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There is something curious about the England national team.  While pretty much every other country around England’s calibre select players, on merit, from clubs large and small, for decades England appear caught emperor role, seldom selecting players outside a top clutch of clubs.

This made Southampton striker Rickie Lambert’s recent selection memorable, despite the fact that his club sit comfortably above several of England’s heavyweights, significantly as a consequence of Lambert’s play.

Fraser Forster has been the best goalkeeper in Britain for a year, but he is English, and he plays domestic football for the Scottish champions, so despite his Champions League credentials, England Roy Hodgson has not capped him.

With the incumbent “England’s number 1” producing ample material to have most national team managers hide their eyes, no matter what Hodgson thinks of his preferred keeper, today’s news coverage suggests he has been boxed into a corner.  If he plays Joe Hart in Brazil, and the keeper performs to his current level, Hodgson will carry the can for being the last man in England to see the obvious.  England managers have a long record of having to deal with strong media sentiment coming to bear on their selections.

I’d like to see Fraser get the recognition he deserves.  It would also be good for Celtic to be able to offer not only Champions League football, but also the chance to gain international recognition, at an ever-higher level.  Holding onto him is another story, but all of those who were so upset when we passed on Stipe Pletikosa to take Newcastle’s third choice will not be too upset at that.
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  1. the long wait is over on

    Fraser playing for England would be completely deserved and beneficial for us in any circumstances.

  2. Not sure if FF is even number 2 to Hart, thought that was Ruddy of Norwich or Foster of WBA now that he’s decided he wants to play for his country again

  3. Summa of Sammi….



    12:08 on 29 October, 2013









    Like others on this Great Cyber Pub Philvis has openly admitted to having Demons to deal with..’






    Not being the touchy feel type I hadn’t picked up on that.



    I hope he gets back on track.



    He was an idiot, but he was an entertaining idiot.

  4. Roy Hodgson should also bear in mind that FF would probably understand the NASA monkey analogy.



    I doubt many others in the squad would.

  5. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Is ff the only success in celtic’s take them on loan before signing them policy?

  6. Hi Paul67,



    Well if the rumours are true…



    Hodgson was going to rotate his squad in the up and coming friendlies and Fraser was to be given a chance.



    Also Man City are to drop Hart due to his latest mistake against Chelsea.



    This could be good for FF but I’d have preferred him to get his shot without the added pressure.



    Let’s hope he does himself justice, though England’s number one would ensure we would loose a giant in our squad.



    Hail Hail

  7. bigbones8867 supports wee oscar



    12:27 on 29 October, 2013


    Dia Daoibh uilig





    You want to spend more time studying the nags than podium chasing!!

  8. the long wait is over on




    HH. :-)




    On FF I still believe that Joe Hart will be No1 choice in Brazil but FF deserves to be , at least ,second choice.



    We all know his weakness is coming out but he’s still got many years to improve . Id love to have him long term but fear we can’t keep him one way or another.




  9. maestro-number8 on

    Agreed Paul. The big man really deserves his chance.



    From what I’ve heard he is one of the first into training and the last out.



    Having been to Lennoxtown myself a few times to get shirts signed I can verify he is the last out. Stevie Woods is always praising his desire to improve.



    And may I add, he is a cracking person as well as a top goalkeeper. Always willing to have his photo taken with the young Bhoys and Ghirls.

  10. .




    A newspaper fit for a King


    Posted by Phil Mac Giolla Bhain


    I wrote here only a few days ago that “journalism without precision isn’t really worth the effort”.



    It would appear that the folks at the Daily Record weren’t paying attention…






    I don’t really get Phil at Times..He is obviously a smart Guy..So he Must realise a Newspaper and it’s Employees are aiming at High circulation of their Paper to keep their Jobs..



    Today’s Headline..


    Today’s exclusive by John Ferguson claims: “Dave King gets the all-clear from the Stock Exchange to return to Ibrox.”




    This headline will sell Papers..That is their Job..Maybe selling to the Not so smart Rangers Supporters..But that is their Goal..



    So lets Be Precise..



    Phil is Telling his ‘Readers’ he is: Smarter than the Average Bear..aka MSN Journo..



