Samaras and Commons guile preferred to Boerrigter tonight


You and I both like to see new signings introduced but it would be an enormous gamble to throw Derk Boerrigter into the fray tonight.  The player is unlikely to have trained with his new teammates, will know little about Celtic’s systems, and while Neil Lennon will have watched Derk many times, the real discovery period will be in the weeks to come.  A place on the bench for Derk will be fine.

I’ve been a bit confused by the Moh Bangura debate; can we really care that much if he plays, I mean, we’re not talking about a guy who scored as many goals for us as Daryl Murphy here.  The discourse sounds not dissimilar to some of the ways Jock Stein would manipulate events ahead of a game.  Put the opponent on the back foot from the off, cover all bases.

Key players for Celtic tonight, as always when it comes to Europe, will be Georgios Samaras and Kris Commons.  They have the maturity and guile to know how to deliver, but our defence will need to be alert to what will be the superior fitness of the Elfsborg players, especially late in the game.
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  1. The player is unlikely to have trained with his new teammates, will know little about Celtic’s systems……..



    What systems would that be then ????

  2. twists n turns on

    twists n turns




    14:36 on 31 July, 2013






    no worries mate. Thanks, we’ll sort it.



    What score tonight Raymac? You told me 3 0 last round in Belfast, and I ignored you and went for 3 -1.



    What’s your feeling about tonight?

  3. Sir Paul



    collie, says:




    “Six Fit Four, Eyes of Blue,



    Look Whit this Guy kin Dae fur You..



    He’s Goat Height,and He’s Goat Speed,



    He’s the Greatest,



    Since …



    Sliced Breed!



    Whit’s His Name?



    Man,that’s a Laff,



    if ye dinna ken That






    Ye must be Daft!”





    Still Laughin’

  4. Paul67



    I thought all those friendlies with results that didn’t matter were all about fitness?


    Surely the players are fit enough by now?


    I am not worried about fitness tonight.




  5. Many Elfs spotted in Glasgow?



    They will be amazed how cheap the pubs are – even the dear ones.




  6. Paul67



    Did he score as many goals as Daryl Murphy?



    I recall Daryl getting at least one competitive goal, I can’t remember anything similar from Mo!!

  7. TET, show off!


    Btw, we have been playing a fluid 433 system for a wee while now, works more often than not, ask Tito.


    Agree with Paul67 here, the lad has maybe two training sessions, not enough before a big game, next week maybe.

  8. Kojo, ha! Like it.



    LiviBhoy, it will take weeks more competitive football before we’re at full fitness.



    scottishleaf, aye, which is what I was saying.

  9. Paul67



    3-0 tonight … my previous comment should have been more subtle with links.

  10. Steinreignedsupreme on

    I don’t know much about Kevin Doyle because I haven’t really watched him play.



    Seeing as his name keeps popping up, I have asked several people about him and all of them watch English football and or support Ireland.



    They all appear to rate him.



    Other surveys are available CSC

  11. Steviebhoy66 on

    I remember big Pierre joining us in the afternoon,scoring against the mini( now soon to be defunct) huns at hampdump….. get him in, adrenalin and playing in front of his new fans will get him through



    BOOOOOM !!!!!!!




  12. Geordie Munro on




    “Surely the players are fit enough by now?”




    Fit enough? Possibly.



    Peak condition? I wouldn’t think so.

  13. Checking wiki the much maligned – and rightly so – Daryl Murphy scored 3 competitive goals including a game winner against Murderwell :-)

  14. Geordie Munro



    There are two sides to every story. Elfsborg are over a dozen games in. They may be hitting a mid season lull. I don’t see fitness being an issue tonight. Our players should be fresh and raring to go.


    I would be concerned if fitness was still an issue.




  15. scottishleaf



    The Motherwell goal was a last minute penalty that nobody else wanted to take. Always respect him for that. I reckon that was the last time we won there!







    14:35 on 31 July, 2013



    “CADIZZY 1424



    Thanks very much for posting that.”



    you’re very welcome. Schaedler was a very good pro. Sounds like a hard man as well.



