Ruthlessly dedicate to data or return to Voodoo


The battle between what your eye tells you about a player and what his outcomes are is over a decade old.  Does the player have heart and mental strength, or does he manage to achieve impressive outcomes without it?

Given the choice, I would probably opt for a player who can impress without the heart/strength combo.  You can do a lot of work on those things, but you cannot move the dial much when it comes to innate talent.  If he is achieving because he is maxed out on heart, adjust your expectations south.  How do you judge if a player can translate form in one environment to another, such as Celtic Park?  The stats tell you no more than your eye will on that one,

In 1990, Aston Villa chairman and manager, Doug Ellis and Graham Taylor sat preseason watching Villa play a Trinidadian side in a friendly.  They didn’t know the players name, but they knew they were not leaving the Caribbean the standout striker.  Doubtlessly, both the eye and the stats were in Dwight Yorke’s favour.

Brendan Rodgers entered this debate yesterday:

“There are things that you can never find out through analysis other than by being at a stadium, watching the player and seeing what their movement is like, seeing how he deals the with atmosphere.

“I always say, the analytical side doesn’t tell you if someone has a heart and personality. When you play for a club like this one, you need to have a heart and the mental strength.

“You have to find out those things and see them live. Obviously, statistics will give you a lot, but I’m not driven by it. It’s something which is a really good support for us.”

Who am I to tell our manager different, but I respectfully disagree.  Data driven recruitment is how elite teams operate.  If a player gets results because he has buckets of personality, because he has the Judgement of Solomon or because he has mastered the ancient practice of Voodoo, outcomes are all that matter.

Ruthlessly dedicate to outcomes or accept all this data modelling is just not for you.  Some souls in Haiti practice both Voodoo and Christianity.  Two gods to keep happy!  But don’t let me worry you, maybe it’ll work out fine for us.  Anyway, Hail Mary………

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  1. Bada Bing



    One thing we do agree on today.



    Mark L will most likely be off to a much bigger job sometime soon. Why would he stay with a club he loves when the model which works and his experience is not utilised.



    We are back to the ‘agent’ I know recruitment.



    Let’s hope we get it right. Much as I admire a lot about Brendan I think his track record on recruitment is shit.

  2. Celtic turn down the opportunity to sign South American left back , Nawee Enuff and turn their attention to league one starlet, Costa Kwid

  3. I think there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding on the subject of the Irish fella .




    Big Peter shouts through to Mark ….”Are we signing anyone”…



    A frustrated Mark responds “aye Da!! ” ……

  4. MARSPAPA on 1ST FEBRUARY 2024 4:41 PM


    I think there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding on the subject of the Irish fella .









    Big Peter shouts through to Mark ….”Are we signing anyone”…







    A frustrated Mark responds “aye Da!! ” …





  5. bournesouprecipe on

    “Mark Lawwell has done a brilliant job with the recruitment. You can see the markets the club are operating in. He’s done a great job in bringing in the players that fit into the profile of Celtic.”



    Brendan Rodgers

  6. Transfer markets all over the world are stagnant in this window, even the EPL (90% down). If the most sought- after destination in world football(forget Saudi) is becalmed, why would/could Scotland, with almost no finacial muscle, buck the trend?



    The penalties for breaching financial rules in football are now high on the agenda of all clubs, with points deduction focussing minds. Traditionally January was not the window of choice; in 2024 it has now become almost non-existent.



    With no ’emptying-out’ from clubs, is it any wonder that Celtic is finding it difficult? Funnily enough we may be benefiting on the players-out front, with clubs looking for cheap available recruits – we have a surfeit of that stock. Kobayashi, Seigrist, Bernabei, Forrest, Turnbull, McCarthy,Tomoki,Kwon, Tilio & Johnston.



    I welcome the incomers, Khun and Idah, and hope at least another one may be squeezed in tonight.



    Will it be enough to make this a successful season, well who knows? – one thing for certain is that injury to CCV and Hatate will not help.



    Finally the Peter Lawwell tripe is the most boring, predictable and knee-jerk topic. A small number of supporters at Celtic Park keep the ‘pot boiling’, together with an even smaller number, albeit constantly posting, in forums – PL and Res 12, mention those and you are a better Celtic man than those who don’t. and the disturbing thing is that some actually believe it.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    If only Mark spoke German, routinely addressed his father colloquially and Peter couldn’t hear first names properly.



    “Ja Pedro”

  8. I know better than the Liewells, the Strachans and the Desmonds and even BR.



    How, I hear you ask, because I and we have been here before and learned the mistakes that all these newcomers have not.



    Celtic is a toy to them not to us,mwhen they sail off we will be here to pick up the pieces.



    D. :)

  9. Paul67



    “ results are all that matter .”



    Was an extension of the point I made to you on Saturday .



    Far too many players have been purchased ,that haven’t contributed towards Celtics results on the Park .



    The stat’s on Lagerbielke ,Tillio,,Yang ,,have not proven them to be effective in having a positive result on Celtics results on the pitch or economically .



    We are gambling on young unproven players ,making the grade at Celtic ,before their learning curve hurts first team results .




  10. DARWIN on 1ST FEBRUARY 2024 4:52 PM


    A fine , factual post. For that reason, it will be ignored by those who think many clubs,apart from us, are having a fine window.


    Cheerio for now.

  11. bournesouprecipe on

    Tiny Tim



    Gus Lagerbielke’s winner verse Feyenoord contributed to 3 points, and 2.8 million Euros 👍




    I wonder how many other clubs who haven’t had a fine window are as relatively monied as us and actively trying to punt the work they did in the summer window.



    That’s a point many are missing – the players we’re crying out for were needed in the summer – way before the “difficult window”

  13. Hot smoked



    We could always sign One of








    then we could get his full range of modrin studies essays.


