Salmond, MacAskill, Sturgeon police state quest crushed


It should be a matter of great personal pride to the football fans, manty of them Celtic fans, who campaigned against the Offensive Behaviour at Football’ Bill from the outset, and then against the Act, faced off against the Scottish Government at Holyrood yesterday and won.

Their satisfaction will be shared by James Kelly MSP, who raised the Bill in Parliament, which yesterday brought down the Act.  Well done to him and his colleagues.

This nonsense was never about ending sectarianism, neither the SNP Government, nor the police, have moved an inch towards this goal since Alex Salmond first raised the subject.

Sectarianism in football grounds was given life in 2011 by then Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, who sat through 90 minutes of The Billy Boys at Hampden, before congratulating fans on their performance.  The Billy Boys returned to stadiums that day and since then, we have lived through an SNP endorsed open season.

The Act was a familiar mix of populist rhetoric and right wing police action so common with those who put identity politics before people.

After their defeat, the Government acknowledged they would recognise will of Parliament, despite ignoring the same will when an earlier vote on the Act was passed.  Nicola Sturgeon did everything in her power to prevent this defeat.

Salmond has moved on to his spiritual home-broadcaster, where proto-right wing nationalists get to claim credentials of the left without challenge.  Today we have a government and police force which have been made accountable to the law and the democratic will.  The need for vigilance against extreme right wing policies continues.

Well done again to all those who campaigned so successfully.

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  1. Delanys Dunky



    Yeah she’s fine , she was concerned about you hence the reason she spoke to Ryan .a while back .



    Tried sending you a photo of our 2 labs with Celtic tops on ….are you still on the same number?



    Anyhoo , if yer wee ma’s strength of character is anything to go by i’m sure you’ll be firing on all cylinders soon …good luck pal .

  2. DD – only a very light dusting of snow in EK so don’t think the game’s in any danger.

  3. There are no weather worries over Celtic’s trip to Motherwell.



    Despite overnight flurries of snow across Lanarkshire the match is in no danger with a 2.15 kick off for the Sky Sports cameras.



    It is business as usual on Motherwell’s twitter account this morning as they prepared for the match with the main weather worry concerning the cold.






    Motherwell FC





    Since I was young, I followed on


    Motherwell FC, the team for me.#MOTvCEL




    Motherwell FC





    Let’s do this ? Here’s all the important times for everything at Fir Park today.#MOTvCEL



    9:16 AM – Mar 18, 2018


    View image on Twitter




    See Motherwell FC’s other Tweets


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    With the Beast from the East II coming in from St Petersburg it will feel like -6 at kick off time according to the BBC weather forecast.



    Celtic go into the match looking to move 12 points clear of Sevco at the top of the table with the title ‘challenge’ from Ibrox collapsing since the players celebrated being drawn against Celtic in the Scottish Cup.



    Graeme Murty looked a broken man as he discussed the club’s seventh home defeat of the season with the former York City starlet in charge for five of those matches.



    Aberdeen can reach 80 points if they win all of their remaining matches, a win at Motherwell today will take Celtic onto 70 with eight matches left to play.



    CLICK HERE for Motherwell weather report.

  4. Delaneys Dunky on




    Aye mate. Ryan and Kelly are right good kids. We are lucky to have them. Miss you both. See you soon mi amigo



  5. Delaneys Dunky on




    Good stuff.


    Clydebank is thick wae snow. Dumbarton Rd is clearing. Cars cannae get out my street though.



  6. DD – you take care matey. It sounds like you are doing a grand job keepin’ your road on the show. Well done, take great heart from that and keep on keepin’ on. Trust the Bhoys and Ghirls around you that you know and love to help you.



    Trust in yourself.




  7. If the Keiran Tierney injured / rested rumours are true I’d like to see Marvin Compper on the left of defence. If first impressions are a guide, I think he looks more leftie than central.



    WhoKnows CSC

  8. Gerryfaethebrig on

    TLT 6.24am



    Good stuff with the Tommy Burns, Tommy is my type of Celtic



    Weebawbabbity totally agree this place needs all opions of all Celtic fans



    For me I miss Macjay, Fourgreenfields, Coatbridge Paper Bhoy and The Bhoy Jinky



    Get your Celtic backsides back on here :-)

  9. Delaneys Dunky on




    My wee mammy booted my arse.


    Better therapy than anything the NHS can offer.


    Keep on keeping on is her words too


    Thanks mi amigo



  10. DELANEYS DUNKY on 18TH MARCH 2018 10:01 AM









    My wee mammy booted my arse.




    Good on yir lovely wee mammy,give me a shout if she gets tired…i’ll boot yir arse up n doon Dalmuir :O)

  11. Delaneys Dunky on




    A couple of huns fae Old Kilpatrick dress like that every Saint Patricks day here. Good guys.



  12. That Lonesome Leprechaun…………………….?????





    and indeed………….:0



    He musta been some well-quoted kurrant to get away wi’ that get-up, shirley?


    Is it some kinda mindgames?….( I know, I know….:)…………..) An attempt to reclaim The Green? Or just a kamikaze bam on a bet?



    Latterly I’ve noticed some of the Beeb Newsline double surname crowd sporting Shamrocks on Patrick’s Day too……….



    End Times? ;)

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Mahe the Madman



    Just read Corkcelts post from the early hours, my posts are always in jest hence the :-) hopefully I never take the blog too serious but also realising we all have different viewpoints on Celtic, the blog needs opinions even ones some/all of us don’t agree with :-)



    Delighted Scott Bain is starting today our Craig needs a bit of competition, even though I think CG is a terrific goalie



    Dembelle hattrick for this mug punter :-)

  14. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Tricky game ahead today.



    Cool heads and composure required for ninety plus minutes…….and that’s just on here!

  15. Delaneys Dunky on




    I like big Craig, but think Scott Bain could be better. 10 year younger and sharper.



  16. DD – that’s what mammy’s do. They are hard-wired to do it for the whole of their natural lives.


    God bless her.



    That’s their strength and raison d’etre…………As son’s, our tragedy is that we often compel them to do it.



    Good for you for realising a change was timely.



    If you wander over to the emerald isle, stop by our Green Bit of Paradise. We may not have The Atlantis :0 but we have The Wild Atlantic Way!






    HH ( In Brendan and Clydebank, We Trust!)

  17. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Delaney’s, marvellous to see your love of Celtic and Bob Marley is still as strong, a very god combination .



    There is hardly any snow in East Kilbride which is a pleasant surprise .



    Jimmynotpaul, i hope you have not had one of your attacks again as you have not been posting for a while .

  18. It’s official. Hunville new stand sponsor is drinks company,Suffer in Comfort







    Whit’s the goally doin’

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on




    EK ???



    You should be at work :-)



    Delaneys Dunky



    Totally agree re Craig & Scott, I also have to agree about your posts during the week about Ian Durrant , my big brother thought he was one of the good guys, for a short time I played in the same team as his two brothers Alan & Jamie, even though the knew I was a Celtic daft young Bhoy, two nicer guys you couldn’t meet

  20. Delaneys Dunky on




    The Atlantis is a sevco place now. My mammy’s favourite place for a shandy though. She takes no shit fae no sevconian.


    Next time in Emerald Isle, I will visit you. Dalmuir thick wi snow but sunshine out now.


    Going out for a suntan. :)