Salmond, MacAskill, Sturgeon police state quest crushed


It should be a matter of great personal pride to the football fans, manty of them Celtic fans, who campaigned against the Offensive Behaviour at Football’ Bill from the outset, and then against the Act, faced off against the Scottish Government at Holyrood yesterday and won.

Their satisfaction will be shared by James Kelly MSP, who raised the Bill in Parliament, which yesterday brought down the Act.  Well done to him and his colleagues.

This nonsense was never about ending sectarianism, neither the SNP Government, nor the police, have moved an inch towards this goal since Alex Salmond first raised the subject.

Sectarianism in football grounds was given life in 2011 by then Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill, who sat through 90 minutes of The Billy Boys at Hampden, before congratulating fans on their performance.  The Billy Boys returned to stadiums that day and since then, we have lived through an SNP endorsed open season.

The Act was a familiar mix of populist rhetoric and right wing police action so common with those who put identity politics before people.

After their defeat, the Government acknowledged they would recognise will of Parliament, despite ignoring the same will when an earlier vote on the Act was passed.  Nicola Sturgeon did everything in her power to prevent this defeat.

Salmond has moved on to his spiritual home-broadcaster, where proto-right wing nationalists get to claim credentials of the left without challenge.  Today we have a government and police force which have been made accountable to the law and the democratic will.  The need for vigilance against extreme right wing policies continues.

Well done again to all those who campaigned so successfully.

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  1. WITS


    Nice reponse to the scouse git ! BTW I backed Native River today , how was Cheltenham for you ?

  2. Gerryfaethebrig on

    PR67 1.16am



    I only follow through Dallas & JNP but the blog doesn’t have to be just Cektic



    Enjoy your posts



    Hail Hail

  3. TONYROME on 16TH MARCH 2018 11:03 PM


    Parkheadcumsalford on 16th March 2018 10:29 pm








    c60 years ago, I used to watch the reserves on a Friday night and the big team on a Saturday. I mind the evening we played 2 Brazilians.




    Did we beat them?






    Just shaved it i believe.

  4. GFTB-1-22am


    Aye i like the crack about the juniors mhate and YOUR crack on here ! HAPPY PADDY’S DAY !!

  5. 10 in a row will be a huge ask in a country which despises our very being.


    They have no qualms about cheating us in this country and the mssm will step up all efforts to facilitate and ensure ten does not happen.


    Whoever is closest two us will benefit from refs decisions and we will suffer from the opposite.


    Not impossible but a huge task.

  6. What is the Stars on

    Park Road


    I was on Our Duke today but had a small each way saver on Anibale Fly.


    Had a decent week…but poor last day.

  7. Gerryfaethebrig on

    PR67 1.28pm



    Spot on, I enjoy your posts, Celtic is a different sport but we all love our football :-)



    Hail Hail

  8. WITS


    That”s it over for another year , we were thinking about coming to Leopardstown next February but Dublin is already 78% booked for accommodation !!

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    WITS 1.32am



    I love my nags and love Cheltenham but as a very bad gambler i try not to bet ,,,, only bet Le Praevin in the 5.30pn….. a success at Chelters is not losing



    Keep the tips coming like TET I don’t jibx everybody else but live others winning



    Hail Hail

  10. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on 16th March 2018 5:22 pm







    I see your still a bit confused about the wtc and when it became overdue in the eyes of UEFA, hopefully this cuts through the “grey” area you maintain as an excuse for the authorities. While I agree with the tax justice mob that it became overdue the following year since the side letters were not declared.




    It actually became evasion when HMRC received the response from the club to their inquiry that there were ‘no side letters’, you guys can dress it up as as “aggressive tax avoidance” if you want but the response declaring a lie makes it evasion, regardless of HMRC’s willingness to pursue the charges, the rangers executive lied to HMRC that is fraud and that is evasion in any language except thieves and politicians.




    No not confused at all. It is quite clear from CAS ruling on Giannina that that it is the date that Giannina admitted they owed tax that is the key date and in the Giannina case that was before 31st March of that particular year.



    It was the revelation in court that the wtc liability was admitted/accepted before 31st March ( ie Rangers accepted the owed HMRC) that triggered the SFA Compliance Officer case and had it not been for the Giannina case there would may have been a grey area but not for me. It was clear as a bell and I’m not sure where you got the idea I was maintaining a grey area as an excuse for the authorities.



    It did not become overdue because the side letters were not declared, the non declaration of side letters allowed HMRC to pursue out of time (six years)but the tax became overdue from 2001 because the remuneration on which the tax was based was wages and wages were subject to PAYE that had to be paid within a period not long after the wages were paid. So into 2002 there would have been £x of overdue PAYE tax, That was how the TJN saw it.



