Salmond, MacAskill, Sturgeon police state quest crushed


It should be a matter of great personal pride to the football fans, manty of them Celtic fans, who campaigned against the Offensive Behaviour at Football’ Bill from the outset, and then against the Act, faced off against the Scottish Government at Holyrood yesterday and won.

Their satisfaction will be shared by James Kelly MSP, who raised the Bill in Parliament, which yesterday brought down the Act.  Well done to him and his colleagues.

This nonsense was never about ending sectarianism, neither the SNP Government, nor the police, have moved an inch towards this goal since Alex Salmond first raised the subject.

Sectarianism in football grounds was given life in 2011 by then Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, who sat through 90 minutes of The Billy Boys at Hampden, before congratulating fans on their performance.  The Billy Boys returned to stadiums that day and since then, we have lived through an SNP endorsed open season.

The Act was a familiar mix of populist rhetoric and right wing police action so common with those who put identity politics before people.

After their defeat, the Government acknowledged they would recognise will of Parliament, despite ignoring the same will when an earlier vote on the Act was passed.  Nicola Sturgeon did everything in her power to prevent this defeat.

Salmond has moved on to his spiritual home-broadcaster, where proto-right wing nationalists get to claim credentials of the left without challenge.  Today we have a government and police force which have been made accountable to the law and the democratic will.  The need for vigilance against extreme right wing policies continues.

Well done again to all those who campaigned so successfully.

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  1. CELTIC:



    Today I received a match ticket for Sunday from a guy who in the past few weeks has dealt with personal tragedy. He sought me out to give me a break on Sunday from family troubles. Legend.



    This is how it feels to be Celtic.




  2. BT…



    I’ll vouch for marspapa in his painting skills, a first class tradesman and a gentleman.


    C’mon the hibees.

  3. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    By the way, as an aside, Aldi’s were throwing some lovely Gavi de Gavi out their door for a daft price last week if anyone is into their Italian White.

  4. bluegrass celt on

    Jobo Balbie @ 8:43



    Perfect words. Couldn’t have put it better myself. Bravo




    I drink my whisky with water, so any other additive is a no-no.



    Glenfarclas is a Speyside malt I have never tasted.



    It is not a brand I see where I shop for whisky, Tesco’s etc, so is it expensive?



    I would never pay whisky shop prices.

  6. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    The only thing I dislike about marspapa is his lie for Bacardi, probably the only drink I don’t enjoy


    Well that and Southern Comfort but that is a 3 day hangover thing



    BRTH, I’m afraid I’ve awakened the beast, oldtim is on the prowl

  7. BRTH



    Aldi also do their own brand blended whisky.



    HIGHLAND BLACK, 8 year old blend.



    Less than £13.00 a bottle.



    It’s lovely.



    I stumbled on it when looking for a whisky for my MIL who drinks hers with ginger ale.



    What a find!

  8. BRTH.



    I noted that you are maybe having a meet up with BT tomorrow, I’ll come in and pay you The cash and maybe have a wee drink with you and Steve.






    I’m doing fine,health wise, but a bit down in the dumps with this weather, I want to get my garden fixed up..

  9. Seamus Larsson in Toronto on

    The number of dog lovers on CQN has increased exponentially since I came on here.



    Everybody loves me.

  10. Allan the only player of genuine quality on this pitch. He’s been deemed surplus to requirements at Celtic. Telling.

  11. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    My 1967 replica Celtic top is washed, ironed and hanging on a chair.


    I won’t dare put it on till i’ve eaten my roll and egg. 8-))


    Princess is wearing a emerald green top and white pants, she said


    ” Mick dis ma bum look big in these ?


    ” darling you look just like wee Jinky shimmying doon the wing ”


    Now that right there gets me another few pints .


    Wee Grace is jumping about shouting Celtic..Celtic with her bunches


    tied in little green bows.


    And of course the wee mhan is off with his hoops top on to gather his


    mhates together, why?


    Because it’s ST PATRICKS DAY.


    Another 30 odd degs today the sun shines on the blessed.


