Salmond, MacAskill, Sturgeon police state quest crushed


It should be a matter of great personal pride to the football fans, manty of them Celtic fans, who campaigned against the Offensive Behaviour at Football’ Bill from the outset, and then against the Act, faced off against the Scottish Government at Holyrood yesterday and won.

Their satisfaction will be shared by James Kelly MSP, who raised the Bill in Parliament, which yesterday brought down the Act.  Well done to him and his colleagues.

This nonsense was never about ending sectarianism, neither the SNP Government, nor the police, have moved an inch towards this goal since Alex Salmond first raised the subject.

Sectarianism in football grounds was given life in 2011 by then Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, who sat through 90 minutes of The Billy Boys at Hampden, before congratulating fans on their performance.  The Billy Boys returned to stadiums that day and since then, we have lived through an SNP endorsed open season.

The Act was a familiar mix of populist rhetoric and right wing police action so common with those who put identity politics before people.

After their defeat, the Government acknowledged they would recognise will of Parliament, despite ignoring the same will when an earlier vote on the Act was passed.  Nicola Sturgeon did everything in her power to prevent this defeat.

Salmond has moved on to his spiritual home-broadcaster, where proto-right wing nationalists get to claim credentials of the left without challenge.  Today we have a government and police force which have been made accountable to the law and the democratic will.  The need for vigilance against extreme right wing policies continues.

Well done again to all those who campaigned so successfully.

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  1. Gerryfaethebrig on

    VP 9.15pm



    I know your Chapmans but think Big Packy is thinking of Chapmans heading into Mount Ellen



    By the way am rubbish at geography just remember our street te heading out that way to pump those Mount Ellen buffers :-)

  2. What is the Stars on



    There was some good music documentaries on BBC 4 last night


    First one was about the undertones and then one about Irish rock/blues in general.


    Featured Van,Rory Gallagher and Phil Lynott in particular but touched on many strands of music leading to present day


    Sinead O’Connor and Bob Geldof also.

  3. Gerryfaethebrig on




    The diaries are so sad but so good



    In the years when none of us are around they will be appreciated



    Song for Marcella



    Sad but brilliant

  4. Weefra,



    Get posting! Seriously, don’t know if you’re lurking, but lots of us want to see you posting.




  5. WITS



    Whiskey in the jar …still my favourite from all those years ago….CLASSIC!

  6. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    Quare as it may seem, it was a hu* friend/colleague of paulus von der sixtae sevunas who, upon the virgin posting of the seminal cqn, did to the blogbard suggest inserting an ability of the reader to respond to the post of he who was greviously piffed off with the lazeebasass journo htereby enabling the online plebs, you and I, to post woor opinions.

  7. Big packie, yeah, it goes back to early 2013 so we’ve got over it but typing that stuff doesn’t half bring it all back. I hope you’re well too?



    It’s been a pretty decent week to be a Celtic supporter mind you! We were in Madrid last weekend so didn’t see the game till later, didn’t know th score till we landed. That was a good moment!



    Bed time for bonzo…

  8. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    a God awful story G64, many of our families would have had some connection with the band scene – an expression of Irish culture greviously massacred on that day.

  9. GERRYFAETHEBRIG VOGUEPUNTER yes bhoys the one close to mount ellen and gartcosh,a hive of hun activity,once had a fight with some gartcosh huns, me and my mate against 6 of them,ended up broken nose and walking home to glenboig, with no shoes those were the days.hh.

  10. What is the Stars on



    Would love to have a jar with you in Bruxelles


    Great old pub .My favourite part of town


    Some great pubs around there. Nearys Grogans Davy Byrnes. MCDaids across the road but Its more a tourist trap these days. Brendan Behan would be turning in his grave

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Starry 11.01pm



    Good overcomes evil :)



    Like your good self our rubbish 80’s were our grounding



    “You will never walk alone Paul”



    I have my version of Celtic, it’s differebt to everybody else’s but still valid ☘️

  12. After the Miami show band massacre no bands would play in the north.


    Until Rory with balls of steel played the Ulster Hall. Rory Gallagher an Irish music legend. Hh

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Big Packy



    Before I met Mrs GFTB and MissGFTB was on the scene I climbed out of a botttom floor flat to escape being pounced upon by one one the female fluters ….. it’s a long road to get to the Red Brig :-) but worth every blinking step

  14. Mahe the Madman on

    Wee fra,


    Should you read this.