    Evasion was never part of the explanation given in respect of when the tax became overdue and I’m not sure who was dressing it up as such. The relevance of the non disclosure in 2005 is that it allowed HMRC to pursue collection out side the 6 year limit on the grounds Rangers had acted fraudulently or negligently to wards HMRC and its rules,



    Where fraud comes into it (and you were always right that it had happened, the problem was proving it) was on 1st April 2011 when Johnson repeated what had been provided to the SFA Licencing Committee by Grant Thornton, Rangers accountants which was



    ” The exceptional item reflects a provision for a potential tax liability in relation to a Discounted Option Scheme associated with player contributions between 1999 and 2003. Discussions are continuing with HMRC to establish a resolution to the assessments raised.”



    and it is this presentation which is false that the Comp Off will be investigating on the grounds that Rangers accepted they owed HMRC before 31st March, which meant there was nothing “potential” about the status of the liability and the discussions were not about establishing a resolution to the assessments raised as in disputing it, but discussions about paying it.



    As I recall we always thought the liability was overdue at 31st March but had no means of pushing it and concentrated on the liability being over due by 30 June, but when we became aware of the Giannina case in summer 2016,that was the game changer because it clearly set out UEFA’s position.

  11. Gerryfaethebrig on

    A shower of Scottish traitors ???



    Not my Scottish



    I love Celtic but MissGFTB is Scottish to the core



    That’s my Celtic / Scottish

  12. medtim on 16th March 2018 2:53 pm




    One for Auldheid or BRTH.





    If/when the time comes when the CO completes his investigation and concludes there IS a case to answer and it is put forward to the review panel,do you think Rangers will or should be treated as a “new club” or as a continuation of rfc?





    Even if it is as a new club it would not preclude individuals eg Johnston,Murray,Dickson being dealt with on an individual basis but the potential sanctions could be quite different for either scenario for the club.





    Perhaps THEY should be allowed to choose before the hearing starts.








    Just a wee bit of Friday afternoon fun.




    Two options if RFC guilty of misleading SFA.



    Sanction the existing club because Rangers (Oldco) kept key information from both SFA and SPL that not only allowed them to obtain and keep a UEFA licence, but also led LNS to provide a flawed decision in a number of respects and which , had the information been provided would have produced a different set of TorS for LNS – which could only lead a fresh Commission which along with SDM’s testimony to the FTT could only lead to a different conclusion on honesty and sporting advantage and so sanctions which would affect titles won by ebts used by RFC.






    Find RFC guilty but not sanction TRFC (Newco) because they are new and let the SPFL and SFA records reflect that the history of TRFC began in 2012 (in compliance with UEFA Art 12).

  13. Gerryfaethebrig on




    Keep it lit



    But I think spate fae Cqn and a few care



    Hopefully banging your head a brick wall works

  14. Do they celebrate St. Andrew’s Day?



    Immediate response from a sevconian tonight on the casual discussion regarding my local RC church having a St. Patrick’s Day fundraiser dance tonight.







  15. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Starry Plough on 17th March 2018 12:10AM



    Enjoyed that, thanks.



    We gathered round our housebound aunt today (Fri16th) for a 95th birthday picnic. She’d have loved to hear us sing this verse,


    ¶Hail Glorious St Patrick, you’re Erin’s great pride. Watch down on the Celts on the banks o’ the Clyde.


    With green & white banners, a cross and a prayer. Where Erin’s green valleys look down on Parkhead.¶

  16. Gerryfaethebrig on




    This household certainly celebrates St Andrews day



    Miss GFTB was christened 30/11/2008 far more important to me than any Saint Andy or Paddy :-)

  17. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Anyhow, better get the teeth brushed before my Saturday shift, Tenerife in August doesn’t pay itself, finished early to watch the Gold Cup yesterday so before I picked MissGFTB up from school wee wee blade granddaughter was stoating about the house and I sort of blew my nose in the toilet quite loud so she jumped on her Grans knee as she got a fright….. she then shouts “Grandad, Eva got a fright I am going to phone your mum and tell her” my first thought can you let me speak to her ….. my mum passed in Soring 2008 around the time Zenit won the UEFA Cup, if only :-)



    Fellow Celtic fans good morning & God bless cherish every moment :-)

  18. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Still no snow in ML5 but Big George & wee Geiirge wrap up well it’s pretty Baltic in the Brig although might be tropical compared to Plains :-)



    Work calls



    Enjoy your Saturday fellow Celts



    One more sleep



    Copyright the weather reporter fae EK

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    At Sunnyside train station on way to work the big “1888” sign shesys meshes me smile but fir LMS11 why don’t CRC/Jobo make a new rule if your pick isn’t in by 7.30pm you are in the Sevs …. this might suit MIT but at least CRC & Jobo can relax and enjoy their weekend …. still freezing in ML5 ❄️❄️❄️❄️

  20. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Shesys meshes is meant to read “still makes” me smile !!!!