    But he is Also imo aiming his ‘Headline’ and his News Topic to a similar reader..



    See Also Senor Thompson..



    Someone who keeps telling You how Inferior his Colleagues/Rivals are..Well……




  11. The Battered Bunnet on




    Humourous, clever, caricatural, dogmatic, misguided (perhaps), misjudged (certainly), misunderstood (often), missed.



    An idiot? I don’t think so, unless you are referring obliquely to some medieval court jester character, with whom he shares a passion for roast swan.

  12. England is not the only national team withthis type of philosophy.



    Italy (4 World Cups to the good) seldom select players outside their own league. in recent years there have been a few rarities appear:



    Christian Vieri (already an international before moving to Spain)


    Giuseppe Rossi (not a regular international player)


    Domenico Criscito (Left back playing in Russia, which is traditionally a rare position to have depth of quality)



    But as a whole, I generally support this motion. Players will understand each other’s play better as playing similar systems, play against team-mates reguarly, and retains the quality in the home league.



    In fact, Juventus, traditionally have always tried to sign the best Italian players where possible, and more recently, where affordable (current crop of Spanish speaking players testament to affordable).


    The Italian national team has typically done well when there is a good Juventus team (World Cup ’82 and ’06) and previous victories (World Cup ’34 and ’38) were during Torino’s star team before the tragic air accident.



    This is indicatory of why the England national team is doomed to be mid-rate achievers despite having lots of Sky money. Germany has the best structure at the moment to improve chances of long term success. This will not guarantee World Cups as other variables come into play, but certainly puts them on a front footing.



    Goalkeepers are possibly immune to some of the above being a specialist position, but Gary Hooper, Alan Thompson all come under this category.



    If I had my way, Italian caps are in Serie A and Scotland caps would be in SPFL, though sadly SPFL cannot retain talent due to deep pockets (or high overdraft) of Championship and EPL.

  13. The honest mistake



    Bellamy was brilliant whilst in loan though not sure we had option to buy

  14. Summa of Sammi….


    12:42 on


    29 October, 2013



    As Ernie Lynch pointed out in the previous article. Taking a stake and being a director are not the same thing. In that respect the AIM spokesperson is correct. There is no reason that King could not buy shares in RIFC.



    Does that mean he’d be back at Ibrox, or able to be so? No.

  15. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    I thought kayal was a 4 year deal straight away.




    He’ll regret not staying on.


    Think of all the yellow cards he would have received.

  16. The Battered Bunnet


    12:43 on


    29 October, 2013





    Humourous, clever, caricatural, dogmatic, misguided (perhaps), misjudged (certainly), misunderstood (often), missed.



    An idiot? I don’t think so, unless you are referring obliquely to some medieval court jester character, with whom he shares a passion for roast swan.




    To this day I still dont know how he managed to get all those first podium positions.



  17. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    Hope Philvis checks his spam folder soon.


    Although spam was beneath that chap.

  18. Big FF is perfectly suited to international football – not many crosses slung into the box to trouble him; more that quick, quick passing and snapshots he so excels in stopping.



    Acouple of good performances peppered with a few outstanding saves and the English media will have a new hero to laud and keep in place.

  19. .






    I was Not Questioning the Validity of the Record Headline..



    Anyone with a Brain..do the math..



    I was Questioning Phil’s Article..



    To me it is Like someone trying to be a Serious Journalist and trying to tell us a Headline like: 95 Year old man Marries 3 Stone Dwarf Bisexual after dating her Son..



    Is Not True..




  20. quantum



    12:52 on 29 October, 2013







    ‘To this day I still dont know how he managed to get all those first podium positions.









    He was a disciple of the Chicago School.



    Specifically that attended by Ferris Bueller.



    A character whose innovative use of technology allowed him an edge.

  21. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    bitter …???



    the other two most definately



    no desire to rehash history however said poster considered it necessary to harrass and abuse me over a considerable period of time ….for no apparent reason …



    his attempts at bullying were unsuccessful…..im made of fairly stern stuff



    nonetheless if he/she has personal diffs i wish them well in resolving them

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