Salmond, MacAskill, Sturgeon police state quest crushed


It should be a matter of great personal pride to the football fans, manty of them Celtic fans, who campaigned against the Offensive Behaviour at Football’ Bill from the outset, and then against the Act, faced off against the Scottish Government at Holyrood yesterday and won.

Their satisfaction will be shared by James Kelly MSP, who raised the Bill in Parliament, which yesterday brought down the Act.  Well done to him and his colleagues.

This nonsense was never about ending sectarianism, neither the SNP Government, nor the police, have moved an inch towards this goal since Alex Salmond first raised the subject.

Sectarianism in football grounds was given life in 2011 by then Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, who sat through 90 minutes of The Billy Boys at Hampden, before congratulating fans on their performance.  The Billy Boys returned to stadiums that day and since then, we have lived through an SNP endorsed open season.

The Act was a familiar mix of populist rhetoric and right wing police action so common with those who put identity politics before people.

After their defeat, the Government acknowledged they would recognise will of Parliament, despite ignoring the same will when an earlier vote on the Act was passed.  Nicola Sturgeon did everything in her power to prevent this defeat.

Salmond has moved on to his spiritual home-broadcaster, where proto-right wing nationalists get to claim credentials of the left without challenge.  Today we have a government and police force which have been made accountable to the law and the democratic will.  The need for vigilance against extreme right wing policies continues.

Well done again to all those who campaigned so successfully.

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  1. What is the Stars on



    Great to see you posting regular again


    God bless you G….you are one of the good guys

  2. DD


    Your welcome. I wish you well with your recent problems . I know from my own experience how difficult problems like that can be. All the best.




  3. What is the Stars on



    Quick look on FF


    Found this gem


    “It has to end,we’ve suffered enough over the last 6 years ”



    What do you think…Have they not suffered enough?

  4. Poor huns can’t see the truth for the cloud of bigotry and false supremacy that surrounds them.


    I could go on but I was raised not to mock the afflicted so I’ll leave it there.




    Let’s hope they get Bunglin’ Billy Reid in as manager, a man with a 38% win ratio has got to be just the fella to keep the suffering up to a level we Tims have come to expect:))

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    Wash you eyes out wi carbolic soap for looking there :))


    Good advice fae me via ma mammy.



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    Got a plan. Hope it works.


    Tiochfaidh ar la

  8. I like this guy…



    “The only reason I’m in this game is because it’s full of imposters ruining music and my very existence annoys them and it pleases me. If you’re a working class musician hearing this or reading it and you respect the art of song writing more than the art of pretending then you have a responsibility to get involved. There’s a war on for real music and if you’re sound and can write decent tunes then you’re on the front line whether you like it or not”



    Gerry Cinnamon



  9. Delaneys Dunky on



    The radio said there’s another shot dead.


    God help Graeme Murty in the meantime.


    Poor guy



  10. Delaneys Dunky on




    Maybe biased, but Bobby Evans, Bobby Collins, Bobby Murdoch and Bobby Lennox were my dad Bobby’s favourite fitba players. :)



  11. DD


    He’s from Castlemilk. Sold out the barras last year mainly through word of mouth and facebook. Refuses to play the game for industry music types. Got a rebellious streak I can relate to

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    The music of Robert Nesta Marley is more effective than any anti depressant drug on the market.


    One Love.


    Thanks mi amigo



  13. Good night to my brothers and sisters in Celtic



    Out in Richmond tonight. Lots of tricolours looking magnificent.



    HH jamesgang

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    One Love Brother.


    Irie to see you back and to know you’re okay.



    HH jamesgang

  15. Just bak from an invite from my 19yo nephew…..first heavy drink with my bro in law…..ever…..he’s a cool cat….why’d I doubt my sis ;-))



    walking home….trying it with a polis car stuck at a light….we’re no a taxi….fuk off ;-))







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    Surrey is the place I met the most beautiful African lady I have ever known. Loved her for 6 months when I was a teen.


    One Love kaya


    Love to you and yours big yin.



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    Great advice mi amigo.


    Bob Marley album once a day with water is my new regime. God is good.



  18. weebawbabitty on

    Morning, enjoying lurking and good to see wefraa , and DD return, must admit for some reason last weeks victory is in my opinion the best in the six years of playing Scotlands newest club, must be something to to do with taking away their hope WEFRAA , always enjoyed your posts and glad you posted the night , haven’t seen DD back on this week and sincerely hope he is ok , hope some who know him will keep an eye out for him . The only two posters I personally know are Kevj and TSOAL and can honestly say both are good guys . Ps probably know a few more but haven’t met them yet

  19. Delaneys Dunky on

    Just been out to feed my wee pal Reynard wi our leftovers fae today. 5 inches of snow lying in Clydebank and still battering down. If same in Motherwell? No chance the game will be on.


    Mon the foxes, the day is their enemy.


    Stop the fox hunts for rich bassas fun please.



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    Ahh just catching up DD glad you posted mate , been their years ago same as yourself never in a million years did I think it could happen to me , but it always gets better, well done you

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    Know and love big S TSOAL well. One of lifes good guys. Think KevJ is similar. Never met him but know a few pals who think like him.


    One Love


    Robert Nesta Marley CSC


    Free da Weed CSC



  22. What is the Stars on



    foxes…and football


    About 5 years ago,regular Wednesday night kick about,(pitch about one hundred yards from the river Liffey,one of the few left in the city centre,)Fox strolls by,he stops to watch us,we stop to watch him,Fox makes first move,runs on to pitch snatches ball in mouth and runs off.



  23. weebawbabitty on

    Ah lesson learned , don’t post till you read back , DD glad to see you are ok , !! Now let’s get BIG JIMMY, THE GREEN MAN , TURKEY BHOY , MAJAY , TD , MAGS AND KEVJ back on remember it’s all about opinions ps the above is in no particular order

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    My family and friends said same thing.


    Wanted my life to end at Christmas. Why??


    Mental. The mind is a strange thing.


    Onwards and upwards in Celtic.


    Officially tagged bi polar disorder.


    Whit do psychiatrists half my age know???


    God bless you pal.


    Refuse poison prescription drugs. They made me worse.



  25. weebawbabitty on

    DD , wife is friendly wit S C and down to him started posting, here , but as I say no Kevj as well and he is a diamond HH

  26. weebawbabitty on

    DD , was going to bed , but honestly mate , when you stopped posting I suspected that , my experience, great job Beautiful wife , not just in looks , no money worries, Bang one day no energy couldn’t sleep tearfull black moods ,wife and true friends best medicine out there , hope this helps mate because there is definitely light at the end of the road HH

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    If I was an animal (not a hun)? I would be a fox. My favourite creature. Love their brains. I make sure they are well fed in Dalmuir, when the mice and rats are in short supply down here, I feed them.


    The day is their enemy.



  28. Delaneys,



    beware other addictions….to replace the one’s you have given up…..religion springs to mind ;-))




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    I lost my job, skint today. But have four weans who are doing well. Health not wealth is everything. Would love to meet you and Kev.


    We are all Tims. I dislike ignorant folk who hate for no reason.


    One Love


    Robert Nesta Marley CSC