    Is nobody up yet ?



    By the way it’s a lovely cold sky in the Brig, wonder what the weather is like where that MacJay punter now resides



    I wonder if he is enjoying our Brendan’s work, by the way I think Ralstons move is a stroke of genius, if David17 is correct and I would think he is let our future right back see if he can handle playing in a team that needs to win every game from now till the end of the season, at this point he canny lace Lustigs boots but hopefully in time he might fit into them

  21. Gerryfaethebrig on

    DavidO 7.44am



    You are my 4 day reminder of my own.



    Always will appreciate your post about only a fool would get married on the 1st April hope you celebrate many many more /-)

  22. Hi Bhoys



    Happy St Patrick’s day to one and all.



    Got a family baptisim today so will get to see my big bro PAT and have a good bevvy after the service.



    Welcome to the Celtic family wee Orla.



    A wee song for today







  23. PARK ROAD 67



    I noticed you were up late last night.



    Are you trying to reset the old body clock for your holiday?



    Hope you and E have a wonderful wonderful holiday. Tell her we wish you both well and God Bless.




  24. Good morning, friends. Just waiting for 1 final pick for week 2 of LMS10 and then I’ll stick out the ‘who has picked who’ list.


    Bliddy snowing in Swindon. And in Maldon,where I’m off to for purposes of celebrating St Patricks Day/keeping my mate company while his wife is at a baby shower/getting blootered.



    Still,it cuts down on the smoking,which is always a good thing!!!

  26. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I still don’t know where you find the ambiguity, using your argument then the license would have been correctly awarded had rangers simply continued to deny liability to HMRC, as long as they don’t accept liability then they remain compliant with the FFP rules, and that is what they tried to do, a bit like the prisoner being found guilty and serving the sentence claiming innocence, is enough for UEFA to grant the license. You continue over think a very simple process.


    We discussed this to death, and I maintain when the section 80 document declared intent to begin recovery proceedings would be UEFA’s cut off. And not when rangers declared they were liable, that never made sense to me and still does not.



    We got this information interpretation from our tax expert, quite a few years ago and only one did not accept the gravity of this very simple procedure, which always confused me as it was for me the true silver bullet, regardless of the provenance of the source.


    The initiation of a recovery process by HMRC identifies liability by the only authority that matters, the investigation was over, and rangers were liable, the rest is/was obfuscation and bullshit as far as I’m concerned and I genuinely struggle to understand the difficulty in grasping this simple concept.


    That the section 80 evidence was used so sparingly and the erroneous acceptance that the license may have been properly awarded, giving Regan his only victory and the SFA breathing space to drag it all out a few more years, IMO done more harm than good.


    The evidence was all there, provenance was no hiding place as the information was all available to the SFA on request. Celtic being a creditor could have simply written to HMRC and requested the information, however it still sticks in my craw that they remained silent while the rules were being changed to impose a time ban and that as creditors they apparently refused to used their privileged position to kill this all off a long time ago. There was no need to wait for court cases, a few letters to gather the correct evidence issue to the SFA give them a time limit to address then issue to UEFA job done, instead of which they set up a wee obstacle run with hoops and styles for their performing monkeys.


    The PLC had one action identified very early on in the meetings (meeting 2 or 3) to date this action remains outstanding, provide a blank copy of license application for review, it did not even have to leave the building, just allow us to inspect for potential ambiguities that allowed the rotten mob to submit wrong information. I don’t think I ever expected anything they told us to materialise after that. Didn’t stop me asking but it displayed for me and morrissey (more so morrissey) their intent to drag out the whole affair and put everyone in the firing line but themselves.

  27. BRT & H


    Another remarkable article (which should be unbelievable but all too obviously is not) .


    Problem for me is that reading it makes me angry and powerless.Neither of which is a helpful emotion.



  28. I look forward to reading Aukdheid`s response to Canamalar.


    Until then,


    Cheerio for now.



  29. Good article Paul67.



    I really hope it gives people a pause for thought regarding the direction of political travel in Scotland, but I doubt it will.



    I also expect the SNP to seek revenge on Celtic by demanding strict liability or some other such draconian and illiberal policy.

  30. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    I do not see strict liability as any great threat for the club, strict liability will require a list of banned songs to be drawn up, agreeing and implementing such a list will take for ever, since the proscribed organisations they like to refer to are disbanded and as such no longer proscribed :)


    The national anthem would also require scrutiny and there lies their dilemma.

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