Safe Standing, great, but let’s get it right


Delighted for everyone involved in making Celtic the first club in Britain to be given permission to install Safe Standing facilities.  There’s time for a seat but going to the football in Scotland was largely a standing undertaking for a century, for good reason.

Standing enables the creation of football’s now too scarce atmosphere, it allows people to shuffle in the cold and sing with projection.  It’s also safer across more scenarios than sitting.

I have one (significant) problem with the plans……..

Celtic intend to install Safe Standing at the corner of the lower North and Lisbon Lions stands, including the Green Brigade’s area.  The Green Brigade pitched up at this part of the ground one League Cup game several years ago, the area was no more or less appropriate for as a singing section than any other part of the ground.

The North Stand upper is the proper place for a Safe Standing section, front and centre of the stadium.  It’s where the Jungle was, and if we’re going to come anywhere close to recreating the unique atmosphere of the Jungle in a modern stadium, we must select the appropriate area.

The Safe Standing section will have unique properties.  The ability to stand all game, bounce around and generally be more active, will ensure it sells out, but it’s unlikely to attract the infirm, and it will never be part of the family section.  It’s also not going to attract corporate business.

The decision where to locate this section is unlikely to be reversed until there is a major stadium renovation, and that’s likely to be decades away.  A couple of decades out, there will be more demand for family and infirm sections, more demand for corporate and lounge facilities.

Football spent years failing to notice how people grew fond of comfort, shelter, safe and clean facilities.  The trend is not over.  Thousands will want to stand, but perhaps more will want access to lounges, video games for the kids and shops selling all sorts.

Celtic Park is magnificent building of its time but it’s not a 21st century stadium.  The Celtic Way is genuinely stunning, but if we want to cater for fans in the decades to come we’ll need proper cafes, fan zones, bars, better toilets and a museum.  We’ll need to make use of all that land we’ve acquired, but which largely lies undeveloped.

Real estate in the lower stands will be more of a premium in the future, we should plan for it now, make the Safe Standing section the New Jungle.

Sports Direct is not a travel agents – for the avoidance of doubt.

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  1. Delaneys Dunky


    15:42 on


    10 June, 2015





    No, I asked Kevin’s dad that recently. He does lurk though and knew my blog name when I told him. KB has lovely, good parents.







    after my nephews two seasons at antonine, i like the fact i know lots of the place kev talks about in duntocher.



    technically, is he realy a duntocher bhoy rather than a bankie ?



    i allways hope to bump into him somewhere.

  2. Neustadt-Braw on

    Delaneys Dunky


    15:42 on


    10 June, 2015





    No, I asked Kevin’s dad that recently. He does lurk though and knew my blog name when I told him. KB has lovely, good parents.




    braw…. Bankies rule ok …



    many braw stories that need telling ….




  3. Delaneys Dunky on

    St Stivs



    He is a Hardgate bhoy. His parents attend Saint Mary’s Duntocher.


    Lovely couple.

  4. Cowirbhoy………………..Now that the curtain has come down on the Soccer season…….well not quite……….there’s a big international match to be decided on Saturday. I can now look forward to the GAA season and it’s great to watch sport in shirt sleeves and enjoy pints after the game outdoors and getting home while it’s still bright. I like your idea for summer football which would enhance Scottish teams chances of success in Europe with better pitches etc. Bring it on. With all this corruption being exposed in the game methinks there could be vast changes in football on the way.

  5. How did I miss this this morning :-)




    Bitton commits future to Celtic as Hoops target Ciftci eyes United exit


    NIR BITTON has pledged his future to Celtic – and insisted he hasn’t set his sights on a move to England this summer.



    Nir Bitton is happy to remain at Celtic next season



    The midfielder was one of the key men for Ronny Deila’s side as they won the Premiership and League Cup double this term and has been linked with a move away from Parkhead.



    But Bitton has no interest in leaving the Hoops in the near future as he looks forward to another top-flight campaign in green and white.



    He said: “In the last six months, I feel I have improved significantly. The Scottish league might not be the most attractive, but Celtic are a huge club.



    “You need to play for this club to know just how amazingly powerful it is. At the moment, I am not thinking about a move to the English Premier League.



    “All I want to do is stay at Celtic and keep improving myself as a player. This club is the best option for me. A huge club with an enormous fan base.



    “Of course in life, sometimes you get offers you just cannot refuse. But right now I am not thinking about moving anywhere

  6. Summer football.



    It could damage us being out of sync with all major leagues.a form of tinkering with our season by allowing a midseason break in jan and as mentioned by Cowiebhoy give our season an earlier start.



    We would have to account for world cups/Euro Championships and the effect of loosing players in midseason,not only at senior level but at developmental level too.



    could it have an effect on our club enticing top players if we had a season out of sync?



    I think the Scottish weather is much to erratic to suggest we would be playing every in weather like todays each weekend.



    I am suspiscious of Televisions role in this debate and in general,i would prefer clubs to focus on the matchday experience and improving it,in my opinion power has swung to much to the fatasses sittin on their armchair with a doofer.I would like to see a streaming


    ‘app’ direct to whichever platform you want as the way forward.something along the lines of the US Wrestling app.This will mean a cultural change in how we view football imo, without the cultural shift to a different season start and finish.



    Good debate to have tho Celts



    Hail hail

  7. As a supporter of summer football, we should at least try it, I don’t think it could happen alone. Other major changes would also be required. A season from March to early November, as the Scandanavian countries, wouldn’t work in Scotland with a league set up of 38 games and two national cup competitions. Scandanavian countries are 16 team league (30 games) and one national cup competition. I would start the season in February playing the whole League Cup competition then run a top league of 16 from March to November. December & January as the close season.