    Barnet formula ,child abuse and whatever his grifter friend George says on radio.



    A fraud who has that many monikers here it constitutes a fake ‘ we’

  14. lets all do the huddle on

    That’s a point many are missing – the players we’re crying out for were needed in the summer – way before the “difficult window”







    and it will now have a knock-on effect for the start of next season.



    because we will now realistically need about 5 or 6 first team ready players in the summer window to even think about being remotely competitive in the champions league if we get there.



    its highly unlikely we would even be trying to do that in 1 transfer window let alone be able to do it, given our recent lack of activity.



    so we will be getting hit with a 200 quid champions league package with a team nowhere near good enough to be there yet again!



    but we will have another few tens of millions in the bank so all good!

  15. BSR





    He has also cost us more than £3m on wages and salary .



    That being said .


    I am very grateful for his match winning goal .




  16. I often tell the inhabitants of this country that for boomers, or zoomers as they tend to call them, life has been good to them and the likes of me as unless we hail hail fae the black north, we have had zero conflicts, no Korea, no Vietnam etc and our only worry was seriously a love affair gone awry, as that was it, that is until Covid 19 came along and took the feet fae us and IMHO life will never be the same again ever.



    Just saw on the weekend that the New York real estate market is struggling as more employees are working from home hence the need to live closer to the job has dissipated and office space is no longer required as it was before, so I have no doubt it’s the same back hame which leads me to the detrimental effect it is having on CQN as those hauf wits that would normally wait until their day is over before haunting OUR site rather that use the company Wi-Fi are now sitting at home pestering us with their own brand of raphael, as I said before they stick out a mile.



    So lhads and lhassies please do NOT fall for their baiting as they try to spread disquiet among us, their time, as brief as it was, is well and truly over

  17. bournesouprecipe on




    Yip, changed his mind quickly from what he said when we signed him especially as there was reported to be a buy option for Lecce.



    The CCV recurring injury caused us to buy him, and then also caused us not to sell him.

  18. Just read the leader……wow the constant digging at BR shows no sign of slowing up, gathering pace of anything?


    P67 really hates him and is now trying to place any or all blame for generally pathetic recruitment in summer and now January window on BR.


    BR did them a favour by saying he had the last word in summer but does anyone believe that? He did it to cover them and try and make it look like a joined up approach – either that or he was told it’s them or nothing…..


    The last couple of windows have been a shambles and we are going backwards at a rate which is frightening. What changed in past 12/18 months from what looked like a plan and forward momentum to reverse gear and an omni shambles – answers on a postcard?


    As for the author of CQN I’m afraid he is now so bias and one sided it’s hardly worth reading – becoming a bit like GB News channel…….. very sad

  19. If you were a cash buyer and the housing market was falling or stagnant, telling your friends you couldn’t buy a house because no one else was would sound a bit daft.

  20. MAESTRO on 1ST FEBRUARY 2024 6:15 PM



    Rivaldo spotted at Bairds bar 👀





    Ach yiv been avoidin the Gallowgate :-))


    Its called somethin else now



    Who is tonights Ross Hall sentry?




  21. Darwin on 1st February 2024 4:52 pm






    Nice to see a sensible and pragmatic post.



    Thank you.




  22. To improve the club’s CL experience, we need to ……



    fugged if I have the answer to that!

  23. Tom McLaughlin on

    Just spent 15 minutes on Sky Sports News Deadline Day and the list of today’s transfers completed or close to going over the line.



    Nobody is buying anyone. All over Europe just about every deal is a loan till end of season and that includes big clubs like PSG, Bayern and a few EPL clubs.



    Looks like the transfer climate has changed and big money permanent deals will onky happen happen in the summer from now on.

  24. Moisey



    “BR did them a favour by saying he had the last word in summer but does anyone believe that? He did it to cover them and try and make it look like a joined up approach – either that or he was told it’s them or nothing…..”





    Does that really make sense to you? What is Brendan’s motivation for covering up for them? The Brendan that made so many side of mouth utterances to the fans last time he was here is acting as “beard” for the Board. Yet everybody is sure he is furious even though he says he is not.



    That sounds like 2 things to me:-



    1) The Edinburgh Jury that tried Neil Lennon’s assailant, saw and heard evidence of his guilt but said- “Naw! you’re no guilty- we know you did’t mean it when you copped to the charge”



    or 2) Projection of ur own feelings onto Brendan when he has said nothing of the kind.

  25. Greetings CQNers


    Is that all there is?


    Transfer Windae Blues


    I enjoyed reading your article Paul but remember what Mark Twain once said about statistics….

  26. There’s not a lot can be done in the blue month of January when it comes to bringing new talent to a football club it’s just not available . The real business is done in the summer months. Sure there is critcism of the quality we’ve brought in to date but it’s not that long ago when our man of mystery, Ange and Asian cohort were being subject to similar criticism and just look at the terrific success they achieved.



    I haven’t yet seen the German lad Kuhn but hopefully he gets a run on Saturday and maybe a new left back . I have seen Adam Idah play on a number of occasions and have been impressed. He has come up through the ranks and now is a full International I think he will add a new dynamic to our attacking play and I’m looking forward to seeing him in the Hoops.

  27. I’m hearing it’s a tough window. Hearing nobody is spending money.



    I’d be fine with that if our summer window was half decent. The main business of January seems to be trying to punt the summer signings.



    Someone is accountable. The questions are – “who?” and “what will be done about it?”

  28. I find myself, unusually these days, in full agreement on the lead post here.



    Judging a players attitude and appetite, and how they would fit with the squad should definitely come into it. But the pool of players choose should be shortlisted based on not just stats, but specific skill sets to suit the position and need of the squad.



    There’s been very little evidence of this in recent times.