Ruthlessly dedicate to data or return to Voodoo


The battle between what your eye tells you about a player and what his outcomes are is over a decade old.  Does the player have heart and mental strength, or does he manage to achieve impressive outcomes without it?

Given the choice, I would probably opt for a player who can impress without the heart/strength combo.  You can do a lot of work on those things, but you cannot move the dial much when it comes to innate talent.  If he is achieving because he is maxed out on heart, adjust your expectations south.  How do you judge if a player can translate form in one environment to another, such as Celtic Park?  The stats tell you no more than your eye will on that one,

In 1990, Aston Villa chairman and manager, Doug Ellis and Graham Taylor sat preseason watching Villa play a Trinidadian side in a friendly.  They didn’t know the players name, but they knew they were not leaving the Caribbean the standout striker.  Doubtlessly, both the eye and the stats were in Dwight Yorke’s favour.

Brendan Rodgers entered this debate yesterday:

“There are things that you can never find out through analysis other than by being at a stadium, watching the player and seeing what their movement is like, seeing how he deals the with atmosphere.

“I always say, the analytical side doesn’t tell you if someone has a heart and personality. When you play for a club like this one, you need to have a heart and the mental strength.

“You have to find out those things and see them live. Obviously, statistics will give you a lot, but I’m not driven by it. It’s something which is a really good support for us.”

Who am I to tell our manager different, but I respectfully disagree.  Data driven recruitment is how elite teams operate.  If a player gets results because he has buckets of personality, because he has the Judgement of Solomon or because he has mastered the ancient practice of Voodoo, outcomes are all that matter.

Ruthlessly dedicate to outcomes or accept all this data modelling is just not for you.  Some souls in Haiti practice both Voodoo and Christianity.  Two gods to keep happy!  But don’t let me worry you, maybe it’ll work out fine for us.  Anyway, Hail Mary………

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  1. ttps://



    Kwon settled in at St Mirren

  2. The Golfing Peek-a-boo Desmond`s



    The Utterly Vile Lawwell`s






    The Slippery Duplicitous Brendan fae the scrapheap….again!






    60,000 Empty Heads….



    60,000 plastic seats…full of plastic people with empty heads.



    Thank you Fergus….statue on the way soon.



    Get your head around some real issues ffs!



    How many innocent Tims have been tricked by these fkn demons?



    Only a ex-Tory MP will speak about this naked and raw genocide carried out on everybody….apart from the monsters and their families….and those who knew better than to trust a single word from ANY media fkrs.





    The Gates of hell lied to the whole world…and laughs about it.



  3. Tinytim – TINYTIM on 1ST FEBRUARY 2024 5:22 PM


    David 66 14.08














    D. :)

  4. Tom-a load of transfers with fees within our budget IMO, from comparable clubs to Celtic, you need to have the will and the scouting in place, we look like we have neither



    “ Like the famous Celtic shorts, his days were numbered “







    @ only an excuse






    i watched the charlie nic icons episode last night.



    i got a bit misty eyed and kinda awash with forgiveness for his plight, he felt not wanted at 20, and on £90 a week and no payrise offered.



    he could be talking pish offcurse but best pal jim duffy has told the same story about him often, he didnt want to leave then. and the board wanted the cash.



    he didnt go to liverpool becausein a moment of self doubt he felt he would never get in the team in front of kenny or rush.



    that strip though, no numbers, no slogans, pure clean beautiful lines.



    my family took a whole back row section of seats in the broomloan,



  6. spikeysauldman on

    “Ruthlessly dedicate to outcomes or accept all this data modelling is just not for you”



    serious question


    when did the data modelling begin ?


    how many success v failures have there been ?


    what are the numbers/moneys on the ins/outs ?



    there have been numerous null pointers in recent years, so would really love to know.



    was it being used during the Lennon (eye for a player) years ? or did Lennon really just an Excel wizard ?



    Some folk on here lament the divide among the posters. The lead posts contribute massively to this. I’m in full agreement (for once) with J Forrest on this.

  7. i am hearing that all the lawells have deleted all their whatsapp messages from this transfer window,

  8. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Joe McHugh’s latest on Video Celts reports Football Scotland is the digital arm of the Daily Record.



    Genuine thank you Joe.



    Didn’t know that.



    Haven’t clicked any of their articles previously …. and certainly won’t do so in future.

  9. Prestonpans bhoys on

    I read somewhere that we better win the next two games before the home Killie game or the crowd will go tonto at the board.



