Salzburg v Celtic, Live updates


Live updates will appear below after 18:00.

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  1. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on



    Cheers, looks like pakindia just went for a burton

  2. traditionalist88 on

    Ray Singh-Carr


    17:33 on


    18 September, 2014





    “watch when he is an advanced positions just how often moves break down with him due to him making the wrong choice or the old rush of blood to the head”



    Lately, I’d have said that SJ was more prone to that. I actually think that Kayal’s form has improved lately.





    Kayal had a decent game in Maribor. He remains a liability though and the pretend hardman act doesn’t fool anyone.



    Johansen can be better than he has been lately but is a more reliable type.




  3. Setanta showing the game………………………………… great!



    Commentator – Pet Navan………………..grate.

  4. Thunder Road.


    Possibly. I thought, though, that Scotland was Catholic for about 1000 years before the Reformation. No?






    PS Be prepared for: Aw fur God`s sake . We have just finished with the Indy debate and now this!!

  5. Anyone got any idea about Wakaso’s preferred position? I have heard him described as a left winger, but also as a defensive midfielder (a la Wanyama).

  6. BSR


    Thanks. You replied in the manner I would expect from a good ghuy like yourself and then duly obliged (17:45) with a wonderful, positive image of our team. Brilliant!




  7. Ray Singh-Carr.


    I am hoping he is a kind of defensive mid-fielder who enables Izzy to make his forward runs without leaving us exposed.



  8. Again its McGregor and Johansen in same team……this is a big no no from me……far too weak……..shake my head with despair every time I see it!!!!

  9. Dammit 2 fek



    Have tried wiziwig, vipr & torrent wtf



    is ther anywer i can watch the game on ma mobile?



    Ta in advance

  10. SFTB


    Makes some kind of sense but, as you say, clumsy in expression. Do Catholic families in Scotland still have larger broods?




  11. I would have dropped McGregor,last few games he looks like he is believing all the publicity about himself,too many wrong decisions in my opinion

  12. Ray Singh,



    Never seen him before in my puff but young guy at work claims he played in the middle in Spain last season but I think Ghana play him wide.



    What are them Africans like?;)

  13. Come on the Hoops. Not predicting. Strong Line up from Ronnie, All the best of Luck Celtic.





  14. Wakaso is a pacy winger and will play wide left and on the break.



    RD confirmed same on BT just now

  15. vinniethedog


    17:50 on


    “..shake my head with despair”




    Considering your nom de blog, that conjures an energetic image 0:-)




  16. JJ



    I have no idea.



    I give religion as wide a berth as i do politics!



    Agnostic with both at best…..but yeah…..there may be groans……although something tells me there may be a few more words exchanged on that wee indy matter!



    Thanks for responding though…..thought i was doing that magic invisible thing again.

  17. Cheers fholks. Well if he is a winger then that is quite the offensive line-up. Ah weel….nothing ventured I suppose. RD did promise attacking football after all.


    Mon the Hoops!!

  18. A point tonight, I believe, would set us off on a wonderful run in the SPFL and Cups. Evidence? Don`t be daft. I just WANT that to be the case. Right, time for me to watch the Bhoys in action.





  19. Celticrollercoaster supporting Shay,our bhoy wonder along the way on

    Looks very attack based formation










  20. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    big georges fan club – hail, hail, wee oscar



    17:59 on 18 September, 2014


    Jeeze – just backing from the polling station – that was EXCITING !!!!!!



    Right, come on the Hoops






  21. Bourne



    I agree, I’m worried that he’s not learning either.



    Let’s hope we’re both wrong.

  22. Does anyone think this pressing thing make a game just like the waens fitba with about every outfield player all in a close vicinity of each other?!

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