    Our rebel town will be bursting at the seams and covered in the green


    and white, we have the Jock Stein bhoys from St Kilda coming through


    on a bus, some of Paddymacs old mhates from Melbourne No1 CSC


    and our lot travelling down from Cardinia.


    Hope they don’t run out of Guinness lol.


    Need to get that roll down my neck i’m itching to go.




    H.H Mick




    Wee prayer said for you and your friend.



    Take care and God bless.

  13. mike in toronto on




    Before he gave up drinking, my dad used to collect single malts … and apparently had some really nice ones… (not being a drinker, it is lost on me!)



    when he passed away, again, not being a drinker, I said to Liam in Toronto that he should take the bottles



    last summer, on the fifth anniversary of my dad’s passing, LiT was out with his blue nosed pal … they decided to crack open a bottle and have a drink to toast the old man….



    so, they opened one bottle and thought ‘hhmm, this is pretty nice ‘ , so they had another drink .. and his pal agreed that this was a nice bottle, indeed … so they had another …and another … and another …and eventually, killed the bottle



    the next day, Liam (who has quite good taste) realized this was a pretty nice bottle, and thought, for a lark, he would go online and see what the bottle cost … something ridiculous like a few grand!



    apparently, there are other nicer bottles that he still has!



    Ohilbhoy …unfortunately Liam is happily married to a lovely lady … otherwise, I’d put in a good word for you!




  14. Philybhoy



    Glenfarclas 10yr is generally about £30.



    Favourite blend:Royal Salute 21yr . It’s pricey though. Over £100.

  15. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    Patsy Gallagher was born on this day in Milford County Donegal.



    He was three years old when his family moved to Clydebank and he played his schools football for Oh Holy Redeemer Primary School.

  16. mike in toronto on

    Seamus … you know you aren’t allowed on the computer unless I am there … and didn’t I put the parental control on the computer?!



    and no chewing anything!

  17. MIKE IN TORONTO, keep posting away and ill keep posting away, and seamus larsson will and frankie and benny will, and good god if the exiled tim comes on,with his dogs, we will take over the blog.hh.

  18. I wish you would stop talking about drink, I’ve got ten different bottles of gin and they’re all full, I canny take a drink in the house on my own because I wouldn’t stop.

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Roy C 8.46pm



    Take care, hope your ears weren’t burning on Sunday our mutual friend AB met us in the pub and through Cqn your name was mentioned



    Obviously all in a very good way

  20. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan on

    oldtim67 on 16th March 2018 8:59 pm






    I will be in the west end all day — so don’t be coming in just to make that payment etc.



    Of course, if you make it over to Byres Road way we will share a glass or two.

  21. SAN LUIS on 16TH MARCH 2018 8:47 PM



    Im a whisky drinker . Jameson is triple distilled, it’s lovely. The only triple distilled Malt is Auchentoshah a far as I know.



    *while in Dublin in July I learned that John Jameson was Scottish, Jameson’s whiskey unlike Scotch is triple blended and that Guglielmo Marconi was John Jameson’s great grandson.



    Every day is a school day right enough.

  22. When people laugh at the low crowds St Johnstone attract, looking at this game I can assure everyone that they are over subscribed as an organisation. The pubs in Perth must be awful if people would rather spend £20 watch this stuff . It is sore on the eyes.




    Good story!



    I have a mate who was sales director of an international drinks firm.



    He’s retired now but……………..



    We used to stay at each others for the occasional weekend and strong drink was taken.



    He had a collection of the finest and I mean finest, whiskies.



    50 yo, 40 yo, 35 yo. and so on.



    They were exquisite and required no water. There was no afterburn and the taste was long and smoky sweet.



    Don’t see much of him now but bhoy do I miss him!

  24. Jobo Baldie on 16th March 2018 8:43 pm



    “An independent Socialist Scotland would be nice. So get over the first barrier first – and the SNP give the best chance of that in my limited opinion, then vote in those best to run the country.



    If there were to be a UK general election tomorrow I’d likely vote SNP. If we were looking at the first post-independence election I’d likely be voting Labour. I think.”






