Safe Standing, great, but let’s get it right


Delighted for everyone involved in making Celtic the first club in Britain to be given permission to install Safe Standing facilities.  There’s time for a seat but going to the football in Scotland was largely a standing undertaking for a century, for good reason.

Standing enables the creation of football’s now too scarce atmosphere, it allows people to shuffle in the cold and sing with projection.  It’s also safer across more scenarios than sitting.

I have one (significant) problem with the plans……..

Celtic intend to install Safe Standing at the corner of the lower North and Lisbon Lions stands, including the Green Brigade’s area.  The Green Brigade pitched up at this part of the ground one League Cup game several years ago, the area was no more or less appropriate for as a singing section than any other part of the ground.

The North Stand upper is the proper place for a Safe Standing section, front and centre of the stadium.  It’s where the Jungle was, and if we’re going to come anywhere close to recreating the unique atmosphere of the Jungle in a modern stadium, we must select the appropriate area.

The Safe Standing section will have unique properties.  The ability to stand all game, bounce around and generally be more active, will ensure it sells out, but it’s unlikely to attract the infirm, and it will never be part of the family section.  It’s also not going to attract corporate business.

The decision where to locate this section is unlikely to be reversed until there is a major stadium renovation, and that’s likely to be decades away.  A couple of decades out, there will be more demand for family and infirm sections, more demand for corporate and lounge facilities.

Football spent years failing to notice how people grew fond of comfort, shelter, safe and clean facilities.  The trend is not over.  Thousands will want to stand, but perhaps more will want access to lounges, video games for the kids and shops selling all sorts.

Celtic Park is magnificent building of its time but it’s not a 21st century stadium.  The Celtic Way is genuinely stunning, but if we want to cater for fans in the decades to come we’ll need proper cafes, fan zones, bars, better toilets and a museum.  We’ll need to make use of all that land we’ve acquired, but which largely lies undeveloped.

Real estate in the lower stands will be more of a premium in the future, we should plan for it now, make the Safe Standing section the New Jungle.

Sports Direct is not a travel agents – for the avoidance of doubt.

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  1. ernie lynch


    16:51 on


    10 June, 2015



    As you say it’s hard to predict. I used to miss games to hit the slopes. It’s more likely I’d miss them now for a bike ride but in summer it’s easier for me to do that before or after the game, so I might be able to do both.



    It would definitely be better for the kids but I do love a game under floodlights with proper darkness outside .

  2. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on

    Ancient proverb



    It is no more easy to see past a tall man sitting than it is standing… If yer a shortass

  3. Chris tory from this morning… My days work being done I read back.



    There’s more holes in your argument than In Rab C’s string vest……

  4. There are a couple of golf courses at Mijas, pretty flat they are, surrounded by mountains.



    Attendances have risen in Ireland since they switched to summer football.




  5. leftclicktic on

    West End of East End




    15:00 on 10 June, 2015




    Got bored of the political nonsense in here and went looking for something to cheer me up. Had a quick dip into FF and this was the first thing I came across…works every time…



    Rt. Hon. Bearman Rt. Hon. Bearman is offline


    143 years of glorious unbroken history



    Join Date: 28-07-2006


    Location: Linton Travel Tavern


    Posts: 10,895


    Default Re: Mike Ashley tells Rangers “we’re not a bank” over £5m loan deal (Mirror)



    I’m increasingly getting the feeling that Ashley has grossly underestimated King.




    And my wife still has to ask why I shake my head from side to side in disbelief when the deluded come out with statements,



    I have a mental picture of the big mouth wee nyaff (King) sitting sweating looking at the clock after being called out by the big boy(Mash) at hame time(Friday).

  6. See Virgil is throwing shapes again about moving on. Is he all that great? we did concede a lot of goals in Europe last season despite reaching the knockout stage of Europa. Surely there has to be loads of central defenders out there who can do a good job for the club.


    Take the money and invest.

  7. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Just in from money advice workshop and head is nipping


    Thanks to lefty I will not read back if it’s all politics again



    Magners opened……..and chill.

  8. F.A.B. Virgil (WATRC) on




    Cheers. Not a tavern I’m familiar with. You must have a good shout at a Mr. Pastry guess

  9. marrakesh express



    16:30 on 10 June, 2015…



    I posted before about my ordeal with BT and their broadband, I won’t go into detail again, just make sure your bb package will be for unlimited bb….HH

  10. Very.funny republican football puns earlier. Love a good pun.


    Trifles of the IRA wins hands down but….


    Could I hear it for….



    The foggy stew…..

  11. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on




    I’m now meant to take it away and train folk, ha ha ha


    I’ll start with the Mrs& mini

  12. joe_joe_john_bobby_teddy



    17:36 on 10 June, 2015



    Or anybody, just in from work, not read or heard anything today, what’s St. Michael threatening them with?



    Keep the Faith!



    Hail Hail!

  13. leftclicktic on

    Seen this on twitter


    Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo some of them are starting to take the blinkers off :)))))))).


    Seen this on twitter by one of those few




    Wake Up Call






    The other day we watched Dave King as he unveiled the season ticket launch, and we listened to what he had to say.



    Not a lot, but some of the stuff he did come away with was utterly bizarre.



    Reviving Rangers and getting them on a reasonable financial footing will mean that fans are now “co-investors,” he told us. Great, I feel special thanks to Dave.



