Ruthlessly dedicate to data or return to Voodoo


The battle between what your eye tells you about a player and what his outcomes are is over a decade old.  Does the player have heart and mental strength, or does he manage to achieve impressive outcomes without it?

Given the choice, I would probably opt for a player who can impress without the heart/strength combo.  You can do a lot of work on those things, but you cannot move the dial much when it comes to innate talent.  If he is achieving because he is maxed out on heart, adjust your expectations south.  How do you judge if a player can translate form in one environment to another, such as Celtic Park?  The stats tell you no more than your eye will on that one,

In 1990, Aston Villa chairman and manager, Doug Ellis and Graham Taylor sat preseason watching Villa play a Trinidadian side in a friendly.  They didn’t know the players name, but they knew they were not leaving the Caribbean the standout striker.  Doubtlessly, both the eye and the stats were in Dwight Yorke’s favour.

Brendan Rodgers entered this debate yesterday:

“There are things that you can never find out through analysis other than by being at a stadium, watching the player and seeing what their movement is like, seeing how he deals the with atmosphere.

“I always say, the analytical side doesn’t tell you if someone has a heart and personality. When you play for a club like this one, you need to have a heart and the mental strength.

“You have to find out those things and see them live. Obviously, statistics will give you a lot, but I’m not driven by it. It’s something which is a really good support for us.”

Who am I to tell our manager different, but I respectfully disagree.  Data driven recruitment is how elite teams operate.  If a player gets results because he has buckets of personality, because he has the Judgement of Solomon or because he has mastered the ancient practice of Voodoo, outcomes are all that matter.

Ruthlessly dedicate to outcomes or accept all this data modelling is just not for you.  Some souls in Haiti practice both Voodoo and Christianity.  Two gods to keep happy!  But don’t let me worry you, maybe it’ll work out fine for us.  Anyway, Hail Mary………

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  1. As poor as Dat was last week when he came on – the worry thing is that BR having seen weeks of both players, brought DT on before Holm.



    So those hoping to see Holm deliver something telling this season may be disappointed.



    We’ll flog our current midfield three and hope to goodness none of the trio pick up an injury.



    Hatate,Taylor & CCV look out for some weeks – and in the case of CCV and Hatate, even when they do come back, it would be optimistic to be relying on them given their injuries this season.



    An injury to Hart and …



    This could turn badly very quickly. I hope BR can steer us home to a league win but it’s just ridiculous how he’s been treated having come back.



    Regardless of what happens, our recruiting department needs a clear out.

  2. The worst part about social media is how polarising it can be. Choose your camp with nothing in between. Either you want to “sack the board” (one on here even threatened death on Lawwell which I hope admins dealt with) or they’re beyond criticism and we must know our place like good little serfs. Criticise the board and the “happy clappers” jump on you. Defend them and the “bedwetters” pile on.



    There’s a lot to like and commend about our club and I loved each and every one of our recent trophies. However, these last two windows have been a disaster and from such a position of strength, so unnecessary.



    Some have suggested there are no players in the world available. Simply not true but even if it was, why then have a recruitment team, scouts, data analysts and a well-paid head of recruitment? Just let them go and tell them they aren’t needed because there are “no players in the world”.



    The biggest issue for me was not this window but how it laid bare the summer window. Lagerbielke told he’s not wanted then at the last minute told he’s needed. So not only do we have a player not good enough but an unhappy player not good enough. Tilio punted; Kwon punted; Holm and Yang barely featuring.



    If we can give credit for Jota, CCV, Kyogo etc we should be able to voice genuine concerns about the last two windows.



    Nowhere in Europe can I think of a league where a club has such a financial advantage as us. We could spend more than every team in the country combined. Where else can you say that? However, we’ve opened the door to our rivals and we should be allowed to debate why that is.

  3. 67 European Cup Winners on

    AN DÚN on 2ND FEBRUARY 2024 9:39





    Gents you have caught the mood perfectly



    If I can just add some disappointment regarding our editor – who IMHO has peddled Peter’s discontent with Brendan


    BR must be under some intense pressure and he is being isolated by Lawwell


    We are in a poor place




  4. We have played without Hatate and CCV literally,most of the season.We have plenty of CHs,and a strong midfield.Holm will play his part.We won’t be struggling across any line.



    Hysterical CSC. ( No seats available on this bus,due to occupants changing seats every 2 minutes,wailing ,crying,stamping their feet,and acting like someone demented ).

  5. Anyway despite our unhappiness with the transfer window there is some good news for us. We can still call Huns “Huns”. The Appeal Court judges have ruled that “Huns” is not a sectarian term. 🎼 Go Home Ya Huns!🎶

  6. Good luck to the Bull.



    Lack of pace did it for Dave , sorry to say I wasn’t best impressed by the general larking around by the subs at half time , where DT was a willing participant.



    Yesterday’s transfer a long time in the post.



    Been a long week ploughing through the blog , roll on the game tomorrow.




  7. SCULLYBHOY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2024 8:09 AM


    1977: Celtic 5-0 Airdrie, Scottish Cup; Joe Craig becomes one of a select band of Celtic players to have scored 4 goals in one game.





    Can you name the others?


    Roll on Saturday.





    Well covered on this timeline,a few doublers in there not a dodgy one among them :-))






  8. If CCV is out again, this is how we should line out (subs in brackets)





    Ralston Welsh Nawrocki Scales


    O’Reilly, McGregor (Iwata), Bernardo(Holm)


    Abada (Kuhn), Kyogo (Idah), Forrest (Palma)




    Likely line up





    Johnston Welsh Scales Bernabei


    O’Reilly McGregor Bernardo (Holm)


    Abada (Kuhn), Kyogo (Idah), Palma (Yang)

  9. EKBHOY on 2ND FEBRUARY 2024 10:28 AM


    sorry to say I wasn’t best impressed by the general larking around by the subs at half time , where DT was a willing participant.



    EKB ,great point re subs , have been meaning to raise the same point , very noticeable during warm ups at the Celtic end , players standing about flexing their ankles and waving their arms about , watching the play , very unprofessional about time a member of the fitness staff goes out with them during the game to ensure proper warm ups are carried out.

  10. The only person who is under pressure from these transfer windows is Brendan Rodgers, he has to win the league with this squad of players, the board will hang him out to dry if he fails and the knives are already being sharpened from what I’m reading on here, the only power the ordinary supporter and shareholder holds is where they spend their money come renewal time and merchandise launch. It is a simple as that.




    imo AJ has struggled all season at right back and needs to return to form quickly , its a pity we only have AR to fill in as he is not the answer.

  12. I see our “friends “have signed 3 players on loan from Englandshire…just in time for our arrival …Typical Hibs !!….try when they want to 🤔

  13. ●SCULLYBHOY●@ 8.09


    Good question,I was busy doing school-run,then off to Clonard.


    Answers are Irishmen.(Celtic fc)


    1)Signed from Morton ended up at Glentoran 63-64 season?


    2) Came to Celtic from Millwall,didn’t quite make it.1964?


    3)Shamrock Rovers to Celtic.68-69?


    4)Played in All Ireland final 1953,losing to Kerry.Goalkeeper?

  14. Hibsing it my erse !..,they will be doing their level best to stick a Masonic spoke in our wheel !.,Full focus Celts

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