Russians step up regionalisation, don’t fancy Norwich chances


Can you imagine offering £5m for the first-choice striker at any team on the Champions League knock out rounds?  I’m less concerned about the forthcoming Juventus game, which will take care of itself, but Celtic hope to have three Champions League qualifier rounds in July and August.  Many highly sought-after players don’t move until late in the transfer window, so the squad we finish the season with will, for the most part, be the squad we start that qualifiers with.

Asset management has been the mantra on CQN for years but when the value of the asset doesn’t peak above even the short-term value on the field we are better to allow a contract to expire than sell early.  In short, I don’t fancy Norwich’s chances of acquiring some under-priced talent, no matter how keen others are to make a deal happen.

Russian sports minister, Vitaly Mutko, told journalists he was working on the CIS League project, which initially sought to combine Russian and Ukrainian leagues, but may also include others.  Uefa are thought to be supportive of the deal while Fifa president, Sepp Blatter, sought to under-play it when in Russia this week.  The regionalisation of European leagues is the way forward for clubs disenfranchised by powerful TV markets.

Mutko, a former Zenit director, is one of Russia’s ‘colourful’ characters, but he is organised, ambitious and well-connected at Uefa.

Kilmarnock have long endured life with the highest debt-to-turnover ratio in the SPL but they have managed to pay their bills when due, until now.  News that a food supplier has taken legal action over a £16k debt is not surprising.  These are hard times for many people but when you have not, or cannot, pay a debt, at least be gracious about it.  Suggesting your creditor is seeking publicity by raising the action is very poor form.

Ironically, if there is one club in the whole of Europe who would benefit from regionalisation it’s Kilmarnock, who are stuck in an impoverished league with their remarkable infrastructure.  If only they had some vision at the top….

Looking forward to the visit of United tonight; the two most skillful teams in Scotland on show.
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    Keep Gary,we improve our chances of beating Juve.



    Beat Juve,another £6m in the bank,along with kudos and co-efficient points.



    I’ve no problem with signing,developing then selling players,in fact I like that as a strategy.



    But the timing is wrong at the moment.

  2. Killie in danger of going out of business for not paying a food supplier?


    Celtic have a chance to move up the pie league rankings if they go out of business!




  3. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    Surely Kilmarnock’s financial problems are down to Rangers no longer existing…

  4. McInally blasts Rangers as Division Three flops


    Peterhead boss unimpressed with Glasgow side


    By Ben Holme


    Published: 22/01/2013



    PETERHEAD manager Jim McInally today blasted Rangers as flops, despite the Glasgow giants running away with the Third Division title.


    The Blue Toon boss was highly unimpressed with how the Gers performed during their 1-0 win at Balmoor.


    McInally insisted that Rangers should be doing a lot more against the sides of Scotland’s bottom tier due to the amount of money at their disposal.


    He said: “Rangers have been praised for being professional for beating us 1-0, but they should be doing a lot more with their multi-million pound budget.


    “They should be wiping the floor with every team in the Third Division.


    “A lot of their players are on several thousand pounds a week.


    “They certainly didn’t look any fitter than us for a full-time team.


    “They shouldn’t be getting any praise – the game really should have been a no-contest.”


    For more on this story, pick up a copy of today’s Evening Express







    The Kilmarnock situation is the tip of the iceberg,IMO.



    Thanks to the actions of a former team,creditors will be less likely in future to play ball with Scottish clubs.

  6. LiviBhoy



    lol, no superior knowledge, I was reading the report on the official website ;)




  7. LiviBhoy


    12:29 on


    22 January, 2013


    Killie in danger of going out of business for not paying a food supplier?


    Celtic have a chance to move up the pie league rankings if they go out of business!






    Have you tasted a Parhead pie?



    The only way is not up mate.

  8. Big G



    I was following the game on twitter last night whilst watching Anchorman and ironing. Burnt my finger on the iron and missed most of the film. Shirts were a mess and I thought the youth game finished 2-1. One thing at a time in future!





    Norwich are in a Russian region – have I missed something?










    12:29 on 22 January, 2013




    Killie in danger of going out of business for not paying a food supplier?


