Ruthlessly dedicate to data or return to Voodoo


The battle between what your eye tells you about a player and what his outcomes are is over a decade old.  Does the player have heart and mental strength, or does he manage to achieve impressive outcomes without it?

Given the choice, I would probably opt for a player who can impress without the heart/strength combo.  You can do a lot of work on those things, but you cannot move the dial much when it comes to innate talent.  If he is achieving because he is maxed out on heart, adjust your expectations south.  How do you judge if a player can translate form in one environment to another, such as Celtic Park?  The stats tell you no more than your eye will on that one,

In 1990, Aston Villa chairman and manager, Doug Ellis and Graham Taylor sat preseason watching Villa play a Trinidadian side in a friendly.  They didn’t know the players name, but they knew they were not leaving the Caribbean the standout striker.  Doubtlessly, both the eye and the stats were in Dwight Yorke’s favour.

Brendan Rodgers entered this debate yesterday:

“There are things that you can never find out through analysis other than by being at a stadium, watching the player and seeing what their movement is like, seeing how he deals the with atmosphere.

“I always say, the analytical side doesn’t tell you if someone has a heart and personality. When you play for a club like this one, you need to have a heart and the mental strength.

“You have to find out those things and see them live. Obviously, statistics will give you a lot, but I’m not driven by it. It’s something which is a really good support for us.”

Who am I to tell our manager different, but I respectfully disagree.  Data driven recruitment is how elite teams operate.  If a player gets results because he has buckets of personality, because he has the Judgement of Solomon or because he has mastered the ancient practice of Voodoo, outcomes are all that matter.

Ruthlessly dedicate to outcomes or accept all this data modelling is just not for you.  Some souls in Haiti practice both Voodoo and Christianity.  Two gods to keep happy!  But don’t let me worry you, maybe it’ll work out fine for us.  Anyway, Hail Mary………

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  1. Southside.


    Strong enough to win this league should be the question imo.i think so.


    As Boondock says earlier time to gather in and back the team,




  2. BR’s lack of input into the Adam Idah announcement is significant, I fear.



    We’ve rolled the dice.

  3. Burnley78



    “A bit like the vaping which our health leaders spoke of time will tell.





    No Health authority recommended Vaping to non-smokers; it was only ever recommended as an aid to giving up. It was accepted as a practice that had not been substantially researched but seemed to not have as direct and quick aharmful build up as smoking.



    The anti-vaxxers are still in hte minority as far as being backed by respectable medical professionals. And… there was an epidemic- little time or know,edge base to determine who could do without vaccination and not be a harm to others. There’s still a huge amount to be found out about this and it’s far too early to be delaring any victory or fraud. But, if you’re predisposed to think that the missing WhatsApp messages are signs of a giant conspiracy, you’re heading into Kev territory.

  4. When a company has a lot (i.e 60% of annual turnover) in the bank, only 3 things can happen.


    1. The money is internally invested somehow. Quickly.


    2. The money is externally invested by taking over a smaller or comparable business . Quickly.


    3. The company is too attractive not to be acquired by a larger investor.


    Who was Desmond playing golf with exactly? I’ve no clue what circles he inhabits. But money talks.



  5. Well I had a feeling our club wouldn’t do much in this transfer window,being realistic we Celtic Supporters need to support all of our players to go on to win the league ,

  6. Go tell the Spartim on

    Remember now Bhoys and Ghirls it’s all Brendan’s fault so it is.



    Despite having money at our disposal our esteemed scouting network can’t find a better left back than Taylor or even one good enough to be better than Bernabei.



    We’re run like a cafe with family members in and out doing the odd shift.



    Hope Brendan makes Lawwells fan bhoys eat their words.

  7. The window shuts and the “bedwetters” have the last laugh.



    Except not one of us thinks any of this is t he least bit funny.



    But I go to bed tonight with the people who slated the likes of me all through this past few weeks, and who had a fine old time calling us out for our lack of blind faith.



    This board isn’t laughing at us. We know what they are. They are laughing at you.