    I think they’ll get it in the neck irrespective, may make the reaction from the hertz game look mild….

  10. Never mind the windae!



    Just finished dry January!



    I’m sure there has been an improvement in my personal health, but……………………..


    the improvement in my bank balance has been,,,,,,,,,,,,an eye opener!



    My weight is also down 11 lbs, i was dieting too,



    A happy chappy!

  11. GEEBEE1978 on 1ST FEBRUARY 2024 7:00 PM



    I’m hearing it’s a tough window. Hearing nobody is spending money. I’d be fine with that if our summer window was half decent. The main business of January seems to be trying to punt the summer signings.



    Someone is accountable. The questions are – “who?” and “what will be done about it?”



    *nothing as he’s a White Hart Lane now

  12. SFTB



    Millions were hoodwinked and coerced into an unnecessary jab of a totally unproven liquid.



    That is a certainty. A bit like the vaping which our health leaders spoke of time will tell.

  13. Albion have signed Celtic winger Mikey Johnston on loan for the remainder of the Sky Bet Championship season, subject to international clearance.



    Johnston becomes the Baggies’ third signing of the January transfer window, joining fellow additions Andi Weimann and Callum Marshall in Carlos Corberán’s first-team squad.



    The 24-year-old attacker has made 92 appearances in all competitions for the Scottish champions, including nine since the start of December.



    He made his international debut for the Republic of Ireland in March 2023 and has now earned eight caps, scoring twice.



    And the Glasgow-born wide player cannot wait to get started.


    Mikey Johnston posing for a photo with one foot on a yellow football while holding a home Albion shirt



    “I want to hit the ground running and make an impact right away,” said Mikey. “I think the deal has been rumbling on since the start of the window, so I’m just happy to get it over the line.



    “Right from the start, the gaffer Carlos Corberán was on to me to get me in. He was telling me all about the way he likes to play and bits about the club.



    “I was really keen as soon as I spoke to him. He’s impressive. You know exactly what he needs from you and it’s exactly the type of manager I like to work under.”


    Mikey Johnston smiling sat outside Albion’s training ground



    Head coach Carlos Corberán added: “At the start of the window we identified a need to increase our attacking options, specifically in wide positions.



    “Mikey was one of our targets going into this window and we are delighted he is joining us.



    “He is a player with European and international football experience as a winger and, if needed, he also has the qualities required to play as a number 10.



    “Mikey has the skill to make a difference in the final third and the fact he has played regularly for Celtic in December and January means he will be able to make an immediate impact here.”

  14. B78,



    Mark Lawwell has failed miserably even on the data.



    Lagerbielke would take 30 seconds to do 100m. Nawrocki is similarly challenged.



    They both are reasonable in the air and thats about it.



    Welsh better than both off them.



    Neither signed off by the manager or the other failures all being shipped out asap.



    Tillio £2M reportedly —- should be investigated as he is junior level.



    ML blew £20M and none off them are good enough for Celtic. A complete rookie not fit for purpose.



    Sacking offence if his interfering Daddy was not Chairman.



    A complete joke anybody tries to defend this clown.

  15. lets all do the huddle on

    there is something really suspicious about what has been going on with us this season since the start of the summer transfer window.



    it seems to go way above greedy plc bosses just wanting to shovel as much bonus cash into their troughs as they can.



    i said that was the reason when we had 30 million in the bank but we are now more than double that.



    and others had been saying we need the cash reserves in case we dont qualify for the champions league.



    but it has went way beyond both of those possible explanations now



    i have no idea what it is but something stinks – it stinks of piles of cash hidden in a dung heap 💰💩

  16. AuroraBorealis79 on

    We have £75m in the bank. Oh! & we have £75m in the bank. Hey! Did I tell you we have 75m in the bank. Guess what? We have £75m in the bank. Incase you didn’t know, we have £75m in the bank.



    What more can be said? WE HAVE £75M IN THE BANK!!!!

  17. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Who will rid me of this meddlesome priest?



    Mikey “Boomerang” Johnston. Please just sell him.

  18. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Isn’t Mikey Johnston out of contract in the summer?



    If so, why put him out on loan … unless you believe he doesn’t have anything to offer in the remaining games?




  19. Paul The Spark on

    So Celtic will announce Adam Idah right at the close of the window to make it look like they have been working right to the end. Massively underwhelmed.