    That was my sentiments too for a long time JOBO.



    But the recent open rise of the unchallenged bigot and the duplicity of the scottish government has changed my mind. I feel that at least while we are being ruled by westminster they are at least kept on a leash. I truly believe that if independence were to occur at the moment it would be open season on us. You just have to see the rise in the number of councillors who are openly either present or past members of the orange order.



    This is my thoughts on things at the moment as they stand. I’m not getting into an online debate on this so anyone who doesn’t agree scroll past.




  25. Many years ago when my Da was still around, he did some work for Alex Salmond, quite a lot of work actually, he became his advisor for many things, my Da was never a snp supporter, never in a thousand years, but he was asked and was paid for his time and knowledge rather well, during that time I met Salmond many times, he was a total bell end, my Da had other names for him, they were in the same vein, point being is he was as smart as eggs, a better politico I doubt there was around, in saying that he was the only one I knew, but my Da knew a fair few and he said he was the smartest politician he had ever come across.


    I had a few discussions with him about football and he came across as a bitter, bitter man, his hate for us was palpable, this was way way before he got into power btw, my last conversation with him was about the monarchy, he loved them, he was positively gushing talking about them, when I called them parasites he got rather upset, never liked the man, neither did my Da but he liked his money, tis a funny old world so it is.

  26. Big packy , Mike in Toronto, there are still lots of us dog lovers on here, in fact I post about dogs more than I post about fitba it sometimes seems. There are probably plenty of us lurking here, and the dug chat is always great.



    I posted a wee story about my first day with our wee pup a few weeks ago, she’s no longer with us sadly and I’m sure I still miss her every single day.



    Mon the dugs!

  27. mike in toronto on

    RC @ 8:51



    not sure if I understood your post correctly … if your pal was having troubles, or you both were …



    but hadn’t seen your music posts of late …. so I hope all is well

  28. SAN LUIS



    I will look out for Glenfarclas but Royal Salute is a wee bit rich for me!



    Is it out of production or are Chivas Bros still producing it somewhere.




    Patsy Gallagher was born on this day in Milford County Donegal. He was three years old when his family moved to Clydebank and he played his schools football for Oh Holy Redeemer Primary School.



    *and had his name changed tae Gallacher. BTW the legendary Wembley wizard Hughie Gallacher had a soft spot for the bhoys due tae his da’s hatred of us.

  30. I was down the glen one Easter morn


    To a city fair rode I


    There armed lines of marching men


    In squadrons passed me by


    No pipe did hum, no battle drum did sound it’s loud tattoo


    But the Angelus Bells o’er the Liffey swells rang out in the foggy dew


    Right proudly high in Dublin town


    Hung they out a flag of war


    ‘Twas better to die ‘neath that Irish sky


    Than at Sulva or Sud el Bar


    And from the plains of Royal Meath


    Strong men came hurrying through


    While Brittania’s huns with their long range guns


    Sailed in through the foggy dew


    Their bravest fell and the requiem bell


    Rang mournfully and clear


    For those who died that Eastertide in the


    Springing of the year


    While the world did gaze with deep amaze


    At those fearless men but few


    Who bore the fight that freedom’s light


    Might shine through the foggy dew


    And back through the glen


    I rode again


    And my heart with grief was sore


    For I parted then with valiant men


    Whom I never shall see n’more


    But to and fro in my dreams I go


    And I kneel and pray for you


    For slavery fled oh glorious dead


    When you fell in the foggy dew






    Thanks Bhoys nice to hear the mentions-GFTB love big AB-Thanks Phil-but many more have harder shifts than me.



    E mail from BMCUWP during the week at a time he couldn’t have picked better-CQN at its best.



    C’mon the Hoops

  31. MIKE IN TORONTO, mike i love this blog like you do, but as you say sometimes the fights between posters are disheartening, also you post about some info, like i did before about weefra and mahe ,no one seems interested, now weefra has been on this site for a long time, and mahe probably to you would think someone would be interested.hh.

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