    45,000 of us are expected to buy season tickets. When was the last time that happened then?



    All of this season ticket cash is to be used on the player budget if I understood him correctly. Which begs the question: How does the club get funded throughout the season?



    We won’t have 45,000 season ticket holders, that’s pie in the sky and simply won’t happen.



    Last year we had 23,000 then some more turned up in March, not a lot right enough, I think it was about 1500 more.



    So effectively Dave King ‘s hoping for another 20,000 people to fork out and be co-investors. I don’t see it happening.



    The irony that this man is asking fans to fork out when only a year ago he was insisting the same fans starve the club of revenue is risible.



    He’s asking more than anyone has ever asked for. He’s basically saying the more we (the gullible) hand over the less he has to.



    He refuses time and again to say how much his investment will be. Even if we get the amount of season tickets he needs we can forget this pap about £12 million.



    When that bottoms out it’ll be less than £5 million, and for that he’s got to fund a manager and backroom staff, and the tiny matter of a football team that manager has to build.



    He said yesterday that if a new manager wanted a player at a million quid he could have it if the terms were suitable, eh no, because by the time you weld his salary onto that there’ll not be a lot left to put a squad together will there ?



    Each player will want good wages and signing on fees. This squad needs to be winning the Championship next season or I think it’s curtains.



    The only people not seeing what’s staring them in the face are some Rangers fans that have got the blinkers on. Wake up call required.



    The tide is beginning to turn right enough; the more fans I talk to, the more they are catching on. They’re now sceptical of what’s been happening over the last three months.



    How is the club going to be funded over the course of next season? The sums don’t tally.



    King said yesterday that the support must trust them and they’ve done everything they said they would…



    B****CKS !!



    He said he had the money to pay the Sports Direct loan, then why won’t he pay it? And if anyone tells me it’s so he can use it as leverage to try and get a better deal for the club then you’re deluding yourselves and misguiding others.



    It’s not true, it’s a blatant nonsense. Sports Direct have security on assets worth way more than the cost of paying the loan, they also at this moment in time have our intellectual property, not to mention the fact that the retail deal is vastly reduced by not paying this debt.



    How many times are we going to trust these shysters that turn up at our club and rip it and us apart ?



    We’re in a worse position than at any point in the last 3 years – no money in the bank, no manager and very few players, and the ones we do have weren’t good enough to get into the 15th best team in Scotland last season ffs!



    Yet all the while King tells us we are one of the most financially secure clubs in the world?



    Really, Dave ? How come you haven’t relisted on an exchange then?



    He said yesterday that listing on the ISDX will take 3-4 months, again what a load of sh**e, it can be done in 3 DAYS! Believe me, I know!



    So again I’m asking, how are we being funded through next season because a rights/share issue isn’t going to cover it?



    40 million shares at 20 pence a share means the club will get 8 million in, but King and the Three ears have already loaned in return for equity.



    If all the cash for season tickets goes into the football department then who’s paying the bills and overheads?



    If it’s King and the Three Bears then by the time there is a share issue the club’s gonna OWE them money!



    £1.5 million a month just to keep the lights on, from here till the share issue that’s another £7.5 million.



    And we need 18 months working capital to attain a listing…. think about that for a minute!



    Who is kidding who here?



    Over investment he said. Have we learned nothing from the past? There’s a massive black hole in our finances and it’s a mess of our own making.



    Boycotts advocated by our Chairman have put us in a position of peril, make no mistake here its time for that transparency they promised, it’s time for that investment, not staged, it’s needed right now.



    Some of the things that are being said by our board lead me to believe that this is almost corporate suicide. To publicly demean the man you owe £5 million to and who CAN demand it back, then to be lacking in transparency and be so contradictory defies logic. What are they playing at? Do King and Murray not speak to each other because they don’t appear to be singing from the same hymn sheet.



    It looks to me that King is either deliberately steering the club into an insolvency event or he’s going to have to seriously invest. By my reckoning he and the Three Bears will need to sink about £15-20 million to keep us afloat till the end of the season.



    Can anyone see that truly happening?



    And what happens if there’s only 25,000 season tickets sold? That’s a distinct possibility. What are the consequences if that scenario unfolds?



    Buckle up its gonna get bumpy, and I haven’t even mentioned the general meeting on Friday. That’ll be an eye opener!



    We are not learning, we need to ask questions and demand answers. This lot’s figures simply don’t add up, I’d go as far as to say they’re making it up as they go along.



    They’re asking more of us than any board has before. Demand more of them and insist on that transparency they kept promising us, cos we’re not getting any.

  14. roberttressell @ 17:03,



    … My days work being done I read back.



    Seriously? They doesn’t sound like your average subjugated, down trodden, philanthropic, thinking mans painter and decorator.



    Still, nice work if you can get it.



    Hail Hail

  15. RobertTressell


    17:33 on


    10 June, 2015


    Very.funny republican football puns earlier. Love a good pun.


    Trifles of the IRA wins hands down but….


    Could I hear it for….



    The foggy stew…..




    Genius mate.

  16. Delaneys Dunky on




    My Godson signed for Ross County today!


    Another wee family celebration tonight! :)))

  17. leftclicktic on

    Delaneys Dunky


    Magic bud


    Delighted for him


    I hope he gives D Utd a gubbing next season :))))

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