    Celtic have a chance to move up the pie league rankings if they go out of business!






    question is if they liquidate and come back do they still keep their best pies in scotland titles?????

  10. Winning Captains- where are you?


    I am sitting in the Cathedral House Hotel after a 6 hour journey from deepest Gloucestershire. Want to verify the stats you posted last night. I would have to claim that Fairford has the most CQN’rs per capita than anywhere else in England.




    Can we buy their pie titles? Will Sevco bid for the pie titles? What happened to the pie money?



    These questions need answering!




  12. Steinreignedsupreme, … and years of mismanagement.



    bournesouprecipe, I just don’t think there is anyone with the money in for the player. Norwich are a well-run club but don’t have budget for this deal. Not aware of others wanting a cut.

  13. CeltFish



    I have to disagree I think you’ll find its the sleepy village of Down Ampney!!




  14. Valencia government assumes control of city’s stricken football club



    Valencia CF, currently seventh in Spain’s top division, failed to service debt on £68m loan, which city authorities guaranteed



    Giles Tremlett in Madrid


    The Guardian, Monday 21 January 2013 21.15 GMT



    The local government of Valencia, one of Spain’s most cash-strapped regions and owner of several infamous public white elephants, has added a La Liga football club, Valencia, to its portfolio.



    With local health and education services hit by austerity programmes, the regional government’s effective takeover of Valencia and its squad of highly paid soccer players has provoked fury. But it became inevitable after the club defaulted on interest payments on an €81m (£68m) loan which was only granted after the regional government offered to stand as guarantor. The total debt is now €86m. The acquisition presents yet another administrative headache for the regional government, whose properties include the new but unused airport of Castellon and a hospital at Lliria that it cannot afford to open.



    The regional government, which has long been run by Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy’s People’s party (PP), part-owns two local second division clubs, Elche and Hercules, which also failed to service their debts. In all, it guaranteed football club loans of about €110m in 2009 and 2010, a time when Spain’s public finances were in deep trouble. It is unclear how the authority, which has said it will try to sell the club as soon as possible, will service the loans because its own debt has been given junk status by ratings agencies, effectively shutting it out of the markets. The money is owed to Bankia, which is owned by the Spanish state after being rescued with €20bn loaned by the eurozone’s rescue funds.”We are aware of the importance that Valencia CF has to Valencian society and we will work so that the club can go forward in the best possible fashion,” said the regional government’s deputy head, José Císcar.



    There was no mention of selling stars such as striker Roberto Soldado or promising youngster Sergio Canales, part of a team that is seventh in the Spanish league. Valencia was the first region to ask for bailout money from central government in July when it required an estimated €2.5bn to help it get through 2012. It is expected to ask for more this year.

  15. Sorry to hear about Forster’s neck. Must have finally succumbed to the temptation to try on Messi’s shirt.



    I’m sure Lukas, who had an excellent game on Sat (his distribution top class) will not let the side down tonight.



    DU seem to have picked up in form, with Johnny Russell getting a hattrick and Mackay-Steven back. Should be a great game.

  16. Ten Men Won The League



    If they were surveyed on match days that wouldn’t have taken long. Poorest home support in the SPL.




  17. Boring share update:



    RFC shares are definitely the only share I’ve ever seen rising after over a week of sells with not a single buy. Albeit the trend is steadily downward.

  18. TalkSport now saying Norwich will swap Holt for Hooper. Their stories are getting more ridiculous by the day.

  19. ArranmoreBhoyLXV11 on




    I ve still not mastered eating quavers and posting at the same time!



    Looking forward to tonight.. Wrap up well…



    Well said Jim Mc Inally…




  20. Paul67



    Totally agree, no one even came close to Celtic’s valuation, despite MSM’s tedious endeavours, in a window during which Celtic have recruited two full Internationals.

  21. Gary Hooper reminds me a lot of Jean-Pierre Papin. Sharp of mind and foot, and drills his shots with little back lift. I really think we would struggle to replace him as easily as some seem to think. If he had 3 years left on his contract we’d be looking for £15-20 mil imo.