    And yes to whoever made the point, he was a failed rescuer in Largs when Jinky went sailing (The chapter in Hampden Babylon was entitled “What shall we do with the drunked sailor?”)

  17. The Token Tim on




    Big Sammi to slot again tonight.



    Kris Commons is a class act. He may not have the pace, but definitiely has the intelligence to open up their defence tonight. Just needs good hard working players off him to really make the most of his skills.



    a clean sheet tonight and I will be happy…..and yes with a goal or 2 thrown in by us for good measure obviously!






  18. Great wee lunch down blantyre ksc


    There set up nicely few beers then paradise



  19. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Afternoon guys,



    I am looking forward to tonight with respectful cautious optimism.



    Any win to nil will do, and anything above 2 for us will be brilliant.



    On other matters please find below a message I received from Chriss Riddle– Vanessa’s Father– after he had sought some help for MacKenzie Furniss from Alloa who has the same disease as Vanessa and Oscar — and who is in need of some help.



    I post it because he is referring to you!



    ” What a fantastically kind hearted person you are to write this story about MacKenzie. My family has been on the receiving end of the charitable nature of the general public, not least the Celtic community, and I can say that it is a humbling experience for sure! Vanessa is my daughter, and if it had not been for good people donating their hard earned cash, then she would not be with my family and I today, that is an unbearable thought. So folks, please, if you can, do as the gentleman above writes and do a little to help, I know that MacKenzie and her family will be hugely grateful …..”



    MacKenzie’s Just Giving Page can be found here:






    or you can text Mack83 £x to 70070 — if you want to donate.



    However, it is not all about donating or fund raising — it is about ending this nonsense so that families do not need to do this.



    I explain why here: http://wp.me/p1G95H-Xe



    Come on the Celtic tonight.







  20. Livibhoy



    I was travelling back from my in-laws and the wife was driving, nearly made her crash when he scored that penalty! Yup fair play to him for sticking it away, also his goal from the bench against D Utd ) (I think) was a peach! But I never understood why we paid a million pounds for him, and I had watched him play for Sunderland as well for may pains!!

  21. Steinreignedsupreme on

    For those of us unlucky enough to be listening to the match on Shortbread tonight, here is a sample of what we can expect – regardless of how the game is going.



    MacLean: “You have to say the Celtic defence is not looking very comfortable when Elfsborg do get forward, Murdo.”



    MacLeod: “Well, that’s right Rob.”



    MacLean: “Elfsborg do look dangerous Murdo – they do pose a threat in attack.”



    MacLeod: “That’s correct, Rob. Celtic fans will be very concerned whenever the Swedish team get forward.”

  22. Re-post from last thread.



    I believe that Erich Schaedler, along with Davie Hay, was one of the guys who tried to launch a rescue mission when wee Jinky decided to try and cross the Atlantic single-handed that (in)famous night in Largs.



    Unfortunately the boat they picked had a hole in it, and quickly sank.



    By that time Jinky was a dot on the horizon – but still singing.




  23. I like doyle but I don’t know for double that Russell went for.


    another that Dundee wouldn’t sell us was Charlie cooke, what a player.

  24. 16 roads - Neil Lennon walks on water. on

    Murphy knew how to take a penalty,credit to him for that.



    He also scored a beautiful goal for us against Dundee United at Celtic Park.I was at the ICT game when the MIBS were on strike,can’t be sure but i think he scored a good goal that day,only for it to be incorrectly ruled out for offside?



    Daryl only played about 20 times for Celtic,most of his appearances were as a sub.



    I never really understood the vilification of the said player.




  25. LENNYisAwarMACHINE on

    from the last post:



    Hi all!



    Long time no see.


    Been off this for a wee while (was getting to be an addiction)



    But you just cant have too much of a good thing!



    Quick question for all you bhoys and girls:



    I am in Norwich for next weeks return leg.


    I know the Norwich CSC meets in the Temple Bar.


    Is this the best place to go?


    Or would other people reccomend another place to watch the game?