  8. cowiebhoy , i like your proposals, all could work.




    imagine the issue of expanded league when the huns dont get in. cos they are shite

  9. Gary67


    Last European competition games are mid December, and they all restart Mid Feb, hence a tweek rather than major overhaul works better ?



    An T,


    national competitions are generally end June and July ? ( outwith Quatar World Cup :-))) hence I suggested League Cup competition be used to start season in July, being selfish, I think Celtic should be playing younger players in this competition anyway ?



    The 14 team league with 38 league games incidentally retains the 19 home and away



    Hail Hail

  10. sunny calmachie on

    I was lucky (or so I thought) enough to attend the ROI vrs Engerlund on Sunday,


    Very bland atmosphere,


    half Republic/ England scarves,


    Clapping of the English national anthem,


    Being told that Celtic weren’t playing today,


    Booing of a Liverpool player by most of the home fans,


    We left at half time due to the EPL lovey doveys,


    I was warned by a good Irish bhoy who works with me,


    well back to bread and butter football for me, I will never attend another international game, to many popcorn and hotdog munchers for me,

  11. Saint Stivs



    We should have done it this year, straight promotion


    Hearts and Hibs :-)



    Hail Hail

  12. I find the winter months hard going enough.



    If there was no sport on, that would make it a lot worse.

  13. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    Mr Pastry



    Are you Ian Davidson by any chance?



    Wants to dismantle Celtic Park



    Disnae like the Mils



    Drinks on Byres Road just yards fae his wee socialist hoose overlooking the Botanic Gardens…



    Drinks courtesy of a nice Westminster pension we are all paying for…



    Just askin like…




  14. well if you wanna go, k.a.n.o ., hail hail , rain , sleet or snow



    09:49 on 10 June, 2015


    Ht. Spooky. That was the title of the initial email that started the kano foundation 5 years ago. It was in homage to the BringingMartinHome campaign which , I think, was the first time the blog had dived into fundraising in a collective manner.



    Regarding celtic park environs, as well as match day facilities, the club could look to provide affordable office /meeting space for various groups . Being selfish as we are looking for office/storage space. Arranged properly, ie upper floor of a 2 storey block with fan zones underneath , you could have a facility that is being used 12 days out of 14 .





    What storage space are you looking for might be abel to help

  15. Cowiebhoy


    16:17 on


    10 June, 2015




    Last European competition games are mid December, and they all restart Mid Feb, hence a tweek rather than major overhaul works better ?



    Not much good if you can’t qualify. If qualifying falls mid season then teams should have a better chance of qualifying. Starting mid July won’t resolve the can’t qualify problem.


    League Cup should be played, if at all, from start to finish inside a month.


    Whether we tweek or radically change the season, we would need to reduce the number of games played, either through less league games or scrap the league cup.


    We have half our squad playing this weekend and the first pre season friendly is in three weeks. Our players are having very little summer break as it is.

  16. Marrakesh Express on

    Guys, I’d be grateful for info. Want to keep my sky TV package but because the broadband I get is poor, I’m thinking of going with BT for phone and BB.


    Its a bit confusing with all the different offers etc. Also not sure whether online or by phone is best to set it up.



  17. kickinthenakas playing golf in Mijas!!! you are kidding it is half way up a mountain – good luck

  18. What is the Stars on

    Sunny calmachie


    Sorry to hear you had a poor time at the game. I gave away 2 tickets as I feared it would be something like you described. Even the hooligans are not turning up any more. What is happening to our game

  19. cowiebhoy



    i am with you on an earlier start to the season and a break in january.i agree with you on using the league cup as a developmental trophy,especially as it is not rewarded with any european spot. HH








    how you coping out in vegas? hope all is going well.I am a wee bit concerned as to who is buying yir mammy’s daily rekkkord?:-) just askin as i heard Dave’jittereye’king started his road to his bullyinz as a paperboy in Castlemilk.



    Hail hail

  20. Gary67



    Even in Europa League the season past, we played on Dec 11th ? And started again Feb 19th


    So mid Dec to start Feb would work, giving player an actual 6 – 7 week break, some winter sun for them to refresh ?


    I do agree league Cup done in a month, which includes final

  21. Summer football?



    Too many other demands on your time and things to do in the summer. Things you can’t do in the winter. Attendances would fall.

  22. Hamilton Tim



    good luck at the meeting tonight,i hope it goes well and this act is repealed.




  23. mickbhoy1888


    14:11 on


    10 June, 2015



    Anyone know if there will be an executive standing area



    to listen to radio3 on match days or to just talk politics!




  24. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on







    That’s what I thought too… Though vaguely remember seeing a few golf flegs on the long and winding back roads.




  25. sunny calmachie on

    What in the stars



    I enjoyed the day, before and after the game we all had a great time, it will not put me of going back to Dublin,


    Sometimes the game comes second to the craic, and this was one of them sometimes days,

  26. i think Cifti would bring some much needed strength and areal power up front , however i also like the look of lee erwin , strong and technical with a sweet left foot – a good investment!

  27. hebcelt



    16:41 on 10 June, 2015



    ernie – evidence?







    It’s a prediction. It’s not possibe to furnish evidence of what will happen as the result of a future event. Because it hasn’t happened yet.

  28. Delaneys Dunky on




    I used to run Curlers Bar on Byres Rd.


    Full of Scottish Nationalists.


    Jock Tamsons was upstairs. Nationalist meeting place.

  29. South Of Tunis on

    Wee tv item re the pros and cons of profiting from mass tourism..Some of the cons were illustrated by a wee film of Magaluf and some blootered teenagers ( male and female )pissing and puking on the streets..All looking resplendent in Deady Bears tops



    Suits you – Sir ( and Madam.)

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