    The other night was a genuine case of crossed wires.


    Please believe there was no malice intended in my posts


    I for one would feel a lot better if you would grace us again.


    I certainly won’t trouble you again. There are people wish to converse with you.


    Please reconsider.


    Theres a lesson to be learned on my behalf that my style and wit is an aquired taste and it’s probably best that I address only those who have addressed me. I might have sullied others experience also ,,to those my apologies.


    Twas unintended genuinely.



    The first CQNer I ever met for a pint said to me,,


    “Excuse me Mahe but what do you do?”



    I replied,,,”my utmost to avoid the average American but aside from that I’m sorry is it not obvious?”



    “I study words”.



    “And shake my head.”



    “And sometimes visit other blogs.”



    “Yourself?” (Smiley thing)



    Hail Hail and Happy St Patrick’s day CQN.




    Sorry buddy, I wasn’t flouncing, I was very angry for getting criticised for praising the mood and the posts on the blog. Nothing more. Thanks for your post, well appreciated. HH

  16. What is the Stars on



    They were truly dark days.


    I actually beleived at one point there would never be peace.


    All those from all sides who bartered cajoled and twisted arms to get the peace process over the line deserve great credit.


    I was no admirer of Adams (still amnt) but while the troubles would have happened without him the peace process would not.

  17. Wits as much as I despise Tony Blair his legacy will be the Good Friday agreement. A tremendous achievement. Hh

  18. WEEFRATHETIM, think you know about frankie and benny, i certainly know about your beloved animals, dont know what happened between you and mahe, only know you are both good tims .please keep posting otherwise, ive got to read what gerryfaethebrig posts, only kiddin gerry.hh.

  19. What is the Stars on



    Yes agreed


    Its fashionable now over here to slag off Bertie Ahern our former Taoiseach (prime minister) because he is viewed as corrupt (aren’t they all) and because his government watched on while Celtic Tiger economy descended into farce and recession…but the man put a huge effort into the peace process.His mother died in the middle of the talks. He went home for the funeral and straight after his mother’s funeral he headed straight back north to continue negotiations

  20. Hi Ghuys



    What about this stat.



    When Celtic Park is full it holds 1% of the Scottish population.










  21. BIG PACKY on 17TH MARCH 2018 9:47 PM


    GERRYFAETHEBRIG VOGUEPUNTER yes bhoys the one close to mount ellen and gartcosh,a hive of hun activity,once had a fight with some gartcosh huns, me and my mate against 6 of them,ended up broken nose and walking home to glenboig, with no shoes those were the days.hh.




    Big packy







    Happy to report that muirhead is turning green……just moved into a new estate there and six of my nearest neighbours are all good Tim’s……there is a big blue nose but he has been very quiet for nearly a week now….hope he is ok……….???



    Chapmans pub next to gartcosh train stn has been demolished and will soon be a private new build house..



    Catching up on the blog and I have to say the quality of posts has been fantastic…..the diaries should be reproduced in scroll format for each entry similar to the proclamation of independence because they are as important if not more than…….no greater sacrifice can a man give……



    We all have a duty to ensure our children and theirs know full well what was suffered and endured just to be recognised and respected in our own land……….sorry don’t want to be political but on a day when the national rugby team smashed the establishments team and hot on the heels of the 10 men crushing the filth………..happy Paddy’s Day…………..lurkers……..ha ha…..

  22. Tontine Tim I just read your post. I was very aware of the procedure at games in Ireland. The first part of the anthem being played as the President arrives,then the presentation of the players, followed by the anthems. Though I am never very sure why there should not be another form of salute to the President. Was confused the first time I heard it.

  23. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Weefra 10.01pm



    This is your blog don’t let eijits annoy you (am probably one of said eijits) use the blog fir your own enjoyment fellow Celtic Fan, hope the results were as good as can be



    Take care & Hail Hail

  24. Gerryfaethebrig on

    I know nothing about nothing apart fae where I live and brought up fling in Bargeddie / Mount Ellen and even Rochsilles (god bless our Roy C) Mr Croppie is my Cqn ?

  25. GERRYFAETHEBRIG on 17TH MARCH 2018 10:30 PM


    Nas Na Ri




    Muirhead ??? Celtic ???




    I will crack the jokes








    Not celtic yet but turning green n white