Salzburg v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 18:00.

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  1. It came from a 12:20 post on the previous article. I can only assume that `Catholics` are the bigger population in the low life expectancy area of Scotland.

  2. This weans spewin oan ye is hindering oor philvis :))))



    Johansen to score anytime in 90 mins:)))




    Again if anything I have said during this referendum campaign has offended anyone I apologise.


    till later all


    chores to finish :)))

  3. Auldheid,


    I’m not trying to start a fight about it. I just don’t see any prospect of a No vote making any difference to the way football is organised in the British Isles.



    The London based BBC spends a relatively large amount on English football. I don’t have the figures.



    A Scottish based national broadcaster hopefully wouldn’t be subsidising English football at the expense of the native game.



    The best chance for a positive change for Scottish football is a YES vote.



    But the time for all these arguments has gone. The dice have been rolled. (or are rolling).




  4. traditionalist88 on



    17:22 on


    18 September, 2014




    17:11 on


    18 September, 2014


    Disappointed Kayal isn’t starting.





    The guys a headless chicken at best and a liability more often than not. Next time he’s playing watch when he is an advanced positions just how often moves break down with him due to him making the wrong choice or the old rush of blood to the head.




  5. 5th generation


    BT Sport



    alasdair maclean





    thelurkintim from previous


    Try mobdro if you’re on Android

  6. Interesting team selection.come on Celts.


    Oh wa ka so


    Oh oh oh





    Come on Celtic





  7. viewfaethewindae on

    the glorious balance sheet



    11/2 Celtic, I know how poor we can be at the moment, but 11/2? Yip I’ll have a wee interest on the Bhoys.



    Hope your double comes up.

  8. Surprised both commons and mcgregor started.. I would have started with 1 on the bench and had bitton on from start.



    Boarding flight soon so wont see any action.



    Be very happy with draw and good performance

  9. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Thelurkintim and anyone else interested, I know I’m going to regret this as the bandwidth will disappear but


    Pakindia app can be excellent for games

  10. Bournesouprecipe.


    I enjoy your posts and I particularly enjoy your entertaining pictures links. So, this comment kind of surprised me:” He’s not learning IMHO”.


    OK You added the IMHO and that does make a difference but because Ronny has a different idea of his best team for this game from your good self doesn`t mean he`s not learning. As a comment on its own it could be seen as harmless but I believe that it could encourage other negative posts and that is not good for our team. That is my reason for being critical of your post (gently so, I hope). I strongly believe that positive support would really benefit this team in transition.






    PS I now expect you to give me a picture link about positivity 0:-)

  11. traditionalist88



    “watch when he is an advanced positions just how often moves break down with him due to him making the wrong choice or the old rush of blood to the head”



    Lately, I’d have said that SJ was more prone to that. I actually think that Kayal’s form has improved lately.

  12. Corkcelt


    Wakaso returned very late from international duty, that explains why he was only on the bench on Sat.


    Whether or not he should start tonight,I guess we will find out very soon.


    C’mon the hoops.

  13. Alasdair Maclean



    How have you been since we were singing The Fields in the Queen Vic in Rosemount , Aberdeen?

  14. Are there any highlights on tonight? stuck in work so no chance of going to the pub to watch the game.

  15. JJ



    Were they trying to say that protestants are the indigenous species here and caffliks are not native….kinda like the red squirrel/grey squirrel problem?



    It is a shame how it has worked out for the red squirrels though.

  16. bournesouprecipe on

    Jungle Jim



    It’s something I feel very strongly about (privately) and you are correct,


    ……..’he’s not learning’ even with a IMHO was a bit ‘knee jerky’.



    I’ve sent four text messages with the same thoughts on seeing the selection,


    and hope to be wrong, sometimes I’m sorry for the fans that sit beside me.



    I hope RD goes from strength to strength, if he’s one thing, it’s different to what we have been used to recently.

  17. “Tom McLaughlin


    2-1 to the Celtic.”




    You can see why I said I have been enjoying your posts, Tom !




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