but because of the bias towards bigotry, sectarianism and outright broad-spectrum violence epitomised by one single club and its rabid followers.


    This is compounded by the rot infesting the governing bodies, and the blatant crassness of the match officials who appear to go out of their way to green-light, at every opportunity,fouls on our players with no hope of recompense in any form; thus we have once stellar signings like Kayal and Izzaguire sidelined for months and then having to limp back to a form which will forever be compromised.


    And the strange way our fixtures are determined will be a perennial problem as long we allow ourselves to be so disrespected.


    And you’d think our achievements, coming from such a small country, prevailing against truly super-massive opposition, would bring us plaudits from every corner of domestic sports criticism, but that just doesn’t happen. The best we can hope for is to be damned by faint praise.


    ( I won’t even expand on the brickbats our manager has had to contend with. Unheard of in the global annals of football.)


    Meanwhile, a proven criminal organisation is constantly pumped up by spurious world records and struts its 140yrs. of psychopathy with impunity.


    Only in Scotland.

  17. Ntassoolla



    I left them out because their just the bit further away from my cosy North Sea muckers with their Match of The Day program presented in beautifully accented English by an exotic Dutch hottie.

  18. Gene's a Bhoys name on

    The Boy Jinky


    That is why they keep teams from the same nation apart up to the quarter final – 3 or 4 from England, Spain, Italy, Germany.

  19. John anthony



    I remember going into the ticket office in february after the semi. Said i was going on holiday and would be back the week before the league cup final. Was worried that tickets may go out when i was away and i wouldnt get my allocation


    They said they had no idea when the tickets would be released… And to check on line.


    They did go on sale about 3 weeks before the final

  20. Pardon my niavety, but, is there any truth in the story on the back page of the Sunday Mail?…….or have I just fell for the usual p!$h they like to print about us?



    Sorry if discussed previously, been off post over 24 hours now, too much to catch up on.



  21. Paul67,



    ” Any reorganisation which fails to take the views of the paying customer into account will be a disgraceful failure.”





    As we are all well aware, the only reason that They were refused entry to the SPL, SFL1 and 2, was through the ultimatums issued by ST holders of other clubs.



    I don’t believe that that constituency has gone away, therefore, if any body is considering major changes in the game’s structure, then supporters’ views will have to be consulted and accommodated.



    I also feel that this same pressure group should address the lies about the status of said club.



    The Montrose Declaration should be football’s mantra.

  22. Glendalystonsils……if they put their mind to it, aye.


    The boy jinky………..it’s only natural for them to want the best product esp for the final.

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