  8. I’m sure the vast majority of celtic supporters are very unhappy tonight but I think Peter will consider this a successful window.


    Sevco supporters must be celebrating.

  9. I’m ok with the board playing project subuteo with the team given the model we must operate within. For every ten potentials, 2-3 might work out. I understand that.



    I dont understand bringing in a top class manager and not listening to his needs – even half of those.



    I’m stunned and disgusted and wondering what the fk I’m doing with my time and money!

  10. This better not be another 10 season sell out Mr Lawwell !? ….because to quote a well Kent phrase ….I SMELL SHITE 🤔

  11. SFTB



    Does Senga write a Celtic blog?


    Be weary


    Alas when one of the many clickbait modrin media mass media ones is outed they all go shtoom.even the cellic wanz.looks like the blog britherhood are becoming what they set out inform against





  12. Southside,



    I thought the team was very strong before the window.Stronger than anything we will face.I kept saying,who could we afford to bring in better than our midfield.Who better than Kyogo.?We have 3 very good wingers,and enough CHs.CCV and Hatate,unfortunate,but we could not have signed replacements anywhere near.


    I like this team.Everything is there to win this league.

  13. setting free the bears for Res. 12 & Oscar Knox on 1st February 2024 11:34 pm



    If it makes you sleep better at night you keep believing that.



    Everyone else sees it for what it truly was. The rounding up of gullible mugs who would fall for anything if they heard it on the tv or from the bought and paid for.



    I hope you are aware of the old adage “Fool me once . . . . .”

  14. Even the happy clapper Lawwell Loyal, who are on here,will be saying WTF was that Transfer Window all about? Embarrassing, shambolic, zero planning, if Brendan walks in summer, I wouldn’t blame him,working with egotistical, incompetents like the Lawwells, I hope he buries these leeches if he goes.

  15. Brendan needs to make sure the ball is delivered up to the wee man.We had no problem with this with Ange,We have the players to do it.A change in speed of play would help.Love BR,Hunskelper supreme,but he has to get Kyogo supplied.

  16. TB- our host and you said we only need ‘cover ‘ for Taylor? Seriously….Kyogo needs service…..if you remember when we had Larsson and Sutton up front……we signed Hartson…..different eras,different ambition.

  17. Swiss Tony 11.36



    When a company has a lot (i.e 60% of annual turnover) in the bank, only 3 things can happen.



    1. The money is internally invested somehow. Quickly.



    – would reconciling all o/s balance on transfers and capital expenditure on Barrowfield come under point 1?


    As intimated last accounts.



    Otherwise we pay hmrc tax on the interest earned on the amount in accounts(the 72m)which i feel will be down a bit.


    We could have spent but maybe no one was selling,or they dint fancy coming here




  18. Tip of the cap BadaBing. Just remember, making coffee is like making love to a beautiful woman. First! You gotta grind your beans till they squeak. Then, add the milk.

  19. “We all know why deals happen late in the window. It frustrates the life out of all of us, but it’s the consequence of a natural bargaining position. Yet, goldfish-like memories really struggle with how the world around them works”





    “Failure to grasp how the world works – when it is so obvious and predictable – holds people back more than they are prepared to accept”



    Turn off the lights Paul.

  20. BadaBing



    Thought bout fast show,Shreeked at £49 ticket price,and no caroline aherne sadly.







  21. Bada,


    Yes,I remember,never won what this team have won,and that spending came back to haunt us for years.Ask Gordon Strachan.Downsize was the byeword.

  22. “I also expect a left back, as backup for Greg Taylor, who will retain his place when fit.”





    “Unlike the recent arrivals of Lagerbielke, Nawrocki, Bernardo, Holm, Palma, Yang, Tilio and Kuhn, Adam was not automatic first choice at his previous club. None of the others were technically speaking “projects”




  23. garygillespieshamstring on

    Adam Idah



    “I also spoke to Brendan and we had an exciting talk. Being such a big manager, it will benefit me a lot”